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Version 0.29 Version 0.28
  • Release Date: Aug 1, 2011
  • Download(s):
  • select resize method via commandline
  • fix 5.1 channel ordering
  • update to FFmpeg 0.7 branch
Version 0.27
  • Release Date: Jun 18, 2010
  • Download(s):
  • Use Skeleton 4.0 by default (including index), can be disabled with --skeleton-3 or --no-skeleton
  • update to FFmpeg 0.6 branch
  • use ogv/oga/ogx depending on input if no output name is specified
  • aspect ratio fix in twopass mode
  • update documentation
Version 0.26
  • Release Date: Feb 6, 2010
  • Download(s):
  • use a/v sync from input container this should fix many issues that came up with variable framerate inputs
  • include metadata from source in --info json output
  • update GPL to version 3
  • update fmpeg
  • update libkate
  • OggIndex support, can be enabled with --seek-index
Version 0.25
  • Release Date: Oct 2, 2009
  • Download(s):
  • * fix input from codecs where width/height is not encoded width/height * fix a/v sync issues with some mov/mp4 files with strange framerates * add new option --info outputs json info about source * frontend mode outputs one json dict per line now * select video stream if input has more than one video(--videostream N) * update to ffmpeg trunk and new ffmepg api * use new libtheora 1.1 * use new libtheora encoding api add new encoding options --soft-target, --buf-delay * two pass encoding, --two-pass or in two calls with --first-pass and --second-pass

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