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Version 2.4j
  • Release Date: Jul 16, 2018
  • Download(s):

    • Per request moved setting to choose TS downloads to main GUI instead of under configuration.
      • There is now a TS Downloads check box in main GUI which can toggle on/off TS downloads.
      • NOTE: This check box does not use the configuration setting you may have had before, so may not match your preference the first time you run kmttg for this version. The GUI setting is saved between kmttg settings subsequently.
      • Also related to this change, auto transfers setup now allows you to choose a custom "TS Downloads" setting per entry instead of being a global option applying to all.
      • IMPORTANT TS downloads defaults to off for all Auto Transfers entries, so if you want TS downloads on you need to go through all your Auto Transfers entries and enable accordingly.
    • Per request added AutoSkip service disable channel and AutoSkip service disable channel options under AutoSkip configuration tab.
      • This allows configuring which channels you can tune to to disable/enable AutoSkip service from a TiVo.
Version 2.4i
  • Release Date: Jun 24, 2018
  • Download(s):
    • For Remote Season Premieres tab the identification of already existing Season Passes now uses "collectionId" rather than "title". This is because some shows (example "Big Brother") have the same title but change collectionId every year, so kmttg would falsely identify a season premiere was already set to record when indeed it was not because collectionId changed.
    • Related to fix above, scheduling of a Season Pass now will schedule a new one even if the title matches an existing season pass with same name if collectionId is different.
    • Per request added a File menu item Download Metadata (bindkey Ctrl-R) to only download metadata for selected rows in TiVo NPL table. NOTE: This always downloads as .TiVo.txt.
Version 2.4h
  • Release Date: May 6, 2018
  • Download(s):
    • Added new Connection Status button to Remote Info tab which prints information about the current status of network connection (phone home status).
    • The Remote Info tab now provides a lot more information than in previous releases including:
    • internalTemperature, zipCode, remoteBatteryLevel, activeVideoOutputFormat, platform, and more
    • Added missing tooltip for Find remote button.
    • Even though Slingbox option enabled in configuration settings, the Slingbox tab would not display when starting kmttg.
Version 2.4g
  • Release Date: Mar 10, 2018
  • Download(s):
    • By request, added new Find remote button to remote (uses telnet mode only, not RPC).
    • Updated RPC certificate that was set to expire in April. New certificate good until December 2020.
    • Issue with improper .TiVo to (2).TiVo file renaming fixed, along with other possible improper file renaming of other file extensions.
    • Avoid issue with double skip when using AutoSkip with positive start point padding and pressing "D" button.
Version 2.4f
  • Release Date: Jan 31, 2018
  • Download(s):

    • Fix to issue with Rovi data which is assigning season number for many news shows as the current year. Going by long established prior rules since kmttg was treating this as number of seasons the "Start From" field of "Season Pass Options" form was trying to populate 2018 choices for seasons which was hanging up Java and kmttg as a result.
      • The workaround to this problem in this release is currently assuming that any season number > 99 no longer actually indicates a real season number and thus won't have tons of entries added to the "Start From" field which hangs things up.
      • Now, for example when trying to add/modify an MSNBC Season Pass, 2018 will show up in the "Start From" field as an option, but not any previous year/season. That also seems to be how TiVo itself is handling such Season Passes.
Version 2.4e
  • Release Date: Jan 16, 2018
  • Download(s):
    • Due to RPC changes on TiVo servers the "Start From" field of "Season Pass Options" form was not finding and populating available seasons. This release implements a workaround for that issue. There may be cases when not all available seasons are listed, but it should be better than before the workaround implementation.
    • AutoSkip service is now allowed to start with empty AutoSkip table.
Version 2.4d
  • Release Date: Dec 7, 2017
  • Download(s):
    • config--AutoSkip--"Indicate with play when skipping" option preference was not being saved between kmttg sessions.
    • Undo change in last release to use "watchedTime" in RPC data in addition to "bookmarkPosition" since AutoSkip from SkipMode can set it to non-zero even when "bookmarkPosition" is zero.
Version 2.4c
  • Release Date: Dec 3, 2017
  • Download(s):
    • config--Visual--"GUI Font Size" now affects message window fonts as well. Previously the message window font size was fixed/non-configurable.
    • By request added new config--AutoSkip--"Indicate with play when skipping" option. If enabled, every time kmttg automatically skips it will send a play command to the TiVo as well to bring up the play bar as an indication that skip happened and so you can check where you are in timline..
    • Look for "watchedTime" in RPC data in addition to "bookmarkPosition" to determine partially watched shows. There are cases when "bookmarkPosition" is not set in RPC data, and "watchedTime" is set instead.
Version 2.4b
  • Release Date: Nov 5, 2017
  • Download(s):
    • config--Visual--"Auto size NPL column widths" setting changed to "Auto size table column widths" as it now affects most tables, not just NPL tables.
    • If disabled then table column widths are saved/restored between sessions as you set them.
    • If enabled then table column widths are auto sized to fit kmttg window width.
    • AutoSkip from SkipMode now shows total show length (sum of all non-commercial segments) after running in message window or when entry clicked in AutoSkip table.
    • Updated method of changing table values that was causing null exceptions with Java 9. I believe this change now fixes the remaining Java 9 issues that I'm aware of.
    • Update to AutoSkip from SkipMode to work better with TiVos running Hydra software. Previously would not work at all for TiVos running Hydra software. This also may improve reliablity of AutoSkip from SkipMode for non Hydra TiVos.
Version 2.4a
  • Release Date: Oct 23, 2017
  • Download(s):
    • By request added new image column to Remote ToDo table that displays icon representing subscription type of the todo item.
    • Using this column you can now sort todo table by subscription type if desired.
    • Show Information dialog (bindkey "i" in most tables) now searches for and displays show/collection images when available again. A recent change in TiVo server responses dropped inclusion of image data, so kmttg was no longer showing images. Now one has to specifically query TiVo server for image data.
    • Update Remote Season Premieres saved channel information to include channelId, stationId fields which was necessary in order to work properly with OTA channels.
    • Previously without channelId and stationId it was possible for scheduling recordings for OTA TiVos to use wrong channel, hence why this change needed.
    • Further changes related to determining local IP for streambaby launch.
    • XML parser for metadata in attempting to fix bad XML characters from TiVo broke UTF8 encoding. This release now preserves proper UTF8 encoding so that processing metadata with special characters now works again.
    • With Only run Ad Skip/Ad Detect for shows with AutoSkip data option enabled shows that are not processed for commercial cutting would not get the "Captions" task executed since cut file is missing. Updated the captions task to search for non cut files to use instead for those cases.
    • Java 9 compatibility updates:
    • Table auto column resizing doesn't work with Java 9, so that code has been changed to a column width percentage weighting method used for initial table column width calcuations.
    • Custom tooltip delay setting disabled for Java 9 clients since it doesn't work properly.
Version 2.3b
  • Release Date: Aug 27, 2017
  • Download(s):
    • Switched to more robust way of determining local IP for streambaby launch.
    • Print URI used to for "Launch App" button from Remote control for easier debugging purposes.
    • Fix to work around TiVo xml bug where it puts "&" character by itself instead of being the proper escaped version "&" in compliant xml.
Version 2.3a
  • Release Date: Aug 13, 2017
  • Download(s):
    • Added new config--AutoSkip option Only run Ad Skip/Ad Detect for shows with AutoSkip data.
    • If enabled then only shows that have AutoSkip data will be processed for Ad Skip and Ad Detect tasks. Shows without AutoSkip data will have those tasks automatically cancelled by task scheduler.
    • For comskip task when error is encountered with missing or zero size output file from comskip, print output file that kmttg is looking for as part of error message.
Version 2.2v
  • Release Date: Jul 5, 2017
  • Download(s):
  • v2.2v Release Notes


    • Fix to custom task related to changes added in last release. Prevent stack traces for cases when there is no downloadURL available for the task.

    v2.2u Release Notes


    • By request added [downloadURL] keyword for custom command which represents the download URL for a show.
      • NOTE: For Windows the '&' character is escaped as '^^^&' so that it passes through properly to a .bat script. Also if using a Windows .bat script for your custom command you need to use %* to get the full url argument instead of just %1.


    • Limit NPL RPC method to 25 shows at a time instead of 50 to reduce stress on the originating TiVo.


    • Catch general exceptions for mdns init so that issues related to TiVo discovery don't prevent kmttg GUI from starting.
    • Work around another TiVo xml bug where it puts "&" character by itself instead of being the proper escaped version "&amp" in compliant xml.

    v2.2t Release Notes


    • Don't skip "qsfix" task if user specifically has qsfix or decrypt task enabled. Previously if VideoRedo decrypt option was turned on kmttg would just operate directly on .TiVo file and skip qsfix task. That is still an option if neither qsfix or decrypt options are turned on, but now user has choice whether to run qsfix or not when using VideoRedo.
    • For "vrdencode" task delete .TiVo file if it is used as input file to encode job and config option to delete .TiVo file after decrypt is enabled.
Version 2.2s
  • Release Date: Apr 16, 2017
  • Download(s):

    • NPL Right mouse button functions "AutoSkip from SkipMode" (bindkey v) and "Export AutoSkip cuts" (bindkey e) now work on entire selected set (throwing out irrelevant ones and skipping folder entries) instead of just 1st entry of selected set.


    • Further fixes to networked TiVos detection - check the determined IP validity and try alternate method if not valid before attempting TiVo detection.
Version 2.2r
  • Release Date: Apr 9, 2017
  • Download(s):

    • Added separate start and end point padding fields to AutoSkip configuration vs previously only 1 padding value was being used for both start and end points. Under configuration--AutoSkip there are now 2 fields instead of 1:
      • AutoSkip start point padding in msecs
      • AutoSkip end point padding in msecs
    • If using AutoSkip from SkipMode typically I find a negative padding value for end points is helpful since typically end points are a few seconds into the start of commercials.


    • AutoSkip export cuts now includes padding if specified.
    • Debug mode now turns on RPC debug automatically so all RPC traffic is dumped.


    • Fix to networked TiVos detection - previously it was possible for kmttg to bind to an inactive network interface that would prevent TiVo discovery from working when using the "Bonjour" method.
    • Fix to AutoSkip pad adjustment to work properly with negative padding.
Version 2.2q
  • Release Date: Feb 25, 2017
  • Download(s):

    • Added bindkey 'k' to Remote Search table for printing SkipMode information for a show if available.


    • The "Try again" for AutoSkip from SkipMode was not working properly in last release when running on multiple shows at once - it would force re-processing of all shows and run in infinite loop when any failure encountered.
Version 2.2p
  • Release Date: Feb 21, 2017
  • Download(s):

    • Improvement made to AutoSkip from SkipMode to address some outlier cases where incorrect show segment sizes were being used to compute show end points, resulting in incorrect AutoSkip points.
    • Try again for failed AutoSkip show start point detection for cases when it fails the first time.
    • File filter not reset to .csv for Remote Channels table Export button dialog.
Version 2.2o
  • Release Date: Feb 12, 2017
  • Download(s):

    • Handle url redirects for Help menu program and tool updates.
    • Dialog that prompts for MAK now has fully visible text to make it clear what is being prompted for - previously one would only see a partial title.
    • Added name of invalid encoding name in log message for invalid encode name setup for auto transfers mode for easier issue debugging.
    • 1 sec sleep added for "AutoSkip from SkipMode" batch mode run that puts TiVo into standby mode if requested to workaround issue where it wasn't always working.
Version 2.2n
  • Release Date: Jan 29, 2017
  • Download(s):

    • Handbrake Universal encoding profile added: hb_universal.


    • css update for START JOBS and CANCEL JOBS buttons to add black border and grey focus color so as to make it much more obvious these are buttons.


    • AutoSkip from SkipMode not always resetting pause point to 0 for unwatched shows.
    • For adcut jobs using .TiVo files as source, remove the .TiVo file when task completes if "Remove .TiVo after file decrypt" option is enabled.
Version 2.2m
  • Release Date: Jan 9, 2017
  • Download(s):

    • By request, added new AutoSkip configuration option: Set standby mode after batch AutoSkip from SkipMode. Enabling this option will put the TiVo that it is run on in standby mode after "AutoSkip from SkipMode" batch run completes.


    • Disabled all pyTivo push related functionality since push is no longer functional for TiVo servers.


    • Don't use AutoSkip data when available if AutoSkip is disabled.
    • When using mediainfo to check program length return fail if mediainfo is unable to determine length.
Version 2.2l
  • Release Date: Dec 19, 2016
  • Download(s):

    • Adjusted "AutoSkip from SkipMode" to improve skip point detection.
    • Use "clipMetadataId" when obtaining SKIP data to make sure the correct SKIP data is retrieved (there are cases when there are multiple SKIP sets of data available from different channels).
Version 2.2k
  • Release Date: Dec 18, 2016
  • Download(s):

    • For batch mode "AutoSkip from SkipMode", kmttg initially now toggles between My Shows and TiVo presses to force SKIP processing on the TiVo for new recordings before processing SKIP entries.
    • AutoSkip service will now attempt to re-connect several times for an extended period if connection to monitored TiVo is broken. Previously service would keep running even though it was in a non-functional state. This allows recovery from a temporary disconnection of the monitored TiVo.


    • Disabled most Remote related functionality for series 3 units since TiVo broke access for series 3 units months ago now and doesn't look like will ever fix it.
    • AutoSkip from SkipMode now prints message if it fails (previously was silent).


    • Removed tivodecode binary as a requirement for running auto transfers mode.
Version 2.2j
  • Release Date: Nov 25, 2016
  • Download(s):

    • NPL right mouse entry "AutoSkip from SkipMode" (bindkey v) was not working properly in last release.
Version 2.2i
  • Release Date: Nov 25, 2016
  • Download(s):

    • Added capability to run AutoSkip Service in batch/service mode rather than just via kmttg GUI:
      • java -jar kmttg.jar -k "tivoName" to run for a named TiVo.
      • java -jar kmttg.jar -k all to run for all eligible TiVos.
      • See "windows_task_scheduler" Wiki for examples of how to setup Windows Tasks to run various types of kmttg batch jobs such as these.


    • By user request the comskip task will now export to .VPrj file in addition to .edl file for AutoSkip exports, even when VideoRedo is not enabled.


    • Avoid adding empty AutoSkip entries for AutoSkip from SkipMode scans.
    • NPL right mouse entry "AutoSkip from SkipMode - ALL" would hang GUI after 1st show processed.
Version 2.2h
  • Release Date: Nov 13, 2016
  • Download(s):

    • For Ad Detect task make use of AutoSkip cut points if available.
      • Previously kmttg was skipping this task if AutoSkip cut points were available, but now the actual AutoSkip export happens during this task instead.


    • A couple of changes to right mouse menu entry Episode info:
      • Used to filter out matches without any episode information. Now filters out matches without a description.
      • Defaults to print to table instead of both table and csv.


    • vrdreview task now accounts for possibility of .VPrj file being in different locations for .TiVo or .mpg source files.
    • Export AutoSkip cuts now always outputs .VPrj file or .edl file in .mpg Output Dir for consistency with normal task flow.
    • Further refinement of when VideoRedo QS Fix task is necessary or not.
      • If Decrypt using VideoRedo option is enabled and AutoSkip cut points are available then VRD QS Fix task not needed.
Version 2.2g
  • Release Date: Nov 7, 2016
  • Download(s):

    • Fixed issue with null exception introduced in last release when trying to run Ad Detect task on already decrypted file.
    • For NPL table Export AutoSkip cuts function, create sub-directories if needed before attempting to export file.
Version 2.2f
  • Release Date: Nov 6, 2016
  • Download(s):

    • If Ad Cut task is selected and AutoSkip cuts are available for the show being processed then kmttg will skip the Ad Detect task and automatically export and use AutoSkip cuts instead.
    • vrdreview task will now automatically create VideoRedo project file from AutoSkip points if available for the entry being processed. This means you don't need to manually use Export AutoSkip Cutsmenu entry in order to take advantage of available AutoSkip cuts to use as initial cuts in VideoRedo.
    • Added capability to run AutoSkip from SkipMode - ALL functionality in batch mode (from command line)
      • java -jar kmttg.jar -s "tivoName"
      • This way you can use your OS task scheduler, such as Windows Task Scheduler or linux cron entry to run this functionality for a given TiVo on a schedule of your choosing.
      • See [windows_task_scheduler] Wiki page for example of setting up a Windows Task.


    • If Decrypt using VideoRedo option is enabled and then skip qsfix task to decrypt when relevant if using VideoRedo for Ad Detect and/or Ad Cut tasks (and not using comskip). It's assumed that when Decrypt using VideoRedo option is enabled that TiVo Desktop must be installed and hence .TiVo files can be processed directly without having to decrypt first.
Version 2.2e
  • Release Date: Oct 30, 2016
  • Download(s):

    • NPL table right mouse button menu entry AutoSkip from SkipMode - ALL (bindkey w) added
      • Will look for all eligible SkipMode entries in current NPL table that don't already have AutoSkip data for which to run AutoSkip from SkipMode.
      • If any eligible entries found, prompts for confirmation to proceed with AutoSkip detection for all of them sequentially.


    • Restrict "AutoSkip from SkipMode" to 1 run at a time since simultaneous runs interfere with each other.
    • NPL table history item highlighting took 2 refreshes to highlight new downloads.
Version 2.2d
  • Release Date: Oct 23, 2016
  • Download(s):

    • A new NPL table right mouse button menu entry called AutoSkip from SkipMode (bindkey v) will be displayed for TiVos that support SkipMode.
      • The goal of this command is to automatically obtain commercial cut points based on TiVo SkipMode data.
      • This will only work if the SKIP icon is shown for the NPL entry you are running it on, indicating that TiVo SkipMode data exists for the show.
      • IMPORTANT: This command will simulate various remote button presses to your TiVo to obtain show segment start points, and thus should not be run if you don't want to disrupt anybody currently watching that TiVo.
      • Show segment start points are discovered by skipping to end of show, then using repeated "Channel Down" presses to cycle through all SkipMode show segment start points. This information in conjunction with segment lengths obtained from SkipMode data is used to compute cut points.
      • Once cut points are computed kmttg automatically adds an AutoSkip entry to kmttg AutoSkip table.
      • Once an AutoSkip table entry exists (indicated by S in NPL table) you can choose Play in AutoSkip mode menu entry (bindkey z) to start playback of the show in AutoSkip mode for hands free automatic commercial skipping.
      • You can also use Export AutoSkip cuts menu entry (bindkey e) to export the cut points to a VideoRedo project file or edl cut file which you can be used with the Ad Cut task to cut out auto-detected commercials.
    • NPL table right mouse button menu entry Export AutoSkip to VPrj changed to Export AutoSkip cuts
      • Will export cuts to VideoRedo project file if VideoRedo is enable, else will export cuts to edl file.
      • For VideoRedo project file creation, .mpg or .ts file will be used as reference video file if either exists, else .TiVo file will be used whether or not it exists.
    • Right mouse button menu entry Play in AutoSkip mode (bindkey z) added for RPC enabled TiVos. The bindkey already existed in previous releases, this adds menu entry for it as a reminder the functionality is available.
      • For table entries that have AutoSkip data available this will start playback of the show on your TiVo in AutoSkip mode for hands free automatic commercial skipping.
    • Right mouse button menu entry Import AutoSkip cuts (bindkey c) added for RPC enabled TiVos. The bindkey already existed in previous releases, this adds menu entry for it as a reminder the functionality is available.
      • This allows you to import cuts from other people to AutoSkip table. Consult SkipShareImportkmttg Wiki for details.
    • Added Select Repeats button to Remote--ToDo tab
      • Purpose is to search for and select ToDo table entries considered to be repeats of each other.
      • Currently an entry is considered a repeat if it meets one of following criteria:
        • Has exact same title and subtitle as a ToDo entry scheduled to record before it
      • These selected entries can then be unscheduled using the Cancel button if desired.
      • This is aimed primarily at dealing with poor Rovi guide data for Sports recordings which leads to TiVo scheduling multiple repeats of the same show such as for a auto-record wishlist for a sporting event.
Version 2.2c
  • Release Date: Oct 10, 2016
  • Download(s):

    • For Remote--Season Passes--Check OnePasses added collectionId check by name:
      • Look for upcoming recordings with same title as OnePass and check recordings collectionId versus OnePass collectionId and issue warning for any mismatches.
      • This is again related to transition to Rovi guide data where in some cases collectionId of a series has changed even though the series title did not, so while it may appear your OnePass should record a series it will not.


    • Fixed issue with Remote--Streaming table with tree entries not working properly following a 2nd refresh.
    • For captions task delete target srt file before trying to extract captions again with EIA-708 caption options.
Version 2.2b
  • Release Date: Oct 2, 2016
  • Download(s):

    • New Remote--Channels tab added with several capabilities (for series 4 and later TiVos):
      • Channel list backup/restore
      • Display and modify your TiVo's "Channel List" to set which channels you receive.
      • Copy channel list from 1 TiVo to another or from a previously saved channel list.
      • Export your current channel list to a CSV file.
    • Added Episode Info right button menu entry (or bindkey n) which can be used to get information on all episodes of a series. Choice of 2 different outputs:
      • CSV file which lists all episode titles, numbers, programId and seriesId. This can be useful for adding programId info to existing pyTivo metadata files.
      • output to table which lists all episodes using the Streaming table from which you can see more detailed information about each episode.
    • By request added oad_no_dashes keyword support to File Naming configuration which is the same as originalAirDate but without the dashes (which MCEBuddy for example likes).
    • Remote--Search table SHOW column sort now ignores price string.


    • Fixed typo in RPC info display: 'programdId' corrected to be 'programId'
    • Avoid potential null exception for NPL export to CSV file.
Version 2.2a
  • Release Date: Sep 19, 2016
  • Download(s):
    • As part of 'j' bindkey that prints RPC data of a Remote table entry to message window, compute and display pyTivo metadata programId and seriesId fields in Rovi data format when possible.
    • Populate Remote Guide tab channel list automatically if empty when Guide tab selected.
    • Changed encoding profile ChoiceBox GUI elements back to ComboBox since the Windows 10 Java issue with ComboBoxes has now been fixed with recent versions of Java 8 FX. ComboBox contains a scroll bar in the list useful for longer lists such as the encoding profiles list.
    • Some search results for streaming shows had duration being displayed as 1000s of hours.
Version 2.1x
  • Release Date: Sep 2, 2016
  • Download(s):

    • For VideoRedo encoding vrdeconde task, when looking at using .Vprj file as input, check that the referenced video file in the .Vprj file exists as part of decision of whether or not to use it.
Version 2.1v
  • Release Date: Aug 15, 2016
  • Download(s):
    • Remote Guide table updates:
    • Maximum number of days extended from 11 to 13 days. NOTE: In many cases day 12 and 13 will not have any data.
    • Time range set to 24 hours per entry instead of 12.
    • Skip Import prompt for specifying .Vprj or .edl file now is case insensitive.
    • Workaround to illegal "&&" xml encoding that TiVo was giving in metadata for some recordings and causing Java SAX parser to fail. Workaround consists of manually replace "&&" with "&" before SAX parse.
    • Disabled column sort for job table that was never intended to be enabled.
Version 2.1u
  • Release Date: Jul 9, 2016
  • Download(s):
    • Fixed issue with SHOW sort issue when folders enabled and Sort table show titles as a TiVo does config option enabled.
Version 2.1t
  • Release Date: Jul 5, 2016
  • Download(s):

    • NPL table folder entries now indicate # of folder entries that have SKIP available so not necessary to expand a folder just to see how many entries have SKIP available.
    • User contributed option added for table SHOW sort to ignore leading a/an/the words in titles for sort purposes.
      • Option to enable/disable under config--Visual--Sort table show titles as a TiVo does.


    • For RPC init failures don't stack trace on null failure messages.
Version 2.1s
  • Release Date: May 22, 2016
  • Download(s):

    • Added custom image icons for GUI elements (user contributed change).
      • NOTE: The kmttg.jar file itself does not have an image, but if you create a shortcut to kmttg you can set the icon to a custom one that is part of the kmttg installation now: TtGo_blue.ico
    • Added new configuration AutoSkip option: Jump to end of recording when last skip block entered
      • If enabled and the last cut segment goes to the end of the show, AutoSkip will jump to the end of play.
      • This is especially useful if you use folder play to play a bunch of shows while AutoSkip service is enabled.
    • TiVos with AutoSkip Service enabled are now automatically enabled upon kmttg startup if last session was closed with them sitll running. i.e. Remember state of AutoSkip Service for each TiVo across kmttg sessions.
    • File naming template keywords with episode #s now support 3 digits when using RPC for obtaining Now Playing List.


    • For encode task use mediainfo when possible to determine source video resolution, and fail gracefully if resolution cannot be determined.
Version 2.1r
  • Release Date: May 2, 2016
  • Download(s):

    • Update tivolibre to latest version 0.7.4
      • Fixes issue with TS TiVo decrypt and pixelation for some rare cases.
    • Source code GPL headers added to all source files and GPL LICENSE file included with release and source code.


    • Don't disable Season Passes Copy button for series 3 TiVos.
Version 2.1q
  • Release Date: Apr 11, 2016
  • Download(s):
    • NullPointerException issue resolved related to autoSkipServiceMenu entry creation for new installs.
Version 2.1p
  • Release Date: Apr 3, 2016
  • Download(s):

    • AutoSkip messages now include current playback position in the "IN COMMERCIAL. JUMPING TO" messages.
    • For Skip Share Import don't force use of TS downloads - now honors user setting for preferred download type.
      • TS downloads can be unpredictable for sync issues thus generating captions files that may be out of sync.
      • Appears as though PS downloads don't have sync issues but can generate garbled captions in some occasions. 


    • Fix to AutoSkip sometimes skipping backwards when in a commercial segment.
    • Fix to Skip Share Import to not process cut points > program duration.
Version 2.1o
  • Release Date: Mar 25, 2016
  • Download(s):
    • Added NPL table new right mouse button menu item Export AutoSkip to VPrj (bindkey e) which shows up if you have AutoSkip functionality enabled.
    • This will create a VideoRedo VPrj file from associated AutoSkip table entry for this show if it exists.
    • This is useful if you are importing skip data from others and want to review the cut points.
    • auto.log file was not logging "SHUTTING DOWN" message in Auto Transfers mode.
    • Don't automatically import to skip table for series 3 units.
Version 2.1n
  • Release Date: Mar 22, 2016
  • Download(s):

    • New windows tool paackage with updated ffmpeg that supports Intel Quick Sync video encoder which uses on board Intel graphics card GPU for encoding.
      • Only works for integrated Intel graphics cards.
      • Provides a big speedup compared to ordinary software/CPU based encoding.
      • A new encoding profile called ff_qsv_h264 is included which serves as an example encoding profile that uses the GPU encoder.
    • AutoSkip Service now allows you to enable service for multiple TiVos at once (previously you could only run on 1 TiVo at a time).
      • The File->AutoSkip Service menu item now contains a check menu item for each eligible TiVo that can be enabled/disabled.
    • Added new configuration tab: AutoSkip with following options:
      • Documentation
        • This button brings up documentation on AutoSkip
      • Enable AutoSkip functionality
        • Allows you to enable/disable all AutoSkip functionality in kmttg
      • Automatically Import to Skip Table After Ad Detect
        • Allows automation of skip table entries by automatically importing skip files following Ad Detect.
        • Consult the AutoSkip Wiki for details on how to use this option.
      • Prune Skip Table automatically after NPL refresh
        • This will automatically run Prune skipTable when you Refresh NPL list to clear out old/obsolete AutoSkip Table entries.
      • AutoSkip padding in seconds
        • During AutoSkip play this padding will be applied to show start and end points.
        • The idea is to pad start and end points so that actual show segments are not clipped.
        • show start points: new start point = start point - padding
        • show end points: new end point = end point + padding


    • Fix to NPL retrieval in RPC mode which in some special cases would not return full list of shows.
    • Don't attempt to enter loop in GUI mode if auto.ini file is missing or empty. This is to fix issue where a fresh installation of kmttg attempts to enter loop in GUI mode without any auto transfers configuration which results in kmttg GUI shutting down.
    • For Auto Transfers--Add selected titles and Auto Transfers--Add selected to history file menu entries issue warning if folder entries are used instead of stack tracing.
    • AutoSkip related fixes:
      • Fix to Import Skip to allow proper import of comskip created .Vprj files with unmatching upper/lower case for Cut tags.
      • For Skip Share Import avoid duplicate entries in skip table by removing existing entry first when importing.
      • If 1st show start point is non-zero AutoSkip will now skip to it.
    • Program Options Automatically restore job queue between sessions setting for auto transfers was being reset with every kmttg GUI restart.
Version 2.1m
  • Release Date: Mar 13, 2016
  • Download(s):

    • For vrdreview task, remove .TiVo file when task is complete if it exists and Remove .TiVo after file decrypt option is enabled.
    • For the benefit of Auto Transfers--Loop in GUI the time at which auto transfers processing for a TiVo completes is now printed to message window right before the 'PROCESSING SLEEPING' line.
    • Update to captions task to try again with special command line options if first attempt without special options fails.


    • Fixed a long standing issue where when a task fails subsequent dependent tasks are not killed. So, for example, if a download fails then all other associated tasks related to that download are removed from job queue.
    • FILES tab sorting by SIZE column was not working and attempting to sort by SIZE would break row selection.
    • In config--VideoRedo tab don't fill out path to VideoRedo executable if VideoRedo is disabled.
    • File--AutoSkip Service menu entry could show service as enabled when it's not.
    • Fix to prevent internalError RPC error message from appearing constantly when using AutoSkip Service when playing some shows via MRS.
    • Fix to Import Skip to prevent 1st entry becoming start=0 end=0 and to properly use all cut points.
    • Fix to captions task to be able to handle case when no EIA-608 captions present by using MediaInfo to see if EIA-708 captions are the only ones present: change ccextractor arguments for that case.
Version 2.1i
  • Release Date: Feb 29, 2016
  • Download(s):

    • This release introduces new feature: AutoSkip
      • Watch a show on a series 4 or later TiVo and enjoy hands free commercial skipping.
      • Requires you to manually prepare and import skip data for shows that you wish to watch using AutoSkip.
      • This is a good complement to TiVo SkipMode for cases when TiVo SKIP is missing for some shows.
      • Note that you can use AutoSkip service in kmttg so that you don't have initiate playback of a show from kmttg. You can initiate play of a show from any TiVo as normal and enjoy AutoSkip to get automated commercial skipping without touching kmttg.
      • Refer to AutoSkip Wiki for details on how to use this feature:
    • For vrdreview task use .TiVo file if .mpg file does not exist
      • This allows you to simply enable Ad Cut task without previous tasks to directly edit and cut out commercials starting from a .TiVo file with VideoRedo.
    • Added new option to config--Program Options called tivolibre DirectShow compatibility mode
      • If enabled then tivolibre DirectShow compatiblity will be used which tries to keep the resulting decrypted file binary compatible with a DirectShow decryption, complete with null and unencrypted packets.


    • Updated ccextractor binary in Windows tools package to address this error processing source file that used ffmpeg based qsfix:
      • "Error: No PTS info. Please write bug report."
    • Fixed Handbrake profiles that were not working with newer versions of Handbrake: hb_tivo_hd_crfand hb_tivo_sd_crf
Version 2.1j
  • Release Date: Feb 17, 2016
  • Download(s):

    • Added new option under config--Program Options called Use old RPC schema version for older TiVo software
      • Enable this option only if you are getting "Unsupported schema version" errors
      • This is intended for users with Cable company supplied TiVos running old TiVo software versions that require older schema versions to work
      • Most users should not need to enable this option
      • When kmttg gets a "Unsupported schema version" RPC response it will automatically enable this option


    • Updated Sourceforge download URL used for Help->Update kmttg and Help->Update tools
      • Unfortunately if you attempt to use Help->Update in prior versions of kmttg it will no longer work properly, so you should manually update kmttg version by downloading and installing zip file:
Version 2.1i
  • Release Date: Feb 3, 2016
  • Download(s):

    • New windows tool paackage with updated Handbrake CLI that supports Intel Quick Sync video encoder which uses on board Intel graphics card GPU for encoding
      • Only works for integrated Intel graphics cards
      • Provides a big speedup compared to ordinary software/CPU based encoding
      • A new encoding profile called hb_qsv_h264 is included which serves as an example encoding profile that uses the GPU encoder
      • NOTE: For those using VideoRedo with kmttg you are better off using VideoRedo Quick Sync encoder since it has same speedup but uses less CPU than Handbrake.
    • Added streambaby entry to Remote Launch App choice of applications
      • Useful for those getting C501 errors in the screens where the HME launch points are on the TiVo
      • NOTE: It's assumed streambby is running on port 7290 on same computer running kmttg


    • TS downloads enabled by default for new kmttg installations (due to advent of H.264 channels on several main providers now)
    • Added warning message for download tasks for cases when TS downloads are turned on for a resume download, since TS container cannot be used in that case
    • Removed comskip task requirement that source video be mpeg2 since commercial versions of comskip do support h.264


    • Thanks to Todd (fflewddur) latest tivolibre 0.7.3 release is now incorporated into kmttg that fixes issues with decrypting some TS TiVo files that were previously not decrypting correctly.
    • Update to ffcut task for non Windows platforms to explicitly call /bin/sh to execute script rather than relying on system call to make script executable
Version 2.1h
  • Release Date: Jan 21, 2016
  • Download(s):
    • Script name for ffcut task for non-Windows OS now has added .sh suffix, and is auto deleted on Java exit if it does not delete before that.
    • Tool update for Mac OS now removes __MACOSX directory under base kmttg directory before zip file is unzipped
    • RPC fix for "Certificates does not conform to algorithm constraints" error with latest Java update: 1.8.0_71
Version 2.1f
  • Release Date: Jan 19, 2016
  • Download(s):
    • Fix to ffmpeg based Ad Cut task which had a missing space in ffmpeg command in last release.
Version 2.1e
  • Release Date: Jan 18, 2016
  • Download(s):
  • NOTE: You can update kmttg automatically to latest release using Help->Update kmttg.

    NOTE: Since tools were updated for this release you should also run Help->Update tools.


    • Updates to Remote Season Passes tab:
      • Now prompts with dialog for destination TiVo for Copy button.
        • More intuitive approach for copying Season Passes.
        • This allows for direct copy between TiVos without having to save to file first.
        • Can now copy loaded Season Passes to multiple TiVos without having to switch TiVo and re-load each time.
      • Now allows "Everything" option for Record field for non-wishlist Season Passes. This is to match a fairly recent update to OnePasses by TiVo to allow that option for non-wishlist OnePasses.
      • Updated Record field choices to use same option names as on TiVo itself for consistency.
    • Updates to Remote Thumbs tab:
      • Like Season Passes tab above now prompts with dialog for destination TiVo for Copy button.
        • More intuitive approach for copying Thumbs.
        • This allows for direct copy between TiVos without having to save to file first.
        • Can now copy loaded Thumbs to multiple TiVos without having to switch TiVo and re-load each time.
    • Remote Search table updated to mark rows with shows contained in auto history file if Highlight processed shows in history file config--Visual option is enabled for Search++ results as well as Search results.


    • Update to Windows tool package - Handbrake CLI updated.
    • Update to Mac tool package - ffmpeg updated (needed for ffmpeg QS Fix and Ad Cut steps), no longer used curl and projectX tools removed.
    • Changed ffmpeg calls for fffix and ffcut tasks to use "-acodec copy -vcodec copy" instead of "-codec copy" for backwards compatibility with older ffmpeg binaries.


    • Fix to Remote Search tab to not send Enter remote press to TiVo when Enter key is pressed to initiate a search.
    • Fix to Ctrl-T press that brings up dialog for setting thumbs rating.
Version 2.1d
  • Release Date: Jan 10, 2016
  • Download(s):
    • For Auto Transfers table you can now use the keyboard up and down arrow keys to move selected entry in the table up and down in priority order. If you do change priority order remember to click on OK button to save the changes.
    • Remote Guide and Search tables now mark rows with shows contained in auto history file if Highlight processed shows in history file config--Visual option is enabled.
    • Fix to fffix task (QS Fix using ffmpeg) for H.264 source TiVo files. Previous releases would result in choppy video output for H.264 sources.
    • Restrict each javaplaylist query to a max of 32 items to avoid long delays for NPL retrieval for series 3 and earlier TiVos.
Version 2.1c
  • Release Date: Jan 2, 2016
  • Download(s):

    • Eliminated use of ProjectX in favor of using ffmpeg:
      • Use ffmpeg for QS Fix task (if not configured to use VideoRedo).
      • Use ffmpeg for Ad Cut task (VideoRedo is still used as 1st option if available).
      • Using ffmpeg preserves captions intact unlike ProjectX which would discard them.
    • NPL table entries marked with "Skip" on TiVo now show a SKIP icon in image column instead of being marked with an "s".
    • By request, added Add to history file right mouse button entry to Remote ToDo, Guide, Search and Season Premieres tables for adding selected table entries to auto transfers history file.


    • Fix to "rpcDelete" task improperly removing folder from NPL table.
    • Fix to "rpcDelete" task causing crash in auto transfers mode.
Version 2.1b
  • Release Date: Dec 24, 2015
  • Download(s):
    • Added drag and drop support to FILES table - supports dropping files directly into table.
    • For TiVos that support SkipMode, shows with "Skip" on TiVo are marked with an "s" in NPL table image column.
    • For "rpcDelete" task associated show entry in NPL table is now removed along with removal from TiVo itself.
    • Matching/highlighting auto.history programId entries to items in ToDo list now works for series 3 TiVos as well as series 4 and later.
    • Mind RPC schema version 17 used except for cable TSN units starting with 8484301. (This needed for "SkipMode" identification).
Version 2.1a
  • Release Date: Dec 12, 2015
    • Added webm transcoding support to web server Video Streaming page. Firefox and Chrome browsers support webm format. Note that since webm files are not segmented like HLS, you should only choose "transcode" option and wait for transcode to complete before playing.
    • Windows tool package updated with newer version of comskip and to remove unused curl.
    • Right mouse menu action (such as "Show Information") was sometimes being applied to the wrong table.
    • Remote Premieres tab fix for Update Channels button to ignore channels without a CallSign.
Version 2.0v
  • Release Date: Nov 9, 2015
    • Added full set of characters to virtual remote and changed button keyboard shortcuts so as to not conflict with the changes.
    • Virtual remote now supports all the character set that is available from TiVo slide remote.
    • Virtual remote was not properly honoring many keyboard shortcuts (such as any shortcut with the Alt modifier).
Version 2.0u
  • Release Date: Oct 26, 2015
    • Added full set of characters to virtual remote and changed button keyboard shortcuts so as to not conflict with the changes.
    • Virtual remote now supports all the character set that is available from TiVo slide remote.
    • Virtual remote was not properly honoring many keyboard shortcuts (such as any shortcut with the Alt moddifier).
Version 2.0t
  • Release Date: Oct 18, 2015
    • By request the NPL table image column can now be sorted properly by image type.
    • Added missing tree folder toggle (bindkey t) to Remote Streaming table.
    • Fresh kmttg installation now defaults to use tivolibre to decrypt instead of tivodecode.
    • Season Premiere search can now search including channels you don't receive if desired (if you specify a custom channel list including channels you don't receive).
    • Account for possibility of push file name extension having changed from .mpg to .ts or .mp4.
Version 2.0s
  • Release Date: Sep 28, 2015
    • Updated to latest version of tivolibre for TiVo file decryption (including TS TiVo files).
    • Stop auto transfers service if running when updating kmttg.
    • Removed "-Xmx256m" argument from "kmttg" launch script used for non Windows platforms which limited java heap space to only 256 MB or RAM.
    • Fix to metadata generation using tivolibre from .TiVo files (ERROR: "metadataTivo - Cannot build a TivoDecoder without an OutputStream")
    • Ignore all TiVo Mini TSN prefixes when setting up NPL tabs.
    • ffmpeg encoding progress not always properly updated for linux platform.
    • Following NPL table delete sometimes multiple entries would be selected.
Version 2.0r
  • Release Date: Sep 23, 2015
    • Updated to latest version of tivolibre for TiVo file decryption (including TS TiVo files).
    • Fixed issue with auto transfers downloads giving http 400 errors.
    • Auto Transfers -> Examine log file... fixed to not add repeated auto log lines to text window.
    • Using File--Exit menu to exit kmttg was not saving GUI settings.
Version 2.0q
  • Release Date: Sep 21, 2015
  • v2.0q Release Notes
    • Setting "Resume Downloads" option was having no effect.
    • Modifying a Season Pass from "All" to specific channel wasn't working.
    • Don't force font size to 10 when kmttg_settings_v2 file not found.
    • Auto Transfers -> Examine log file... now is limited to show at most 100 lines at a time to prevent GUI hangup for very large auto log files.

    v2.0p Release Notes
    • You can now include streaming content in Remote Search++ searches. (Will honor "Streaming content" and "Paid streaming content" checkboxes.
    • Initial "tivolibre" support added:
    • Thanks to Todd Kulesza (TCF handle fflewddur) there is a Java based program called "tivolibre" that can be used to decrypt either PS or TS container .TiVo files without the need for even partial installation of TiVo Desktop and works on any platform that kmttg runs on.
    • Initial testing has shown decrypted files are binary compatible with DirectShow dump decryption of the same.
    • New config Program Options boolean added that can be enabled to decrypt with tivolibre: Decrypt using tivolibre instead of tivodecode
    • kmttg now uses tivolibre to generate metadata files from .TiVo files instead of tivodecode.
    • Added crude keyboard matching to Remote Premiere and Guide channels ListView since JavaFX does not natively provide that capability.

    • Downloads now always use Java. Option to download using curl is removed since there are limitations downloading with curl (and curl on recent Mac OS releases was not working properly).
    • config - Programs tab changes:
    • Removed curl field as curl is no longer used for downloads.
    • config - Program Options tab changes:
    • Removed Use Java for downloads instead of curl option since downloads always use Java now.
    • Renamed Combine download and tivodecode decrypt option to Combine download and decrypt
    • config - VideoRedo tab changes:
    • Renamed Decrypt using VideoRedo instead of tivodecode option to Decrypt using VideoRedo.
    • Presence of ffmpeg folder is now used to determine if tools need to be downloaded instead of curl
    • The Automatically restore job queue between sessions option now only applies to kmttg auto transfers mode since it never worked properly for GUI mode.
    • Could not get Now Playing List table right mouse menu item bound to space keyboard key to work properly, so changed it to P instead.

    • Start NPL jobs when starting kmttg GUI option under TiVos tab wasn't working.
    • Don't let Delete key press steal focus away in tables where Delete bindkey is available.
    • Don't allow kmttg GUI starting position to be off screen.
Version 2.0n
  • Release Date: Sep 12, 2015

    • Scroll to selected row following a table column sort.



    • Fixed exception dump issues with Remote Deleted table when recovering or permanently removing entries from table.
    • For tables any button click outside right mouse popup menu now dismisses the menu as is expected behavior.
Version 2.0m
  • Release Date: Sep 7, 2015

    • The NPL, Remote Won't Record, and Search tables are now tree tables, which means you can now expand/collapse folder entries instead of having to descend into a folder and return to top as was the case previously. Note that there's a keyboard shortcut t that can be used to toggle between all trees collapsed or all expanded.
    • The Remote Guide table now has a separate channels list to the left of table which makes it much easier to select a channel to view listings for.
    • Remote Search++* updated to allow selection of all categories and sub-categories rather than just the main categories. Categories are now displayed as a ListBox to allow for easier display and selection of big list of categories.
    • The NPL table IMAGE column now contains % watched indication for shows that have been partially watched.
    • A new *css folder is now required part of the distribution and contains JavaFX .css files used to configure the look and feel of kmttg GUI. In configuration->Visual tab there is an entry where you can specify which .css file you want to use. So if desired you can copy and customize a .css file to your own liking to use with kmttg.
    • Added toolTip open delay (secs) option to Configuration Visual tab which specifies number of seconds of delay before displaying tooltip bubbles.
    • Byte offset needed for Resume Downloads is now always obtained dynamically from TiVo web server XML which means it's no longer necessary to refresh NPL listings to obtain updated pause points.
    • Added new ffmpeg crf H.264 encoding profile which should be good for general purpose H.264 encoding for TiVo sourced videos: ff_tivo_crf
    • Added generic ffmpeg mobile device encoding profiles good for 3 different resolutions and bitrates:ff_mobile_1080p ff_mobile_720p ff_mobile_480p
    • Removed several dated encoding profiles: ff_droid ff_evo ff_ipad ff_iphone ff_ipod_high_res ff_ipod_low_res ff_tivo_hd ff_tivo_sd hb_tivo_hd hb_tivo_sd
    • Available disk space check is now based on Java native code available since Java 6 or later instead of OS specific custom code used previously which didn't always work correctly.
    • Auto log viewing from GUI now auto updates rather than being a static file view.
    • Byte offset needed for Resume Downloads is now obtained from TiVo web server XML instead of estimating it when obtaining My Shows in RPC mode.
    • Added "Show Information" GUI (bindkey i) support to Season Passes table.
    • Added Back button to virtual remote.
    • Updated list of Launch App applications to be current, removing obsolete apps and adding Amazon Prime, Plex, Spotify, iHeartRadio and Opera TV launch points.
    • Windows auto transfer service related commands now run as admin directly from kmttg, so no longer necessary to run the .bat files as administrator outside of kmttg.


    • GUI settings file is now called kmttg_settings_v2 in Windows and .kmttg_settings_v2 for other platforms.
    • Eliminated use of reflection in the code so that exceptions can be better traced to their failure location.
    • Replaced all "ipad" references with "rpc".
    • Use RPC for NPL when possible option now defaults to on for a new kmttg installation.
    • No longer disable Use RPC to get NPL when possible option when Resume downloads option enabled.


    • Workarounds to bug introduced with TiVo 20.5.2 software where "offerSearch" RPC command does not honor "levelOfDetail" parameter which adversely affects Search for non-linear content andSearch++ functionality.
    • Workaround to bug introduced with TiVo 20.5.2 software which prevented Show Information (bindkey i) from obtaining and displaying full show details.
    • Honor limit # of npl fetches when using RPC to fetch NPL data.
    • Don't check downloaded show total time for show with offset and downloaded with resume downloads enabled.
    • Fixed issue with copying/restoring Auto Record Wishlists in Remote Season Passes tab which was not working following 20.5.2 TiVo software update.
    • Fixed issue with non RPC Now Playing List retrieval filtering out partial recordings of same show.
    • Fix to 1 time batch mode run (-b command line argument) to properly exit when complete.
Version v1.1r
  • Release Date: Aug 24, 2015
    • Workaround to bug introduced with TiVo 20.5.2 software where "offerSearch" RPC command does not honor "levelOfDetail" parameter which adversely affects Search capability for streaming content.
    • With above workaround streaming matches are no longer filtered according to what streaming services you have enabled on your TiVo(s), so the only filter available is for paid streaming content.
    • Also note that the above workaround relies on login and password being available which you can supply under configuration Tivos tab.
Version v1.1q
  • Release Date: Aug 17, 2015
    • Help->Update kmttg now checks Java version and requires Java 1.8 or later in order to be able to update to kmttg 2.x
    • Workaround to bug introduced with TiVo 20.5.2 software where "offerSearch" RPC command does not honor "levelOfDetail" parameter which adversely affects Search++ functionality.
    • Don't check downloaded show total time for show with offset and downloaded with resume downloads enabled.
    • Fixed issue with copying/restoring Auto Record Wishlists in Remote Season Passes tab which was not working following 20.5.2 TiVo software update.
    • Fixed issue with non RPC Now Playing List retrieval filtering out partial recordings of same show.
    • Fix to 1 time batch mode run (-b command line argument) to properly exit when complete.
Version v1.1p
  • Release Date: Jun 14, 2015
    • Updated RPC certificate which was expiring in July.
    • Honor limit # of npl fetches when using RPC to fetch NPL data.
Version v1.1o
  • Release Date: May 10, 2015
    • Honor s keyboard shortcut for FILES tab
    • Workaround NPL retrieval issues using XML method where total item count reported by TiVo is not correct, leading to either NPL retrieval running indefinitely or duplicate shows.
Version v1.1n
  • Release Date: Apr 19, 2015


    • Now Playing List RPC retrieval for series 3 TiVos (when credentials are available) was broken in last release.
    • Fixed SP Options form for wishlists and fixed modification of wishlists which was failing in previous releases since OnePass options were added.
    • Fixed handling of HD Preference and HD Only handling for Season Passes.
    • Manual recording using 12 pm hour slot was creating recording at 12 am instead.
Version v1.1m
  • Release Date: Apr 12, 2015

    • For series 4 or later TiVos you can now add almost any unavailable title as a bookmark to My Shows when using Remote->Search with Include unavailable option enabled.
    • When using RPC to get Now Playing List information "SeriesId" information is now included in metadata, so there are no longer any shortcomings to using RPC exclusively for obtaining Now Playing List.


    • Filter out "webVideo" matches from searches including streaming titles since TiVo no longer supports recording of webVideo titles.


    • Large number of shows could cause "RPC timeout" problems when obtaining list of shows from TiVo using RPC protocol.
Version v1.1l
  • Release Date: Mar 29, 2015

    • Fixed sorting related issues for Thumbs table that would break functionality and also fixed RATING column sorting.
    • The Season Pass right menu item and corresponding "p" keyboard shortcuts were not working in Remote Guide, Season Premieres and Search tables.
Version v1.1k
  • Release Date: Mar 22, 2015

    • Added little known Search table functionality available as ctrl-s keyboard shortcut to right mouse popup menus of most tables.
    • Added new Thumbs Rating to relevant Remote table right mouse button popup menus (ctrl-t keyboard shortcut). This can be used to set or change thumbs rating for currently selected show in a table.
    • When creating a season pass from kmttg, a thumb rating of 1 is now automatically given to a series if thumb rating does not already exist for that show. 


    • Byte offset needed for "Resume Downloads" to work is now estimated when using RPC for obtaining My Shows list of programs which only provides a time offset. The estimate is based on (time offset)*size/duration. The estimate is better than having no number at all and hence not allowing "Resume Downloads" to be used when RPC is enabled for obtaining My Shows.
Version v1.1j
  • Release Date: Mar 2, 2015
    • Support for One Passes (creation, modification, backup and restore). Some notes related to One Passes:
      • The Get in HD and Channel settings are intentionally left out in kmttg
      • The Start From setting I currently don't know how to detect how many seasons are available for a series, so currently the choices are hard-coded up to Season 40 in the GUI, so it's up to user to use a valid season #. Streaming titles without episode information will need to be edited on the TiVo itself.
    • INCLUDE and SEASON columns are added to Remote Season Passes table.
    • The Remote Search tab now includes option to search for streaming content in addition to linear TV:
      • Include free streaming content check box
      • Include paid streaming content check box
      • Include VOD content check box
      • The streaming sources used abide by what you have enabled in "My Video Providers" on your TiVo.
      • The streaming results are shown in separate folders from any TV matches.
      • Note that the streaming sources are only included for regular searches, not Search++.
    • By request SORTABLE DATE column is now exported after DATE column to NPL and TODO csv files which gives option to sort by date in spreadsheet program.
    • VPrj file creation for vrdreview task now omits the xml header for compatibility with VideoRedo 3.
    • Ignore non-relevant key presses for FILES tab instead of erroring our.

Version v1.1i
  • Release Date: Jan 3, 2015
    • VideoRedo vrdreview task now launches VideoRedo using executable rather than through COM script. This is so that background/COM VRD jobs don't interfere with vrdreview task which was a problem previously when using VRD 4 or later versions.
    • Related to above there is a new config VideoRedo option called VideoRedo executable where you need to specify full path to VRD executable to use to launch VideoRedo. If this path is not specified, kmttg will attempt to search for an executable automatically.
    • Web server Share Browser was not listing certain files with special characters such as square brackets.

Version v1.1h
  • Release Date: Nov 23, 2014
    • Web server related enhancements
    • Web server cache dir is now configurable. Config option is under configuration Web tab called kmttg web server cache dir
    • Added new config option to Web tab called Share browser show video files only. With this option enabled the Share Browser page will filter out non video files from being displayed.
    • Fix to VRDscripts/adscan.vbs file to work properly with VRD 5.
Version v1.1g
  • Release Date: Nov 9, 2014

    • Added Help->Update kmttg... menu entry which can be used to update kmttg installation to the latest version automatically.
    • Added Help->Update tools... menu entry which can be used to update kmttg helper tools for Windows and Mac platforms instead of having to manually download and install the tools zip file when updating.
    • For Remote Guide tab previously when returning to this tab from a different tab the Start selection would always reset to the 1st entry when the time range was updated. This has now been updated to return to previous selection if still relevant.
    • For Remote Season Passes table when you delete a Season Pass the selection now moves to the row above the one you deleted. Previously you would simply lose selection completely.
    • For Now Playing List table when you delete 1 or more shows the row selection is now set to the row above the lowest selection when possible. Previously you would simply lose selection completely.
    • Removed -bug argument not compatible with recent ffmpeg builds for ffmpeg encoding profiles:
      • ff_droid
      • ff_h264_high_rate
      • ff_h264_med_rate
    • Windows tools package update (kmttg_win32_tools_v0p9s):
      • ffmpeg updated to May 2013 version
      • handbrake cli updated to 0.9.9
    • Added -v command line option for printing out current kmttg version.
    • Added --cookie-jar cookieFile option back to curl-based download tasks.
Version v1.1f
  • Release Date: Nov 2, 2014

    ·         Added new EXPERIMENTAL web server capability.

    o    Under configuration there is a new Web tab where you can enable web server capability.

    o    Adds video streaming capability to browsers supporting HLS (Safari, iOS Safari, 4.x Android Chrome). Note that this is still in early stages and may not be fully functional on various devices. I only tested on iPad Air.

    o    NOTE: Video streaming directly from series 4+ TiVos is also supported, but only works for unprotected programs (without CCI byte) that can be downloaded, since it downloads the show from the TiVo and decrypts + transcodes on the fly.

    o    NOTE: For Windows platform make sure you update tools using Help->Update tools to get newer/fixed version of ffmpeg to use with this video streaming capability.

    o    At least for iOS there are apps that let you save video links locally to your device. One example is Video Downloader from Appsneon. There are likely others and some for Android platform as well. This provides a way to save videos prepared via kmttg web server to your device for offline viewing.

    o    Extends some of the kmttg Remote capabilities to any device with a web browser, such as iOS and Android devices. The current functionality available is limited and more just proof of concept and may be extended over time.

    o    A fully functional virtual remote is available to extend remote to any device with a web browser.

    o    If you setup port forwarding in your router then you can extend this functionality to outside the home so you can have access to the functionality from anywhere.

    o    NOTE: TiVos listed in web server mode are intentionally restricted to series 4 and later only (that support RPC functionality).

    ·         Added keyboard shortcuts for TiVo Remote buttons:
    Jump to minute - Alt m
    Skip minutes back - Alt ,
    Skip minutes ahead - Alt .

    ·         Added Vudu (html) launch point to virtual remote.


    ·         Default Use Java for downloads instead of curl option to be on for new kmttg installations since latest Mac OS no longer works with curl.

    ·         For RPC reboot function, changed sleep time from 3 to 5 seconds for sending thumbs down button presses to perhaps aid in preventing lockups for units slow to bring up the reboot screen.

    ·         When Resume Downloads is enabled and .TiVo file already exists the resume download target is renamed to (2).TiVo suffix. (Similar for .mpg for combined download/decrypt option).

    ·         TiVo 20.4.5 software update changed platform name for embedded Stream, so Bonjour discovery was falsely picking it up as another TiVo. With this update, Stream broadcasts are now ignored again.


    ·         Updated Windows tools package to replace ffmpeg which had problems selecting valid video streams in input files in some cases.

Version v1.1e
  • Release Date: Oct 13, 2014
    • Renamed VideoRedo Allow multiple VideoRedo jobs at once option to Run all VideoRedo jobs in GUI mode. With either setting kmttg now allows more than 1 VRD task to run at a time. You may still need to enable this option if you plan to actively use VRD GUI while kmttg is running other VRD tasks, since background mode VRD tasks interfere with VRD GUI.
    • Fixes for comskip output for VideoRedo version 3 syntax so as to include scene markers.
Version v1.1d
  • Release Date: Oct 3, 2014
    • Cosmetic changes related to new "All channels" Season Passes for some RPC operations.
    • Workaround bug with comskip generation of scene markers in Version 3 format VideoRedo .VPrj project files. The syntax comskip generates is incorrect, so now kmttg post-processes the project file after a comskip run to fix the syntax so that scene markers will properly appear when starting VideoRedo.
Version v1.1c
  • Release Date: Aug 24, 2014
    • By request you can now use "." (period) and "," (comma) keyboard shortcuts to descend into NPL folder and exit NPL folder respectively. This makes it easier to navigate NPL using keyboard only.
    • AtomicParsley runs updated:
      • Uses --title option with title data for non-episodic shows.
      • Only uses --TVShowName option with title data for episodic shows.
    • Updates to files under VRDscripts to work with latest beta version of VideoRedo TVSuite V5 as well as older versions of VideoRedo.
    • Update to comskip task to add output_videoredo3=1 in comskip.ini file if not already present when target comskip output is for VideoRedo. This allows the comskip output to be work with VideoRedo TVSuite V5.
    • Updated vrdreview task to use vbs script to launch VRD instead of looking for and launching executable by name.
    • Since the path to VideoRedo installation is no longer needed by kmttg, the VideoRedo path config option has changed to be Enable VideoRedo boolean instead.
    • MindRPC authentication updated to use default keyManagerFactory instead of hardcoding "SunX509" so as to support a wider set of Java distributions.
Version v1.1b
  • Release Date: Jul 28, 2014
    • Added file name override field to auto transfers configuration which allows you to specify a custom naming template to use for individual auto entries that override the global File Naming entry. This allows you to use different file naming templates for selected auto entries if desired.
    • Added Reboot button to Remote Info tab that can be used to reboot series 4 or later TiVos. This for example gives you a way to reboot a TiVo using kmttg while away from home.
Version v1.1a
  • Release Date: Jun 16, 2014



    • Metadata file for cut file originating from TS .TiVo file was not getting renamed to .ts extension when appropriate.
Version v1p0t
  • Release Date: Jun 1, 2014

    • Remote Season Premiere tab now also includes mini series (that don't have episode information) in the search.
    • Remote Search tab Max setting is now saved and restored between kmttg sessions.
    • By request when Highlight processed shows in history file option is enabled this now applies to Remote ToDo tables as well as NPL tables.


    • In Remote tables, manual record shows are now identified with "Manual: " prefix. This is not done for NPL tables as information is not available in XML data.


    • Workaround issue with Mac platform giving ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error after using the right mouse button menu on a show in NPL table.
    • AtomicParsley for FILES mode runs are now restricted to run 1 at a time so as not to interfere with each other.
Version v1p0s
  • Release Date: May 11, 2014
    • Added MR button to Remote Guide and Search tabs which brings up an interface to create a single or repeating manual recording on the selected TiVo.
    • Added All boolean to Remote Guide tab which gives option to display all channels in your lineup instead of just channels you receive. When enabled this allows you to see all channels. Note that this controls what channels are displayed in Season Premieres tab and Manual Recording dialog as well.
    • custom tasks now execute before push tasks which allows for example use of a custom task to post-process metadata files before starting a push.
    • Don't queue up metadata task if output metadata file already exists. This avoids auto transfers queuing up duplicate metadata jobs when Do not wait for all jobs to finish before processing new ones global auto transfers option is enabled.
    • Re-enabled Resume Downloads capability for series 4 or later TiVos. The 20.4.1 TiVo software update fixed the previously broken capability to resume downloads.
    • NOTE: Resume Downloads won't work if you enable Use RPC to get NPL when possible kmttg config option since RPC data doesn't contain ByteOffset number that is needed. kmttg will automatically disable that configuration option when Resume Downloads option is enabled, but you still must refresh listings once that is done before Resume Downloads will work.
    • NOTE: You should enable Use Java for downloads instead of curl config option in order for Resume Downloads to work. kmttg will automatically enable Java Downloads configuration option when Resume Downloads is enabled.
    • Workaround bug with Java 7 that was causing a stack trace when selecting Remote Guide tab (issue did not happen using older Java versions).
Version v1p0r
  • Release Date: Apr 12, 2014
    • NPL tables with folders enabled now indicate with different background color if there are ongoing recording entries inside the folder.
    • When using Remote Info tab the total TiVo disk size used in Disk Usage pie chart is updated if necessary to match the total disk size reported by the TiVo.
    • Auto transfers now processes matches in reverse chronological order (older recordings first).
    • Remote Web tab removed since TiVo removed capability to launch a web page on internal Opera browser with 20.4.1 software update.
    • Fixed callSign checking when scheduling Season Passes and comparing vs existing Season Passes.
Version v1p0q
  • Release Date: Mar 2, 2014
    • Remote ToDo table now indicates with different background color any recordings currently in progress similar to how NPL table does.
    • Table "Display Data" (bindkey j) for JSON data changed to use easier to read indented formatting.
    • atomic jobs now run right away without being unnecessarily queued behind other jobs.
    • AtomicParsley was not being run for the 2nd encode job under auto transfers setup with 2 encodes.
    • Account for possibility of no show title when retrieving NPL using RPC method.
Version v1p0p
  • Release Date: Feb 4, 2014
    • Added Remove capability to Show pending pyTivo pushes window which allows you to cancel pending pushes.
    • NPL list not complete in some cases when Use RPC to get NPL when possible option is enabled.
    • When input file to "adcut" task from FILES mode was a .VPrj file the output file name was also coming out as .VPrj.
Version v1p0n
  • Release Date: Feb 2, 2014
    • Added back Show pending pyTivo pushes menu item to Files menu (using alternate method than was used previously).
      • You must first select TiVo tab that you want to check for pending pushes before using this menu item.
      • Will search for and display any pending or in progress pushes to the selected TiVo.
      • NOTE: This menu item will only be available if you supply kmttg with login and password.
    • RPC error responses are now shown in full detail rather than just error text.
    • Added current date to NPL export file names & by default for ToDo exports.
    • Added file browser to NPL export button to give choice for csv file name exported.
    • Slingbox capture using ffmpeg now include framerate specification as part of the ffmpeg command so that a constant framerate is used for the encoding and VideoRedo is able to edit the resulting mkv captures directly.
    • When Use RPC to get NPL when possible option was enabled:
      • Same recording in multiple folders on the TiVo would be repeated in kmttg NPL table.
      • kmttg was not blocking processing of still recording shows.
      • It was possible to get into infinite loop requiring killing the NPL task to stop.
    • Overhaul of file naming to make sure sub-folders in file naming template are honored.
    • Improved handling of file names when TS .TiVo files are involved and "vrdreview" task is enabled.
    • Improved handling of file names for tasks following "vrdreview" when enabled.
    • Fixed file browser filter when exporting csv files to be .csv extension (previoulsy showed .sp).
    • Removed leading spaces in ToDo csv export fields.
    • Updated Slingbox capture to use script for Slingbox Pro & Pro HD boxes as was not working for some.
Version v1p0m
  • Release Date: Jan 26, 2014
    • Added configuration option under Program Options called Use RPC to get NPL when possible.
      • When this option is enabled, kmttg will use RPC calls for series 4 and later units to obtain NPL listings instead of the traditional html/XML calls.
      • This avoids the traditional double step of playlist task followed by remote task for obtaining listings, so should be faster than that 2 step process.
      • Note that RPC data does NOT contain SeriesId information, so if that field is important to you in pyTivo metadata file then you should not enable this function. Otherwise the information should be largely the same as XML listings data, but more closely matches what HDUI shows.
      • This new option is off by default, so if interested in using it you should enable it after installing/upgrading to this release.
    • Added configuration option under File Settings called QS Fix Output Dir to set the directory to output temporary .qsfix files. Defaults to .mpg output directory if not modified.
    • Added configuration option under File Settings called Check download duration which if enabled will use MediaInfo CLI to determine duration of TiVo downloads and compare vs expected duration. If actual vs expected differ by more than a 200 second tolerance then kmttg will treat the download as failed.
      • You must have kmttg configured for Mediainfo CLI for this to work.
      • This option is not enabled by default.
    • For Auto Transfers mode, now only TiVos that are relevant to auto transfers entry setup are processed instead of every TiVo. i.e. For example, if your auto transfers setup only has entries that are restricted to 1 particular TiVo, then only that TiVo will be queried. Previously all NPL capable TiVos were queried as part of Auto Transfers whether they were needed or not.
    • Added Export button to NPL tab for each TiVo which can be used to export NPL entries to CSV spreadsheet file.
      • NOTE: The table will be exported as it is displayed with current column order, sorting, and folders.
    • Added Export button to Remote ToDo tab which can be used to export a TiVo's ToDo list to CSV spreadsheet file.
    • With Allow only 1 download at a time option enabled there were circumstances where more than 1 download at a time could happen which has been corrected.
    • For auto transfers with second encode job enabled and "metadata" task enabled, a metadata file will be created for the second encoded file as well as the first. Previously the second encode file would not get an associated metadata file.
    • For NPL tables fixed CHANNEL row sorting such that it properly sorts by channel number.
    • User provided general fix for linux/unix system free space check.
Version v1p0l
  • Release Date: Jan 1, 2014
    • Changed Remote YouTube selection to YouTube (html) which now launches the html5 version of YouTube for series 4 & 5 TiVos.
    • Help->Update Tools saves the last version installed and lists version last installed next time you use it again so you can determine if tool update is actually needed/wanted.
    • Changed Remote HME Jump button to Launch App since the function is no longer restricted to only launching HME applications.
    • If using VideoRedo to decrypt .TiVo files and "decrypt" task is selected while "qsfix" is not, then the .TiVo file is used as a starting point if available instead of .mpg file. (Previously the .mpg file was assumed as starting point when available regardless of "qsfix" or "decrypt" task context).
    • AdCut task related files when starting from FILES mode are now properly deleted if setup to delete in config settings.
    • Newly created Season Passes or individual recordings from kmttg are now marked with a brown background right away where appropriate in kmttg tables. Previously a full refresh was needed before newly created ones were marked in tables.
Version v1p0k
  • Release Date: Dec 15, 2013
    • Remote Deleted table now has DELETED and RECORDED columns showing respective dates for each instead of DATE column which used to show just the recorded date.
    • Search++ Other field now is more useful for searching for actors, directors etc.
      • You can specify 1 or more names in FirstName LastName syntax to match as part of the search. Example: clint eastwood
      • Multiple names can be specified comma separated and signify logical OR operation. Example: clint eastwood, tommy jones
    • Added Netflix (html) as a selection for Remote HME Jump button. This will launch html version of Netflix for both series 4 and series 5 TiVos. (Removed the old flash based Netflix launch).
    • In general table scrolling to a particular row now positions the row in the middle of the vertical view range whenever possible instead of the bottom as used to be the case.
    • Added VideoRedo .vprj to list of known "video file" extensions.
    • Slingbox tab:
      • Added missing quotes around file name in capture command when Capture raw file option is enabled to allow for file or directory names with spaces.
      • Use script for Pro & Pro HD models, script for Solo models such that channel changes work for each.
Version v1p0j
  • Release Date: Nov 17, 2013
    • Slingbox capture tab enhancements:
      • Added File name field where you can optionally specify file name to capture to. If left empty then kmttg will use a time based file name as before, else uses the provided file name.
      • Added Capture raw file option. If enabled then the raw Slingbox output is captured to asf file without using ffmpeg to transcode audio to ac3 and remux to selected video container.
      • Added Slingbox Solo as Slingbox Model option along with relevant perl capture script to go with it.
    • Copy protected shows still get the darker background color but not the copy protect icon. This is so that the normal expiration icons can be used to show potential deletion status. Useful for those who mostly have copy protected shows in all of their lineup.
    • For AtomicParsley runs use --stik "Short Film" by default instead of "Movies" for non-episodic videos for better categorization in iTunes.
    • For Auto Transfers Loop in GUI fixed issue where NPL tables were not properly reverting back to top view mode when initially left in folder view.
    • Fixed issue when deleting top show inside a folder in NPL table. In those cases kmttg would jump out of folder view following delete. If not last item in a folder then kmttg will now select the entry below the one being deleted and keep you in that folder.
    • For VideoRedo tasks where TS TiVo files are being processed and metadata files are renamed, subsequent tasks would not used the renamed metadata files.
    • Improved robustness of video parsing using MediaInfo so as to avoid improper video codec detection.
Version v1p0i
  • Release Date: Oct 21, 2013
    • Several improvements to Remote Search++ Advanced Search dialog:
      • Removed Show Type field in favor of a new Genre field
      • Added new Title keyword field to match keywords in show titles
      • Original Air Year field changed to Year and can be used to match either original air years for non-movie show types, or year a movie was released for movies.
      • When choosing a specific Category or Genre=movie it's no longer required to have 1 or more keywords specified. Hence for example you can specify Category=Movies to match all movies and add Year=2012 to further restrict to all movies released only in year 2012.
      • Added Minimum rating cyclic where you can choose minimum star rating to match when searching for movies. Applicable only when Genre=movie or Category not set to ALL.
      • Job monitor now shows statistics for the base search as well as statistics for the secondary additional filtering of matches.
    • For Remote Search++ Advanced Search dialog, the use of Category field now requires username & password to be set (since kmttg needs to connect to to get category IDs). If you don't already have those set in kmttg you can do so under Configuration->Tivos tab.
    • captions task was being disabled when disabling or removing VideoRedo from configuration.
Version v1p0h
  • Release Date: Oct 18, 2013
    • Added new Search++ button to Remote Search tab which can be used for complex search operations.
      • This roughly matches wishlist capabilities possible via TiVos using simple or complex boolean search criteria. Complex searches can include OR, AND, NOT booleans and wildcards.
      • Also adds capability of restricting matches to a given list of channels or favorite channels only which is not possible via TiVo wishlists.
      • Search criteria can be saved with given names and can be recalled at a later time akin to search bookmarks.
      • i.e. This capability is in essence portable wishlists or search bookmarks independent of any TiVo that you can save via kmttg.
    • Remote Jump to minute, Skip minutes back, and Skip minutes ahead buttons now allow non-integer minutes to be used, such as 0.5.
    • Added Update/Install ProjectX... menu item for Linux systems which will automatically download and install ProjectX in kmttg installation folder.
    • Added Video container to use option in Slingbox capture GUI to give option to capture output in either mpegts or matroska containers.
      • For Slingbox Pro box captures the H.264 that it puts out in TS container cannot be edited by VideoRedo TVSuite software, so adding matroska container option allows generation of captures that can be edited with VideoRedo.
    • Updated x264 Hanbrake encoding profiles to add threads=CPU_CORES option as part of -x options so that kmttg option encoding cpu cores can be honored.
    • When using Search Table... input focus is now given to the table when a match is found so that table keyboard shortcuts will work without having to re-select row with mouse.
    • For VideoRedo qsfix and adcut tasks that are using .ts file suffix for TS files, the .mpg.txt metadata file now also gets appropriately renamed to match video output file suffix.
    • Remote Season Premieres table now avoids listing duplicate entries as was sometimes the case previously.
    • Slingbox capture task time stuck at 0:00:00 in job table when using older versions of ffmpeg.
Version v1p0g
  • Release Date: Sep 22, 2013
    • A fresh/new installation of kmttg now properly sets program defaults and TiVo names in the Remote tabs following download and installation of tools.
Version v1p0f
  • Release Date: Sep 18, 2013
    • Remote Web tab now allows you to execute either flash or html type URLs
      • If type specified as html, send given URL to TiVo internal web browser.
      • If type specified as flash, send given URL to TiVo internal flash player.
      • NOTE: html type only works for TiVos supporting HTML5 such as series 5 TiVos or Minis.
      • NOTE: flash type works for series 4 and above TiVos or Minis and is very limited.
    • Added new right mouse popup menu item to Remote Season Passes table:
      • Change Priority [p] (keyboard shortcut p)
      • Prompts you for new priority # to set for currently selected row.
      • NOTE: This just moves the current selection to the desired priority position. You still need to click on Re-order button to actually update the priority order on the TiVo to match the currently displayed table row order.
    • When entering a new URL in Remote Web tab it is added as 1st bookmark entry if bookmarks don't already contain the entry (previously was added as last bookmark).
    • The Remote Web tab bookmarks store/restore the type (html or flash) in addition to the url and are shown as type::url.
    • Removed Show pending pyTivo pushes menu item since it no longer works (at least not reliably) since TiVo updated its various web pages.
    • Fixed issue with incorrectly detecting video codec with mediainfo that affected some tasks such as ProjectX used for QS Fix and/or cutting commercials.
    • Implemented workaround to issue that started with Java 7 update 40 that changed security parameters and prevented kmttg Remote from working.
    • For encode task added smarter SRTFILE keyword replacement.
Version v1p0e
  • Release Date: Sep 3, 2013
    • Added new Remote tab useful for series 5 units: Web
    • This tab allows you to specify a URL to send to TiVo series 5 units internal web browser.
    • Once web page is displayed on the TiVo:
      • NAVIGATION: Use remote arrow keys to navigate the page and Select button to select or execute currently highlighted item on the page.
      • TYPING TEXT: You can use the kmttg Remote tab if there are fields where you need to enter some text since the kmttg remote understands key presses for the basic keyboard keys.
      • NOTE: The TiVo internal web browser has limited functionality and can't handle all web pages that a real browser can handle. For example there is no Flash video support and there is no "back" functionality to go back after following a link.
      • NOTE: This currently only works for Roamio units but kmttg will show all RPC enabled TiVos in the list in case in the future TiVo adds the functionality to TiVo Mini and/or series 4 units.
    • By request added additional columns to Remote Season Passes table:
      • RECORD - Which episodes to record. Value = firstRunOnly, rerunsAllowed or everyEpisode
      • KEEP - Keep Until setting. Value = fifo or forever
      • START - Start time padding (minutes)
      • END - End time padding (minutes)
    • Added Export Channels... button to Remote Guide tab which creates a channel lineup CSV file containing list of channels currently set as included or excluded in channel list.
      • This can be useful for a new TiVo to consult a spreadsheet so as to know which channels to keep and remove.
    • Changed File->Clear all messages keyboard shortcut from Ctrl-A to Ctrl-L since Ctrl-A in windows selects all items in a table by default and that function is useful to some.
    • Added Backspace key as "delete show" keyboard shortcut for NPL tables in addition to the existing Delete key for keyboards that may not have Delete key function.
    • Implemented faster way of highlighting entries in NPL tables when Highlight processed shows in history file option is enabled.
    • When deleting more than 1 show at a time the names of deleted shows displayed in message window had no spaces between them.
Version v1p0d
  • Release Date: Aug 11, 2013
    • Shows in Remote tables that are marked as in ToDo list now list all TiVos on which they will record when selected. Previously only 1 TiVo would be identified regardless.
    • Added new configuration option under File Settings tab by user request:
      • Delete failed downloads - On by default. If disabled kmttg will not delete failed download files. Only useful disabled if you also have Overwrite existing files option disabled or # download attempts option set to 0 or 1. By disabling this option note that you can end up with partial downloads so most users will probably want to keep this option enabled.
    • Added new configuration option under Visual tab by user request:
      • Highlight processed shows in history file - Off by default. When enabled shows in NPL tables will be have a light yellow color signifying that they have been processed in the past by kmttg and have an entry in the kmttg auto.history file.
    • By request Auto Transfers->Loop in GUI button state is now preserved when exiting and restarting kmttg. That means if you exit kmttg with button enabled then kmttg will automatically start Loop in GUI mode when next kmttg session is started.
    • By request Auto Transfers->Add selected titles now works for Remote tables with show titles in addition to TiVo tables.
    • Added right mouse button popup menu to Remote *Season Passes table with following items:
      • Delete [delete]
      • Copy [c]
      • Modify [m]
      • Upcoming [u]
      • Conflicts [o]
      • Display data [j]
      • Web query [q]
    • Added additional right mouse button popup menu items to NPL table:
      • Add to auto transfers - Equivalent to choosing Auto Transfers->Add selected titles
      • Add to history file - Equivalent to choosing Auto Transfers->Add selected to history file
    • Added additional right mouse button popup menu items to Remote ToDo table:
      • Cancel [c]
      • Modify [m]
      • Add to auto transfers
    • Added additional right mouse button popup menu items to Remote Won't Record table:
      • Record [r]
      • Explain [e]
      • Add to auto transfers
    • Added additional right mouse button popup menu items to Remote Season Premieres table:
      • Record [r]
      • Season Pass [s]
      • Wishlist [w]
      • Add to auto transfers
    • Added additional right mouse button popup menu items to Remote Search table:
      • Record [r]
      • Season Pass [s]
      • Wishlist [w]
      • Add to auto transfers
    • Added additional right mouse button popup menu items to Remote Guide table:
      • Record [r]
      • Season Pass [s]
      • Wishlist [w]
      • Add to auto transfers
    • Added additional right mouse button popup menu items to Remote Deleted table:
      • Recover [r]
      • Permanently Delete [delete]
      • Add to auto transfers
    • TiVo Mini units no longer occupy a Now Playing tab since it's useless to have a tab for them. However they still show up in "Remote" list of TiVos since some Remote functions are useful to use with a Mini. Mini units are also now ignored by batch and auto transfers mode and in other parts of GUI where selecting Mini is irrelevant.
    • Show Information dialog now wraps very long subtitles instead of making a very wide dialog box.
    • Programs in configuration now default to empty string if not found.
    • Disabled Record and SP buttons in Remote tabs for series 3 TiVos since it looks like that functionality which depends on no longer works anymore.
    • Auto Transfers->Add selected titles* now automatically escapes most regex special characters so that titles with characters such as '?' added to title auto transfers setup will match as expected.
    • Filter out pyTivo host information and extraneous commas from Show Information dialog
    • Updated slingbox script for Slingbox Pro models to work with Tune to channel option.
Version v1p0c
  • Release Date: Jul 8, 2013
    • Added File->Search Table... menu item which brings up a search dialog that allows you to search tables. This applies to currently displayed table with a SHOW column only. If a match is found the corresponding table row is selected.
    • Added new Show Information dialog for RPC enabled TiVos which displays more detailed show information than message window that includes actors and artwork.
      • To bring up this dialog select a show in a table for an RPC enabled TiVo and then press i key or right click mouse button and select Show Information from the popup menu.
      • If you leave the dialog up and select a different show in a table the dialog will be automatically updated with selected show information.
      • NOTE: Since this is for RPC enabled TiVos series 3 and earlier units are not supported.
    • Added right mouse button popup menu for Now Playing List table with menu entries corresponding to available key bindings:
      • Get extended metadata - Get extended metadata for selected show (Same as pressing m and equivalent to right mouse button click in previous releases). NOTE: This is only displayed if extended metadata can't be obtained via RPC or
      • Delete - Delete show from source TiVo if possible (Same as pressing Delete)
      • Play - Play show on source TiVo if possible (Same as pressing Space)
      • Show Information - For RPC enabled TiVos only display Show Information dialog (Same as pressing i)
      • Display data - Dump all available show information to message window (Same as pressing j)
      • Web query - Initiate show web query (Same as pressing q)
    • Added right mouse button popup menu for Remote ToDo, Won't Record, Season Premieres, Search, Guide, Deleted tables with following menu entries:
      • Show Information - For RPC enabled TiVos only display Show Information dialog (Same as pressing i)
      • Display data - Dump all available show information to message window (Same as pressing j)
      • Web query - Initiate show web query (Same as pressing q)
    • encode and vrdeconde tasks will now copy metadata file if it exists for the source video to destination video metadata file. Thus, for example if you start an encoding via FILES tab for a video file that has an accompanying metadata file, the metadata is now carried along to the output encoded file.
    • [keyboard_shortcuts] Wiki updated with new keyboard shortcuts and popup menu names.
    • With Remove .mpg file after encode setting turned on input metadata file will also get deleted if it exists when encode job completes.
    • By request added keyboard shortcuts for main window buttons:
      • START JOBS can be activated by pressing s
      • CANCEL JOBS can be activated by pressing c
    • For Season Premieres table when you click on a Season Pass that is already setup on more than 1 TiVo kmttg now lists all of them (comma separated). Previously only up to 1 TiVo name would be displayed instead of all.
    • Changed Auto Transfers->Service->Install,Start,Stop,Remove to run in the background so as not to tie up the GUI. Also changed how kmttg service is created to use sc create which gives better error messages should something go wrong - usually permissions problem. Most common error message is: "[SC] OpenSCManager FAILED 5:, Access is denied." This means UAC is running and to get service to run you need to run kmttg as Administrator which means changing javaw.exe properties to run as administrator.
    • Service install now also defaults to Manual start up instead of Automatic.
    • Removed Ctrl-X File->Exit menu key binding to avoid potential unintended exit of kmttg.
    • Removed File->Reset TiVo web server menu item as it doesn't do anything useful anyway.
    • Main File menu item key bindings now work from almost anywhere in kmttg GUI:
      • Ctrl-A = Clear message window
      • Ctrl-E = Refresh Encoding Profiles
      • Ctrl-M = Save message window contents to log file
      • Ctrl-O = Bring up Configuration options GUI
      • Ctrl-S = Bring up Search Table dialog
    Version v1p0b
    • Release Date: Jun 24, 2013
      • Added optional new Slingbox Capture capability which can be used to capture video output of Slingbox Pro/HD/350/500 models.
        • This can be useful for multiple reasons:
          • Make a clip of a bug or feature while interacting with your Slingbox connected TiVo.
          • Record a copy protected show that can't be downloaded directly from the TiVo.
          • Make a small clip of small section of a recorded show.
          • Of course it's not only tied to capturing TiVo output - any Slingbox connected box will work.
        • Consult slingbox_capture Wiki for details on setting up and using this new feature.
      • encode and vrdencode tasks will now copy metadata file of input video if it exists and the output video metadata file does not exist. Thus for example if in FILES mode you run an encode task to a .mp4 file starting with a .mpg file that has a .mpg.txt file, that metadata file will be copied over to .mp4.txt.
      • Added new user-contributed Handbrake encoding profile for iPad, iPad retina devices: hb_ipad.
      • Added additional keyboard characters to virtual Remote (note however that most virtual keyboards for the TiVo don't need or necessarily honor them)
        • shift 1 !
        • shift 2 @
        • shift ; :
        • period .
        • slash /
        • quote '
        • double quote "
      • Now preserves TiVo name order when writing to config.ini
      • Ignore Resume Downloads setting for series 4 TiVos since with 20.3.1 software update attempting to resume results in failed download and server busy messages for subsequent download attempts which only a reboot will fix.
      • Don't include kmttg-generated programId in metadata file if original recording metadata doesn't have one.
      • atomic jobs are no longer considered "active" and thus run right away following encode job.
      • push jobs also no longer considered "active" so won't queue unecessarily.
    • FIXES
      • Fix to Help->Update kmttg menu entry to work on older Windows platforms such as XP.
      • Fix to download_decrypt task to properly be able to kill job on Windows 7 and later.
    Version v1p0a
    • Release Date: May 26, 2013
      • Added Help->Update kmttg... menu entry which can be used to update kmttg installation to the latest version automatically.
      • Added Help->Update tools... menu entry which can be used to update kmttg helper tools for Windows and Mac platforms instead of having to manually download and install the tools zip file when updating.
      • For Remote Guide tab previously when returning to this tab from a different tab the Start selection would always reset to the 1st entry when the time range was updated. This has now been updated to return to previous selection if still relevant.
      • For Remote Season Passes table when you delete a Season Pass the selection now moves to the row above the one you deleted. Previously you would simply lose selection completely.
      • For Now Playing List table when you delete 1 or more shows the row selection is now set to the row above the lowest selection when possible. Previously you would simply lose selection completely.
      • Removed -bug argument not compatible with recent ffmpeg builds for ffmpeg encoding profiles:
        • ff_droid
        • ff_h264_high_rate
        • ff_h264_med_rate
      • Windows tools package update (kmttg_win32_tools_v0p9s):
        • ffmpeg updated to May 2013 version
        • handbrake cli updated to 0.9.9
      • Added -v command line option for printing out current kmttg version.
      • Added --cookie-jar cookieFile option back to curl-based download tasks.
    • FIXES
      • Updated AtomicParsley run such that --TVEpisodeNum argument is just the episode # without season # for correct display by AppleTV and the like.
      • Strip out leading 0s from ProgramId numbers when checking against auto.history file to see if a program has been downloaded before. This is to workaround cases when TiVo XML data doesn't have leading 0s in ProgramId number which has been reported to happen sometimes.
      • Removed chcp command from Mac/Linux scripts for curl-based combined download/decrypt. That command is only supposed to be included in Windows scripts for proper international character support in file names.
      • When Allow only 1 download at a time option was enabled it would block non-download jobs from running as well if more than 1 download was queued up.
    Version v0p9r
    • Release Date: May 12, 2013
      • Added SPS backdoor button to Remote with a pulldown selection of SPS codes still relevant for series 3 and/or 4 TiVos:
        • Quick clear banner: SPSPS - Toggle 'clear trickplay banner quickly' setting
        • Clock: SPS9S - Toggle on screen clock
        • 30 sec skip: SPS30S - Toggle 30 sec skip binding of advance button
        • Information: SPSRS - Toggle display of some video information on the screen
        • Calibration: SPS7S (Series 3 TiVos only) - Toggle display of calibration map for centering and overscan
        • 4x FF: SPS88S (Series 4 TiVos only) - Toggle '4th FF press returns to play speed' setting
      • By request added [movieYear] keyword to File Naming setting.
    • FIXES
      • Remote Season Passes Copy button now works for loaded Season Passes with accents and/or special characters in the title. Previously it would fail to copy such Season Passes.
    Version v0p9q
    • Release Date: Apr 27, 2013
      • Added [season] and [episode] keywords as options for File Naming setting.
      • RPC Remote Record and Season Pass dialog settings are now saved across GUI sessions such that last used settings will be the default for next time the dialogs are opened.
    • FIXES
      • download_decrypt task which uses curl & tivodecode in a .bat script on Windows platform fixed to properly deal with international character sets (tildes, etc).
      • When Resume Downloads option is enabled TS .TiVo download option is ignored since resume doesn't work for TS .TiVo downloads.
      • For Remote Season Passes Conflicts button, properly handle case when there are zero conflicts indicated and no programs set to record for that SP as a result. Previously this would end up as a stack trace and kmttg in a bad state that required re-starting.
    Version v0p9p
    • Release Date: Mar 31, 2013
      • Added Autoresolve button to Remote Won't Record tab. Searches for all conflicts of type 'programSourceConflict' on all RPC or Mind enabled TiVos and tries to automatically schedule them to record on alternate TiVos.
        • Associated with the above kmttg now supports a new command line argument -c which can be used to run kmttg in batch mode to run the auto conflict resolver. That way you can setup a script to run it in batch mode and add the script to a scheduler to periodically run it automatically (say once a week) without having to run from the GUI.
      • By request [SeriesEpNumber] field was added as an option for TiVo File Naming which is Episode number in Plex Media Manager format: s#e# Note that it is assumed the episode number is 2 digits which is not always the case for every series.
      • For Remote tables that indicate ToDo recordings there is now a 15 minute window after which kmttg automatically refreshes ToDo list. Previously ToDo list would only update 1st time and you would have to refresh manually, so if you left kmttg GUI open for a long time that became inconvenient.
      • For Remote Season Premieres table when a show is clicked on that is already scheduled as a Season Pass the message window now indicates which TiVo the Season Pass is on.
      • Added Hulu Plus, AOL On and Launchpad HME destinations to Remote.
      • Percent complete indicator for ToDo, Won't Record and Deleted Remote tasks is implemented when querying series 4 units.
      • Added note when Remote Info tab Network Connect button fails that the reason is likely that box is in "Pending Restart" mode and thus cannot net connect until after reboot and software update.
    • FIXES
      • When folders are selected when clicking on START button kmttg will now properly queue up tasks including items inside the folders. Previously with folders as part of selection they were discarded along with any subsequent selections.
      • Fix to Remote Season Passes Modify button to update upcoming & conflicts. In previous release after using Modify button that information was not being included in the displayed table.
      • Updated Save Jobs to skip any remote job types since they are not serializable and hence cannot be saved/restored.
      • For both TWP Delete and iPad Delete tasks kmttg now checks if the task is relevant for the TiVo for which the delete is requested. This avoids trying to perform a delete when both options are enabled but not necessarily relevant for a TiVo unit. Thus, for example TWP Delete is no longer attempted for series 4 units.
    Version v0p9o
    • Release Date: Mar 4, 2013
      • Remote SP buttons for scheduling a new season pass now check against existing Season Passes on destination TiVo much quicker than in previous releases since they now bypass obtaining information about upcoming shows and conflicts.
      • Added mediainfo cli under configuration Programs tab as an optional utility.
        • NOTE: This needs to be the CLI version of mediainfo, not the GUI version. The default Windows Helper tools zip package used by kmttg was updated to include mediainfo cli version.
        • If available, kmttg will use mediainfo cli executable to determine video information for various tasks instead of using ffmpeg. There are some cases where using ffmpeg to determine video information on .TiVo files doesn't work properly where mediainfo does.
      • Updated default Windows Helper tools package to
        • comskip updated to version 0.81.051
        • handbrake updated to version 0.9.8
        • ffmpeg updated to Nov 2012 version
        • AtomicParsley updated
        • mediainfo cli added
      • hb_psp encoding profile removed as it doesn't work with latest Handbrake releases.
    • FIXES
      • Updated Mac web browser launch method.
    Version v0p9n
    • Release Date: Feb 27, 2013
    Version v0p9m
    • Release Date: Feb 27, 2013
      • If username & password is available kmttg will augment local Now Playing data with RPC data from for series 3 units where possible (for episode and/or movie year information as well as original air date). Similar to RPC enabled TiVos you will see a Remote job run following NPL retrieval.
      • Added "q" keyboard shortcut that by default will perform an imdb web query on currently selected title in any table listing shows.
        • There is an associated new configuration option under Visual tab called web query base url (bindkey q) which specifies the base web query url to use (defaults to
        • For the config option if you want to reset to default entry simply empty the field and OK the form.
      • The "j" keyboard shortcut for Now Playing table to print information to message window about currently selected show is now available for all TiVos (previously only RPC enabled TiVos worked).
      • Added My Shows button to TiVo remote.
      • Added uppercase and lowercase a-z keyboard support to TiVo remote (previously only uppercase was available).
      • New Wiki keyboard_shortcuts Wiki entry added to summarize list of available keyboard shortcuts for various kmttg tables.
      • Remote jobs are no longer considered as cpu active so are no longer affected by the kmttg configuration active job limit setting. i.e. If you have other active jobs running in kmttg you can now run Remote jobs without them queuing.
      • autotune jobs are also no longer considered as cpu active so are no longer affected by the kmttg configuration active job limit setting.
    • FIXES
      • Remote jobs for non-RPC enabled TiVos (using are now available only to series 3 units. Previously it was assumed that it would work with series 2 units as well which apparently is not the case.
    Version v0p9l
    • Release Date: Feb 17, 2013
      • Auto transfers mode enhanced to use extra RPC remote data for RPC enabled TiVos if available. This means possibly more complete episode & originalAirDate information being available to auto transfers. Previously only kmttg GUI had access to this data.
      • Added Export button to RPC Remote Season Passes tab which can be used to export Season Passes to comma-separated-values (csv) format for easy viewing in Excel or similar programs.
      • Add movieYear to title name for movies in various tables if available.
      • Changed default setting Start NPL jobs when starting kmttg GUI to be off for kmttg without prior config.
      • RPC data such as EpisodeNumber & originalAirDate now overrides XML data for RPC enabled TiVos in kmttg.
    • FIXES
      • Changed to use alternative cookie handling for downloads using curl to workaround recent TiVo http server issue of handing out expired session id cookie.
    Version v0p9k
    • Release Date: Feb 3, 2013
      • Added Use comskip GUI to review detected commercials option to Program Options configuration. When this is enabled following Ad Detect task that uses comskip kmttg will bring up comskip GUI that allows you to review and make modifications to the detected commercials visually. Consult comskip_commercial_editing Wiki page for a summary of how to use the comskip visual editor.
      • For RPC Remote Record button added Try scheduling on all TiVos option. If option is enabled then kmttg will successively try and schedule the selected recording on all available RPC-enabled TiVos. Thus if scheduling fails on originally targeted TiVo due to conflicts, then successively try scheduling on other available TiVos instead.
      • Added Combine Ad Cut & Encode VideoRedo configuration option which if enabled means kmttg will combine the Ad Cut and encode tasks into 1 by using the selected VideoRedo encoding profile during the Ad Cut step. Note that this only works if you have a VideoRedo encoding profile selected, otherwise an error is generated and the Ad Cut task is aborted.
      • Added Force QS Fix output to always be mpeg2 Program Stream VideoRedo configuration option which will force VideoRedo to output mpeg2 program stream format regardless of the input video file format. This is useful for example if you have TS downloads enabled but want to get mpeg2 program stream format output instead of mpeg2 transport stream.
      • Added movieYear if available to description printed to message window when clicking on a show for various tables.
      • Added [originalAirDate] as an available keyword for File Naming in kmttg config. This will use originalAirDate if available, else uses the equivalent of [year]-[monthNum]-[mday] of recording otherwise.
      • RPC Remote Won't Record table now will indicate if an entry that won't record is scheduled to record at an alternate time slot on all TiVos.
      • Made video files default file filter for File Browser to show all video files by default instead of just ts, mpg, tivo.
    • FIXES
      • Fixed NullPointerException problem when attempting to create a Wishlist using WL button from RPC Remote tabs.
      • When encountering a scheduling conflict while using RPC Remote Record button, the conflicting programs were not being listed by kmttg.
      • RPC Remote Info tab had an issue handling channels without callSign which has now been fixed.
      • Fixes for AtomicParsley --contentRating and --hdvideo flags (for newer AtomicParsley binaries that support those options).
      • If you quit kmttg with a VRD encoding profile as current selection now kmttg will restore that selection next time kmttg is started and VRD profiles are obtained.
    Version v0p9j
    • Release Date: Jan 22, 2013
    • FIXES
      • Fix to RPC Remote Season Passes table. Previous release broke upcoming of recordings per Season Pass as well as indication of Season Passes with conflicts.
    Version v0p9i
    • Release Date: Jan 21, 2013
      • For AtomicParsley runs, add --longdesc, --hdvideo true, --contentRating where relevant and if AtomicParsley binary being used supports them (default binary in kmttg Win32 zip package does not).
    • FIXES
      • Update to ToDo, Won't Record and Deleted entry retrieval to work properly with middlemind server for series 3 TiVos.
      • Previously iPad Delete task would only work in GUI mode. This is now fixed to work in batch/auto mode.
      • Check for empty genre setting added during AtomicParsley runs.
      • auto.log.* file no longer gets created if starting kmttg in GUI mode.
    Version v0p9h
    • Release Date: Jan 7, 2013
    • FIXES
      • Fix to pyTivo stream to not rely on pyTivo query debug mode to get video container information. Instead video information is now obtained by kmttg using ffmpeg. Specifically this fixes the issue with error message: streamFile - JSONObject["vHost"] is not a JSONObject
    Version v0p9g
    • Release Date: Jan 5, 2013
    • FIXES
      • Updated Remote for non-series 4 units to determine TSN from middlemind server instead of relying on Bonjour/TiVo Beacon for obtaining TSN. This should fix the "Can't determine TSN for TiVo" error messages that some have reported with previous release.
    Version v0p9f
    • Release Date: Jan 4, 2013
    • FIXES
      • Remote Won't Record table fix for non-RPC enabled TiVos (series 3 or earlier).
      • Added proper date sorting for Remote tables with dates for non-RPC enabled TiVos (series 3 or earlier).
    Version v0p9e
    • Release Date: Jan 3, 2013
      • Added Remote functionality for older TiVo models that don't have direct RPC protocol support. kmttg will use server for Remote functionality for TiVos that don't have Enable iPad style communications with this TiVo option enabled in kmttg config.
        • Note that not all the functionality is available and various buttons that do not apply are disabled when using middlemind server for a TiVo. Also note that scheduling individual recordings and season passes on this TiVo will have delayed functionality with email confirmations just as if you scheduled them from or equivalent online guides.
        • Related to this enhancement, the config->Tivos tab now has settings where you can supply your username & password to use for logging into middlemind server. If you don't specify them directly in config but you configure kmttg for pyTivo.conf and that contains the username & password, kmttg will get them from there.
      • kmttg now automatically detects and enables RPC functionality for series 4 units known to support RPC.
      • Added pyTivo stream button to FILES tab if at least 1 TiVo in kmttg config has RPC (iPad style communications) enabled.
        • This allows you to stream video files to a series 4 or later TiVo using TiVoCast HME Video Player and pyTivo as a video server. You can choose a video file that resides under one of pyTivo video shares in the FILES table and then click on this button to stream it to a specified series 4 or later TiVo.
        • The advantage of streaming this way vs for example Streambaby is that there is no 1.1GB buffer limitation.
        • NOTE: This only works for unencrypted mpeg2 program stream and H.264 mp4 files that pyTivo can transfer without having to transcode. If you attempt to stream a non-compliant video that pyTivo transcodes this will not work. .TiVo files also won't work.
      • Added Show pending pyTivo pushes File menu item that brings up a dialog box that allows you to view currently queued up pyTivo pushes on TiVo Mind server and to remove selected entries from the queue.
        • You must first select TiVo tab corresponding to destination TiVo of pushes you want to check on before selecting the menu entry.
      • VideoRedo qsfix job now properly handles input files other than mpeg2 program stream type.
        • Previously this task would always output type mpeg2 program stream regardless of input file type but now will try and preserve same input container and video type for the output file.
        • Note that as part of this change VRDscripts/qsfix.vbs was updated.
      • VideoRedo adcut job now properly handles input files other than mpeg2 program stream type.
        • Previously this task would always output type mpeg2 program stream regardless of input file type but now will try and preserve same input container and video type for the output file.
        • Note that as part of this change VRDscripts/adcut.vbs was updated.
      • RPC Remote ToDo list retrieval for multiple TiVos at a time now is run in parallel instead of sequentially to help speed things up when you have more than 1 TiVo.
      • projectx, projectxcut, and comskip tasks now check for mpeg2 video input since other video types are not supported for these tasks.
    • FIXES
      • RPC Remote Season Passes GUI had a bug where after loading SP data all subsequent operations would be treated as loaded data even after using Refresh button to load SP data from a TiVo.
    Version v0p9d
    • Release Date: Dec 9, 2012
      • When using Conflicts button in Season Passes tab kmttg now will obtain ToDo lists if necessary when listing conflicts so as to highlight conflicting recordings that are already set to record on another TiVo.
    • FIXES
      • Conflict resolution now considers start and end time padding for show that won't record when clicking on Explain button in Won't Record tab.
    Version v0p9c
    • Release Date: Dec 7, 2012
      • Added new config option to Program Options tab called extra metadata entries which allows users to specify one or more key:value pairs to be added by kmttg when creating pyTivo metadata files. This could be useful for example if you want to add "image:folder.jpg" line automatically to every metadata file for cases when you have folder images and you want AtomicParsley to add the image to video metadata as specified in the pyTivo metadata file. If you have more than 1 entry to add you can do so by separating key:value pairs with a comma character.
      • RPC Remote enhancements
        • Season Passes table now shows number of upcoming recordings for each Season Pass after the title name. There is also an Upcoming button added to display upcoming recordings for a selected Season Pass. Upcoming recordings are displayed in the ToDo table and can be cancelled and modified.
        • Season Passes table now uses pinkish background to indicate Season Passes with episodes that won't record. There is also a Conflicts button which can be used to display the episodes that won't record. These episodes are displayed in the Won't Record table when clicking on this button. You can choose an entry with conflicts and press Explain button to list the shows in conflict. You can also choose to record shows on an alternate TiVo.
        • Won't Record table now has an Explain button that can be used to list all the shows in conflict for entries under programSourceConflict folder.
        • Added Modify button to ToDo tab which allows you to modify recording options of selected shows in To Do table.
        • Recording Options, Season Pass Options and Create Wishlist dialogs now indicate as a label which TiVo the action is set to take place on. Sometimes it's easy to forget to choose the desired TiVo before starting an operation so this serves as a reminder which TiVo is selected.
        • For TiVos with RPC remote enabled in kmttg, any missing OriginalAirDate and EpisodeNumber information is now obtained for all shows from RPC data (which is usually much more complete than the traditional TTG XML data). After the remote NP List job completes the NPL table will be populated with the extra data and titles with missing episode numbers are updated. When you create pyTivo metadata file the added information will also be included there now as well. (This obsoletes the need to right click on a show to obtain OriginalAirDate information for RPC enabled TiVos).
        • Added "# SHOWS" label to ToDo and Deleted tabs that displays total count of shows in the table.
        • The j keyboard shortcut that dumps all selected table entry information to message window now dumps entries alphabetically by name in a much more easily readable format. (This shortcut was added to the Won't Record and Deleted tables which previously didn't have it).
      • Updated ffmpeg encoding profiles to allow them to work with recent versions of ffmpeg that are not backwards compatible.
      • Ignore TiVo Stream devices (TSN prefix "A94") during TiVo detection for both Bonjour & Beacon methods.
      • Keep comskip .txt file when comskip is used for Ad Detect task so user has option to visually inspect and edit cut points using comskip following the task. The .txt file will be deleted after Ad Cut task if Remove Ad Detect files after Ad Cut option is enabled.
      • For RPC remote you can now place a cdata.p12 file along with a cdata.password file in same folder as kmttg.jar such that these will be used for RPC authentication purposes. This is mainly to allow kmttg RPC remote to be used with TiVos with other providers such as Virgin in the U.K. which have different PCKS12 certificates and passwords.
    • FIXES
      • Fix to originalAirDate retrieval when right clicking on a show in NPL. (Previously wrong OAD could be obtained for pre or post padded recordings).
      • When creating a wishlist with "autorecord" option if user cancelled the autorecord dialog a null exception error message would result.
      • RPC Deleted table would show previously removed table items again when switching TiVos without using Refresh button.
    Version v0p9b
    • Release Date: Nov 19, 2012
      • Right clicking on a show in NPL table now retrieves extended metadata for the show so that originalAirDate can be retrieved and displayed if available. (Note, you only need to right click once on a show to get metadata - subsequent right clicks won't do anything).
      • RPC remote enhancements:
        • Added Network Connect button to Info tab which is a nice shortcut for initiating a Network Connect (phone home) on selected TiVo without having to do use the GUI on the TiVo to do it.
        • Added What's On line to Info display which indicates what the unit is currently displaying. NOTE: Displays "idle" for GUI screens or HME/Flash applications.
        • Added WL buttons to various tabs to allow Wishlist creation.
          • Note that via RPC there appears to be no way to list and/or modify wishlists that are not set as auto-record, so if necessary those actions will have to be done on the TiVo itself.
          • Also note that categories in wishlists are not supported since command to obtain available categories and corresponding IDs is not exposed via RPC.
          • See Wishlists Wiki for more information.
        • Added Permanently Delete button to Deleted tab which can be used to permanently delete 1 or more selections from Recently Deleted folder.
        • If you click on Season Pass button for a show that already has a Season Pass on the selected TiVo you are now prompted to modify the existing Season Pass instead of just seeing a warning.
        • Added printing of originalAirDate, if available, to the message window when clicking on a show title in ToDo, Won't Record, Season Premieres, Search, Guide and Deleted tables.
    • FIXES
      • Fixed Recover in RPC remote Deleted tab to work properly when multiple shows are selected.
    Version v0p9a
    • Release Date: Nov 4, 2012
      • Added new RPC tab Deleted that lists all Recently Deleted shows for Series 4 units with option to restore/undelete shows.
      • Added Include History option to the RPC Won't Record tab which if enabled means past history will be included in the table so that one can explore why certain shows of interest did not record in the past.
      • Update to NPL table date column to account for changes in 20.2.2 TiVo series 4 software where <ShowingStartTime> item was introduced in the NPL XML in addition to <CaptureDate>.
    • FIXES
      • Eliminated hour range choice in RPC Guide tab as it inexplicably was causing exception issues when running kmttg using Java 7. Guide will now always show schedule in 12 hour increments (instead of giving you choice of 6 or 12 hours).
    Version v0p9a
    • Release Date: Nov 4, 2012
      • Added new RPC tab Deleted that lists all Recently Deleted shows for Series 4 units with option to restore/undelete shows.
      • Added Include History option to the RPC Won't Record tab which if enabled means past history will be included in the table so that one can explore why certain shows of interest did not record in the past.
      • Update to NPL table date column to account for changes in 20.2.2 TiVo series 4 software where item was introduced in the NPL XML in addition to .
    • FIXES
      • Eliminated hour range choice in RPC Guide tab as it inexplicably was causing exception issues when running kmttg using Java 7. Guide will now always show schedule in 12 hour increments (instead of giving you choice of 6 or 12 hours).
    Version v0p8v
    • Release Date: Oct 21, 2012
      • atomicParsley job will now add --artwork imageFile to run if image : imageFile tag exists in metadata file.
      • Added additional stderr messages to some VRDscripts helpful for debugging VRD-related problems.
      • Updated hb_tivo_hd_crf and hb_tivo_sd_crf encoding profiles per user input.
    • FIXES
      • Improved search for RPC recording ID for play or delete of a title in NPL table. Previously sometimes searches were unable to find the recording ID resulting in findRecordingId failed to find a match messages.
      • Eliminated use of UTF string conversions so that foreign characters display properly in all tables & message window.
      • Changed Range in RPC Guide tab to be a simple combobox with 2 choices (6 & 12 hours) to work properly with Java 7.
    Version v0p8u
    • Release Date: Sep 4, 2012
      • Episode number is now part of title in NPL table if available. NPL show sorting considers episode # if available.
      • RPC Remote tables also display episode # if available as well: ToDo, Won't Record, Search, Guide.
      • RPC Remote tabs now remember last TiVo selected when re-starting kmttg GUI.
      • Add programId field to pyTivo metadata file if available.
      • Disable captions task if ProjectX being used for QS Fix task since ProjectX strips out captions.
    • FIXES
      • Avoid printing out 0.0% PAUSE point for series 3 TiVos when clicking on a show in NPL table.
      • Season Pass scheduling for RPC tables now checks channel (when available) in addition to title to determine if duplicate.
    Version v0p8t
    • Release Date: Jun 6, 2012
      • RPC/iPad Season Premieres table: Added configurable # of days (1-12) to search for Season Premieres.
    • CHANGES:
      • RPC/iPad Season Premieres table: Changed Season Premiere finder to search 1 day at a time per channel for selectable number of days instead of 12 days at a time per channel. This reduces the loading on Premiere and also gives better percent complete status updates.
    • FIXES:
      • Changed RPC data reading to use bytes instead of characters. This fixes long standing issue on Linux platform with frequent read timeout failures that affected Season Premiere, Guide & Search tables for that platform.
    Version v0p8s
    • Release Date: Jun 1, 2012
      • NPL table now prints PAUSE POINT (as a percentage) to message window if available when clicking on a show in the table. This provides a way to check if pause point is set and available via kmttg when using 'Resume Downloads' mode.
      • RPC/iPad Remote: Change toggle CC on/off to use newly discovered RPC equivalents instead of telnet interface.
      • Removed --cpu option from all Handbrake encoding profiles to be compatible with latest Handbrake CLI release.
    • FIXES
      • RPC/iPad Remote:
        • Fixed Season Pass button for Guide table to bring up Season Pass dialog instead of Single Recording dialog.
        • Fixed HME Destinations for Netflix, YouTube, Amazon to work with latest Premiere software. Removed Blockbuster HME destination.
    Version v0p8r
    • Release Date: Apr 15, 2012
    • NOTE: Tools zip files for Windows and Mac systems now includes "ProjectX" which is a useful tool to have if you do not have VideoRedo available for use with kmttg. This free tool can now be used for QS Fix task and will also be used for Ad Cut task instead of mencoder to help keep A/V sync.

      • iPad/RPC Remote
        • Supports new tightened PKCS12 authentication.
        • Delete request for a still recording entry shown in Now Playing List table now stops recording instead of deleting it. You can request delete again once it is stopped to delete it.
      • User-supplied enhancement to Auto Transfers mode to allow a second encoding (to generate 2 separate encodings from 1 source video).
      • User-supplied enhancement: New configuration option under Program Options tab called Automatically restore job queue between sessions. When enabled kmttg will save any currently queued jobs to a file when terminated and automatically queue up those jobs next time kmttg is started. This is useful in Auto Transfers mode when service is interrupted and you would like queued jobs to resume when service is re-started.
    • FIXES
      • Don't grey out Ad Cut task if ProjectX is configured for kmttg. Previously if neither VRD or mencoder were configured the Ad Cut task was greyed out.
    Version v0p8q
    • Release Date: Feb 6, 2012
    • NOTE: Tools zip files for Windows and Mac systems now includes "ProjectX" which is a useful tool to have if you do not have VideoRedo? available for use with kmttg. This free tool can now be used for QS Fix task and will also be used for Ad Cut task instead of mencoder to help keep A/V sync.

      • To Do list flagging for iPad remote tables now flags programs of same name but slated to record on a different channel. This is primarily useful for Won't
      • Record table so that it's easier to see if shows you want to record actually will but on a different channel than the one listed.
    • FIXES
      • Fix to avoid null pointer exception errors when Check Available Disk Space option is enabled under config-File Settings.
    Version v0p8p
    • Release Date: Jan 29, 2012
    • NOTE: Tools zip files for Windows and Mac systems now includes "ProjectX" which is a useful tool to have if you do not have VideoRedo? available for use with kmttg. This free tool can now be used for QS Fix task and will also be used for Ad Cut task instead of mencoder to help keep A/V sync. For this release the Windows tool zip file was updated to use Handbrake 0.9.5.

      • iPad remote enhancements:
        • Added physical Delete button to Season Passes tab. Previously could use keyboard Delete button to remove Season Passes but most users were not aware of that, so adding the button makes it more obvious.
        • Added Refresh ToDo button to Search, Guide and Won't Record tabs which allows one to refresh ToDo list used to highlight shows that are already scheduled to record in those tables.
        • The Won't Record tab now also obtains ToDo list so as to highlight shows that may be scheduled to record on other TiVos. This makes it easier when handling tuner conflicts to see if you have all shows you want to make sure are recorded on 1 of your TiVos.
        • A single unified ToDo list is now shared among Search, Guide and Won't Record tabs instead of each one using an independent ToDo list. This avoids obtaining ToDo lists multiple times for different tables as was the case previously.
        • For table entries that are flagged as being in ToDo list when you click on table entry the title printed to kmttg message window will now show (to be recorded on tivoName) so that you know which TiVo this show is scheduled to record on without having to run/consult ToDo table.
      • For iPad Remote Guide tab the Channels button will now queue up a remote job managed by job manager instead of running blindly in the background since obtaining channel list can take quite a long time.
      • The ProjectX-based QSFix and Ad Cut tasks now both run demux/remux as a single job rather than queuing up separate demux/remux jobs.
    • FIXES
      • For iPad Remote Search task moved obtaining of To Do lists to be part of background search task so as not to hang up kmttg GUI while obtaining the To Do entries.
      • For iPad Remote Search table eliminated stack trace when column sorting is enabled.
      • Corrected preset name in hb_appletv2 encoding profile to be "AppleTV 2" instead of "AppleTV 3" and added user-suggested hb_tivo_hd_crf profile which is same as hb_appletv2 plus addition of captions. NOTE: Handbrake does not stop when given a preset name it does not recognize so when attempting to use hb_appletv2 profile with Handbrake 0.9.4 or earlier you don't get the desired encoding, so make sure to update to latest version of Handbrake (0.9.5) which is now included in kmttg Windows zip file.
    Version v0p8o
    • Release Date: Jan 9, 2012
    • FIXES: For auto transfers configuration the QS Fix task was greyed out even with ProjectX configured. This has been fixed in this release thus allowing ProjectX-based QS Fix to run in Auto Transfers mode.
    Version v0p8n
    • Release Date: Jan 7, 2012
    • NOTE: Tools zip files for Windows and Mac systems now includes "ProjectX" which is a useful tool to have if you do not have VideoRedo available for use with kmttg. This free tool can now be used for QS Fix task and will also be used for Ad Cut task instead of mencoder to help keep A/V sync. If you don't have VideoRedo and want ProjectX based QS Fix utility then you should either download and install ProjectX or install kmttg to a new folder and let it download and install the new zip file automatically.

      • When ProjectX enabled don't skip QS Fix task as was case in previous release when Ad Cut is also enabled since Ad Detect can benefit from QS Fix.
      • Per user suggestion added -fflags genpts to ffmpeg command for remux task.
      • Config item in Program Options tab delay in seconds between multiple downloads changed to start delay in seconds for download tasks
    • FIXES
      • Apply download start delay for all download tasks, including metadata tasks, in order to avoid failures for consecutive metadata/download tasks.
      • Don't strip out indiscriminately single and double quotes from file names in ProjectX demux/remux tasks.
    Version v0p8m
    • Release Date: Dec 19, 2011
    • NOTE: Tools zip files for Windows and Mac systems now includes "ProjectX" which is a useful tool to have if you do not have VideoRedo available for use with kmttg. This free tool can now be used for QS Fix task and will also be used for Ad Cut task instead of mencoder to help keep A/V sync. If you don't have VideoRedo and want ProjectX based QS Fix utility then you should either download and install ProjectX or install kmttg to a new folder and let it download and install the new zip file automatically.

      • Added new global auto config option: Do not wait for all jobs to finish before processing new ones. When enabled kmttg will proceed to find and process new shows without waiting for all previously started or queued tasks to complete. This added by request from several users over the years.
      • Support use of ccextractor executable in place of t2extract if in kmttg configuration->Programs the executable for t2extract is specified as ccextractor. (The prompt was renamed to t2extract/ccextractor to clarify either one can be supplied).
    • FIXES
      • Cancel encode task if invalid encoding profile is encountered. Previously kmttg would try to use an invalid profile in service mode resulting in service being shut down.
      • For iPad remote tables & messages UTF8 encoding is now used for titles & descriptions so that foreign language characters are properly displayed.
      • "Delete" key from NPL now works properly deciding between TWP delete or iPad delete.
    Version v0p8l
    • Release Date: Nov 22, 2011
    Version v0p8k
    • Release Date: Nov 7, 2011
    • NOTE: Zip file now includes a new "images_rc" folder as part of installation that must be installed for iPad remote to work properly. i.e. If updating from an installation prior to v0p8e be sure to have this folder installed in same folder as kmttg.jar.

      • iPad remote enhancements:
        • For Season Premieres tab re-named Record button to Season Pass and added a Record button which allows scheduling individual recording instead of a Season Pass. So now you have option of scheduling individual recordings or season passes.
      • Added new configuration option under Visual tab called look and feel to choose between different available GUI looks for your Java installation. The 'default' entry is the traditional kmttg cross-platform look.
      • Added user-contributed ffmpeg encoding profile ff_xoom for Motorola Xoom tablet.
    • ffmpeg task updated to be able to handle newer ffmpeg versions with different time progress format.
    • When refreshing Now Playing List in a TiVo tab the table is no longer cleared before retrieving data.
    • All dates are now displayed in 12 hour format with AM/PM instead of 24 hour format.
    • Selected table entries for programs now display season & episode number information if available.
    • For combined java download/decrypt job only allow 1 such job at a time per TiVo.
    • iPad remote fixes:
      • Allow copying of season passes to TiVo with empty Season Pass list. Previously copy would error out unless there was at least one Season Pass on destination TiVo.
      • Allow proper display and copying of simple wishlist type season passes. Advanced wishlist season passes have missing information still which makes them impossible to schedule with iPad protocol, but simple title-based wishlists can be scheduled.
      • Remote tab: Set focus on panel after each button press so that keyboard shortcuts will work.
Version v0p8j
  • Release Date: Oct 17, 2011
  • NOTE: Zip file now includes a new "images_rc" folder as part of installation that must be installed for iPad remote to work properly. i.e. If updating from an installation prior to v0p8e be sure to have this folder installed in same folder as kmttg.jar.

    • iPad remote enhancements:
      • For Season Passes table allow multi-row selection for loaded Season Passes so that multiple SPs can be copied to a destination TiVo at once.
      • Guide table entries are now compared vs ToDo lists for all TiVos and marked a different color in the table if scheduled to record. (The ToDo list is obtained only first time the Channels button is pressed)
      • Search table entries are also compared vs ToDo lists for all TiVos and marked a different color in the table if scheduled to record. (The ToDo list is obtained during the first search only)
    • Added scheduling options (keep until and start/stop padding) dialog when scheduling individual shows from Won't Record table.
    • Added recording scheduling conflict checking when scheduling individual recordings from any of the tables.
    • iPad remote ToDo list now includes currently recording shows as well.
    • iPad remote fixes:
      • Top level non-folder entries in Search table could not be scheduled to record. This is now fixed.
      • Fixed sorting by date for Won't Record table that was previously stack tracing when attempting to sort by date when displaying folders.
      • Fixed issues with certain keyboard shortcuts no longer working in Remote tab that were broken with the integration of Remote into kmttg main window. Now arrow and space keys again work as expected in Remote tab.
      • Pressing START JOBS button with Remote tab selected no longer stack traces - spits out invalid message instead.
    Version v0p8i
    • Release Date: Oct 10, 2011
    • NOTE: Zip file now includes a new "images_rc" folder as part of installation that must be installed for iPad remote to work properly. i.e. If updating from an installation prior to v0p8e be sure to have this folder installed in same folder as kmttg.jar.

      • iPad remote enhancements:
        • Remote is now integrated into kmttg main window as another tab instead of having to open up a separate window.
        • Added new tabs:
          • Search tab - Provides capability for basic keyword searching and ability to schedule individual shows and/or season passes for resulting shows.
          • Guide tab - Provides simple guide listings (selecting 1 channel at a time for specified time range) and ability to schedule individual shows and/or season passes from the listings.
        • Added scheduling options (keep until and start/stop padding) dialog when scheduling individual shows from Won't Record table.
        • Added recording scheduling conflict checking when scheduling individual recordings from any of the tables.
      • Menu entry to bring up iPad Remote is removed since the remote is now integrated into kmttg main window.
      • For iPad Remote some tab names were shortened to make room for 2 additional tabs added in this version.
    • FIXES
      • iPad remote fixes:
        • For ToDo table only allow one show at a time to be cancelled. Previously multiple selections at once were allowed which didn't work properly resulting in improper shows being deleted.
        • Added missing end of show padding options when scheduling individual recordings and season passes. Previously the options for end time padding beyond 10 minutes were not available.
    Version v0p8h
    • Release Date: Sep 25, 2011
    • NOTE: Zip file now includes a new "images_rc" folder as part of installation that must be installed for iPad remote to work properly. i.e. If updating from an installation prior to v0p8e be sure to have this folder installed in same folder as kmttg.jar.

      • iPad remote enhancements:
        • Added title status setting for Season Premieres and Will not Record (if first job in monitor) to allow progress tracking more easily.
        • Added tsn to System Information display.
        • Added "SEA" column to Season Premieres table to display season number.
        • Added File Browser ".sp" file filter to only shows files ending in .sp (all files filter also available) for Season Pass Load/Save.
      • User provided update to AtomicParsley run to use "movieYear" if "originalAirDate" not available from metadata.
      • For iPad Remote Season Premieres table don't update table automatically when user switches to a different TiVo. This allows searching for Premieres on 1 TiVo but scheduling on another, instead of having to repeat the search on a different TiVo.
    • FIXES
      • Changed iso_duration in metadata file to use "recordedDuration" xml key instead of "duration" so as to account for any recording padding.
    Version v0p8g
    • Release Date: Aug 28, 2011
    • NOTE: Zip file now includes a new "images_rc" folder as part of installation that must be installed for iPad remote to work properly. i.e. If updating from an installation prior to v0p8e be sure to have this folder installed in same folder as kmttg.jar.
      • iPad Remote enhancements:
        • Added capability to modify season pass attributes in Season Passes tab with new Modify button. (Copy to TiVo button text changed to Copy).
        • Added capability to choose season pass attributes when subscribing a new season pass from Season Premieres tab.
      • iPad Remote changes:
        • If iPad Remote enabled now the iPad NPL update is called after the https NPL update completes in order to reduce the load on the TiVo.
        • Season Passes table is now automatically refreshed following Season Passes re-order.
        • Prevent Save, Modify, Re-order of loaded Season Passes.
      • By request, added duration in ISO format to pyTivo metadata file. New field name is: iso_duration
    Version v0p8f
    • Release Date: Aug 1, 2011
    • NOTE: Zip file now includes a new "images_rc" folder as part of installation that must be installed for iPad remote to work properly. i.e. If updating from an installation prior to v0p8e be sure to have this folder installed in same folder as kmttg.jar.
      • iPad Remote enhancements:
        • Season Premieres table now indicates with different background color (brown) which entries already have season passes setup on all TiVo Premieres configured for the iPad remote. Hence it is no longer necessary to manually check against Season Passes table for each TiVo.
        • Save and recall remote tab currently selected when closing and re-starting kmttg GUI.
      • All iPad remote commands, even short ones, are now executed in background/non-blocking mode.
    • FIXES
      • iPad Remote fixes:
        • For Remote Control tab previously numbers typed into the "Jump to minute", "Skip minutes back" or "Skip minutes ahead" fields would be executed as number button presses. That is fixed in this release.
        • For Season Premiere searches "No show premieres found" message could be displayed for each channel that returned no matches. This was changed to only display if no matches are returned for all channels searched as was the original intent.
        • Previously if remote was not opened in a kmttg GUI session, the remote size and location information would be lost/reset. That is fixed in this release.
    Version v0p8e
    • Release Date: Jul 28, 2011
    • Please refer to these release notes for a full list of changes
    Version v0p8d
    • Release Date: Jul 18, 2011
      • iPad protocol Remote GUI enhancements:
        • Added new Season Premieres tab designed to search for and display upcoming season & series premieres on selected channels of interest. There is also a Record button available to schedule Season Passes for selected entries in the table.
          NOTE: Not all shows have episode information available from TiVo listings, so those shows will not be identified by this utility.
          NOTE: The channel list and selections are saved to tivoName.channels files and can be edited to trim down to just the channels you care about.
        • Added Record button to Will Not Record tab. This allows one to select individual shows shown in table to record on a TiVo Premiere. The scheduling attempt uses low priority such that will only record if no conflicts with other recordings exist. i.e. This provides a convenient way of scheduling recordings that were not to record on alternate TiVo Premieres if available.
          NOTE: In order to allow recording of shows on a different TiVo the table does not refresh when switching TiVo selections in this tab as used to be the case.
        • Added disk space percentage used and total disk size in GB to System Information tab as part of displayed system information.
        • Added Cancel button to ToDo tab to compliment the Delete keyboard shortcut for cancelling shows.
        • Update table columns widths to resize to longest entry and add horizontal scrollbar when needed.
        • Job monitor Remote jobs now show more specific job information in OUTPUT column of job table to make it obvious which Remote job is running.
      • By request, added tivoName as available keyword in configuration File Naming template.
      • By request, added Ctrl-R shortcut for File-Reset TiVo web server menu entry.
    • FIXES
      • For combined curl-based download/decrypt task, only execute the iPad or TWP delete actions following successful download/decrypt. Previously the delete would happen even for failed download/decrypt.
    Version v0p8c
    • Release Date: Jun 29, 2011
    • FIXES
      • Remote Control: Changed method of retrieving data using iPad protocol so that it will work for Premieres with a lot of data. Previously for example the "Will Not Record" list would not populate because of truncated data retrieval for TiVos with a lot of season passes.
      • Fix to Now Playing List table when deleting all items in a folder using delete key - previously that would lead to displaying "Back" button at top level view instead of "Refresh" button.
    Version v0p8b
    • Release Date: Jun 28, 2011
    • v0p8b:
      • FIXES:
        • Fix to playback of a show (space bar) from Now Playing List for Premiere units.
        • Set "isEpisode" value to "isEpisodic" value if available in pyTivo metadata file.
    • v0p8a:
        • Many new enhancements for Premiere owners thanks to some reverse engineering of the iPad protocol by TCF member 'arantius' which allows communicating with TiVo Premiere units using the iPad protocol without needing an iPad, which opens the door to a lot of information which can now be obtained from Premiere units. For this release these are the new features available related to this capability:
          • New "Remote Control" GUI with several tabs to collect information from and interact with Premiere TiVos:
            • ToDo tab which allows you to display To Do List for selected Premiere. Once you have To Do List displayed you can select upcoming recordings in the table and use the keyboard delete to cancel them.
            • Season Passes tab which allows you to display Season Pass list for selected Premiere. You can also backup Season Passes from a TiVo to a file on your computer and load them back into kmttg. You can also copy displayed Season Passes to any TiVo Premiere on your network. i.e. You can now backup your Season Pass list and copy Season Passes from one TiVo to another. Finally you can also select SP items in the table and use the keyboard delete to unsubscribe them.
            • Will Not Record tab which displays list of all upcoming recordings that TiVo will not record (like View Recording History on your TiVo) and categorizes the shows into different folder names that describe why they won't be recorded. i.e. This is an easier way to find important recordings that won't record without having to wade through many reasons you don't care about (e.g. repeats).
            • Advanced Controls tab which has buttons that allow you to jump precisely user-specified N minutes ahead or backwards or exactly to minute N in currently playing show. i.e. Advanced navigation control. There is also an "HME Jump" button which allows you to choose a TiVo HME application in a list and jump directly to it. (NOTE: This does not include local HME applications).
            • System Information tab which allows you to list some system information obtained from selected TiVo: software version, total disk size, used disk space, parental controls state, current background and foreground tuner channel information.
        • Ability to play and delete shows displayed in Now Playing List for Premiere TiVos using "space" and "delete" keyboard buttons respectively.
        • Ability to setup "iPad delete" tasks for GUI and auto transfers which gives you option to automatically delete show on your Premieres once successfully downloaded and decrypted.
        • NOTE: Under kmttg configuration "Tivos" tab there is a new item called Enable iPad style communications with this TiVo which when enabled turns on the capabilities listed above - only works for TiVo Premieres or newer, not older units.
        • NOTE: Also under kmttg configuration "Program Options" tab there is a new item called "Enable iPad style delete task" which when enabled along with the above mentioned option makes a new "iPad delete" task available for use.
        • Added capability of using "delete" keyboard button to remove shows on TiVos for TiVo Web Plus enabled TiVos (hacked TiVos).
      • CHANGES
        • Added --no-verify option to tivodecode calls based on user feedback that it helped avoid tivodecode failures for some cases.
        • Usually that means the TiVo file is so corrupted that the MAK check fails for that portion of decode, which means the resulting decrypted mpeg will have some pixelation at that point.
        • User provided patch to encoding profile command line parsing to treat quote enclosed strings as a single command line argument.
        • Update to a few VRDscripts to ensure proper abort of VideoRedo if a job is cancelled.
      • FIXES
        • Added TiVoWebPlus deletion support following combined download/decrypt tasks (previously only supported for plain decrypt tasks).
    Version v0p7t
    • Release Date: Feb 4, 2011
    • FIXES
      • Fix to problem introduced in last release when .mpg Output Dir configured differently than .mpg Cut Dir kmttg was erroneously appending both paths together when creating the cut file name.
    Version v0p7s
    • Release Date: Jan 18, 2011
      • If .mpg Cut Dir is defined as a different directory than .mpg Output Dir then the _cut suffix is no longer used for the output mpeg file name for the Ad Cut task.
      • Added configuration option under Program Options called Combine download and tivodecode decrypt. If enabled then download & tivodecode steps are combined into 1 if you have decrypt task selected and you are performing a download (i.e. TiVo file creation is bypassed). NOTE: This only applies if you have not configured VideoRedo for decrypt instead of tivodecode.
      • Added configuration option under Tivos tab called limit # of npl fetches. This is useful if your TiVo has a lot recorded shows and you don't care about older shows and want to speed up NPL retrieval by limiting # of shows retrieved. With default setting of 0 all shows are retrieved as normal. A setting of 1 means limit to 1 fetch (128 most recent shows). A setting of 2 means limit to 2 fetches (256 most recent shows). etc. NOTE: The Disk Usage totals will obviously not be complete if you set this > 0
      • Added configuration option under Program Options called Allow only 1 download at a time. If enabled then kmttg will only download 1 program at a time no matter how many TiVos you have and how many download tasks are queued up.
      • Added new Auto Transfers individual (non-global) channel filter. Here you can specify a channel name or a channel number that you wish to restrict an individual auto transfer setup to. Thus for example a type title setup with "." keyword and a specified channel will match all recordings from specified channel.
    Version v0p7r
    • Release Date: Dec 30, 2010
      • For SHOW column sort inside a folder in Folder view mode sort shows purely alphabetical instead of titleOnly + chronological sort which is default mode of sort for that column.
    • FIXES
      • Ensure that all running processes/threads are killed properly when exiting GUI mode.
      • Trap all exceptions for NPL XML listings in case there is incomplete/corrput listings being parsed.
      • For jobs without stdout/stderr double-click in job table would get empty window and a Null Pointer Exception message. Nothing happens now if double-clicking on those jobs.
      • Available keywords combo box in configuration behaved such that you could not insert current selection in File Naming field. Now defaults to no selection and resets to no selection after you make a choice so you can always choose any item.
    Version v0p7q
    • Release Date: Oct 21, 2010
    • FIXES
      • Fixed bug with extra ":" character being added to the end of TiVo IP address when WAN ports not specified (bug introduced in v0p7p release). That extra character was preventing downloads from functioning properly in previous release.
      • Avoid potential divide by zero error when Show estimated time remaining for downloads option is enabled.
      • Added new configuration option under Program Options tab called delay in seconds between multiple downloads. This delay between downloads is needed to help relieve stress on TiVo server when there are multiple downloads queued up from same TiVo to help avoid server busy error messages. Following first download from TiVo kmttg will wait the configured number of seconds (defaults to 10) before attempting another download from that TiVo.
    Version v0p7p
    • Release Date: Oct 17, 2010
    • NOTE This version introduces a new folder that makes up the installation called VRDscripts that is required to be present in top kmttg installation folder for all VideoRedo related tasks.
      • Added qsfix & adcut support for latest versions of VideoRedo TVSuite 4: or later. Those versions rely on new COM functions not available in older releases. kmttg qsfix still is backwards compatible with older versions of VideoRedo as well.
      • Removed the wan http port global configuration setting under Program Options tab. That setting only applied to http interface and only for one TiVo, so was too limiting. Now the Tivos configuration tab contains 2 settings that can optionally be added for one or more TiVos, useful if you are running kmttg outside of the home network where your TiVos reside:
        • wan_http_port and wan_https_port allow you to specify the WAN (public) side ports to use when kmttg uses http & https protocols to communicate with TiVos. By configuring your router to port forward to port 80 (http) and port 443 (https) on your home network from WAN side and using these settings you can run kmttg from any internet location and still access Now Playing Lists on your home TiVos and even download shows if you wish (and your ISP upstream bandwidth is high enough to make it feasible).
      • By user request added new configuration option under Program Options tab called Show estimated time remaining for downloads. When this option is enabled the estimated time remaining for downloads is shown in STATUS column instead of the download bit rate. NOTE: Since TiVo does not report accurate file size to be downloaded this number is only an estimate and will never actually reach 0.
      • Added 2 new user-contributed Hanbrake profiles:
        • hb_tivo_hd_crf, hb_tivo_sd_crf
      • For AtomicParsley job also consider use of .TiVo.txt metadata file if no later metadata files are available.
      • All VideoRedo related tasks now use scripts defined under new VRDscripts folder that makes up part of kmttg installation. This makes it more transparent exactly what kmttg is doing for each task as well as allowing for easier debug since the VideoRedo COM scripts are now readily visible. This also allows experts to make modifications as they see fit to VRD scripts if desired.
      • Added --large-file (64 bit) option to several Handbrake profiles in order to support mp4 files > 4GB. Note that not all profiles can get this option since for example ps3 and ipod profiles would make them invalid for the target devices. The following profiles were updated:
        • hb_animation, hb_film, hb_television, hb_tivo_hd, hb_tivo_sd
    Version v0p7o
    • Release Date: Sep 14, 2010
    • Fixes: Change timeout for Java downloads to be 2 minutes instead of 10 seconds to allow for large playlist retrieval without timing out.
    Version v0p7n
    • Release Date: Sep 12, 2010
      • Added new configuration option under Program Options tab: Use Java for downloads instead of curl. If enabled then kmttg will use native Java methods for retrieving Now Playing lists and downloading shows from TiVos instead of using curl. May be useful if for some reason you are having issues with curl (though most likely when there are issues with curl downloads it's likely a network/TiVo server issue and not issue with curl itself).
      • When more than 1 connection is required for retrieving Now Playing list from a TiVo (more than 128 shows) kmttg now indicates number of shows processed and total number of shows left to process.
      • Added new configuration option under Tivos tab: Detect with TiVo Beacon instead of Bonjour. If enabled this uses the older TiVo Beacon mechanism for detecting networked TiVos rather than the newer Bonjour method. Useful if Bonjour is not working on your network for some reason.
      • Procedure to determine VideoRedo encoding profiles now runs in background mode. This procedure is called if you have VideoRedo configured with option enabled: Show VideoRedo encoding profiles. Since this can take several seconds it used to hang up the GUI waiting to complete. Now procedure runs in the background and the Encoding Profile list in the GUI is updated once completed.
    • FIXES
      • With no TiVos detected/setup in kmttg there was a null exception being thrown in last release related to autotune configuration that would prevent configuration settings from being saved properly.
      • List of TiVos shown in Autotune tab under configuration would not list newer added/detected TiVos until kmttg was restarted. Now the list is updated when new TiVos are detected automatically or added manually.
    Version v0p7m
    • Release Date: Aug 29, 2010
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: New encoding profiles were included in this release, so if upgrading from a previous version be sure to update your installation "encode" folder.
      • Added autotune capability to have kmttg automatically tune both TiVo tuners to specified channels before initiating a download from a TiVo. If you have TiVo tune to channels you don't subscribe to or to music channels, this can improve the download speeds as it frees up more resources on the TiVo to handle the download.
        • This only works for Series 3 & 4 TiVos that have Network Remote Control option enabled.
        • You can enable Network Remote Control option for Series 3/4 TiVos as follows:

          TiVo Central-Messages&Settings-Settings-Remote,CableCARD&Devices-Network Remote Control

        • Configuration is under new Autotune tab (last tab under configuration that you may have to scroll to see).
        • You can specify 2 different channels to use under configuration - 1 for each tuner. Typically these would be channels you don't subscribe to or music channels so as to reduce load on your TiVo.
        • There are also some other timing options under configuration to fine tune and test the network channel changing feature for each TiVo you want.
        • For each tune kmttg uses following sequence of button presses for the tune: LIVETV,CLEAR,CHANNEL #,ENTER. There is a configurable wait time in seconds between tunes to give TiVo a chance to react to the network button pushes.
        • Under configuration there is option to enable/disable this feature for each TiVo on your network (and use different channels and fine tuning parameters for each if you wish).
      • Added true xml parsing of TiVo show information for metadata creation. This also now allows for seriesId to be parsed from .TiVo files and included in metadata files (previously it was ommitted for .TiVo files due to parsing shortcomings).
      • Per user request added new option: For QS Fix of .mpg file backup original .mpg
        • If running VRD QS Fix on a .mpg file kmttg will rename the original .mpg file to .mpg.bak if this option is enabled. Otherwise by default kmttg removes the original .mpg file and replaces with the fixed version following successful VideoRedo QS Fix run.
      • Added 2 new user-contributed encoding profiles:
        • ff_droid - for Motorola droid
        • me_bb9k - for Blackberry 9xxx series
      • Updated hb_appletv encoding profile according to user update - uses mostly Handbrake AppleTV preset
      • Added % complete display in GUI mode for encode task for mencoder based profiles.
      • For encoding tasks kmttg will not display file size in job monitor if it is zero size.
      • Aesthetic: Changed job monitor elapsed time to h:mm:ss format (from hh:mm:ss).
    • FIXES:
      • When captions task enabled kmttg will look for TiVo and all mpeg2 file name variations to use as source file in cases when the TiVo file is removed as part of the task set. In previous releases if you started from TiVo file and had Remove .TiVo file after decrypt option enabled, srt file generation would fail because TiVo file was not available at the time the captions task kicked in.
      • Updated pyTivo metadata generators to always look for values within in the xml tree, otherwise can be duplicate keys for other shows if pre or post padding is used for a recording.
      • When Overwrite existing files option is set and a download would overwrite existing file kmttg would not properly display the transfer rate for that file.
      • For some handbrake encoding profiles kmttg would not properly update % complete in GUI during encoding.
      • Fixed issue with null exception thrown when a new TiVo name is detected on the network while kmttg service is running.
    Version v0p7l
    • Release Date: Jun 12, 2010
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Several encoding profiles were updated in this release, so if upgrading from a previous version be sure to update your installation "encode" folder.
      • Updated certain ffmpeg encoding profiles to use a fixed height but variable width output resolution so as to preserve the proper display aspect ratio when playing on target device. Since ffmpeg doesn't have this capability natively kmttg now uses a #xHEIGHT keyword in encoding profile which tells kmttg to compute the proper WIDTH to use. WIDTHx# keyword is also supported for variable in which case proper HEIGHT is computed by kmttg. kmttg uses ffmpeg to determine the display aspect ratio of the input video file and then uses that ratio to calculate the corresponding WIDTH or HEIGHT to use, rounded to nearest even number. Specifically the following ffmpeg profiles were updated to use this feature so that they end up with same aspect ratio for output as that of the input video file. The listed profiles below were also updated to use higher values for qmin & qmax such that resulting output file sizes are much lower. Finally the listed profiles were also switched to H.264 video instead of mpeg4 for improved video quality: ff_ipad ff_iphone ff_ipod_high_res ff_ipod_low_res
      • Added user-contributed mencoder iphone profile to distribution: me_iphone.
      • Added capability to run AtomicParsley run in FILES mode for files ending in .mp4/.m4v suffix. This was by request by some users who encode outside kmttg but still want to use a GUI for AtomicParsley run which uses information from pyTivo metadata file to add to mp4/m4v files. There is a Run AtomicParsley button now available in FILES tab so you can explicitly run it on selected mp4/m4v files.
      • Added new video files filter with all the common video file extensions to File Browser in FILES mode in addition to existing tivo and mpg and all files filters.
      • Added Jobs sub-menu to Files menu with 3 new commands:
        • Do not launch queued jobs - A toggle menu item that when enabled prevents queued jobs from launching.
        • Save queued jobs - Saves current set of queued jobs to a file so that they can be loaded back into kmttg in the future. Useful if you need to exit kmttg without losing queued set of jobs.
        • Load queued jobs - Load from a previously saved file a set of queued jobs to run in kmttg.
    • FIXES
      • Updated hb_iphone and hb_ipod encoding profiles to match the 0.9.4 Handbrake built in profiles. The previous profiles would not sync to iPod when used with 0.9.4 Handbrake.
    Version v0p7k
    • Release Date: May 15, 2010
      • Added new Auto Transfers -> Loop in GUI checkbox menu entry. When checkbox enabled this will run Auto Transfers in the GUI in a continuous loop (until disabled or kmttg GUI shut down) unlike Run Once in GUI which only runs 1 pass. This provides an alternative to running Auto Transfers as a kmttg service (Windows) or background job (Mac/Linux) with easier visual feedback of queued jobs and status of running jobs.

        NOTE: Loop in GUI mode also automatically logs messages to auto.log.0 file just as in service/background mode.
      • Added new ff_ipad 720p H.264 encoding profile for iPad devices.
      • Added new logging mechanism for Auto Transfers. Auto Transfer logs to file auto.log.0 and once a user-configurable file size limit is reached the file is copied to auto.log.1 and auto.log.0 is reset. This is to give users control over auto transfers log files which otherwise grow very large over time and have to be emptied out manually. A configuration option under File Settings tab called auto log file size limit (MB) allows you set to file size limit in MBytes (default is 10).
      • Download TiVo files in Transport Stream format option is now disabled by default again for a fresh kmttg installation due to various problems being reported with download and decrypt using TS container vs PS container for TiVo Premiere units.
      • pyTivo metadata text files are now written to use \r character at end of lines to be Windows compatible and so that Windows Media Player doesn't crash when trying to parse the txt file. This also allows easy manual editing of the files with Windows Notepad.
      • Auto Transfers -> Add selected to history file menu entry now adds ProgramId_unique in addition to ProgramId to auto.history file in case Treat each recording as unique option is used for certain shows.
      • Auto Transfers menu entry Run in GUI changed to Run Once in GUI to more obviously distinguish from new Loop in GUI menu entry.
      • Change to use an alternate (simpler) approach to writing messages to message pane in GUI mode.
    • FIXES
      • The GUI message pane is now restricted to up to 250KB of ascii text maximum (which corresponds to about 10MB or RAM used by the message pane). Once limit is reached earlier text in message pane is truncated. Previously there was no limit to amount of text allowed which meant if single GUI session was in use for a long time that Java memory use would eventually max out leading to application stack trace. This fix is especially needed now for use with Auto Transfers -> Loop in GUI capability which build up a lot of displayed messages for a single GUI session over time.
      • Restore of FILES Default Path setting fixed. In last several releases that setting would always reset to .TiVo Output Dir setting when starting kmttg.
      • GUI restore of Ad Detect setting was fixed. This was broken in previous release.
    Version v0p7j
    • Release Date: Mar 30, 2010
      • Added automatic retry attempts for failed downloads which some users run into occasionally. Two new configuration settings were added to Program Options tab that are related:
        • # download attempts (defaults to 5)
        • seconds between download retry attempts (defaults to 10)
      • Added better detection of failed downloads to go along with automatic failed download retry enhancement.
      • VideoRedo option Encode using VideoRedo changed to Show VideoRedo encoding profiles. The behavior now is that VideoRedo profiles are ADDED to list of available Encoding Profiles for encode task. i.e. With that option enabled you can now choose among both VideoRedo and non-VideoRedo endcoding profiles for the encode task. Previously with option enabled only the VideoRedo encoding profiles were displayed/available.
      • VideoRedo encoding profiles parser updated to support latest TV Suite 4 598 release which changed the reporting of output files slightly compared to previous versions.
      • Added new auto transfers config option: Treat each recording as unique. If enabled then kmttg will generate a unique ProgramId based on ProgramId and recorded time for each recording of this program. This is useful only for programs that do not already have unique ProgramIds for each episode, such as some news programs for example. For such programs kmttg would not ordinarily auto download subsequent episodes because a ProgramId entry already exists in auto.history file. By enabling this option kmttg will instead use a time-based ProgramId entry so that future recordings on different dates with same ProgramId will still auto download.
      • Updated tooltips related to Download TiVo files in Transport Stream format to include the TiVo Premiere as a DVR which supports this option. Also updated the Windows and Macintosh tools packages to include the newer version of tivodecode with Transport Stream support.
      • Added new configuration option under Program Options called Enable TivoWebPlus Delete task useful for those with hacked TiVos using TivoWebPlus. When enabled kmttg GUI & auto transfers setup will present an additional TWP Delete task. When that task is enabled kmttg will use TivoWebPlus to delete a show off the TiVo once TiVo file has been successfully downloaded and decrypted.
      • GUI now saves/restores the job table column order as well as the kmttg screen position.
      • Added new configuration option under Program Options called mencoder Ad Cut extra args which allows you to add additional custom arguments to mencoder for the Ad Cut task (comcut).
      • Disk Usage GUI will now set Total Disk Space (GB) as the total used space if user has not set that option. Setting that option to 0 also will reset it such that it will display total used space thus far. This is in case user does not know in advance how much disk space is available for recordings.
      • The previously supported workaround to deal with programs without unique ProgramId has been deprecated by the Treat each recording as unique auto transfers option described above and therefore is no longer used.
      • Added an additional check to VRD QS Fix task such that if input is a TiVo file and corresponding output mpeg file already exists then task is not scheduled to run if Overwrite existing files option is disabled.
      • Job table sorting disabled. Doesn't really serve a useful purpose to sort job table by different columns and if one accidently clicked on a column header one could not revert to default sort order showing job execution priority.
      • Added new VideoReDo4.exe executable name to list of executable names searched for to start VideoRedo in GUI mode (for vrdreview task).
      • Updated Windows and Mac tools packages to include latest version of tivodecode with TS support and comskip.
      • Download TiVo files in Transport Stream format option is now enabled by default for a fresh kmttg installation.
      • custom job now will also look for [mpegFile_cut] with VideoRedo extension file (02).mpg if file_cut.mpg file does not exist.
    • FIXES
      • Fix to prevent folder names ending in white space. At least for Windows OS when creating a folder ending in white space the OS truncates the white space off the end of folder name which could lead to trouble depending how you configure File Naming setup.
      • Updated pyTivo push call to work properly with change in pyTivo response to external push calls in recent releases. Prior to this fix auto_push would always get 404 (Not Found) response from pyTivo server leading to error message "Not Found" being printed after every push by kmttg (even though pushes were going through fine still). NOTE: Subsequently pyTivo has been updated again so this is no longer an issue, but the fix still is valid with the new update as well.
      • Removed the previously added -noskip -mpegopts vbuf_size=400 arguments to mencoder for the comcut task as this was causing A/V sync issues and other problems for some users. Instead you can now add your own custom arguments for mencoder comcut task as detailed above.
      • Minor fix to qsfix task reporting delete of a null file under certain conditions.
    Version v0p7i
    • Release Date: Feb 14, 2010
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Some encoding profiles were updated in this release, so if upgrading from a previous version be sure to update your installation encode folder.

      • Main GUI stretchable panels can now stretch full range vertically instead of a limited range.
      • Improved Auto Transfers GUI so that can be more easily stretched vertically and horizontally without becoming unusable.
      • Added new config option (Visual tab) called Auto size NPL column widths. If enabled then NPL table column widths are automatically sized to fit text as in previous releases. If disabled then column widths are not auto sized and user can set their preferred fixed widths, and the column widths are saved between GUI sessions.
      • For the Encode using VideoRedo option (with VideoRedo TVSuite 4) now all encoding profile types are available as an option rather than just MP4 & WMV types.
    • CHANGES:
      • When Bring up VRD GUI to make manual cuts option is enabled the vrdreview task now checks for expected output file: "<file> (02).mpg" or "<file>_cut.mpg". If one of those files is not found once task completes (user closes VideoRedo) then task is marked as failed and kmttg won't look to delete input files if Remove .mpg file after Ad Cut option is also enabled. This is to prevent possibility of losing input mpeg file when VideoRedo GUI is accidently closed before user generates expected output file.
      • Per user feedback added "-noskip -mpegopts vbuf_size=400" to mencoder command for comcut task.
      • For config dialog there is now a tab scrollbar added if there is not enough space to fit all tabs horizontally instead of wrapping tabs around vertically as was the case in previous releases.
      • Config dialog tab changes: Visual tab was added in place of General for all GUI visual related settings and remaining former General tab items were moved to Program Options tab.
      • Removed HD Channels folder in folder view as almost all feedback for that folder was negative.
    • FIXES:
      • Fixed issue with initiating push task in FILES mode when pyTivo Files to push setting was set to all. In prior releases this would result in error and Java trace dump due to null string problem.
      • Added -level 41 to ff_tivo_hd & ff_tivo_sd profiles for TiVo compatibility (TiVo does not accept H.264 > level 41). Also updated those profiles and increased the video bit rates for much better quality results.
    Version v0p7h
    • Release Date: Feb 1, 2010
    • Please refer to the release notes for a full list of changes
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