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Version 0.7.1
  • Release Date: Aug 20, 2012
  • No longer silently fail to build dvdunauthor if libdvdread is not present; must be explicitly disabled with --disable-dvdunauthor, otherwise configure reports an error
  • Allow format specification at top level of dvdauthor control file
  • mpeg2desc now reports more details about video frames More explanatory XML-parsing errors
Version 0.7.0
  • Release Date: Oct 23, 2010
  • Reworked subtitle file reading so it can now deal with encodings like UTF-16
  • Default encoding for subtitle files is no longer ISO-8859-1, but taken from user's locale
  • Add fontconfig support following a patch by Nicolas George
  • Remove dvdauthor config files and make command line -o option take precedence over XML dest attribute.
  • Video format no longer has hard-coded default to NTSC, unless you invoke configure with --enable-default-video-format=NTSC. You can also configure with --enable-default-video-format=PAL to default to PAL.
  • Implement configuration of default video format as per the proposal at .
  • File names are no longer converted to locale encoding, unless you invoke configure with --enable-localize-filenames.
  • You can now specify fill and outline colours and outline thickness for text subtitles. Colours can be specified in additional ways, including by name and in HSV space.
  • You can now also specify a shadow offset and colour for text subtitles
  • Allow non-title PGCs in a titleset
  • The VM language now allows C-style comments, as well as CDATA sections
  • Add --nomux and --nodvdauthor-data options to spumux (thanks to TED for sponsoring this)
Version 0.6.18
  • Release Date: Mar 19, 2010
  • implement link-subset jumps
  • implement audio and subpicture content attributes
  • use dynamically-sized buffer for building IFO files
  • version jump to forestall fork confusion
Version 0.6.15
  • Release Date: Mar 9, 2010
  • consistently check for errors on all file opens and when creating output directories
  • fix remapping of colours for more than 8 subpicture streams
  • recover from SCR moving backwards as per suggestion from Philippe Sarazin
  • add patch from Wolfgang Wershofen to print out chapter timecodes
  • validate all XML integer arguments and attribute values
  • fix spurious error parsing video caption option
  • incorporate Fedora patch from Ville Skytt√§ to allow building with GraphicsMagick instead of ImageMagick
  • incorporate FriBidi patches from Ville Skytt√§
  • auto-action buttons have spatial extents too
  • fill in more details in man pages
  • include an adaptation of Martin Crossley's ivtv patch
Version 0.6.14
  • Release Date: Feb 25, 2007
  • popen mode must be 'r' or 'w', not 'rb' or 'wb'
  • make spuunmux escape filenames in xml file
  • properly skip padding bytes in pack header in spuunmux
  • only allow spuunmux to process mpeg-2 files
  • fix bug in setting the resolution field of VTS/VMGM
Version 0.6.13
  • Release Date: Jan 14, 2007
  • fix handling of audio packets that have no PTS
  • patch from Romain Chantereau to fix libmagick6 not
  • including stdarg (Closes: Debian Bug#317463)
  • fix int/unsigned problem: dvdauthor dumps core on some mpegs (Closes: Debian Bug#345105)
  • substantially reduce runtime memory requirements
  • fix numerous memory leaks
  • support '-', '&FD', and pipes more consistently and for more places
  • if possible, make color #0 (of the 4 color subtitle palette) be transparent (Closes: Debian Bug#387828)
  • fix byte overflow on PGC Command Table Size (Lucas Pierce)
  • minor errorchecking for vobs with no filenames
  • fix segfault relating to jumppad
  • fix omission of jumppad table if a menu pgc was defined with ptt or title entry
  • incorporate Debian manpages for dvdunauthor, dvddirdel, mpeg2desc, and spuunmux
  • loosely support 24, 30, and 60fps
  • buttons need even 'Y' coordinates
Version 0.6.12
  • Release Date: Jan 9, 2007
  • print offending vob names on audio discontinuity
  • change assert to verbose warning for more than 128 commands per pgc
  • fix spumux "read 0, expected 4" false warning
  • fix border condition with TMAPT table
  • add -n flag to skip writing output
  • add remap support for subtitle command #7 (CHG_COLCON)
  • fix sector number overflow in IFO files
  • don't escape command sent to shell
  • fix underflow wraparound in computing dts for subtitles
  • fill in reference pointers for all 3 frames even if less than 3 exist
  • allow last vobu of cell to have a forward pointer to self
  • fix TMAPT bug (ptsbase=0; matches Bullitt)
  • support random(FOO) in vm
  • allow the use of all 16 GPRMS via 'allgprm="yes"' option
  • embed commands within the VOB if only one instruction
  • set entries within the actual PGC instead of creating extra PGCs whenever possible
  • vm_optimize combines set GPRM/SPRM and link command (Michael Kreuzer)
  • warn if the button value is not a multiple of 1024
  • fix CreateCallAdr: first 2 bytes of C_ADT contains number of vobs (Michael Kreuzer)
  • fix TocGen: set frame rate (Michael Kreuzer)
  • fix spuunmux button output to work with spumux (Michael Kreuzer)
  • make counters work; allow hex, kilo, and lang numeric codes (Michael Kreuzer)
  • remove all vestiges of button handling from post if not necessary (Michael Kreuzer)
  • new vm commands added: break, goto (Michael Kreuzer)
  • dvdunauthor uncompiles pre, post, fpc, cell, and button commands
  • add 'crop' keyword for widescreen (crops 4:3 image for 16:9 tvs)
  • if audio extends beyond video, then set sector pts accordingly
  • support separate subpicture streams for normal, widescreen, letterbox, and panscan
  • allow text subtitles to be forced on
Version 0.6.11
  • Release Date: Feb 10, 2005
  • fix compile error on newer gcc compilers
  • ensure a row of a subtitle takes less than 1440 bits
  • fix warnings
  • fix 64-bit support (iconv)
  • fix video and sector pts values to be more consistant
  • fix ImageMagick 6.x.x alpha detection
  • improved dvdunauthor by Ralf Engels
  • full sized pts/scr support (for 13+ hours DVD's)
  • support really long subtitles
  • fix jumps from FPC to VMGM menus (was using LinkPGCN, now uses JumpSS -- fixes crash in Ogle and Pioneer 343
  • fix ability to have multiple entries for a PGC
  • fix bug when decoding some subtitles
  • switch to automake
  • have mpeg2desc parse mpeg1 headers (thanks to Nico Sabbi)
  • fix handling of NTSC 3:2 pulldown (end PTS was != start PTS of next VOBU)

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