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Finnish News Caught Using P2P

Posted by: , 03:11 AEDT, Wed March 15, 2006

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The Finnish press caught warezing!
TV star host Conan O'Brien visited Finland a few weeks ago, which of course gained a lot of news headlines in the Finnish press, as Conan's show is a very popular one in Finland too. The most recent news headline of Conan was the broadcasting of the Finland special episode in the American television. The Finnish news reporters of the evening press were quite innovative in getting some images of the actual show, as the episode is broadcasted in Finland with a few days of delay.

So what did the reporters of a major evening news paper Iltalehti do in order to get Hand Over Your AVI's images of the Conan's show? They downloaded an illegal copy of show from the Internet, and took a screenshot of it. They were however amazingly stupid, as their screenshot also revealed the filename of their copy: "conan.o.brien.03.10.06.hdtv-fty.avi".

Most likely they have obtained the file by using BitTorrent, and downloaded the .torrent file from one of the many websites that provide recent TV series episodes.

Credit: BitBurners


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