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CCExtractor is a small program that processes MPEG 2 files and extracts closed captions data to generate subtitle files.
Language: English
Ease of use: Not Rated
Latest Version: 0.87 (details)
OS Support: Linux/Unix Mac OS Win32 Command Line
License: Open Source
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Download: ccextractor_0.87_windows_installer.exe   ccextractor_0.87_windows_installer.exe

Description:Download ccextractor (installer version)
Version:0.87 (added Jan 21, 2019 - view changelog)
Size:17.3 MB


Description:Download ccextractor (portable version)
Version:0.87 (added Jan 21, 2019 - view changelog)
Size:15.67 MB

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CCExtractor is a small program that processes MPEG 2 files and extracts closed captions data to generate subtitle files.


Main Categories: DVD/SVCD/VCD (MPEG-1/2), Subtitles
Sub Categories:

Supported File Formats:

Input Files: MPG
Output Files: SRT

OS Compatibility:

Linux/Unix/Mac OS/Win32 Command Line

Revision History:

Version 0.87
  • Release Date: Jan 21, 2019
  • Download(s):
  • 0.87 (2018-10-23)
    New: Upgrade libGPAC to 0.7.1.
    New: mp4 tx3g & multitrack subtitles.
    New: Guide to update dependencies (docs/Updating_Dependencies.txt).
    New: Add LICENSE File (#959).
    New: Display quantisation mode in info box (#954).
    New: Add instruction required to build ccextractor with HARDSUBX support (#946).
    New: Added version no. of libraries to --version.
    New: Added -quant (OCR quantization function).
    New: Python API now compatible with Python 3.
    Fix: linux/builddebug: Added non-local directories to the incluye search path so we don't
    require a locally compiled tesseract or leptonica.
    Fix: Correct -HARDSUBX Bug In CMake, allow build with hardsubx using cmake (#966).
    Fix: possible segfaults in hardsubx_classifier.c due to strdup (#963).
    Fix: Improve the start and end timestamps of extracted burned in captions (#962).
    Fix: Update (#960).
    Fix: Fixed crash with "-out=report" and "-out=null".
    Fix: -nocf not working with OCR'ing (#958).
    Fix: segfault in add_cc_sub_text and initialize to NULL in init_encoder (#950).
    Fix: ccx_decoders_common.c: Copy data type when creating a copy of the subtitle structure.
    Fix: Implicit declaration of these functions throws warning during build (#948).
    Fix: ccx_decoders_common.c: Properly release allocated resources on free_subtitle().
    Fix: Added a datatype member to struct cc_subtitle - needed so we can properly free all
    memory when void *data points to a structure that has its own pointers.
    Fix: dvb_subtitle_decoder.c: When combining image regions verify that the offset is
    never negative.
    Fix: Updated traivis.yml to fix osx build (#947).
    Fix: Add utf8proc src file to cmake, updated header file (#944).
    Fix: Added required pointers on freep() calls.
    Fix: Removed dvb_debug_traces_to_stdout and used the usual dbg_print instead.
    Fix: Additional debug traces for DVB.
    Fix: Fix minor memory leak in ocr.c.
    Fix: Fix issue with displaying utf8proc version.
    Fix: Fix failing cmake due to liblept/tesseract header files.
    Fix: Added missing n in params.c.
    Fix: builddebug: Use -fsanitize=address -fno-omit-frame-pointer.
    Fix: ccx_decoders_common.c: Removed trivial memory leak.
    Fix: ccx_encoders_srt.c: Made sure a pointer is non-NULL before dereferencing.
    Fix: dvb_subtitle_decoder.c: Initialize pointer members to NULL when creating a structure.
    Fix: lib_ccx.c: Initialize (memset 0) structure cc_subtitle after memory allocation.
    Fix: Added verboseness to error/warnings in dvb_subtitle_decoder.c.
    Fix: dvb_subtitle_decoder.c: Work on passing invalid streams errors upstream (plus some
    warning messages) so we can eventually recover from this situation instead of crashing.
    Fix: telxcc.c: Currently setting a colour doesn't necessarily add a space even though the
    specifications mandate it. (#930).
    Fix: dvb_subtitle_decoder.c: Fix null pointer derefence when region==NULL in write_dvb_sub.
    Fix: DVB Teletext subtitle incomplete.
    Fix: replace all 0xA characters within startbox with 0x20.
    Fix: DVB Teletext subtitle incomplete (#922).
    Fix: Add missing return value to one of the returns in process_tx3g().
    Fix: Typos and other minor bugs.
    Fix: Tidy CMakeLists & vcxproj (#920).
    Fix: Added m2ts and -mxf to help screen.
    Fix: Added MKV to demuxer_print_cfg.
    Fix: Added MXF to demuxer_print_cfg.
    Fix: "Out of order packets" error had wrong print() parameters.
    Fix: Updated Python documentation.
    Fix: Fix incorrect path in XML (#904).
    Fix: linux build script (non-debug): Don't hide warnings from compiler.
    Fix: linux build script (debug): Display what's step of the build script we're in.
    Fix: Make the build reproducible (#976).
    Fix: Remove instance of o1 and o2 from help.
    Fix: Colors of DVB subtitles with depth 2 broken due to a missing break.
    Fix: CEA-708: Caption loss due to CW command (#991).
    Fix: CEA-708: Update patch for windows priority with functions (#990).

    0.86 (2018-01-09)
    New: Preliminary MXF support
    New: Added a histogram in one-minute increments of the number of lines in a subtitle.
    New: Added Autoconf build scripts for CCExtractor to generate makefiles (mac).
    New: Added Autoconf build scripts for CCExtractor to generate makefiles (linux).
    New: Added .rpm package generation script.
    New: Added build/installation script for .pkg.tar.xz (Arch Linux).
    New: Added tarball generation script.
    New: Added --analyzevideo. If present the video stream will be processed even if the
    subtitles are in a different stream. This is useful when we want video information
    (resolution, frame type, etc). -vides now implies this option too.
    [Note: Tentative - some possibly breaking changed were made for this, so if you
    use it validate results]
    New: Added a GUI in the main CCExtractor binary (separate from the external GUIs
    such as CCExtractorGUI).
    New: A Python binding extension so it's possible to use CCExtractor's tools from
    New: Added -nospupngocr (don't OCR bitmaps when generating spupng, faster)
    New: Add support for file split on keyframe (-segmentonkeyonly)
    New: Added WebVTT output from Matroska.
    New: Support for source-specific multicast.
    New: FreeType-based text renderer (-out=spupng with teletext/EIA608).
    New: Upgrade library UTF8proc
    New: Upgrade library win_iconv
    New: Upgrade library zlib
    New: Upgrade library LibPNG
    New: Support for Source-Specific Multicast
    New: Added Travis CI support
    New: Made error messages clearer, less ambiguous
    Fix: Prevent the OCR being initialized more than once (happened on multiprogram and
    PAT changes)
    Fix: Makefiles, build scripts, etc... everything updated and corrected for all
    -Fix: Proper line ending for .srt files from bitmaps.
    Fix: OCR corrections using grayscale before extracting texts.
    Fix: End timestamps in transcripts from DVB.
    Fix: Forcing -noru to cause deduplication in ISDB
    Fix: TS: Skip NULL packets
    Fix: When NAL decoding fails, don't dump the whole decoded thing, limit to 160 bytes.
    Fix: Modify Autoconf scripts to generate tarball for mac from /package_creators/
    and include GUI files in tarball
    Fix: Started work on libGPAC upgrade.
    Fix: DVB subtitle not extracted if there's no display segment
    Fix: Heap corruption in add_ocrtext2str
    Fix: bug that caused -out=spupng sometimes crashes
    Fix: Checks for text before newlines on DVB subtitles
    Fix: OCR issue caused by separated dvb subtitle regions
    Fix: DVB crash on specific condition (!rect->ocr_text)
    Fix: DVB bug (Multiple-line subtitle; Missing last line)
    Fix: --sentencecap for teletext samples
    Fix: Crash when image passed into OCR is empty
    Fix: Temporarily wrapped the Python API, not production ready yet
    Fix: -delay option in DVB
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