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This is the version history page for Subs Factory, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 2.0.3
  • Release Date: Nov 2, 2018
  • New features :
    • It is now possible to choose an encoding when exporting a .srt file,
    • the encoding chosen while opening a file is now memorized,
    • the encodings list is now much more comprehensive.
    Bugs fixed :
    • Markers are now correctly saved in project files,
    • Subs Factory now correctly asks for saving when closing a project,
    • minimum duration of a project without video is now ten seconds,
    • palettes list is now always entirely unfolded,
    • other minor bugs have been adressed.
Version 2.0
  • Release Date: Aug 18, 2013
  • First version on the Mac App Store, rewritten from scratch and dramatically modernized.
Version 1.3.2
  • Release Date: Feb 6, 2011
  • Download(s):
  • Corrected a bug preventing the creation of multiline subtitles.
Version 1.3.1
  • Release Date: Aug 2, 2010
  • Download(s):
  • Corrected a bug when playing a video without subtitles.
Version 1.3.0
  • Release Date: Aug 1, 2010
  • Download(s):
  • Portuguese translation.
  • Subs Factory now saves files in the encoding selected in the preferences.
  • Corrected a bug that greyed the OK button while choosing a file to concatenate with.
  • Corrected a bug happening when shifting only some subtitles to the begining of the video.
  • "About" window improved.
  • Corrected behaviour of start time and end time fields in editor palette.
  • Now the validation button of the editor palette appears when modifying times with "Here" buttons.
  • Subtitles are now sorted more often.
  • Now checking the time fields of the editor palette before validating, avoiding to delete them if they are incorrect
Version 1.2.0
  • Release Date: Mar 9, 2010
  • Download(s):
  • Controls palette added (for play, pause,...).
  • Keyboard shortcuts for movie control added, the spacebar can also be used to play and stop the video.
  • Encodings are now handled.
  • .sub files can now be opened (subtitles dated by image number).
  • Locking the duration while editing is now possible.
  • Closing the current project now allowed.
  • English language corrections.
  • Some minor bugs corrected.

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