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Music Industry Sue Crazy

Posted by: , 15:50 AEST, Wed April 5, 2006

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They are launching nearly 2,000 lawsuits against individuals accused of sharing copyrighted music over P2P services
The lawsuits follow RIAA Slogan a familiar script: the individual is served with legal notices, followed by threats of further action, and finally ended with a cash settlement. In the press release, the IFPI states that the average settlement in Europe is €2633.

IFPI claims that the people targeted by the lawsuits are not casual downloaders but massive uploaders: people who make hundreds or thousands of songs available for others to access. The press release mentions coordinated raids in Italy where police confiscated over 70 servers containing 30 TB of music. However, the mention of "a Finnish carpenter, a British postman, a Czech IT manager, a German judge, a French chef, a British local councilor, and a retired German couple" seems to indicate that the IFPI is serious about going after individuals who are not necessarily kingpins in the music-swapping business. More...

Credit: ars technica


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