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This is the version history page for AutoQMatEnc, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 0.33
  • Release Date: Aug 12, 2006
  • Corrected OPV, it was not working properly when Q=1 (Thank you Danpos for finding it)
  • Improved OPV quality, should be better but slower!!!!
  • Added new parameters for QMatOp tweakings (Requested by Archeo)
    • qmat_min_intra=### , Minimum value for intra values (default 8)
    • qmat_max_intra=###, Maximum value for intra values (default 255)
    • qmat_min_inter=###, Minimum value for inter values (default 16)
    • qmat_max_inter=###, Maximum value for inter values (default 255)
    • dctune_prec=##, Precision percentage (integer value from 1-100)for DCTune (default 5)
  • Tweaked QMatOp (A bit slower but better) : The default speed is a bit lower
  • MPEG2 CBR implemented....
  • FPS displayed (Requested by Fox Ace)
  • Fine tuned QMatOp for Ultra Low Bitrates
  • Totally rewrote the rate control for high bitrates. (3 passes highly recommended for a good sizing)
    • Constraints are respected now : No more spikes above the Max bitrate
    • Sizing as good as good as "normal" bitrates with 3 passes (1 Vaf + 2 VBR)
  • Tuned QMatOp on very hard to encode scenes. (Ex: Pitch Black "crash down" scene)
  • Added a pulldown function (very experimental) :
    • pulldown_detect=#(1: 23.976->29.97, 2:24.000->29.97, 3:25.000->29.97)
    • It's applied once the movie is encoded, so for a PAL->NTSC conversion, select a PAL encode, then pulldown_detect=3
  • AutoBias : If vbr_bias>=0 , automatic else for a manual bias just set it as a negative value.
  • Added a special mode correction when in high bitrates if the movie is oversized, a new faster method is called to correct it.
  • Added some timed log functions. Now everything is timestamped in the log file.
  • OPV Mode : It should simulate a little bit more the CCE behaviour :
    • Range is now 0-300 like CCE
    • The curve is a 1/x^2 kind of function.....a bit like CCE
  • Tweaked the rate control for the embedded Pulldown application
  • Improved quality at high bitrates.(Macroblock at scene changes bug)
  • Worked on the Rate Control without QMatOp, a new function was implemented in order to work as if QMatOp is on.
  • Corrections of minor bugs.
  • Average FPS written to the log
  • "Animation" mode implemented (Depending on some specific conditions some vids are detected as being animation kind and then the behaviour of the rate control is different)
  • Added a feature in the animation mode : Scene Change Threshold is adjusted if too low.
  • AQE is fully compatible in a multi instance mode now : AQE^n (from Darksoul71) for example
  • Added an auto max QMatOp intra/inter value feature, it seems to correct some macro blocking in some cases (I will call it the Appleseed bug! :) Thanks to swiftninja for finding this one! )
Version 0.32b
  • Release Date: Feb 16, 2006
  • Faster/Better QMatOp - Thank you OXA for your help on this
  • Corrected some bugs in OPV
  • Improved the First pass analyzer....3 passes should be enough 99% of the time
  • No more blocking artefacts. (when the bitrate allows it)
  • Corrected a bug for very big videos (Found by Fantoman) : I had to change some parts of the code from 32 bits to 64 bits
  • Improved again the first pass analyzer for the min Q values, it improves again the RC.
  • Corrected some minor display bugs.
  • Display version info in the log
  • Create New VAF parameter taken into account now
  • Multithread enabled version (Highly experimental) - Posix Threads used.
    • Parameter : threads=## , ## being the number of threads.
  • Total time info displayed and added in the log
  • Auto Multithreading : if threads=1 or not mentioned => Automatic, if threads = # manual number of threads, if threads = 0 Multithreading disabled
  • Multithreaded QMatOp phase (Windows threads for this part)
  • Smaller logs, only really pertinent info is kept now.
  • Smaller displays
  • Corrected a bug in the display of the size of the very big files (Multipass)
  • Corrected the RC for OPV.
  • Corrected the Multipass RC, Sizing at high bitrates should be improved.
  • (Thank you to Fox Ace for his tests)
  • Added the MPEG1 encoding feature :
    • MPEG1 = 1 means MPEG1 will be encoded
    • cbr_rate : Bitrate for MPEG1 (which is always CBR)
  • Chapters insertions (multipass only)
    • Same than CCE SP : chapter= ## , ## being the frame number. Only constraint for now, they must be ordered. Example:
    • chapter=0
    • chapter=15000
    • chapter=30000
  • Improved QMatOp with some new extended restrictions but still MPEG2 compliant.

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