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    What's new in version 1.4c :
       [features added]
       * New filter: box blur.
       * Levels filter can now work in YCC space to avoid altering saturation.
       * Interface notifies you when multiple input files have been loaded.
       * "Add filename extension" is now on by default (this won't change anything for those who already saved their settings in Preferences).
       * Added workaround for broken DivX audio hacked codec which comes up with no name above the PCM codec in the audio codec list.
       * Added check and warning for DivX drivers.
       * VirtualDub now warns and deletes multisegment files already on disk on a save, preventing old and new saves from mixing.
       [bug fixes]
       * Lengthened some job system buffers to handle long filename issues.
       * Levels control now sets the cursor -- no more I-beam when trying to change input levels.
       * Fixed a problem which caused multisegment saves with video compression to break.
       * MPEG layer III correction is now disabled on multi-segment saves to avoid errors on join.
       * Fixed interleaving when saving a file with IVTC enabled and audio interleaving in per-ms mode.
       * Job system no longer writes out filenames as all C-escapes.
       * Fixed the noise reduction in capture mode, AGAIN, since I brought the old code into 1.4b by mistake.
       * Fixed a potential crash with the levels filter.
       * Fixed "copy output frame" command when an in-place filter with clipping is last in the filter list.
       * Fixed a nasty frameserver bug that caused crashes on certain audio reads.

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