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  • Release Date: Nov 17, 2019
    • New Newly added eleven different kinds of pre-installed assets.
    • Improved The performance presets are available for the NVENC encoder.
    • * Please note that it shows little change depending on the source file.
    • Corrections Fixed: When using Windows Media Audio 10 Professional for the Windows Media Audio encoder, an error occurred in 48Hz and 5.1ch or above formats when starting the output.
    • Fixed: The NVENC encoder was not available after launching the application during the maximum instances of the NVENC encoder working on.
    • Fixed: Incorrectly recognized certain image files as an audio file.
    • Fixed: Could not correctly play each preview when the format of the playback device in Windows was set in 200 kHz or higher.
    • * Playback is possible, yet the sound is muted due to the specification of Windows.
    • Fixed: The Post-Output Process option at the Encode stage did not link correctly between one which exists in the right-click menu and another which exists in the bottom of the window.
    • Other corrections.
  • Release Date: Aug 7, 2019
    • Improved Improved: The chunk order of the output Linear PCM audio has been changed to avoid an error which occurred while outputting a Blu-ray project in Encore CS6.
    • Corrections Fixed: Occasionally the output pictures became green when outputting by a specific resize algorithm with CUDA filtering.
    • Fixed: Could not save the opacity effect setting correctly when saving a subtitles file in the Subtitles filter.
    • Fixed: An error occurred when importing a LUT file if Window's decimal point is set as "Comma".
    • Fixed: Could not launch TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in Commercial Candidates Detector correctly in an environment other than that of DPI 100%.
    • Fixed: The chapters of an outputted MP4 file did not work correctly in specific players on macOS.
    • Other corrections.
  • Release Date: Jun 26, 2019
    • Improved Improved: When playing an MPEG-2 file with the MPEG File Reader, improved to play audio or video data as normally as possible even if it has corrupted data.
    • Corrections Fixed: An error occurred if the CUDA utilization rate reached over a certain amount while outputting when a blur-contained filter was applied and the output aspect ratio was set as display 4:3.
    • Other corrections.
  • Release Date: Dec 14, 2018
    • Corrections Fixed: Intel Media SDK functions did not work correctly in some environments where Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 10 ver. was installed.
  • Release Date: Dec 6, 2017
    • Improved Improved: Outputted H.265/HEVC files can now be played on MacOS High Sierra/iOS 11.
    • Improved: Improved not to insert the interpolation frame into the header of the output file when an imported source file's frame rate does not conform to the NTSC/PAL standard such as 29970/1000 or 23976/1000, etc.
    • * The first position of the interpolation frame places at 500000th frames when an imported source file's frame rate is 29.97fps (29970/1000) and output frame rate is 29.97fps (30000/1001), or an imported source file's frame rate is 23.976fps (23976/1000) and output frame rate is 23.976fps (24000/1001).
    • Corrections Fixed: The CUDA function could not be used when an invalid value was set in the CUDADevice data of the registry.
    • Fixed: Occasionally a peculiar judder occurred in the output video when outputting a H.265/HEVC video using the NVENC encoder with 10 bit depth color.
    • Fixed: During Timeline mode editing, occasionally a keypoint for the transform was added unintentionally or the setting was not reflected when the Start Time in the Source of the clip had been changed.
    • Other corrections.
  • Release Date: Sep 30, 2017
    • Corrections Fixed: The fade effects for the subtitles in the split clips other than the header clip could not be performed correctly when splitting a clip which has the fade effects for the subtitles and the subtitle text was set to the end of the clip.
    • Fixed: Character corruption occurred for the chapter name when importing a MOV or MP4 file which was exported by Final Cut Pro X.
    • Fixed: An error occurred when importing a FLV(H.264) file which contains several Stream IDs.
    • Other corrections.
  • Release Date: Aug 26, 2017
    • New Now supports H.265/HEVC hardware encoding utilizing the AMD Media SDK encoder.
    • * This function requires a supported GPU (Polaris core generation) and a supported driver installed in the environment.
    • Now the YUV Full Range setting is available for the NVENC and Intel Media encoder's video settings.
    • Now the YUV Color Space Matrix Coefficients setting is available for the NVENC and Intel Media encoder's video settings.
    • Now supports importation of IMX MXF files.
    • Improved Improved to reduce noise which occasionally occurred at clip connection points when applying the Audio Pitch Shift filter.
    • Added the Previously Outputted Project to the Open Recent Project list in the Option of the Main window.
    • CorrectionsFixed: Could not set the Level 4.2 option in the H.264/AVC encode settings when using the Intel Media SDK in a SandyBridge/Ivy CPU core environment.
    • Fixed: Occasionally an error occurred depending on the audio bitrate settings during the encoding of a DivX HEVC file.
    • Fixed: A frame of the end of the transition effect range was lacked.
    • Fixed: The accelerator option of the Subtitle Stream settings in the Clip Properties did not work correctly.
    • Fixed: Did not sort the imported text correctly in chronological order when importing the Subtitle filter settings from a TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 5 project.
    • Fixed: Some gaps occurred for the Background color depending on the length of ruby text in the Subtitle filter settings.
    • Fixed: An error occurred when inserting a higher value to the {fs} tag in the Subtitle filter settings.
    • Fixed: The Background was wrongly adjusted to 0.02% when importing a subtitle file which set the size to 0%.
    • Fixed: The deleted range became a full mosaic when the mask range in the Timeline Mode window was deleted.
    • Fixed: The current Post-Output Process setting display was hidden by the Output Preview when the Post-Output Process setting was set.
    • Fixed: A warning dialog window appeared when launching the application in GeForce GM108 and GP108 dai GPU environments in spite of the fact that these GPUs can not use the NVENC encoder.
    • Fixed: Occasionally the application could not respond immediately when applying the Time-Remap filter to a split clip depending on the speed setting.
    • Other corrections.
  • Release Date: Mar 17, 2017
    • Corrections Fixed: An error occurred when adding keyframes to a TS analyzed clip with the "Insert keyframes to the nearest I frames when possible" option by the Advanced Keyframe Tool.
  • Release Date: Mar 8, 2017
    • Corrections Fixed: An error occurred when clicking the Expander buttons in the Advanced settings of the MPEG File Output.
    • Fixed: The Guide line snap function of the Timeline Preview window did not work correctly.
    • Fixed: An error occurred when the "Post-Output Process" of the main application and Batch Encode Tool was set to something other than "None" after the output completion.
    • Fixed: Could not recognize the file size correctly when importing a RIFF format WAV file where the size exceeds 4GB.
    • Fixed: Could not import specific DPX files which have a 0xffffffff value defined as the header size.
    • Other corrections.
  • Release Date: Feb 5, 2016
    • Corrections Fixed: Occasionally the application failed to launch when the onboard graphics did not connect with a display in an Intel HD Graphics 4xxx series environment.
    • Fixed: Could not keep the extension settings in the Preferences after the application restarts.
    • Fixed: Could not export the correct position of keyframes when Deinterlace filter - Deinterlace Always (Double Framerate) was set.
    • Other Other corrections.
  • Release Date: Feb 3, 2016
    • Corrections Fixed: Occasionally the NVENC encoder exported OpenGOP H.264/AVC files depending on an environment which might cause some problems when seeking.
    • Fixed: Occasionally the MPEG reader could not import the duration correctly when importing certain audio streams which have an unnecessary date in the header.
    • Fixed: An error occurred when splitting a clip in the Clip editing window during the Time-line mode.
  • Release Date: Feb 1, 2016
  • Version - January 31, 2016

    New Now supports H.265/HEVC hardware decoding and encoding utilizing Intel Media SDK (QSV).
    * This function requires a supported Intel CPU and driver installed environment.
    Now supports H.264/AVC hardware decoding(UVD) and encoding(VCE) on an AMD supported graphics board.
    * This function requires a supported AMD graphics board and driver installed environment.
    Now supports H.265/HEVC hardware encoding utilizing high speed hardware encoder NVENC.
    * This function requires a supported NVIDIA graphics board and driver installed environment.
    Now supports H.265/HEVC hardware high speed decoding utilizing CUDA.
    * This function requires a supported NVIDIA graphics board and driver installed environment.
    Newly added RICOH THETA S as a supported device to the Panorama Expand filter.
    Supports up to High Intra 4:4:4 for H.264/AVC importation.
    * Only for the standard decoder.
    Added High and 422 profiles to the output settings of the MPEG-2 standard encoder. Also supports importing files with the profiles.
    Added ITU-R BT.2020 Non-Constant to the YUV Color Space Matrix Coefficients setting in the H.265/HEVC output settings.
    Added "SMPTE ST 428-1" and "SMPTE ST 2084 10/12/14/16bit" to the YUV Color Space settings in the H.264/AVC output settings.
    Added YUV Color Space settings to the H.264/AVC output settings when the Intel Media SDK Hardware is set to the encoder.
  • Release Date: Aug 21, 2015
    • New Now supports retrieving the built-in cover art and meta data with MP4, MOV, FLAC, MKV and MP3 containers.
    • Improved Improved: Supports directly importing ISO files on Windows 7 environment. In a Windows 7 environment, the direct ISO image file importation requires ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver which is packaged with the application. A confirmation dialog will appear in order to install ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver when an ISO image file is imported for the first time. The ISO image file importation cannot be used when the driver is not installed. 
    • ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver: Copyright (C) 2004-2015 Olof Lagerkvist.
    • Improved: x264 encoder updated.
    • Improved: Supports importation for high-bit depth (up to 32bit) image files. * Internal processing is 12bit. * Uses 8bit processing depends on a video filter.
    • Corrections Fixed: Occasionally an invalid sample format error occurred when applying a filter template from TMPGEnc 4.0 Xpress by certain procedures.
    • Fixed: Occasionally flickering pixels occur in the output video when applying the High-Precision Deinterlace filter method with the CUDA acceleration.
    • Fixed: In the subtitle editing window including Time-line mode, occasionally the start time, duration and end time did not work correctly.
    • Fixed: Occasionally a different deinterlace method appeared when loading a filter template or project which was created by or prior version and contains deinterlace filter - 24 fps mode.
    • Fixed: In the Time-line mode, when setting the transition of a clip to "none", the video of other clips disappeared from the Time-line.
    • Fixed: When replacing the audio by using the TS analysis mode in the clip properties window, the video source was also replaced with the audio source.
    • Fixed: When using the NVENC encoder for H.264/AVC output, the “Number of Slices” setting in the Advanced settings was not reflected to the output file.
    • Fixed: When using the NVENC encoder for H.264/AVC output, the “Constrained Intra prediction” setting was not reflected to the output file even if the setting was enabled.
    • Fixed: Occasionally, sound skipping occurred when importing certain FLAC files.
    • Fixed: Occasionally the current seek point returned to the first frame when moving to the Cut Edit window from the Filter window in the Clip editing window.
    • Other Changed the compatibility of the project file. Along with this correction, older versions cannot load project files saved with this version or later.
    • Other corrections.
  • Release Date: Jul 31, 2015
    • Fixed: Could not output the correct name when the output file name which was set in the Encode stage contains a period.
    • Other: Now officially supports Windows 10.
  • Release Date: Jun 19, 2015
    • New Added new video filter "Panorama Expand."
    • This filter allows you to expand a 360 degree panoramic picture or video which was recorded by devices such as the RICOH THETA m15 and KODAK SP360, and can export a normalized video that anyone can playback on a common player.
    • Added new video filter "Perspective Correction."
    • This filter allows easy correction for video which was shot from the wrong angle, or includes an incorrectly tilted object.
    • Added new method "Interpolation - High Precision" for the Deinterlace Filter.
    • This new method is capable of reducing jaggies and flickering pixels with higher accuracy.
    • Now supports directly importing ISO files.
    • This new function allows you to import an ISO file, which is created from Blu-ray, DVD-Video and AVCHD authoring files, without mounting by just dragging and dropping or using the import wizard.
    • * This function cannot be used in Windows 7.
    • Improved Improved: Added the "Outside Video Area" setting to the preview background color change function. You can change the color from the right-click menu or the Preview Settings Panel.
    • Corrections Fixed: Occasionally high frequency noise occurred depending on the source file when a low sampling rate was set in the output format settings.
    • Fixed: When importing a MOV file which was created by the Apple ProRes 422 codec, it was incorrectly recognized as RGB 8bit full range as the color information.
    • Fixed: When importing a keyframe list file in the Cut-edit window, the imported keyframe position may shift 1 frame depending on the time position of the keyframe.
    • Fixed: Occasionally an output AVI file became invalid when the Hap codec was used for the output.
    • Fixed: Occasionally an error occurred depending on the settings when using the GoPro CineForm codec for an AVI file output.
    • Fixed: Could not correctly recognize a TS file which contained a HEVC stream, and was multiplexed by the individual method.
    • Fixed: An audio gap occurred when importing a DVB-T2 broadcast date which was recorded by Windows Media Center, and seeking the file in the Cut-edit window.
    • Fixed: The value of the timestamp might be invalid when outputting a HEVC stream in MPEG-2 Transport (CBR) system stream.
    • Fixed: A one pixel gap occurred when snapping clips to the 4-split guideline if the timeline settings was set as interlace.
    • Fixed: An error might occur when launching the Batch Encode Tool when massive jobs remained in the tool.
    • Other corrections.
  • Release Date: Apr 30, 2015
  • Main New Features:

    • Native Support for 64-bit Architecture.

    Format Related:

    • H.265/HEVC Output Support.
    • DivX HEVC Video File Output Support.
    • XAVC S Output Support.
    • 10-bit 4:4:4 H.264/AVC Output Support.
    • High-Speed Hardware Encoder "NVENC" Support.
    • WebM and Ogg Output Support.
    • FLV Container File Output Support.
    • Support for Capturing From the bluefish444 I/O Board.
    • Animated GIF Importation Support.
    • YouTube and Other New Output Templates.
    • MPEG-2 Encoding Function Added to "Intel® Media SDK (QSV)".

    Editing Related:

    • Clip Editing Interface Supports up to 8K Video.
    • More Substantial Filters- Timelapse, Diorama, Chroma Key and more.
    • Further Enhanced Timeline Editing Mode .
    • Range Selection Support
    • Enhanced Transform Function
    • Time Remap Function
    • Snap to Guidelines
    • Narration Recording
    • Sub-Timeline Function and more.
    • Asset File Function
    • Pre-Rendering Function

    Output Related:

    • More Intelligent Output Operation
    • Automatic Bitrate Detection.
    • Highly Detailed Settings.


    • Project Archiving Function.
    • Dynamic 3D Transition Effects.
    • And more...
  • Release Date: Nov 7, 2014
    • Improved Improved: Changed to fix the value of qp_minus26 in H.264 video streams encoded by the x264 encoder. This revision increases compatibility with players.
    • Corrected Fixed: Fixed a problem in the Source Stage where the clip number was not updated when replacing a clip in the clip list.
    • Fixed: Did not display the correct resolution in the Preview window of the TS/PGMX title selection when a clip which exceeds 2K was imported.
    • Other corrections.

  • Release Date: Jul 16, 2014
    • Improved Improved the seeking speed when reading an MKV file which has no SPS, PPS data other than the header position.
    • Changed to use the standard decoder instead of the CUDA decoder when playing a file which exceeds 2048×1152 resolution due to the fact that the CUDA decoder cannot decode it correctly.
    • Improved to reduce some errors which occur related to the encoder specifications of the Intel Media SDK Hardware encoder parameters.
    • *Depending on this correction, the selectable framerate value is limited to 4fps or more.
    • Corrected Fixed: Occasionally could not import ".srt" and ".subtitle" subtitle files because the character code detection could not work correctly.
    • Fixed: Could not correctly import a UTF-8 file with BOM when importing it as an xsubtitle in the Subtitle Edit window.
    • Fixed: Applied the mask filter to unspecified ranges when using the Mask filter's Auto setting.
    • Fixed: Noise appeared when applying the "Replication-simple" setting as the Deinterlace filter method depending on the source video file.
    • Fixed: The acceleration speed of the "Precision video denoise" filter was decreased in comparison with the or earlier versions.
    • Fixed: Could not move to the Encode stage when "Uncompressed RGB" was selected as the video codec in the AVI output format settings.
    • Fixed: Could not display an imported DVB subtitle correctly in regards to its size or position.
    • Fixed: An error occurred when creating a proxy of a file which was imported via the TS/PGMX file title selection.
    • Other corrections

  • Release Date: Jun 4, 2014
    • New Added new functions to the QuickTime 7 Reader as follows:
    • Supports the ".dv" extension.
    • Supports the Windows RAW (WRAW) format.
    • Supports Interlaced H.264/AVC data other than the PAFF structure. Utilizes the header information for the field order and aspect ratio when importing.
    • Corrected Fixed: An error occurred when optimizing the CUDA acceleration on a "Maxwell" core GPU (i.e. GTX 750).
    • Fixed: Decreased the quality of the 24fps de-interlace filter in the AVX2 environment.
    • Fixed: Some noises occurred when playing the outputted AAC audio on devices which do not support TNS compression algorithm.
    • Fixed: Some white(transparent) frames at the end of a video was displayed when playing an outputted MP4 file on a QuickTime Player.
    • Fixed: Occasionally could not correctly reflect the value of the Encode/Bitrate Settings in the Format window.
    • Fixed: [TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in Commercial Candidates Detector] Occasionally could not keep the results of the commercial candidates detection when changing the path of the project's source files.
    • Fixed: [TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in Commercial Candidates Detector] When the Commercial Candidates Detector application had been executed by an error during detection, such detected jobs could not be added and detected.
    • Fixed: Fixed the MPEG file reader as follows:
    • Could not correctly import certain FLAC files with cover art.
    • Could not represent the bitrate information correctly when importing an AAC which was more than 96000Hz 4ch.
    • Displayed the wrong position of the subtitles which were created for a Blu-ray by TMPGEnc Authoring Works 5.
    • Could not represent the total duration correctly on the TS title selection window.
    • Other corrections.
  • Release Date: Dec 11, 2013
  • New:
    • Now supports TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in Commercial Candidates Detector for TVMW5 (Sold Separately).
      Along with this support, the following functions are added:
      • Added [Move to previous(next) frame] in the right-click menu of the Keyframe list.
      • Added the One-time cut option for the split-ranges in the Cut-edit menu. It is capable of cutting all blue(CTRL+E) or orange(CTRL+R) ranges at once.
      • Added the output as split points option in the Advanced keyframe tool.
      • Increased the maximum number of the split points from 30 to 99.
      • Changed to select the corresponding keyframe when jumping to other keyframes on the seek bar by using the keyboard short-cut [CTRL+←→].
  • Improved:
    • Changed the maximum size to 4TB from 1TB when outputting a AVI 2.0 file.
  • Corrected:
    • Fixed: Occasionally could not read a specific AVI file correctly when the Media Foundation reader was used.
    • Fixed: Detected a specific normal flac file as an invalid file.
    • Fixed a problem where the background color would be changed to white when a specific transition was set in the Timeline mode.
    • Fixed: Fixed a problem where the values which were set in a clip's property was not reflected to the Preview in the Timeline mode in case a key point was added automatically by using the animation option.
    • Fixed: Occasionally the audio stream specification of the QuickTime 7 file reader did not work correctly.
    • Fixed: Occasionally could not save a project file correctly when the focus was on a selection control button or others.
    • Fixed: Could not remove a key point icon from the Timeline mode correctly by using the right-click menu in environments which could not use Direct 3D or the option was checked off.
    • Fixed: An error occurred when analyzing a TS file which the TS file reader could not retrieve the sample information of the file.
    • Fixed: Occasionally could not load the FLV1/4 file reader correctly when initializing.
    • Other corrections.

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