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This is the version history page for VisualHub, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 1.34a
  • Release Date: Aug 7, 2008
  • Added a workaround for a bug in iPhone/iPod touch 2.0.x software that prevents certain files from being played after syncing.
Version 1.34
  • Release Date: Jul 6, 2008
  • The iPhone "Tiny" quality preset has been replaced with a new "3G" preset.
  • iPhone videos created with the EDGE and 3G presets now play more smoothly while downloading.
  • A (hopefully) temporary workaround has been put in place to avoid a Perian/QuickTime 7.5 bug where sound may convert as silence when the source is a QuickTime file containing content originally from a Perian-opened AVI or FLV file.
  • The usual sanity tweaks and fixes.
Version 1.33
  • Release Date: May 3, 2008
Version 1.32
  • Release Date: Apr 17, 2008
Version 1.31a
  • Release Date: Feb 20, 2008
  • A couple tweaks and bug fixes.
Version 1.31
  • Release Date: Feb 14, 2008
  • Apple TV 5.1 Surround Sound Support! Videos with 5.1 AC3 audio can now be converted to play on the new Apple TV update ("Take 2") with the new "Apple TV 5.1" iTunes tab preset.
  • When using the iTunes tab, converted .mp4 videos over 150MB will no longer be FastStart-enabled. This will greatly speed up Artwork tagging for large files not meant for internet distribution. Files under 150MB will be FastStart-enabled as usual. Files created using the MP4 tab are always FastStart-enabled.
  • Converting different-aspect videos to TiVo format with stitching on now works correctly throughout the entire video (again).
Version 1.30
  • Release Date: Dec 13, 2007
  • Fixed strange "Out of memory" error on Traditional Chinese systems.
  • Adding .eyetv or .iMovieProject bundles via the Plus button or the "Add..." menu item now behaves the same as dragging them to the file list.
  • If the "Save To" location either stops existing or is read-only, the Desktop is now used instead of ungracefully throwing an error.
  • VisualHub now identifes/diagnoses some common fatal missing or corrupt system file situations.
  • Various other small fixes and tweaks.
Version 1.29a
  • Release Date: Nov 20, 2007
  • Low-space warning for DVD creation is working again.
  • Worked around an odd registration problem for some 10.5.1 users.
  • A couple small sanity tweaks.
Version 1.29
  • Release Date: Nov 16, 2007
  • Fixes to various calculations on comma-decimal systems running Leopard.
    See here for VisualHub Leopard compatibility notes:;f=9;t=4233
  • Dual-Layer DVD option is working again.
  • Dual-Layer authorings now land closer to the DL disc limit.
  • Fixed launching problem under Traditional Chinese localization.
  • Transport streams containing H.264 video can now be converted.
  • Problem where the Preview window didn't show the correct compression ratio when "Show Compression" is checked fixed.
  • The "Best Possible H.264" Advanced settings are now more best.
  • Problem where certain anamorphic 2.35:1 videos still snuck by with unsupported resolutions for iPod/iPhone conversion fixed.
  • Fixes to playback on PS3 when using the MP4 tab.
  • Registrations made by an admin user propagate to all users again.
  • 3.1 and 2.1 AC3 audio tracks can now be converted.
  • 5.1 audio or obscure audio tracks can now be decoded via VLC on the Advanced panel.
  • The AVI "Best Compatibility" profile has been fixed.
  • It now plays on stock Windows systems again.
  • A couple other small code, recipe, and localization tweaks.
Version 1.28
  • Release Date: Sep 15, 2007
  • iPod touch support!
  • Fixed oversizing problem with 8**x352 clips when converting to certain iPod formats.
  • The iPhone preset now also supports the higher bitrate and resolution options as the iPod nano, classic and touch.
  • Forcing non-16:9 material to Anamorphic 16:9 DV now works as expected.
  • Fixed problems with certain MPEG presets.
  • Spanish (Spain dialect) Localization by Emilio Perez Egido.
Version 1.27
  • Release Date: Sep 7, 2007
  • Full iPod nano and iPod classic support! (iPod shuffle video might take awhile...)
  • The new nano and classic support higher widescreen resolution and higher bitrate H.264 for TV output.
  • The Quality slider settings under the iTunes tab have been "reformulated". The "High" and "Go Nuts" options will now create TV-optimized videos for all iPods that support Video-Out (they still play on-screen real pretty-like too).
  • Certain newly-forged Matroska files from film sources now convert with the correct framerate.
  • Problems when adding videos to iTunes are now non-fatal again.
  • Fixed a problem where Previewing a video while "Fit" is set would cause an error.
  • Converting DVD sources to MP4 H.264 or Apple TV H.264 with Two Pass enabled in certain situations will no longer sometimes fail.
  • Converting different-aspect videos to TiVo format with stitching on now works correctly throughout the entire video.
  • Preview tweak for Tiger Safari 3 Beta users.
  • Fixed a DVD Audio selection issue on Leopard systems.
  • Other small obscure sanity tweaks
Version 1.26
  • Release Date: Jul 4, 2007
  • iPhone support! EDGE and Tiny quality presets also create FastStart videos for internet playback anywhere with cell reception!
  • Fixes to "Add to iTunes" functionality when Stitching or using Xgrid.
  • Danish Localization by Ola Bungum
Version 1.25
  • Release Date: Jun 24, 2007
  • AppleScript Technology Preview Released! Download the primer here:
  • UI responsiveness problems on 10.4.10 fixed.
  • Non-DVD MPEG-2 conversions on 8-Core Mac Pros now start as expected.
  • UI glitch on the MPEG tab fixed.
Version 1.24
  • Release Date: Jun 21, 2007
  • New High-Resolution Format for widescreen video on iPod/iPhone/AppleTV/Mac/Win/Linux/PS3/Xbox360! See for details.
  • Full support for 8-core Mac Pros.
  • Support for PSP firmware 3.30 and up. Full resolution 480x272 video is now possible!
  • Raw FLV files are now created with appropriate metadata.
  • Up to 100% speedup when converting to DV on Intel Macs!
  • The Apple TV preset will now create full 720p video from PAL HD sources.
  • Tweaks to Apple TV and iPod bitrate presets and rate control.
  • Xgrid conversions no longer have the potential to create huge log files.
  • Two Pass conversions can now be cancelled during the first pass.
  • When creating streaming MP4 files, a lower distance between keyframes is now used.
  • The 56k presets for MP4, WMV and Flash no longer fail on specially-called framerates.
  • Additional aspect compatibility for some MPEG-2 based camcorders.
  • Clips with audio under 22050Hz will be automatically corrected when converting to MPEG.
  • "Best-possible H.264" Cheat Codes now take iPod limitations into account. "
  • Best-possible MPEG-4" Cheat Code now uses Xvid's compression algorithms.
  • Fixed framerate mismatch problem with NTSC DVDs in comma-decimal countries.
  • Fixed anti-artifacting artifacts on very-high-bitrate still-picture MPEG-1 conversions.
  • Fixed "Add to iTunes" problem for files with certain characters in the name.
  • Preview no longer causes program crashes on Leopard.
  • Swedish Localization by Stefan Christiansson
  • Various Sanity Fixes/Tweaks.
  • Many other fixes and small tweaks.
Version 1.23
  • Release Date: Mar 23, 2007
  • Apple TV Support! Convert video for the Apple TV all the way up to 720p resolution. Way faster than QuickTime Pro.
  • Improvements to WMV creation.
  • Garbled sound through Windows Media Player on Windows XP/Vista fixed.
  • Updates to Matroska compatibility.
  • Conversions of videos with strange aspect ratios to TV-sized iTunes MPEG-4 files now play properly on the iPod.
  • High-bitrate Two Pass H.264 conversions will no longer be susceptible to grey blips in low-motion scenes.
  • Fixes to Dutch localization.
  • Updates to dvdauthor.
  • Stitched iPod/iTunes files can now be automatically added to iTunes.
  • MP4 files created by VisualHub have their creator code set to QuickTime Player again instead of iTunes.
  • Generic MPEG files are now always created with square-pixels unless otherwise noted.
  • Better detection of QuickTime-determined resolution.
  • Scene changes handled better for H.264.
  • Fixes to PPC NTSC DVD FPS detection. OMG.
  • Many other fixes and small tweaks.
  • Finnish Localization by Arto Vartiainen.
Version 1.22
  • Release Date: Feb 27, 2007
  • iPod/iTunes files created by VisualHub are now FastStart-enabled AND quick-to-tag.
  • Fixed AppleScript error with localizations and the secondary windows.
  • Conversions to AVI can be processed with Xgrid again.
  • AVI and MP4-based files can now be stitched again.
  • WMV files can now be seeked more smoothly.
  • Advanced DVD settings are now saved.
  • DV files readied for Final Cut Pro are now recognized by FCP with the correct aspect ratio.
  • Low-motion scenes in WMV files no longer show artifacts on some devices.
  • Converting DVD sources over 1.5 hours back to DVD is now possible.
  • Mangled, disfigured, or otherwise obscure QuickTime files can now be converted.
  • Fixed a bug causing an occasional H.264 conversion crash.
  • Stitched TiVo-desined MPEG files are stitched "the old way" again for best compatibility with TiVo boxes.
  • MP4 files created over 4GB are not flattened ('cause it won't work).
  • Better max rate control for iPod MPEG-4.
  • Xgrid conversions are now completely logged.
  • New connection methods for Xgrid work better in abnormal network environments/setups.
  • In the case of a failed MP4 Stitch, the component videos are now salvaged.
  • Fixed another issue for users with impossible UNIX shortnames.
  • Improvements to Japanese localization.
  • Dutch Localization by Jolan Raekels
  • Many other fixes and small tweaks.
Version 1.21
  • Release Date: Feb 10, 2007
  • Xbox360 Support! WMVs created by VisualHub can now be played back on the Xbox360.
  • Video Info Inspector! Get a full readout on any video's characteristics. Check the Window menu.
  • The DVD Audio selector now shows each track's information.
  • Dual Layer and "Force Full Resolution" options now available in the Advanced panel for conversion to DVD.
  • AVI files can now be stitched together.
  • New "Ready for Final Cut" DV option. When checked, converted files no longer need to have their audio tracks rendered in Final Cut Pro/Express DV projects.
  • WMV stuttering problem greatly reduced (if not eliminated).
  • "Time Elapsed" readout on the "Conversion Complete" window.
  • More color tweaks for QuickTime-source conversions.
  • Some H.264-based Transport Streams can now be converted.
  • More reliable conversion to DV for source files with low-quality audio (especially WMV).
  • Converting DVD sources back to DVDs works more reliably.
  • AVI files created by VisualHub over 1GB now display correctly in QuickTime and friends.
  • Weird QuickTime movies now have their duration and other info read more reliably.
  • The PSP's Standard quality preset no longer looks terrible when using H.264 encoding.
  • The "Low CPU Priority" preference is working again.
  • DVDs with Mono audio are now converting as expected again.
  • VCD .DAT files can now be converted again.
  • Improved compatibility of authored DVDs with some hardware players.
  • Log files now get archived no matter what post-actions are selected.
  • Files with spaces or strange characters in their name now get logged correctly.
  • Many other minor tweaks, fixes and enhancements.
Version 1.20
  • Release Date: Jan 11, 2007
  • VisualHub will now remember where/how its windows last were the next time you open it, including Easy Settings.
  • H.264 performance on quad processor Macs now even more ridiculously fast.
  • Saving .vhub settings files now saves the relevant Easy Settings too.
  • QuickTime videos now convert with the expected gamma settings (a tad brighter).
  • Sparkle support! The next update of VisualHub will be provided by the happy wonderful Sparkle framework.
  • Enabling Stitch without specifying the output width, height, etc. will result in VisualHub deciding all that for you.
  • You are now prompted to give a much more creative name for your stitched video.
  • MPEG files are now stitched in a better manner.
  • The "Fit" feature now works when creating raw, un-authored DVD .vob files.
  • The "Tiny" presets work again for perfect NTSC/NTSC-Film sources.
  • Bette error message given when protected iTunes files are (not) converted.
  • Log Archive now available in the Help menu.
  • Lots of small tweaks, fixes and improvements.
Version 1.19
  • Release Date: Dec 27, 2006
  • Major increase to H.264 encoding speed on multi-processor Macs! Give your G5 Quad or MacPro a workout.
  • Big increase in scaling quality on Intel Macs!
  • Check for new sample files.
  • Fixes to decoding on some MPEG-2 sources (lines and half-grey frames).
  • Fixes to aspect detection on EyeTV packages.
  • Re-fixed aspect ratio detection for a couple weird DVDs.
  • More reliable DVD Audio selection.
  • Fewer absurd decimals.
Version 1.18
  • Release Date: Dec 20, 2006
  • Improvements to DVD encoding quality.
  • UI updates and enhancements.
  • Converted MPEG-1 files no longer display macroblock errors on some players.
  • Multiple files can be dragged onto the VisualHub icon again.
  • VisualHub no longer requires for any functions.
  • QuickTime files without .mov extensions now better identified.
  • Converting very hi-res video to MP4, AVI, MPEG, Flash and WMV now provides more reliable quality.
  • Two Pass conversion to DVD is working again.
  • Reliability improvements to reading DVD/VIDEO_TS sources.
  • Rate control for DVD conversions improved.
  • Improvements to Matroska compatibility.
  • Custom framerates can now be set for PSP videos (Firmware 2.8+ in /VIDEO directory only)
  • Various other small tweaks/improvements/fixes.

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