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P2P Encourages Buying, not Piracy

Posted by: , 16:06 AEDT, Tue March 21, 2006

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Studies still show that piracy is indeed a problem for the industry, it also shows that P2P users buy more music than is typically noted
Three out of four P2P users admitted to purchasing music after downloading it online, with 21 percent of P2P users saying that they have bought tracks they have also downloaded on more than 10 occasions. 25 percent admitted to purchasing previously-downloaded tracks only once or twice, while an additional 27 percent claimed to have done it less than 10 times, but more than twice. The end result is clear: people are buying music after downloading it on P2P, meaning that the industry has failed to recognize the marketing-like effects of P2P. Just as important, this should caution the industry against assessing each and every download to a "loss" to piracy, since the statistics clearly show that those engaging in P2P do buy music in not-insignificant numbers.

None of this suggests that P2P is entirely harmless, or that the music industry should embrace P2P like a long- lost friend. More...

Credit: ars technica


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