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This is the version history page for AVI-Mux GUI, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


  • Release Date: Feb 18, 2010
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  • Contains fixes for a couple of problems: reading certain DTS files, reading certain AAC files, settings dialog was cropped when the system font size was larger than normal, should not require compatibility mode setting on Vista and Windows 7 anymore. It's partially migrated from C-string functions to STL. This is NOT PROPERLY TESTED, I just want to release it, otherwise I'd never get it out. Maybe you want to test...
Version 1.17.8
  • Release Date: Sep 7, 2008
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  • new
    • The CTextFile class is redone. Text files can now be handled in UTF-16 big and little endian (with BOM only), UTF 8 (with BOM only) and the local charset of your windows installation
    • Added highlighting for streams that are default and for streams that AVI-Mux GUI cannot put into AVI files (this visual feature can be disabled)
    • When creating XML files, now STL is used
    • Matroska tags can be used to create several titles for one matroska stream. Note that this is, as far as I know, not yet supported by players or filters.
    • The BitStream class is redone. Reading AAC audio is now faster.
    • The widht and height of the settings window is increased if the right-bottom-most button is cropped.
    • There is now a setting to enable, disable or leave unchanged the cleartype font setting
  • fixed bugs
    • When opening Matroska files containing Vorbis audio streams, the vorbis audio streams' titles were not imported
    • A crash occurred when opening a matroska file containing Tags with no target
    • The windows size should not be restored correctly and on the correct screen when restarting AVI-Mux GUI
    • The delay setting was printed in the wrong place for A_MS/ACM audio tracks in matroska files
    • DTS streams with frames of 2012 bytes got a wrong duration because the PCMSampleCount header field was not used. This made the audio go out of sync
    • When the size estimation of a Vorbis audio track failed, a crash occurred
    • AC3 and DTS: The LFE channel was ignored. This caused incorrect channel information to be written in headers. This did not affect replay on most players, but I got a report that a Nero AVI file parser interpreted this difference between header and real stream data as a broken file.
    • AC3: Due to some rounding that (erroneously) occurred when reading AC3 audio files with 44.1 kHz, such streams were muxed incorrectly.
    • Nowadays, there is no long double anymore in Visual Studio. Due to this, when trying to write 80 bit floats into matroska file, a 64 bit float was written instead and padded with 2 zero bytes. This is fixed. IMPORTANT: 80 bit floats are no longer allowed in the matroska specification. 80 bit floats can only be selected when matroska v1/v2 enforcement is disabled.
    • the file name in the START command in scripts was converted to UTF-8, then it was interpreted as 8859-1 and again converted to UTF-8, which led to disrupted file names
    • a crash occurred when dropping an XML chapter file onto an edition in the chapter editor
Version 1.17.7
  • Release Date: Aug 9, 2006
  • fixed bugs
    • 1.17.6 didn't allow raw video stream extraction due to a missing change after a modification in the GUI
    • reading multisegment matroska files was broken in 1.17.6
    • Muxing an AVI file had higher CPU load when showing the progress view
    • There was a problem in the SSA parser leading to a crash when some attributes simply didn't exist
    • A problem introduced with 1.17.6 causes a crash when opening WAV files. This was introduced when adding file highlighting in the source file list
    • Video stream names were ignored for AVI files
    • MP3 files with garbage at the beginning were never detected as CBR
    • Joining NanDub-made AVI files with b0rky AC3 streams didn't work
Version 1.17.6
  • Release Date: May 29, 2006
  • new
    • separate output thread when muxing
    • highlighting for files in the source file list
    • use PgUp/PgDn buttons to move files and streams
    • hex viewer for EBML/RIFF tree
    • can choose default file name
    • deletes files instead of directly overwriting them, hopefully this fixes the problem that some virus scanners b0rked AVI-Mux GUI.
  • fixed bugs
    • video stream default flag was ignored and always set
    • after deleting files from the source file list, adding new files didn't work
    • after starting to mux from a matroska source, the ebml tree of that file could not be built anymore (critical section handling bug)
    • CLOSEAPP script command didn't work anymore in .5
    • when restarting a muxing job, OGG/Vorbis source files were not reinitialized
    • when using Vorbis audio sources, the large CodecPrivate wasn't taken into consideration when guessing the required header space. With auto cue size enabled, this could lead to a lockup when trying to finalize a matroska output file
    • fixed another bug in the read-ahead mechanism
Version 1.17.5
  • Release Date: Apr 8, 2006
  • new
    • can set video stream name and language code (only MKV output!)
    • got rid of separate video stream window
    • simply use double-click to generate stream sources from one file
    • more windows, especially the main window, are resizeable
    • reasonable TAB order in chapter editor
    • RIFF Tree window now builds the tree in a separate thread and doesn't stall anymore
    • -stdin parameter when launching the application makes it read a script file from stdin (might b0rk with UTF-8 files!)
    • deletes files instead of directly overwriting them, hopefully this fixes the problem that some virus scanners b0rked AVI-Mux GUI.
  • fixed bugs
    • saving a configuration now results in a script file that can restore weird file and stream orders
    • chapter editor allowed to type a title before defining the first language code for an edition
    • LOAD command in scripts can now also load files over network folders using \\server\share\blah
    • very small timecode scales in combination with out-of-temporal-order video frames resulted in a bad file because a 'backstep' by more than -30ku relative to the cluster start wasn't caught
    • accidently discarded the first cuepoint (does not affect playability of files)
    • fixed bug that caused a frame to be dropped when the first video cuepoint didn't point somewhere into the first cluster
    • file size and disk space warnings should now only occur when they are supposed to
    • AVI overhead estimation for low overhead mode was wrong
    • AVI-Mux GUI crashed when trying to mux audio and subtitles with no video
    • cache class is completely rewritten and should work now, so that overlapped unbuffered writing is available now
    • flaky behaviour of EBML tree should no longer occur when multiple elements are expanded at once
    • Should no longer hang when trying to launch a muxing job a second time (happened in some cases due to a bug in the cache).
    • fixed bug that could make the video information window crash
    • fixed bug which caused a crash when loading large XML files
    • fixed a memory allocation bug that could crash the chapter editor
    • fixed bug that caused laced vorbis streams in matroska files to be remuxed incorrectly
    • fixed splitting MKA files by something else than size
Version 1.17.4
  • Release Date: Nov 21, 2005
  • new
    • support for header striping (reading and writing) to decrease overhead
    • chapter editor, video information window and ebml tree are now resizeable
    • support for SimpleBlocks, see Matroska v2 (reading and writing)
    • can handle A_AAC codec id (can be used instead of A_AAC/MPEGx/blah[/SBR], should not matter to most users)
    • segment title is now an unicode edit field

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