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This is the version history page for Opti Drive Control, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 1.70
  • Release Date: Jul 10, 2012
  • added seperate start button for partial test (for all read and scan functions)
  • test results can be exported to CSV or HTML automatically
  • Disc quality test: added jitter measurement for BD discs
  • FE/TE: added support for CD and BD discs (for LiteOn Mediatek drives)
  • Transfer rate test: added support for multisession CDs
  • disc label can be read and shown automatically or manually
  • added load/eject button
  • small bug fixes and user interface improvements
Version 1.51
  • Release Date: Jan 14, 2011
  • Improved detection of layer break of Blu-ray discs
Version 1.50
  • Release Date: Sep 15, 2010
  • Application is resizable
  • Disc quality test: POFs are shown with supported BenQ and Plextor drives
  • Disc quality test: Added support for Plextor PX-8xx series
  • Disc quality test: test continues when a read error occurs with Plextor drives
  • FE/TE: Added support for Plextor PX-8xx series
  • FE/TE: Test can now be run with CDs with Plextor drives
  • FE/TE: Added support for double layer DVDs
  • Transfer rate test: layer change position is shown
  • Transfer rate test: fixed rotation speed display for PTP DVDs
  • Transfer rate test: improved access times measurement
  • Create test disc: improved support for BD and DVD-RAM
  • Disc info: track path is shown
  • Increased command time out value
Version 1.48
  • Release Date: Apr 5, 2010
  • Disc Quality test: added option to set fixed scale for BD media
Version 1.47
  • Release Date: Feb 18, 2010
  • Create test disc: CD-RW and DVD-RW data discs will be erased when direct overwrite option is enabled
  • Disc Quality/CD Bler: added support for PX-755 and PX-760 with unlocked firmware versions
Version 1.44
  • Release Date: Nov 4, 2009
  • Bug fixes:
    • Create test disc: unable to write unformatted DVD+RW discs
    • Create test disc: unable to write discs with streaming enabled
Version 1.43
  • Release Date: Oct 31, 2009
  • Load test: message is shown if disc cannot be loaded automatically
  • Bug fix: graph could only show 4.5 GB when empty DVD-R DL was loaded
  • Bug fix: Windows cannot recognize disc when it's loaded while Opti Drive Control is active
Version 1.41
  • Release Date: Sep 14, 2009
  • Bug fix: Disc Quality: jitter was not reported with certain LiteOn drives
Version 1.40
  • Release Date: Sep 9, 2009
  • Added Extra Tests:
    Funnel seek, random seek, random transfer / seek, transfer inner, middle and outer, layer change time
    Spinup, spindown, eject, load and recognition time
Version 1.30
  • Release Date: Jul 29, 2009
  • Added Focus Error (FE), Tracking Error (TE) test for BenQ, Plextor and LiteOn drives
  • Added function to load and display Opti Drive Control and ImgBurn performance information files
  • Added function to show temperature and laser current with Pioneer drives
  • Disc Quality: added support for Pioneer drives
  • Transfer Rate: speed is set before running the test
  • Create Disc: added option to change buffer level update frequency
  • Bug fixes:
    • Read speed could not be changed with OptiArc 724x series
    • Create test disc: unable to burn unformatted DVD-RW discs
    • Create test disc: test results file was burned incorrectly
    • Create test disc: incorrect ISO file size
    • Disc Quality: PIE/PIF/Jitter could not be scanned with older LiteOn drives and double layer DVDs
    • CD Bler: erratic graph was shown when certain display options were set
Version 1.22
  • Release Date: Jun 13, 2009
  • Disc quality: added option to set the jitter scan speed for LiteOn drives
  • Bug fixes:
    • Disc information was not always detected correctly for DVD+R disc types
    • Create test disc: buffer level was not correctly shown
    • Transfer rate: testing CDs may not be possible with external drives
Version 1.21
  • Release Date: Jun 10, 2009
  • Disc quality: added jitter reporting for Plextor drives
  • Bug fixes:
    • Capacity of blank DVD-R DL discs not recognized correctly
    • MID was not shown with HLDS drives for +R media
    • Fixed buffer overflow when checing write speeds
    • Current read speed was not the active selection
Version 1.20
  • Release Date: Jun 7, 2009
  • Disc quality: added support for BD scanning with LiteOn BD-ROM drives
  • Disc quality: added option to skip jitter scanning with LiteOn drives
  • Drive info: improved detection of BD features
  • Drive info: improved detection of DVD region control
  • Improved read speed detection
  • Bug fixes and small improvements
Version 1.10
  • Release Date: May 30, 2009
  • Added themes and customizable graph colors
  • Disc Quality, CD Bler: added option to set Y-scale to a fixed value
  • Bug fixes and small improvements
Version 1.0
  • Release Date: May 21, 2009

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