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This is the version history page for TMP - Thies Media Project, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


  • Release Date: Feb 20, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • New Features
    1. Unstable webserver deleted -> new project started
    2. changed programming from .NET 4.0 Full to 4.0 Client profile
    3. "start with player" added in films
    4. an explicit note how to input the film and series directory in the assistent
    5. alternative playerstab added to assistent in films
    6. symbols changed in symbol-menu
    7. speedup filmsearch and filtering/musicsearch and filtering
    8. "Bad Word List" in IMDB-Loader for faster searching in IMDB
    9. backgroundsearch for films renewed
    10. Playercontrol in music-playlist added
    11. Personfilterfunction added to films -> tools
    12. use as standard mp3-player(experimental)
    13. automatic check for updates on start
    14. play filetype with player
    15. delete files from series
    16. call of Daemon-Tools automatic mount function updated
    17. in series transfer value from field
    18. backgroundsearch for series renewed
    19. control which player to use for mpcpl(Mediaplayer Classic Playlist) or asx(Windows Media Playlist)
    20. delete files in music
    21. reload MP3-Tag in music
    22. delete full series
    23. The numberingtool asks for startnumber in all areas

    1. Sorting & Refreshbug fixed in film
    2. tabstopinfo corrected in tag-helper(music)
    3. If a movie is moved, the "onlyplaypath" was not reseted
    4. The exception on accessing directory with no rights is replaced with an error-message
    5. If unicode-chars in M3U-Playlist, player sometimes was not able find file
    6. When filtered and deleting a film, form was not refreshed correct
    7. The TMP-icon was not shown on every form
    8. error on starting an image file when daemontoolspath is not set.
    9. Use Playlist was not automaticly checked when loading a playlist
    10. Error(Index-Exception) when deleting a movie from disc
    11. On Windows Vista and above, problems with streaminglist fixed(playlist was saved in folder with limited rights)

  • Release Date: Apr 26, 2011
  • New Features
    1. New properties for Movies, "Last Time Played", "Your Rating" for example
    2. New Propertyloader, for File-Properties - Video-Bitrate, Audio-Languages,...
    3. Movies sort on Label click
    4. reset "play only this file" in movies
    5. Features which uses DirectX removed, replaced with internal component (MediaInfo) / faster, more stable
    6. Different rowcolors
    7. Films -> Delete movie from list & delete movie from list and disc
    8. Films -> reset playlist
  • Bugfixes
    1. On corrupt xml-file the application canceled loading
    2. Sometimes the movie-pictures were changed with eachother
    3. Only play this file, did not work right with to much subfolders/when not set right
    4. After reloading music and type something in the search field, there was an error
    5. Error in Series-Search after reload
    6. Windowposition of Musicplaylist out of screen when music-window maximized
    7. Button glue in Musicplaylist was wrong
  • Release Date: Feb 5, 2011
  • New Features
    1. Indexpage - link to webstream
    2. First version of MP3-COMPARE in Music
    3. Saves and remebers formsize automaticly
    4. Action on doubleclick a line in Film, IMDB-Loaderform, Music, Musicplaylist, Series
    5. Multiplay, "play only this file for this film"
    6. Filmform redisgned for better scaling
  • New Bugfixes
    1. Upgraderoutine still works not right - reprogrammed
    2. Dataerror on Datagridviews - exceptionhandling was not there
    3. rows to high
    4. next and prev button too small in Music-playlist
    5. durationbar and volumebar colidated in Music - wrong anchor
    6. Play shortcut in Music and and menu-click did not work
    7. IMDB-Loader above grid-table was editable
    8. When using IMDB-Loader it renames and updated the wrong film in your collection(Film-ID doubled)
    9. When starting application and there were unreadable characters in MP3-Tag, an XML-Error was throwed
    10. When fontsize was to big, some forms were scaled wrong - wrong formsizes - invisible conrols
    11. IMDB-Loader picture was not loaded right - first dataset was not refreshed right
    12. IMDB-Loader Premier-Year was not loaded sometimes
    13. IMDB-Loader - problems with character "&" in Filmname
    14. Bitmapsorting in Films made an error
    15. Generecode in Music was not loaded for example (12) = Pop
    16. No Action-Menu in Webinterface for music and films in MS Internet Explorer
    17. Descending sorting in Webinterface for films did not work
    18. changes in Background reworked
  • Release Date: Dec 29, 2010
  • version ->

  • -=New Features=-
    1. Activate drag for Films, Music and Series
    2. Fileproperties supports ifo(DVD) - Windows Mediaplayer & DVD-Software musst be installed -For films -for series
    3. Partial translated to german
    4. quick links
    5. IMDB-Loader reprogrammed
    6. Music-Playlist-Repeat and Music-Playlist-Random
    7. Stream films with multible files
  • -=Bugfixes=-
    1. Copytool - error on delete
    2. Title of IMDB-Tool was german
    3. small Fix in IMDB-Loader - status not refreshed right sometimes when loading single film
    4. Multistart had no horizontal scrollbar
    5. Fileproperties size & descriptions corrected
    6. Storyloader sometimes found no english story corrected
    7. Loading image sometimes does not work sometimes because of spelling iso<->ISO for example
    8. When using Tag-Helper in filteredmode, the loaded mp3's were reduced to which were filtered
    9. Upgraderoutine(when comming from a previous version) resets settings each time program starts
    10. Error on closing Filmform - drawing Error
    11. Error on closing Musicform - drawing Error
    12. Music length-error, sometimes at the end of a music-file, a error was shown that value is not in range(rounding-problem of duration)
    13. Volumecontrol in Music had wrong anchor
    14. Error on closing Seriesform
    15. Design corrected for Windows-Zoom compatible
    16. Wishlist-base was german
    17. Shortcut of Fileproperties in Series changed to Alt+R
    18. Multiselect "add to streaminglist" was not possible
    19. Horizontal scrollbar was missing in streamingplaylist
    20. Bad Error on starting the application - format exception (no initial value for fontsize)
    21. Error on opening empty series-modul
    22. No message when version is up to date
  • Release Date: Nov 23, 2010

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