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Version 3.6.3
  • Release Date: Dec 18, 2007
  • fix title operations is not greyd out in VTS titles pop-up menu when no title is selected
  • new "move program up/down" action in "PGC programs" pane pop-up menu
  • fix all but first angles are stripped on export in some cases
  • fix font size in "button set" tabs
  • fix "Open Destination" and "Open Destination in new window" are disabled for some commands in Cell Commands pane
  • fix focus jumps back to the source copied PGC, after editing a PGC which was created using "Duplicate" or Copy and Add copied PGC
  • fix "Assign to Title" creates record in history log with index of PGC which is off by -1
  • fix Data Pool dialog is closed when hover over the button with the mouse pointer
  • fix start X/Y is reset to 0 after editing
Version 3.6.2
  • Release Date: Aug 15, 2007
  • fix - force select button is not selected in debugger when cell starts;
  • fix - navigation timer is incorrectly set when button is auto activated;
  • fix - some multistory disks are handled incorrectly;
  • mod - enforce "compare" part of "Compare -> Set, always link" command;
  • mod - changed language code for hebrew from "he" to "iw";
  • fix - button size changes after editing button info.
Version 3.6.1
  • Release Date: May 2, 2007
  • fix incorrect button index shown in message for "auto selected" button in playback state
  • fix navigation timer is set incorrectly for "auto selected" button in debugger
  • fix debug mode (step/run) is not preserved after "waiting for user" events
  • fix preserve playback position if button command does not redirect navigation during playback in debugger
Version 3.6.0
  • Release Date: Apr 19, 2007
  • fix: incorrect blocks selected after "move blocks left/right" in Domain Content pane
  • fix: do not offer Break command for selection in command editing dialog for cell & button commands
  • fix: do not offer LinkProgram and LinkCell commands for selection in command editing dialog in FP domain
  • fix: allow selection of Link commands without argument only in cell & button commands
  • new: check streams and stream to track assignments for "append copied PGC"
  • new: require "set" portion of "Set Instruction" as some players have problem executing it otherwise
  • new: toolbar to playbach history pane
  • new: option to show/hide notes about internal changes to VM in history pane
  • new: goto prev/next state with branch instruction
  • new: goto prev/next state with user input
  • new: "Remote " pane to debugger view with emulation of "Up", "Down", "Left", "Right", "Select", "Title menu", "Root menu", "Prev" and "Next" buttons.
  • fix: "step" debug mode switches to "run" after cell playback
  • new: do not consider PrevPGC linking to self as error
  • new: keyboard shortcuts for "copy command", "paste command", "edit", "edit command" for preview pane
  • fix: items in DvdTree pane are not correctly expanded after "Delete VTS"
  • new: reset highlight status if all buttons are deleted
  • new: enable "cut to here" for menus with all buttons deleted
  • fix: "Open destination" and "Open destination in new window" are not enabled in "Buttons" pane for "All modes"
  • fix: "vmg_title" register (S[4]) not updating in Debug in some cases
  • fix: "pgc #" register (S[6]) not updating in Debug
  • new: import DVD from command line specified directory (could be either directory name or file name of one of the DVD files (.ifo or .vob))
  • fix: link commands without arguments can only be used in cell commands
  • new: Resume command support in DVD debuger
  • new: updated list of active beta testers in About box
Version 3.5.3
  • Release Date: Jun 29, 2006
  • still time is not set to 0 when hiding menu from Preview and DomainContent panes
  • "link chapter in currrent title" command is not executed correctly in DVD debugger
  • "paste PGC attributes..." action for PGC items in DVD Tree pane to paste selected PGC items (commands, tracks info, etc)
  • "remove navigation" action for all items (except titles) in DVD Tree pane (removes all PGC commands)
Version 3.5.2
  • Release Date: Jun 21, 2006
  • allow set still time for hidden cells
  • check all vobus in menu cells for buttons (independent from BOV search settings)
  • export is cancelled without error message pop-up if there is an errorneous info in VMG titles table
  • import of cells with multiple button sets
  • time search is disabled for long titles (error in TMAPI)
Version 3.5.1
  • Release Date: Jun 13, 2006
  • check button box coordinates on OK (instead of when each value is entered)
  • set highlight end and selection end time to never for "manually" created button set
  • the secondary preferred settings for subtitles and audio are switched around in player settings dialog
  • ignore last programs in PGC referring to nonexistent cells
  • rules to set STC discontinuity flag for PGC cells
  • cells with multiple button sets are imported incorrectly in some cases
  • set highlight status flags for "manually" created menus
  • limit amount of entries in TMAPI to 2048
  • DVD debugger: Jump title chapter should play pre-commands
Version 3.5
  • Release Date: May 5, 2006
  • DVD debugger: select default audio based on preferred audio setting if audio track is not set by disk VM commands
  • DVD debugger: add playback states navigation buttons (first, prev, next, last) to Current Location pane
  • keyboard accelerator (F10) for "debug step"
  • select "All modes" tab by default in Buttons pane
  • do not register DvdReMake project template for ShellNew
  • program may crash when decoding corrupted video
  • problems opening project file saved with some previous versions
  • select "All modes" by default when editing button significantly increased speed of loading project files
  • store source files BOV information in project file
  • sizes are shown incorrectly in some cases in loaded projects with disabled tracks
  • buttons highlights information may be exported incorrectly in some cases
  • DVD debugger: support for parental management during playback
  • DVD debugger: virtual player configuration dialog
Version 3.4.2
  • Release Date: Apr 9, 2006
  • SPRMs pane in debug view
  • import of menus with animated highlights
  • some cells are still marked as interleaved after "split interleaved cells"
  • menu image is corrupted during "replace with still" in some cases
Version 3.4.1
  • Release Date: Mar 24, 2006
  • fix: program may crash after editing interleaved cells
  • new: consistent behaviour for delete (select item in same position as deleted) when deleting commands and VMG titles
  • fix: stop cell playback after button activation in debugger
  • fix: program crashes on Ctrl+V in commands pane if no command is copied yet with Ctrl+C
  • fix: set breakpoints are not shown in DvdTree pane after editing untill new breakpoint is set
  • fix: playback of "Jump VMG Title" command in dvd debugger
  • fix: consequtive multiangle blocks are merged into one block in some cases
  • fix: mpeg decoder falls into infinite loop in some cases
  • fix: edited flag for button sets and cells is not saved in project file
  • fix: double clicking on .drp project file starts program but does not open project
Version 2.5.2
  • Release Date: Oct 6, 2004
  • For a complete changelog, please refer to the DvdReMake Pro version history page...

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