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  • The Complete Region-free Guide

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    Making Your Hardware DVD Player Region-Free DVD DIGEST

      Making your hardware DVD player/decoder card region free is actually quite easy. While strictly speaking, most of the tools below aren't really making your hardware DVD player region free, but rather, giving you the ability to change the region settings of these players without decreasing the region-change counter, effectively allowing to change the region settings of the hardware DVD player for an unlimited number of times. Please note that your DVD-ROM drive will need to be region-free before any of the tools below will work.

      What you should do is that everytime you want to play a DVD movie, first check which region it is from, and then start the tools below to change the region setting of your hardware DVD player to match the region of the movie, and launch the DVD playback software within these tools (please refer to their documentations for more information). Do this everytime you play a DVD that doesn't match your player's current region settings, and you should be able to do this for an unlimited number of times (hence, become region-free).

      If your player is not listed below, then you may want to try to rip the DVD to your hard-drive, strip out the region information in the process (to make the ripped movie region-free), and then playback the movie on your hard-drive. For more information, please refer to RipHelp's DVD Ripping Guide (use the "Rip the Entire DVD" section).

      Below are a list of the most popular hardware DVD players/decoder cards, and the tools you will need to use to make them region-free (or change their region settings for an unlimited number of times) :

      Hardware DVD Decoder : Region-free Tool :
      ALi M3309
    • ALi M3309
    • Chromatic Research Mpact2
    • Remote Selector
    • Cinemaster C-Hardware cards
    • Cinemaster C-Hardware hacks
    • Cinemaster S-Hardware cards
    • Cinemaster S-Hardware hacks
    • Creative Encore Dxr2 (CT7120/CT7220)
    • Remote Selector
    • Creative Encore Dxr3 (CT7230/CT7240)
    • DXR-3 RegSet
    • Remote Selector
    • Creative PC-DVD Inlay (CT7160)
    • Remote Selector
    • Jaton Magic DVD
    • Zone Selector 3.0
    • LuxSonor LS-220
    • Remote Selector
    • Margi DVD-TO-GO PCMCIA
    • Margi DVD-TO-GO Region Patcher 4.14
    • Mpact 3DVD
    • Margi DVD-TO-GO Region Patcher 4.14
    • Realmagic Hollywood 2
    • Realmagic Hollywood 2
    • RealMagic Hollywood+
    • Remote Selector

    • or
    • Universal Selector

    • or
    • Zone Selector
    • TeraMovie DVD
    • Remote Selector
    • Yuan MPG-200C
    • Yuan MPG-200C

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