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    FlasK MPEG Encoder
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    What's new in version 0.594 :

    DVD IFO Parsing - FlasK MPEG can now open and parse IFO files as part of it's DVD Mode, meaning that it can now recognise full DVD structures, multiple streams and as such, without any problems. For this option to work when convering DVDs, you should have ripped all of the files on the DVD, and also copied/ripped over all the .ifo and .bup files.

    DVD MODE - IFO parsing in action

    DVD Subpicture decoding - With this option, you can now encode subtitles directly into the movie. Note that with this option, you cannot remove the subtitles once it has been encoded into the film (unlike DVD and DivX subtitles files, which uses overlays)

    Motion based video deinterlaced - FlasK can now de-interlacing the final output so that you don't get any of those annoying interlacing effects that occur with some DVDs.

    Video Deinterlacing Option

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