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This is the version history page for PiTiVi, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 0.96
  • Release Date: Jul 2, 2016
  • 100 tasks have been closed, See the list of reported tasks that have been resolved in 0.96.

    Since the 0.95 release, 547 commits were made in Pitivi, fixing many bugs and implementing the following features:
    • Proxy editing
    • The clip graphical transformation box has been reimplemented
    • Some timeline behaviour enhancements
    • Project settings are now automatically computed if possible (still letting the user full control if he wants)
    • New project settings and rendering UI
    • Keyboard shortcuts window
    • The undo/redo removal has been undone.
    Requirements changes
    • We now depend on GStreamer 1.8.2
    • We now depend on Gtk 3.20
    • We now depend on gst-transcoder 1.8
Version 0.94
  • Release Date: Nov 3, 2014
    • The main toolbar and menubar have been replaced by a headerbar and menubutton, saving a significant amount of precious vertical space and using the horizontal space better.
    • The viewer has been ported to use a GStreamer GL video output sink instead of the Clutter sink. This solves crashes when running Pitivi outside of GNOME Shell and is expected to be a more future-proof solution.
    • We dropped our use of CoGL APIs, namely path_round_rectangle which caused crashes on various Linux distributions shipping a broken version of CoGL
    • Pitivi has been ported to Python 3
    • Text wrapping in the rendering progress dialog and title editor has been fixed
    • Effects can now be reordered within a clip's properties
    • The default positioning of UI components (when starting from a fresh install) has been improved to be balanced properly
    • Undocked window components do not shift position on startup anymore
    • Docked window components do not shift position on startup anymore, when the window is not maximized. When the window is maximized, the issue remains (your help to investigate this problem is very much welcome, see bug 723061)
    • The title editor's UI has been simplified, and now supports decimal font sizes
    • Educational infobars throughout the UI have been tweaked to make their colors less intrusive
    • Various issues have been corrected regarding:
      • Drag and drop in the media library
      • Audio waveforms
      • Undo/redo
    • The user manual is now up to date with the state of the new Pitivi series
    • Pitivi has been ported to GtkApplication, allowing us to remove a lot of old code.
    • Port deprecated GTK+ widgets to new ones
    • Timeline UI animations have been tweaked
    • Code refactoring and cleanup all over the place
    • Various build and packaging fixes
    • Various fixes to the test suite
    • Translations have been updated
Version 0.92
  • Release Date: Nov 5, 2013
  • Executive summary:
    • Fix a bug where transitions would stop working
    • Fix the handling of rendering parameters
    • Fixes for the keyframes UI in the timeline
    • Usability improvements for the welcome dialog
    • Update the preview immediately when adding an effect
    • Fixes for AppData XML spec compliance
    • Various build and packaging fixes
    • Drop the PyXDG dependency
    • Translations have been updated
    • See the list of reported bugs that have been fixed in 0.92.
  • General fixes:
    • e33598c ui/startupwizard: Force ButtonBox items to have a homogeneous/uniform width
    • b9f62d7 Keep the welcome dialog shown when clicking "Missing dependencies..."
    • 4dcbf5c elements: Set clip inpoints to prevent keyframes from breaking on split/trim
    • 1de8d96 previewers: stop waveforms and thumbnails generation when removing clips
    • 2cb9298 mainwindow: Make it possible to save project when an asset moved
    • bfe4154 project: Avoid to work with read only caps
    • 79fb9ab render: Take into account video size scaling value when rendering
    • e43c54d project: Always set auto-transition to true on newly created timelines
    • dcb9b68 effects: Commit the timeline when adding an effect.
    • 4936135 keyframes: If the length of the line is inferior to one pixel, don't draw it.
  • Build/packaging fixes:
    • c316cc1 Apply minor changes to make AppData XML file friendlier to distributions
    • 8159d23 Drop dependency on PyXDG, use GLib instead
    • 5c94a24 build: Don't attempt locale-uninstalled bits if DESTDIR is set
    • 6490a95 bin: Fix GI_TYPELIB_PATH mistakes
    • 308f18c bin: Build gst-devtools only if in developer mode
    • 078b71b bin: Better handling of gst version and add default scenario path
    • 306e880 bin: Do not build GI and PyGobject if not necessary
Version 0.13.4
  • Release Date: Mar 10, 2010
Version 0.13.3
  • Release Date: Dec 14, 2009

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