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Version 0.3.25
  • Release Date: Oct 10, 2018
  • Download(s):
  • Release 0.3.25 (revision 2428)
    * Fixed [#350]: Still images with keyframes are positioned wrong. (r2424)
    * Fixed: When changing speed between 0.5 and 2.0, audio pitch is maintained. (r2415)
    * Add option (Change FrameRate) to adjust frame rate interpolation. (r2412)
    * Fixed [#349]: Crash when first/last clip in track is a fade-in/fade-out, and then dragging the transition and the faded clip. (r2408)
Version 0.3.24
  • Release Date: May 30, 2018
  • Download(s):
    • Added Italian translation. (r2394)
    • Fixed crash when scaling of a clip is set to a small value. (r2392)
    • Fixed [#346]: Crash when deleting two non-adjacent images (without filled audio tracks). (r2391)
    • Fixed crash if memory allocation fails during video generation. (r2385)
    • 64-bit Windows version. (r2383)
    • Fixed crash when starting a drag with fade-in or fade-out selected, but leaving the faded clip unselected. (r2379)
    • Zooming is centered around the cursor. (r2378)
    • Added option to inhibit (optionally) system sleep during rendering. (r2377)
    • Added option to shutdown the system after rendering. (r2377)
    • Added [#313]: Add support for animated gif/png WITH transparency. (r2376)
    • Fixed [#341]: Progress bar not shown in title bar icon (Windows 10). (r2374)
Version 0.3.23
  • Release Date: Feb 28, 2018
  • Download(s):
    • Added option to generate only part of the timeline (marked regions). (r2368)
    • Fixed: Audio peaks updated when editing audio details. (r2364)
    • Fixed: When generating transitions, the key frame settings for the adjacent clips is sometimes lost. (r2363)
    • Added option to change audio balance of clips. (r2362)
    • Fixed: Project properties shows wrong number of audio channels. (r2361)
    • Fixed [#329]: When closing then reopening the timeline, the interval is in the undo history. (r2359)
Version 0.3.22
  • Release Date: Feb 19, 2018
  • Download(s):
    • Fixed crash when using 'split selected clip at cursor position (a)' and there's no clip at the cursor position. (r2356)

Version 0.3.21
  • Release Date: Feb 8, 2018
  • Download(s):
  • Release 0.3.21 (revision 2355)
    • Fixed [#328]: Audio peaks are not stored in save files. (r2352) 
    • Fixed [#331]: Zooming in completely with very large clips (>10 minutes) causes artifacts in the timeline. (r2349) 
    • Added [#301]: Add support for audio-only/video-only output. (r2337) 
    • Added VP9 output codec support. (r2336) 
    • Fixed animation when shift-deleting clips/deleting intervals. (r2335) 
    • Added [#296]: When shift-deleting ensure that cursor and preview remain at same frame. (r2335) 
    • Added [#250]: Added Menu option to link unlinked clips. (r2334) 
    • Added German help texts (with help from Google translate ;-) (r2333) 
    • Added [#324]: Cut at cursor position for selected clip only (via 'a') (r2332) 
    • Added auto-updating on Windows. (r2331) 
Version 0.3.20
  • Release Date: Nov 30, 2017
  • Download(s):
  • Release 0.3.20 (revision 2330)
    * Added setting of meta data tags to generated output. (r2308)
    * Fixed [#260]: When adjusting properties with cursor on last frame of clip no
    preview is shown. (r2307)
    * Fixed [#309]: Create still image in timeline of 2 frames. Cannot enlarge.
    * Increased maximum zoom level to facilitate editing . (r2305)
    * Fixed crash when dragging a clip of a length of 1/2 frames into the timeline.
    * Added render output type compatible with Android. (r2303)
    * Fixed [#298]: Select new folder page in new project wizard doesn't show
    selected folder. (r2302)
    * Fixed [#316]: Render second timeline does not work. (r2301)
    * Fixed [#320]: Video exported from is black. (r2300)
    * Fixed [#306]: No bounding box shown if current frame is completely empty.
    * Fixed [#327]: Crash when using 'save as' to overwrite a .vid file that cannot
    be written. (r2298)
    * Fixed [#325]: Improved (background) colours of tracks. (r2297)
    * Fixed view updating during shift trimming (the entire left side of the view is
    now moved) (r2297)
    * Fixed crash when using 'separate at cuts' when rendering a project with
    multiple tracks of different lengths. (r2296)
    * Added support for horizontally flipping of video (via button alongside
    rotation tools). (r2295)
    * Fixed [#326]: Cannot handle files for which the path contains $ directly after
    the path separator. (r2294)
    * Fixed crash when image file cannot be read. (r2293)
    * Fixed cropping/alignment bug for some images. (r2292)
    * Fixed bug causing rightmost pixels of entire video to be read 'black'. (r2292)
    * Fixed crash when adding a clip with video AND audio with a video length of 1
    frame. (r2291)
    * Fixed [#330]: Prevent overwriting of an input file (do not allow as output
    file). (r2290)
    * Fixed crash when updating audio peaks. (r2287)
    * Fixed crash during Revert. (r2284)
    * Updated ffmpeg version to 3.2.4. (r2252)
    * Fixed: Linux install now works on Ubuntu 17.04. (r2243)
    * Fixed [#322]: Crash when no project is open: drop a file for which the length
    must be read by scanning through all frames (can't read length from file meta
    data). (r2239)
Version 0.3.19
  • Release Date: Apr 27, 2017
  • Download(s):
  • Release 0.3.19 (revision 2238)
    * Show time estimate when rendering. (r2235)
    * Fixed [#290]: No feedback when creating initial long project. (r2229)
    * Fixed [#277]: Long delay during 'create new project'. (r2229)
    * Fixed [#312]: Render dialog does not show file extension if output filename is
    very long. (r2228)
    * Enabled shifting clips to make room when pasting (shift-paste). (r2227)
    * Cropping fixed for scaled video. (r2225)
    * Alignment fixed for rotated video with custom alignment, when cropping.
    * Fixed [#259]: Keyframe indicators are not shown during drag and drop. (r2224)
    * Fixed [#275]: 'Fit all' and 'alignment left center' doesn't work properly for
    portait shot video. (r2223)
    * Automated scaling (Fit all and fit to fill) and alignment fixed in case
    rotation is applied to the video. (r2223)
    * When two adjacent keyframes use the same automated scaling and/or positioning,
    all frames inbetween will also use that same automated scaling and/or
    positioning. (r2223)
    * Note: To avoid changing the output of existing save files, the automated
    scaling and/or alignment for those files are changed to 'custom'. (r2223)
    * Fixed [#287]: After spliting a video-only the wrong clip is selected in the
    audio track. (r2222)
    * Added buttons for (-)90 degrees rotation. (r2221)
    * Default playback speed can be set via options dialog. (r2220)
    * Default height of new tracks can be changed. (r2219)
    * Save files are compressed (zipped). (r2218)
    * Changed default folder of output file in case a new project is created 'from a
    folder'. (r2210)
    * Fixed crash when triggering Undo after closing Timeline. (r2183)
    * Undo history is now 'per timeline'. (r2183)
    * Fixed crash caused by upscaling to a very large image (memory issues) -
    Example: cropping a lot in combination with 'fit to fill'. (r2175)
    * Fixed crash when selecting unsupported output format extension in render
    dialog. (r2173)
    * Added support for mpeg 1 output. (r2173)
    * When changing track heights, moving the mouse 'outside' the timeline does not
    cause a 'revert' back to the original height. (r2172)
Version 0.3.18
  • Release Date: Jul 8, 2016
  • Download(s):
  • * Fixed [#280]: View menu not updated when loading a workspace layout. (r2166)
    * Fixed [#281]: Crash when adding file with loud audio (maximum) to timeline.
Version 0.3.17
  • Release Date: Jul 2, 2016
  • Download(s):
  • * Added cropping controls. (r2157)
    * Improved audio peaks. (r2153)
    * Added support for changing speed of audio clips. (r2147)
    * Fixed [#274]: Crash after opening unreadable project. (r2145)
    * Fixed error causing the wrong thumbnail to be shown. (r2141)
    * Fixed crash for files with audio files with varying channel layouts. (r2140)
    * Avoid opening file streams with codecs not supported by avcodec (avoid crash
      on non-implemented decoder). (r2139)
    * Fixed crash when clicking on a media file in the project view and pressing
      Right Arrow key. (r2135)
    * Fixed crashes occurring after dragging clips from file system or project view
      into timeline with multiple tracks with selected clips. (r2134)
    * Fixed: If lengthy video file (more than twice the visible timeline length) is
      dragged from project view or from file explorer, the dragged file is not
      visible. (r2132)
    * Fixed crashes when triggering Undo/Redo during DND and Trim operations.
    * Fixed crash during trimming (audio peaks preview issue) (r2126)
    * Fixed crash during rendering (avcodec locking issue). (r2126)
    * Added Help menu option for submitting bug report/feature request. (r2124)
    * Added 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 default scaling methods. (r2123)
    * Added alignment options for Top left, Top Center, Top Right, etc. positions.
    * Fixed: When project was closed, and then application was closed 'load last
      project on startup' caused the project to be opened again upon startup. (r2122)
Version 0.3.16
  • Release Date: Apr 15, 2016
  • Download(s):
  • * Added image gradient transition. (r2116)
    * Control-A selects all clips. (r2111)
    * Fixed reading video files for which not all frames contain pts data. (r2107)
    * Fixed audio decoding bug causing noise (if decoding does not start at the
      first packet of the file). (r2106)
    * Fixed audio-video synchronization for files in which the audio and video
      streams have different start positions. (r2092)
    * Fixed audio-video synchronization for playback from a non zero position for
      files for which the default seeking algorithm results in the wrong position
      (always beginning of audio stream). (r2092)
    * Properly set output file name and path when creating a project with only one
      media file (by drag and drop or via the wizard). (r2091)
    * Added support for media files for which the length can only be determined by
      reading through the entire file. (r2081)
    * Fixed bug causing the last video frame of some media files to be discarded.
    * Fixed crash for audio files requiring multiple buffer sizes. (r2066)
    * Fixed audio repositioning problem (playback starts at wrong position) in case
      audio codec uses non zero start timestamp. (r2065)
    * Updated ffmpeg to avcodec version 57 (20160301-git-1c7e2cf). (r2062)
    * Fixed playback error for audio files with missing position data. (r2061)
    * Fixed crash with some media files (containing planar audio data with
      occasional missing data). (r2060)
    * Fixed crash caused by decoding certain video files (video decode result
      smaller than to be decoded packet size). (r2053)
Version 0.3.14
  • Release Date: Jan 11, 2016
  • Download(s):
  • * Fixed crash on systems with specific 'decimal separator' setting. (r1984) * Fixed crash when rendering empty sequence. (r1981) * Added support for audio key frames. (r1978) * Project pane titles are now also properly translated. (r1967) * Changing a program option that requires a restart results in a dialog that enables automatically doing so. (r1966) * Added Russian translation. (r1965) * Fixed crash due to inaccessible file properties (leading to invalid time assert) (r1964) * Fixed crash after reporting failure to initialize audio playback. (r1963) * Added support for video key frames. (r1940) * Fixed [#253]: When the clips used for a transition are selected (but the transition is not), cut/copy/paste now include the transition as well. (r1910) * Fixed [#251]: 's' (split at cursor) does not work during playback. (r1909) * Fixed [#252]: Details not updated after moving a clip. (r1908) * Fixed [#242]: Crash during DND. (r1907) * Fised [#256]: Automatically added tracks (during dragging) are not removed when moving the mouse pointer outside the timeline. (r1906) * Fixed redrawing issue when aborting a drag operation. (r1906) * Fixed [#255]: When dragging video-only/audio-only and moving the cursor below all audio tracks/above all video an additional audio track is created. (r1905) * Added support for reading of files with more than 2 audio channels (note: output still limited to at most two channels) (r1903) * Fixed crash when resizing window during playback. (r1902) * Fixed crash after seeking fails. (r1901) * Fixed crash when selecting Delete without any selection in the Project View. (r1900) * Include (stripped) PDB with binaries for stack traces. (r1899) * Fixed crash in decoding of audio data. (r1898)

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