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Scratch Resistant Discs

Posted by: , 18:39 AEDT, Fri December 16, 2005
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Wear and tear can reduce optical discs' resistance to data loss. Scratches and scuffs from putting a CD on a desk or tabletop can shorten the storage media's secure lifespan. Now Scratch-Less Disc Industries has introduced a safer CD-R: a disc with 20 small "Aero-Bumps" that elevate the disc to avoid direct contact with drive or desktop.

Priced at about $1 apiece from various direct-order vendors, the Scratch-Less Disc also has an added polymer coating that gives a glass-hard layer of protection. Another feature is the "Easy-Up Edge," a slanted or raised edge that makes it easy to pick up the disc from a flat surface.

The company says it will add CD-RW media to its CD-R offerings soon, with DVD media to follow in the first quarter of 2006. Credit: Hardware Central


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