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BenQ 16X DVD+R Media

Posted by: , 15:01 AEST, Tue April 4, 2006

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A media review done by CDR-Zone
This time they got their hands on some 16x DVD+R BenQ media by Daxon. We have not had the chance to test Daxon made media, but have heard some decent words about it. It seems that Zone's results are quite alright, but there seemed to be some variation in the quality which is always a very bad thing.

In summin up the BenQ 16x DVD+R media lived up its claim of consistent levels of potential errors and I don't think there is anything to worry about quality wise. It also has a very good level of compatiablity with BenQ 16x DVD+R all drives used offering 16x rated speed recording strategies in place where media quality allowed. But you may not always get equal recording times across different spindles as I found out during this review. If you get a batch equal to spindle A in this review you can expect to achieve consistent 16x recording times if using similar hardware to this review but if you get spindle B quality you can expect all drives to achieve slower recording times ( sometimes as much as 40 seconds ) and sometimes even 12x recording speeds. Read the review

Credit: BitBurners


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