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Version 4.5.10
  • Release Date: Dec 1, 2015
  • -Workaround: [Video Converter & DVD Ripper] For errors that may occur while updating progress info
    -Workaround: [General] For errors that may occur while clearing temp folder
    -Fixed: [Video Downloader] An error that may occur while removing items from the list
    -Other small fixes

Version 4.5.9
  • Release Date: Nov 29, 2015
  • -Fixed: [Video Downloader] Removing one item from the list didn't move other item to the top of the list
    -Fixed: [General] A possible fix to AV errors regarding file list
    -Updated: Skin component
    -Updated: FFMpeg, mediainfo, youtube-dl
Version 4.5.8
  • Release Date: Jun 15, 2015
  • -Added: [Video Downloader] New video downloader list item layout
    -Added: [General] A new skin
    -Fixed: [Video Downloader] Program could get stuck while adding links in some cases
    -Fixed: [Video Downloader] Could not download webm video files
    -Updated: FFmpeg
    -Updated: Youtube-dl
    -Updated: Skin component
Version 4.5.7
  • Release Date: Apr 13, 2015
  • -Fixed: [Video Downloader] Couldn't download videos due to a change in youtube-dl console output
    -Added: [General] A few UI changes and new default window dimensions
    -Updated: FFmpeg
    -Updated: MedaiInfo
    -Updated: Youtube-dl
    -Updated: Skin component
Version 4.5.6
  • Release Date: Mar 9, 2015
  • -Added: [General] Post encode options are now reset to "Do nothing" when to program is closed
    -Fixed: [Video/Audio Converter] Selecting x265 would not select ffmpeg and mp4 as default options
    -Fixed: [Video Downloader] Controls to add links fast to video downloader were not disabled during a download
    -Fixed: [Video Downloader] Video downloader was unable to add links to the list
    -Updated: youtube-dl
    -Updated: FFmpeg
    -Updated: Skin component
Version 4.5.5
  • Release Date: Dec 30, 2014
  • -Fixed: [DVD Ripper] Could not rip to xvid due to a bug in aspect ratio code 
    -Fixed: [General] "Codec Options" button wasn't enabled after DVD ripping was stopped/ended
    -Fixed: [General] Some debugging parameters were left on
Version 4.5.4
  • Release Date: Dec 26, 2014
  • -Added: [Video/Audio Converter] Support for x265 encoding
    -Added: [DVD Ripper] Batch DVD ripping
    -Added: [Video Downloader] A faster way to add links to video downloader
    -Added: [Video/Audio Converter] Options to define default audio and subtitle track languages
    -Fixed: [General] Couldn't get subtitle tracks from some mkv files
    -Fixed: [Video/Audio Converter] Updated default video downloader format
    -Updated: youtube-dl
    -Updated: MediaInfo to 0.7.71
    -Updated: FFmpeg
    -Updated: Skin component
Version 4.5.3
  • Release Date: Oct 26, 2014
  • -Added: [Video Downloader] Video thumbnails will be resized more smoothly
    -Fixed: [Video/Audio Converter] Encoding audio files would fail
    -Fixed: [Video Downloader] "Access violation" errors when removing items from the list
    -Fixed: [Video Downloader] Couldn't close the program while adding files
    -Fixed: [General] A few minor bugs
    -Updated: youtube-dl
Version 4.5.2
  • Release Date: Oct 5, 2014
  • -Removed: Ads from installers
Version 4.5.1
  • Release Date: Oct 3, 2014
  • -Fixed: [Video/Audio Converter] Wouldn't encode video if video stream wasn't the first stream
    -Fixed: [General] Many memory leaks
    -Fixed: [General] Version info shown in the interface was wrong
    -Fixed: [General] 32bit versions would report memory leaks on exit

Version 4.5
  • Release Date: Oct 2, 2014
  • -Added: [Video/Audio Converter] Support for embedded subtitles
    -Added: [Video/Audio Converter] Support for ".ts" files
    -Improved: [Video/Audio Converter] Audio track selection accuracy
    -Improved: [Video/Audio Converter] FFMpeg encode starting performance
    -Fixed: [Video/Audio Converter] Audio index problems with MEncoder
    -Fixed: [Video/Audio Converter] Duration information from some mkv files couldn't be extracted
    -Fixed: [Video Downloader] Couldn't mux if file name ended/started with space
    -Fixed: [Profiles] Users could create profiles with empty file names
    -Fixed: [Trimming] Reset didn't work properly
    -Updated: Youtube-dl
Version 4.4
  • Release Date: Sep 12, 2014
  • -Added: [Video Downloader] An option to skip download if output file exists and contains audio 
    -Added: [Video Downloader] Ability to enter user name and password
    -Added: [Video Downloader] An option to disable thumbnail loading
    -Added: [Video Downloader] Some interface changes
    -Added: [Video Downloader] Improved video downloader starting performance
    -Added: [Video/Audio Converter] Re-enabled "Delete unfinished files" option
    -Added: [Video/Audio Converter] Moved custom arguments options to "Codec Options" window
    -Added: [Video/Audio Converter] When "Direct Copy" is selected as video codec ffmpeg will be used
    -Added: [General] Changed default skin to "Web2"
    -Fixed: [Video Downloader] Downloaded "M4A DASH" and "WEBM AUDIO" audio files couldn't be played by some players
    -Fixed: [Video Downloader] Logs weren't saved and shown properly
    -Fixed: [Video Downloader] Did not encode to audio only
    -Fixed: [Video Downloader] Did not encode to selected format
    -Fixed: [Video Downloader] Some interface problems
    -Updated: Youtube-dl
Version 4.3
  • Release Date: Aug 6, 2014
  • -Added: [Video Downloader] An option to skip download if output file exists and contains audio 
    -Added: [Video Downloader] Ability to enter user name and password
    -Added: [Video Downloader] An option to disable thumbnail loading
    -Added: [Video Downloader] Some interface changes
    -Added: [Video Downloader] Improved video downloader starting performance
    -Added: [Video/Audio Converter] Re-enabled "Delete unfinished files" option
    -Added: [Video/Audio Converter] Moved custom arguments options to "Codec Options" window
    -Added: [Video/Audio Converter] When "Direct Copy" is selected as video codec ffmpeg will be used
    -Added: [General] Changed default skin to "Web2"
    -Fixed: [Video Downloader] Downloaded "M4A DASH" and "WEBM AUDIO" audio files couldn't be played by some players
    -Fixed: [Video Downloader] Logs weren't saved and shown properly
    -Fixed: [Video Downloader] Did not encode to audio only
    -Fixed: [Video Downloader] Did not encode to selected format
    -Fixed: [Video Downloader] Some interface problems
    -Updated: Youtube-dl

Version 4.2
  • Release Date: Jul 19, 2014
  • -Added: Post-encode options for video downloader
    -Added: Users can now stop video link adding process
    -Added: A few changes to progress interface
    -Fixed: Adding an YouTube link from a playlist could cause some problems
    -Fixed: Download time value written to log was always empty
    -Fixed: Post-encode options weren't used
    -Fixed: TEncoder couldn't write logs because logs folder wasn't created in some rare cases
    -Updated: Youtube-dl
    -Updated: FFMpeg
Version 4.1.1
  • Release Date: Jul 16, 2014
  • -Added: A tool to add watermarks to video (thx to joby_toss)
    -Added: A text to show video downloading progress
    -Added: TEncoder will now check downloaded files too
    -Added: A link to the list of supported video sites (thx to joby_toss)
    -Added: TEncoder will save encoder logs into "logs" sub-folder (thx to joby_toss)
    -Added: A few small interface changes
    -Fixed: Stopping video downloader didn't reset progress informations
    -Fixed: Update checker caused a message box to be shown when settings window was opened
    -Fixed: Couldn't clear some logs
    -Updated: Youtube-dl
    -Updated: FFmpeg
Version 4.1
  • Release Date: Jul 4, 2014
  • -Added: TEncoder will now check output files after encoding
    -Added: An option to keep ssa and ass subtitle styles
    -Added: Info about subtitles won't be shown in summary list if FFMpeg is selected
    -Added: TEncoder will now remember the active tab
    -Fixed: Several problems with batch download link add
    -Fixed: Couldn't read video codec of some files with more than one audio track
    -Fixed: "Update video downloader" didn't work
    -Updated: Youtube-dl
Version 4.0 Version 3.9
  • Release Date: Apr 22, 2014
  • Download(s):
  • -Added: A tool to merge an image and audio to video
    -Added: A tool to dub video with an external audio file
    -Added: Many skins
    -Added: MP4 muxing while using MEncoder will be done with MP4Box
    -Added: File list now shows more information
    -Added: "Copy date from source" will now copy last modified date too
    -Added: An option, under "Help" menu, to create log archive in the desktop
    -Added: Main window is now a bit larger as default
    -Fixed: Program would crash when muxing to mp4 using MEncoder as encoder
    -Fixed: Subtitle and audio delay values weren't saved properly
    -Fixed: Applying a profile didn't update video size option
    -Fixed: Video size option wasn't saved
    -Fixed: Profile editor would ask to save profile even if nothing was changed/added
    -Fixed: Scroll bars in logs window weren't visible
    -Fixed: Enabling skins didn't apply hue and saturation options
    -Fixed: Enable/disable skin options was not saved
    -Fixed: Profiles created by the user couldn't be deleted
    -Fixed: "Copy date from source" option wasn't saved
    -Fixed: "'' is not a valid integer value." error
    -Fixed: Couldn't add files without an audio stream
    -Fixed: A few UI related problems
    -Updated: FFMpeg
Version 3.8 Version 3.7
  • Release Date: Feb 10, 2014
  • Download(s):
  • Added: A new GUI layout
  • Added: An option to disable track id options for mpeg sources with MEncoder
  • Added: Subtitle and audio delay step values are now 100 ms instead of 500 ms
  • Added: Audio volume option (works for MEncoder only)
  • Fixed: Encoding failed with MEncoder if container was mp4 and video codec other than x264
  • Fixed: Encoder selection in profile editor wasn't saved
  • Fixed: Exit shortcut was "X" instead of "Ctrl + X"
  • Fixed: Subtitle font option was ignored
  • Fixed: Player will follow subtitle and audio stream selections
  • Fixed: "Clear Selected Log" option in "Logs" window didn't work
  • Removed: Translations due to GUI changes
  • Updated: AlphaControls to 8.53
Version 3.6 Version 3.5
  • Release Date: May 7, 2013
  • Download(s):
  • Added: CRF encoding with x264
  • Added: TEncoder will now create a temp folder in output when muxing to mp4
  • Added: New skins
  • Fixed: Video and audio settings didn't resize properly (thx to bug reporters)
  • Fixed: Video only encoding with MEncoder failed
  • Fixed: Custom general options for MEncoder and FFMpeg weren't saved
  • Fixed: Disabling skin caused text to be invisible
  • Fixed: Enabling subtitles when no subtitle existed caused problems
  • Fixed: Mp4 output with MEncoder was placed in wrong folder
  • Fixed: Tray icon didn't work
  • Fixed: "Export to script" didn't work
  • Fixed: Selecting items from file list with more than one audio track caused problems
Version 3.4.1 Version 3.4
  • Release Date: May 2, 2013
  • Download(s):
  • Added: Russian translation (thx to A.Strezh)
  • Added: Basque translation (thx to Xabier Aramendi)
  • Added: A new GUI layout in order to make TEncoder work with lower resolutions. Older settings will be reseted.
  • Fixed: Spanish translation caused interface to distorted
  • Fixed: TEncoder checked for updates at startup even if it was disabled (thx to kolpotoru)
  • Fixed: GUI got distorted after an encode
  • Fixed: Audio ID problem with VOB and MTS files
  • Fixed: "?" was passed as subtitle file
  • Fixed: MEncoder produced invalid mp4 files
Version 3.3.2 Version 3.3.1 Version 3.3
  • Release Date: Mar 14, 2013
  • Download(s):
  • Added: Option to disable folder structure creation
  • Added: Spanish translation (thx to Franco Ezequiel)
  • Added: Some GUI layout changes
  • Fixed: Adding video files with no audio stream could cause problems
  • Fixed: Audio ID problem with some vob and mpeg files
  • Updated: AlphaControls to 8.20
  • Updated: FFMpeg to latest from
  • Updated: MPlayer and MEncoder to SB50 from
Version 3.2.1
  • Release Date: Feb 7, 2013
  • Download(s):
  • Added: FFMpeg will now use Soxr for resampling
  • Added: "Donation" and "Send mail to author" buttons
  • Updated: AlphaControls to 8.17
  • Updated: FFMpeg to latest from
Version 3.2
  • Release Date: Jan 30, 2013
  • Download(s):
  • Added: TEncoder will save encoder logs to AppData folder now
  • Added: New skin "AlterMetro"
  • Added: An option to disable CPU usage bar
  • Added: Advanced video settings (only for x264 at the moment)
  • Improved: Audio track ID detection
  • Improved: Audio codec detection for "Direct Stream Copy"
  • Fixed: Wrong container format for some profiles (thx to MilesAhead)
  • Fixed: Moving files up/down in the list caused problems
  • Fixed: Main window disappeared if minimized after an encode (thx to LigH)
  • Fixed: A few minor UI problems
  • Updated: AlphaControls to 8.16
  • Updated: MPlayer and MEncoder to SB49 from
  • Updated: FFMpeg to latest from
Version 3.1
  • Release Date: Nov 23, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Added: Turkish translation (Translators, please see "To translators.txt")
  • Added: Profiles are now stored in different files under "Profiles" folder
  • Added: User created Profiles will be saved in a differen directory
  • Added: Custom video and audio options to profiles
  • Added: Container options to profiles
  • Added: Parent folder of input file will be created in the output folder
  • Added: Option to use 32bit FFmpeg eventhough the OS is 64bit
  • Added: New skin "Mint"
  • Fixed: FFMpeg could not open AVS files (thx to goorawin)
  • Fixed: Some settings were not saved
  • Fixed: Preview window taskbar progress state problem
  • Fixed: When a profiles was added/deleted/edited, profile lists would become empty
  • Updated: AlphaControls to 8.04
  • Updated: FFMpeg to 20-11-2012
  • Updated: MPlayer and MEncoder to SB43
Version 3.0
  • Release Date: Nov 15, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Added: 64bit ffmpeg will be used when it's possible
  • Added: Shutdown PC, log off or reboot post-encode options
  • Added: Option to run single process when video codec is x264
  • Added: CPU usage indicator
  • Added: Tray icon and balloon hint
  • Added: New skin "Zest"
  • Fixed: Audio summary info was wrong in some cases
  • Fixed: Reseting settings caused wrong skin selection
  • Fixed: Speex files could not be added
  • Fixed: BAT files with MEncoder as encoder could not start
  • Fixed: Default output folder is program folder for portable version
  • Updated: FFmpeg to 11-05-2012 from
  • Updated: MPlayer and MEncoder to SB42
  • Updated: AlphaControls to 8.03
Version 2.9
  • Release Date: Oct 26, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Added: Support for audio codec Opus
  • Added: Support for .opus files
  • Added: Decreased main window dimensions (will reset position info)
  • Fixed: Custom arguments were not passed if codec is "Copy"
  • Fixed: MEncoder "Direct Stream Copy" container problem
  • Fixed: Minor UI problems
  • Updated: MPlayer and MEncoder to SB41
  • Updated: MediaInfo to 0.7.61
  • Updated: FFmpeg to latest from
Version 2.8
  • Release Date: Oct 19, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Added: Option to make TEncoder delete unfinished files
  • Added: Custom arguments for MEncoder and FFmpeg are seperated
  • Added: Progress will be shown properly while adding folders
  • Added: Preview mode for audio only sources
  • Added: "Preview" window will show file's name in its title now
  • Added: Preview progress will be shown in taskbar
  • Added: Two new skins "WEB2" and "Subway"
  • Added: File being process will be shown during adding process
  • Fixed: Unnecessary warning if saving script enabled with MEncoder as encoder
  • Fixed: "Abort" button was disabled in some cases
  • Updated: AlphaControls to 8.02
Version 2.7
  • Release Date: Oct 11, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Added: Support for 3gp container
  • Added: Video options won't be passed if source is audio file
  • Added: Some UI changes to "Logs" and "Settings" windows
  • Fixed: "Canvas does not allow drawing" errors
  • Fixed: Audio to audio convertion failed
  • Fixed: Wrong file extension if video options were set for audio only source
  • Fixed: Flickers due to excesive output from backends
  • Fixed: Errors occur when Logs were created
  • Updated: AlphaControls to 8.01 Beta
  • Updated: FFMpeg
  • Updated: MPlayer and MEncoder
  • Updated: JVCL to 3.47
  • Updated: MadExcept to 4.0.5
Version 2.6
  • Release Date: Sep 27, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Added: User will be warned if given bitrate values are not numeric
  • Fixed: Some presets caused size edits and size list to show invalid values
  • Fixed: Audio track selection was ignored if "None" video codec was selected
  • Fixed: A few UI problems (thanks to Zoni)
  • Fixed: In rare cases, TEncoder could not be minimized
  • Fixed: Default skin was wrong for portable version
  • Updated: AlphaControls to 7.70
  • Updated: FFmpeg to git-bbe9fe4
Version 2.5
  • Release Date: Sep 22, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Added: Support for Speex (FFMpeg only)
  • Added: About 840 device presets (old presets will not work!)
  • Added: several new skins
  • Added: Support for rmvb files as input
  • Fixed: Encoding failed if aspect ratio was forced with some video codecs
  • Fixed: TEncoder crashed if "Close TEncoder" was selected as post-encode option
  • Fixed: Settings weren't saved if "Close TEncoder" was selected as post-encode option
  • Fixed: Video and audio summary problems
  • Improved: Audio codec detection (FLAC)
  • Updated: MediaInfo to 0.7.60
  • Updated: FFmpeg to git-cb3591e
Version 2.4
  • Release Date: Sep 10, 2012
  • Added: Video "Direct Stream Copy" is going to use selected container
  • Added: A few minor UI changes
  • Fixed: Selecting Huffyuv disabled all video settings (thx to pintcat)
  • Fixed: Huffyuv resizing, aspect ratio etc problems with FFMpeg
  • Fixed: FFMpeg is default encoder for Huffyuv now (thx to pintcat)
  • Fixed: Audio extraction may not work properly in some cases
  • Improved: Audio codec detection
  • Updated: AlphaControls to 7.68
  • Updated: FFMpeg to git-070b0e1
Version 2.3
  • Release Date: Jul 19, 2012
  • Added: Support for video codec Huffyuv (thx to pintcat and cauptain)
  • Added: Skin "Toxic"
  • Fixed: Audio only mode sometimes failed
  • Fixed: Audio delay used even though video was disabled
  • Fixed: Convertion sometimes failed with files without audio
  • Fixed: Passed time was shown wrong
  • Fixed: A few UI problems
  • Improved: Audio codec detection for audio copying
  • Updated: AlphaControls to 7.67
Version 2.2
  • Release Date: Jul 16, 2012
  • Added: Language info will be shown for audio tracks
  • Added: Option to keep audio sampling rate
  • Added: Option to keep audio channels
  • Added: "Delete" button to Profile editor to delete profiles
  • Added: Support for WMAV2
  • Added: TEncoder's main window size can be reduced now
  • Added: TEncoder will add index if output file already exists
  • Added: Option to force encoders to calculate width according to aspect ratio
  • Fixed: Logs saving problems (thanks to gnaw)
  • Fixed: Changed "Copy" codec to "Direct Stream Copy" (thanks to gnaw)
  • Fixed: Problems caused by files without any audio streams
  • Fixed: Wrong audio track problem
  • Fixed: Filtering problems
  • Fixed: Portable version default output path is now application folder (thx to users)
  • Fixed: Profile editor "Refresh" button press caused profiles to dissappear from main window
  • Fixed: Proper skin was not applied when skinning was enabled after fresh start
  • Fixed: Some minor UI problmes
  • Improved: Some UI changes
  • Improved: Filtering options passed to encoder
Version 2.1
  • Release Date: Jun 15, 2012
  • Added: Cropping (beta)
  • Added: Option to disable skinning (thanks to zo-ni)
  • Added: Option to do CBR video encoding with FFMpeg
  • Fixed: Mencoder hard-coded subtitles eventhought subtitles were disabled (thanks to gnaw)
  • Fixed: A few visual problems (thanks to gnaw)
  • Fixed: Post-encode action value could not be saved
Version 2.0.1 Hotfix
  • Release Date: Jun 4, 2012
  • Fixed: Mencoder could not start
  • Fixed: Mencoder two pass could not start
  • Fixed: Didnt keep encoder logs if "Nothing" as post-encode option wasnt selected
  • Fixed: FFMpeg could not do two pass h.264 encoding
  • Fixed: m2ts files could not be draged and dropped
  • Fixed: Custom args were not passed correctly
  • Updated: AlphaControls to 7.65
  • Updated: MediaInfo.dll to 0.7.58
  • Updated: FFMpeg to N-41074-g9c27f29
Version 1.9
  • Release Date: Apr 20, 2012
  • Added: Option specify custom video width and height values
  • Added: Audio extraction now produces valid files
  • Added: A new skin: LightBoard
  • Fixed: 1440x1080 resolution was passed wrong to the encoders
Version 1.8.1 Hotfix
  • Release Date: Apr 14, 2012
  • Fixed: New resolution values were not effective
  • Fixed: Total progress value would exceed 100
Version 1.8
  • Release Date: Apr 13, 2012
  • Added: Option to use source folder as output folder
  • Added: Hue for skins
  • Added: Post-encode option to settings window
  • Added: New resolutions
  • Added: New fps values
  • Improved: Settings window UI layout
  • Fixed: 29.99 is corrected to 29.97
  • Fixed: Icon resolution problems
  • Fixed: Portable version would delete wrong txt files
  • Updated: MediaInfo.dll to 0.7.56
  • Updated: AlphaControls to 7.63
  • Updated: JVCL to 3.45
  • Updated: FFMpeg to N-39664-g6bfb304
  • Updated: MEncoder and Mplayer to svn-34401
Version 1.7.1
  • Release Date: Feb 12, 2012
  • Added: Support for m2ts files
  • Fixed: FFMpeg two pass problem
  • Fixed: FFMpeg aspect ratio problem with VP8
  • Improved: A few minor UI improvements
Version 1.7
  • Release Date: Feb 10, 2012
  • Added: Player
  • Added: Range Editor
  • Added: Option to specify subtitle delay for each file
  • Added: Option to specify audio delay for each file
  • Added: Audio and video bitrates can be entered manually
  • Added: 4 more aspect ratio options
  • Added: Installer can create folder group in start menu
  • Added: MPlayer log
  • Added: Two new skins Lucy and Air
  • Fixed: MEncoder encode range misscalculation
  • Fixed: MEncoder no audio problem
  • Fixed: None as video and audio codec warning
  • Fixed: Subtitle and audio problems if file removed because it doesn't exist
  • Fixed: Drag and drop did not work
  • Fixed: Encoding time was not accurate
  • Removed: Splash screen because it causes problems with drag and drop
  • Improved: Some minor UI changes
  • Updated: MediaInfo to 0.7.53
  • Updated: AlphaControls to 7.60
  • Updated: FFMpeg to git-6833fe4
Version 1.6
  • Release Date: Jan 21, 2012
  • Added: Option to select audio or video only encoding
  • Added: Support for audio encoding (mp3 to aac etc.)
  • Added: Support for Webm (VP8 + OggVorbis)
  • Added: Splash Screen
  • Added: Option to apply range settings to all files in the list
  • Fixed: FfMpeg encode range misscalculation
  • Fixed: Command lines were not shown in logs
  • Fixed: Default skin was not Ubuntu
  • Fixed: FFmpeg Mpeg4+AAC+Mp4 problem
  • Improved: Encoding screen is merged with main screen
  • Updated: AlphaControls to 7.59
Version 1.5 Beta
  • Release Date: Dec 23, 2011
  • Added: 5.1 channel support
  • Added: Option to preserve aspect ratio
  • Added: Encoder changes according to selected video codec
  • Added: Options to select between multiple audio and subtitle tracks for each file
  • Added: Option to specify encoding range (in sec.) for each file
  • Added: Encoder output is shown during encoding process
  • Added: Skins
  • Fixed: AAC encoding problems with MEncoder
  • Fixed: A few minor bugs
  • Improved: Properties windows shows more info now
  • Improved: Some UI changes
  • Updated: AlphaControls to 7.57
  • Updated: MediaInfo to 0.7.52
  • Updated: FFmpeg to N-35966-g1d0ae92
  • Updated: MPlayer and MEncoder to Sherpya-SVN-r34401-4.6.2
  • Updated: libfaac to 1.28
Version 1.4
  • Release Date: Nov 29, 2011
  • Moved: Custom options, two pass and subtitle options to "Extra Options" window
  • Added: Deinterlaceing
  • Added: TEncoder will remember its last position and state
  • Added: Custom audio and video options
  • Added: Total progress is now updated smoothly
  • Added: Open output folder option to post-encode options
  • Added: Files that do not exist will be removed from list before encoding starts
  • Fixed: Temp. folder could not be cleared if encoder log keeping was off
  • Fixed: Flv, m4v and m2v files could not be opended sometimes
  • Removed: Some of the skins
  • Updated: AlphaControls to 7.55
  • Updated: MediaInfo to 0.7.51
Version 1.3
  • Release Date: Oct 11, 2011
  • -Added: Option to select what to do after encoding -Added: Windows 7 taskbar progress -Added: Option specify audio track for multiple audio tracks -Added: Properties window now shows multiple audio/video tracks -Added: Option to specify container for output file -Added: New skins -Added: Shortcut keys -Added: Drag&Drop support -Fixed: Two passes being done simultaneously problem -Fixed: Two pass logs deleted now -Fixed: FFMpeg path problem with script -Fixed: FFmpeg video bitrate accuracy problem -Fixed: Naming issues with script saving on some systems -Fixed: Some file list menu commands not working -Fixed: Orignal video size option problem -Fixed: Minor problems -Improved: A new UI layout and a few minor changes -Improved: Encoding window now offers more info -Updated: MediaInfo to 0.7.50 -Updated: AlphaControls to 7.51 -Updated: MPlayer and Mencoder to r34118

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