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This is the version history page for TsRemux, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 0.23.2
  • Release Date: Apr 21, 2010
  • Download(s):
  • Output of detected stream metrics to stream selection list added.
  • Demux as output added, extracts multiple elementary streams at once.
Version 0.23.1
  • Release Date: Apr 19, 2010
  • Download(s):
  • Application installer added (incl. required MPlayer).
  • MPlayer integration, video is visible/controllable inside TsRemux now.
  • Complete UI revamp.
  • File extension filter in file dialogs are configurable now.
Version 0.22.1
  • Release Date: Apr 17, 2010
  • Download(s):
  • This is my modification of TsRemux 0.21.2, it adds the possibility to set trim points visually using mplayer as frontend. Maybe it's useful to somebody except me (black.hobbit - at -
Version 0.21.2
  • Release Date: May 21, 2008
  • Download(s):
  • there was a bug in spacecat56 code that would break processing of M2TS input files. This bug exists in both spacecat65's version of TsRemux and 0.21.1 official version. For M2TS input please use 0.21.2. No other fixes or changes.
Version 0.21.1
  • Release Date: May 20, 2008
  • new features by spacecat56 - command line capability and performance fixes. In addition this is a bug fix release where a lot of crashes have been fixed
Version 0.0.20
  • Release Date: Feb 9, 2008
  • Fixed EVO/VOB/MPG file handling
  • Fixed MPLS generation from above (big thanks to all contributors)
  • Added DTS HD to DTS in blu-ray streams
Version 0.0.19
  • Release Date: Dec 28, 2007
  • Added Audio Alignment by-pass option (enabled by default), since it's only needed when converting program streams to transport streams or when converting some SAT/Cable streams to Blu-Ray.
  • Added an option to remux Blu-Ray TrueHD to Dolby Digital by extracting the AC3 track and dropping the MLP track from the elementary stream
Version 0.0.18
  • Release Date: Aug 11, 2007
  • I'll make a change in TsRemux to generate index.bdmv and MovieObject.bdmv to follow what those two are doing. The only real difference will be that right now the uploaded index.bdmv shows that the disk was produced by NeroVision version, my index.bdmv won't have that.
Version 0.0.17
  • Release Date: Aug 9, 2007
  • Fixed elementary stream recognition issues, where audio streams were mis-recognized.
  • Fixed issue where the remuxing would all-over-sudden become extremely slow or hang up and/or the resulting stream would have a loss of audio
  • MKV support is early alpha. Opening MKV files takes a long time, remuxed results may vary, from my own testing MPEG2 and AC3 seem to work, but H264 doesn't.
Version 0.0.16
  • Release Date: Jun 19, 2007
  • Bug fix release. Fixes most bugs reported by various users. Thank you for your samples that allowed me to find and fix those bugs.
Version 0.0.15
  • Release Date: Jun 16, 2007
  • contains VOB/EVO -> TS/M2TS/Blu-Ray fixes.
Version 0.0.14
  • Release Date: Jun 15, 2007
  • All audio types should now work.
  • Added the capability to adjust chapter lenghts.
Version 0.0.13
  • Release Date: Jun 12, 2007
  • fixed sound issues in TS->Blu-Ray
  • fixed DD/DTS (E)VOB->TS/M2TS/Blu-Ray
  • DD+ EVOB->TS/M2TS/Blu-Ray may or might not work depending on the stream.
  • MLP/LPCM EVOB->TS/M2TS/Blu-Ray will not yet work.
  • Blu-Ray output is now beta.
Version 0.0.12
  • Release Date: Jun 11, 2007
  • Bug fixes
Version 0.0.11
  • Release Date: Jun 8, 2007
  • a bunnch of fixes in the playlist. Blu-Ray output now in alpha quality.
Version 0.0.10
  • Release Date: Jun 8, 2007
  • Fixed handling of blu-ray PMTs spanning multiple packets. It is now possible to remux blu-ray titles that have tons of substreams, such as POTC. Fixed AC3 in VOB to TS conversion. Various other small fixes.
  • 3rd output option is pre-alpha quality. It doesn't fully work, but you're welcome to test it on various hardware/software and report back issues. Big thanks if you can pinpoint errors and fixes in the files I mention above. Once this is finished I'll move on to MKV input support.
Version 0.0.9
  • Release Date: May 30, 2007
Version 0.0.8
  • Release Date: May 26, 2007
  • No new features. Just major bug fixes. There were two nasty bugs, one in demuxing elementary streams and one in remuxing that would only show up from time to time in some streams. This bug (now fixed) for example caused the remuxed Casino Royale to be corrupted etc. I do want to make this more stable before adding all the cool new features. Hopefully this version is it. Let me know.
Version 0.0.7
  • Release Date: May 20, 2007
  • New version 0.0.7. Now more robust. The issues with samples above were as follows: Sample #1 did not end on a TS packet boundary, so when trying to compute the last timestamp (to get the total video length) the loading crashed. Fixed. I now re-align myself to packet boundary when reading from the end. Sample #2 is very weird. The PMT shows the video to be AVC, but the video headers shows it to be MPEG2. I don't know which to believe, so for now, I believe the PMT. BBugsBunny's issue I think I solved as well, but since I don't have a sample, BB will need to test the new version himself.
Version 0.0.6
  • Release Date: May 19, 2007
  • bug fixes
  • preliminary support for adding subtitle (presentation graphics) streams. The streams must be in the format that SUPreader recognises as blu-ray subtitles. (You can generate those by demuxing a SUP stream in TsMuxer for example)

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