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First HD-DVD Player for Sale in Japan

Posted by: , 13:31 AEDT, Sat April 1, 2006

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Toshiba's has released its first HD-DVD player
Toshiba Corporation today took the home video experience to the next, high definition level, as it started the Japanese roll out of the world's first commercially available HD DVD player. The new player, HD-XA1, delivers high definition images and crystal clear sound, bringing home entertainment to a new level.

Toshiba's HD-XA1 is the first player to support the HD DVD format*1 approved by the DVD Forum, Toshiba's HD-XA1 HD-DVD player the international association that defines and promotes DVD standards. HD-XA1 supports playback of pre-recorded HD DVD, offering consumers stunning digital high-definition picture quality far surpassing that of standard DVD*2. Sound is also enhanced. Along with L-PCM 5.1ch audio, HD-XA1 supports the clarity and realism of three next generation surround-sound formats, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD, and sound sources can be output to audio systems via the player's HDMI output or multi-channel audio output. More...

Credit: BitBurners


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