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Version 10
  • Release Date: Apr 12, 2010
  • Release Date: Oct 10, 2009
  • Enhanced support for .WTV file format (Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008 and Windows 7 operating system
  • Release Date: Jun 3, 2009
  • New Features:
    • Import your PowerPoint® presentations and convert to DVD-Video or BD for TV playback (requires installed Microsoft Office PowerPoint® 2003 or 2007)
    • Archive HD movies in highest quality AVCHD format to HDD including USB stick and flash memory card, SD Card and
    • Memory Stick(TM), even without the use of an optical recorder
  • Changes/Bugfixes:
    • After exporting files from Nero Vision, it is possible to return to the original file.
    • Text effects in Nero Vision work properly after using the "static" effect.
    • Support for *.m2v files added to Nero Vision.
    • Nero Vision supports previous version project files.
    • .wmf files are displayed correctly in preview window.
    • Nero Vision no longer prompts for DTS Plug-in when adding *.m2ts file with both Dolby and DTS audio tracks.
    • All *.mov files play back with audio in the preview screen.
    • The text effect "Space Scroller" no longer inserts white squares when line breaks are in the text.
    • Temporary files are removed automatically after burning to disc or to Image Recorder.
    • Smart3D menus play back correctly on DVD+VR.
    • Eliminated "runtime error" when burning large AVCHD projects.
  • Release Date: Jul 16, 2008
  • Under certain system configurations Nero Vision crashed when exporting a video file to camera.
Version 5.0
  • Release Date: Oct 2, 2007
  • Release Date: Jul 6, 2007
  • Release Date: May 23, 2007
  • An unnecessary DVD-Video Multichannel Plug-in dialog was displayed when creating CPRM disc
  • Release Date: Mar 21, 2007
  • Release Date: Jan 19, 2007
  • Release Date: Nov 27, 2006
  • Nero Vision no longer encounters problems when a disc is not present in the recorder
  • Burning a slide show no longer generates an error in some rare cases

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