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Blu-Ray Launch on Time

Posted by: , 16:53 AEDT, Thu March 30, 2006
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The disc's are coming but, what are you going to play them in?
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment president Benjamin Feingold vows to stick by his previously announced May 23 street date for the studio’s first batch of Blu-ray Disc titles, despite reports that the next-generation hardware needed to play the discs likely won’t arrive in U.S. stores until the following month, at the earliest.

“We realize there may be some delays on the hardware side, but we are going to honor our commitment to release movies when we said we would,” Feingold said.

Samsung, the first consumer electronics manufacturer to announce Blu-ray Disc players, may wait until June to send its first player, the PD-B1000, to stores, according to sources. Initially the player had been scheduled to ship May 23. More...

Credit: Home Media Retailing


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