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This is the version history page for QT Sync, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 0.3.2
  • Release Date: Dec 12, 2007
  • Fixes some graphical glitches on Mac OS 10.5 Leopard.
  • TC Inserter: Can now add the TC TextTrack outside the visible Picture. (This will change the Movie Dimensions, but has much better Performance. Due to a bug in QuickTime for Intel Macs, TextTracks will eat up a lot of CPU power, when they are displayed inside the visible area of the movie. Especially with movies encoded with Motion JPEG A.) For more information open the TC Inserter Window and click on the Help Button in the window.
  • TC Inserter: New "Detect" Button. If a Movie contains a TimeCode Track (MediaType "tmcd"), QT Sync can now detect the TimeCode FrameRate and TimeCode Position.
  • TC Inserter: Under certain circumstances, a TC Text Track would not show up in front of the video. QT Sync now checks for the Layer information and changes it, when neccessary.
  • Controller Window no longer grows when the mouse is moved over the Movie Window in "Fill Screen" Mode.
  • No more "Unknown Exception while loading the Preferences File." when running a new Version of QT Sync for the first time.
  • Full Screen Mode: Controller Window will no longer automatically hide when the mouse in inside the Controller window.
  • Will now open .mkv ( Matroska Container - ) files. Needs Perian 1.0 Codec to work ( ).
Version 0.3.1
  • Release Date: Jun 4, 2007
  • Static Text Inserter: When text was entered into the appropriate EditField, the text was selected immediately. It appeared to be not possible to enter more than one letter. Fixed.
  • Trying to crop a movie with a Text Track will no longer cause a "Fatal Error".
  • On IntelMacs the Volume could not be changed with the ArrowUp/ArrowDown Keys. Fixed.
  • Full Screen Mode: When running on IntelMacs, the MouseCursor was not invisible, but a black square. Fixed.
  • Combine Movies: Can now set IN and OUT points of Source Movies.
  • Full Screen Mode: Not moving the mouse will cause the Controller Window and the MouseCursor to disappear. Moving the Mouse will make them re-appear. (Apple-G to manually hide and show the Controller Window still works.)
  • New Preferences Option for "Full Screen Mode": Hide Controller Window when Mouse is inactive.
  • App did not launch on OS 10.3.0 - 10.3.8. Fixed.
Version 0.2.9
  • Release Date: Mar 15, 2007
  • Fixed: Updating the Mac OS to 10.4.9 made the Spacebar (Play/Pause Movie) not work properly.
  • Added: New Menu Shortcuts.
  • Fixed: Help Texts.
  • Fixed: Showing the Offset / Duration Display (in Full Screen Mode) for the first time made the movie stutter.
  • Fixed: App crashed when trying to access the ContextMenu in the Controller Window.
  • TC Inserter: Values are tested immediately for accuracy.
  • Crop Window, TC Inserter: EditFields are selected immediately when the window opens.
  • Preferences System completely rewritten.
  • Crop Window: Remembers last settings. New "Cache" Mode.
  • Lots of minor fixes.

  • New Behaviour for the Arrows of Numerical EditFields of the "TC Inserter" and the "Crop Movie" Window:
    • Click in the Numerical EditFields. Use Arrow Up/Arrow Down to change the value +1/-1. Use SHIFT+Arrow Up/Arrow Down to change the value +10/-10.
    • Click the Arrows at the side of the EditFields to change the value +1/-1.
    • Hold SHIFT and click the Arrows at the side of the EditFields to change the value +10/-10.
Version 0.2.8
  • Release Date: Nov 15, 2006
  • Finally: Universal Binary
  • Changed Shortcuts: The CTRL Key will be the default key for "Spaces" of Mac OS X 10.5 . Therefore the Shortcuts for shuttling and "jumping" through the movie have changed:
    • SHIFT + ALT + Left/Right Arrow: Backward/Forward Shuttle
    • 0: jumps back x seconds
    • ALT + 0 : Jumps x seconds forwards
    • SHIFT + 0: jumps 30 seconds back
    • SHIFT + ALT + 0: jumps 30 seconds forward
    • Note: Depending on your Keyboard settings, SHIFT + 0 and SHIFT + ALT + 0 will only work with the "0" key of the Numeric Block of your keyboard.
  • Fixed: Display will not dim anymore while playing a movie. (Which was very annoying with energy saver settings set to dim after 5 minutes...)
  • Fixed the valid file types for the Open Dialogs. It is no longer possible to load non-media files. (In rare cases this was resulting in an application crash.)
  • Checks for Updates automatically (can be disabled in the Preferences.)
  • New Preferences Option: Opaqueness of the offset/duration displays in Full Screen Mode.
  • Change Movie Playback Speed: Changed the Name from "Change Movie Duration". New Options to change the speed: New FPS, new length or new percentage can now be entered directly.
  • Quitting while playing in Full Screen Mode sometimes made the app crash. Fixed.
  • Static Text Inserter: Characters were not displayed properly. Fixed.
  • TC Inserter: Choose between "Insert [the given TimeCode] at current Movie Position" or "Insert [the given TimeCode] at Start of Movie". Also works for all other Modes (Feet+Frames, Framenumbers). Thanks to Mark for this suggestion.
  • Cosmetic Changes (Movie Duration, Check for Updates, Controller Window)
  • NOTE: QuickTime 7.1 introduced a new system to handle non-square-pixel media: the Aperture Modes. QT Sync ignores these settings. When a movie is saved, Aperture settings will not be set. Previous Aperture settings will be removed from the new movie.
Version 0.2.7
  • Release Date: May 21, 2006
  • Added: TimeCode Inserter Mode: "30 Drop Frame"
  • Added: FrameNumber Inserter.
  • Added: New Preferences Option: "Save Dialogs show:" Choose between the last Directory you saved to (default Finder behaviour) or the directory of the currently opened Movie.
  • Added Chapter about "Preferences" to the manual.
  • Known Issue: Moving the "TimeCode Inserter" Window quickly, while "Show Preview" is turned on, can cause the Preview Window to shrink and move along . Moving the TC Inserter Window out of the screen (while "Show Preview" is turned on), can cause the window to change its height and thereby rendering the "Cancel" and "Insert" buttons unusable. This bug was introduced by Mac OS X 10.4.5. This also affects the "Crop Movie" window. With Mac OS X 10.3.9 this issue does not occur. Workaround: Do not move the "TimeCode Inserter" / "Crop Movie" window quickly, while the "Show Preview" Option is turned on.

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