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Version 2.10.02
  • Release Date: Feb 22, 2010
  • critical bug fix in jobs : in jobs mode, this bug could cause crash of HCEnc, audio out of sync...etc...etc.. when adding more than 1 movie with different framerates, etc...
Version 2.10.01 (14 Feb 2010)
  • Release Date: Feb 15, 2010
  • rebuild 14/02/2010
  • (fix) DTS to AC3 didn't worked in jobs mode
  • missing quality filter in previous setup ( Smart Sharp Filter )
  • some other small bugs fixed
Version 2.10.01
  • Release Date: Feb 8, 2010
  • NOTE: you must uninstall the previous version, and reconfigure the program, paths to CCE etc...this is a clean install
  • sometimes MKV and MP4 failed to convert due to bad track id
  • excessive bitrate was applied when converting multi audio tracks
  • multi threading ( multicore feature ) was bad synchronized
  • some gui bugs fixed
  • preparing the program for better menus ( menus was temporarily disabled ), they were old and ineffective
  • better compatibility with Win7 64 bits
  • some wizard bugs fixed
Version 2.10 RC2
  • Release Date: Jul 16, 2009
  • full audio multitrack support for AVI, MKV and MP4
  • AVI2ISO Forum RSS Reader
  • MKVs Delays was not properly treated
  • New filters was added
  • Subtitles bottom margin with more options
  • better AAC 5.1 mapping to AC3 5.1
Version 2.10 RC1
  • Release Date: Apr 15, 2009
  • (fix) pulldown failed in some cases when using long path names
  • (fix) FLV - Flash Videos failed to convert
  • (new) added a wizard, interfaces schema was definitely abandoned
  • (new) CCE better OPV encoding with qfactor simulation algorithm
  • (new) new option in subtitles for character spacing
  • (new) threads priority better control
  • what is missing in this release candidate : multiple audio tracks is not yet supported, that should be fixed very soon, I PROMISE !!!
Version 2.10 Beta 3
  • Release Date: Dec 4, 2008
  • (FIX) Program options were bad configured for First Time Users only
  • (FIX) Working Path was saved when it shouldn't
  • (FIX) Some PCs the conversion crashed using jobs
  • (FIX) Basic Interface was not working well in this new version
  • (NEW) Jobs menu with customizable titles text
  • (NEW) First attempt to support AVIs with multiple audio tracks
Version 2.10 Beta 2
  • Release Date: Dec 1, 2008
  • (fix) converting 29.970 sources to PAL was not perfect yet
  • (fix) burning DVD was not working
  • (fix) uninstalling avi2iso didn't remove program folder
  • (fix) selectable subtitles were out-of-sync for sources of 24FPS or 30FPS
  • useless and dangerous subtitles options was removed
  • some other bugs fixed
  • (new) program interface more intuitive, with inline helps (large tooltips) for all options/controls
  • (new) program options reviewed, manly with jobs - passes, matrices, bitrates
  • (new) for compatibility reasons, DTS is kept only by choice otherwise it should be converted to AC3 5.1
  • (new) AVISynth editing in sizable window, made a lot easier to code, and the script has comments that helps experienced users
  • (new) some external programs will be updated
  • (new) new matrices
  • (new) built-in filters was split, now you can choose what filter you want to apply individually
  • (new) editable comboboxes for DVD Size, Quantizer characteristics for CCE, Quantizer for HCEnc, and audio bitrate
  • (new) Audio TEMPO (duration) change, ReClock ,critical A/V out of sync behavior when everything is normal at the beginning of the video file, but audio is gradually shifting during playback
  • (new) more options for audio
  • (new) AC3 encoding will be different, much better
  • (new) new process of converting 29.970 FPS sources to 25 FPS ( PAL )
  • (fix) the preview was damn too slow
  • (fix) activating preview, your options were discharged (lost)
  • (fix) some temporary files was not deleted
  • (fix) using long path names and/or using special characters with DirectShowSource was not implemented, it crashed
  • (fix) RMVB gives bad frame count in some RMVB movies with CCE-SP2
  • (fix) MKV FILM sources - 24 FPS - was not supported - audio was always out of sync
  • (fix) wrong conversion of 30 FPS sources
  • (fix) wrong conversion of FILM ( 24 FPS ) Sources
Version 2.08c
  • Release Date: Sep 15, 2007
  • upmix MP3 audio to 5.1 surround
  • upmix AC3 2.0 to 5.1 surround
  • up to 6 upmix methods
  • bugfix : AVI with DTS audio
  • bugfix : MP3 Audio Sources with delays OUT OF SYNC
  • small bug fixes ( interface )
Version 2.08
  • Release Date: May 5, 2007
  • Direct conversion of formats RMVB, WMV, MPEG with joins ...
  • Support for direct conversion of format FLV ( Flash Video - YOUTUBE like ) (**)
  • Support for direct conversion of MKV (HD-DVD VĂ­deos) with Dolby AC3 5.1 or DTS
  • Support for audio DTS
Version 2.07
  • Release Date: Mar 6, 2007
Version 2.06
  • Release Date: Nov 9, 2006
  • Bug-fix:AVI Frames capture colors in green ( button Frames )
  • Fullscreen AR added for 16:9 or 4:3 ( auto )
  • some bugs fixed in other formats conversions, although this tool was mainly for AVI conversions
  • some other gui fixes
Version 2.03
  • Release Date: Aug 7, 2006

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