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NEC Reveals its HD-DVD Burner

Posted by: , 14:57 AEDT, Mon March 13, 2006

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NEC recently developed an optical disc drive that can write to HD-DVD disc's
HD-DVD is a new disc format that uses blue lasers to achieve a storage capacity of about three times that of DVD. A single-sided HD-DVD disc can accommodate 15GB of data compared to 4.7GB on a DVD. It’s one of two soon-to-be-launched formats that uses blue lasers. The second, Blu-ray Disc, can store 25GB on a single-sided disc but requires a more complex drive mechanism because the disc’s physical structure is different than that of DVD and CD.

NEC is demonstrating the drive with media from Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co. Ltd., NEC's HD-DVD Burner which is best known by its Verbatim brand name. The company is shooting high-definition video each morning at the show and burning it onto a disc for playback during the day, said Ryoichi Hayatsu, an NEC storage product division manager, in an interview. More...

Credit: Macworld


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