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Version 2.99
  • Release Date: Aug 28, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • BugFix: No video with HTC One X phone clips
  • BugFix: Samsung Galaxy S2 phone clips audio problem
Version 2.98
  • Release Date: Jan 15, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Internal preview with audio
  • DirectDraw support for internal preview
  • Audio support for *.M2TS files
Version 2.93
  • Release Date: Sep 26, 2011
  • Download(s):
  • >2Gb bug was missed in v2.90
  • Bugfix: crashed on large mov files
  • Experimental support for .M2TS files (video only, no indexing)
  • ffmpeg h264 decoder attached as a single dll
  • Basic trim & cut functionality for timeline mode
  • Ability to select frame size & frame rate for XviD recompression mode
  • Minor fixes & improvements for timeline mode
  • Updated help
Version 2.91
  • Release Date: Aug 22, 2011
  • Download(s):
  • Fixrf h264 preview error with newer versions of FFDShow
  • Basic trim & cut functionality for timeline mode
  • Ability to select frame size & frame rate for XviD recompression mode
  • Minor fixes & improvements for timeline mode
  • Updated help
Version 2.83
  • Release Date: Jun 6, 2009
  • Download(s):
  • BugFix: no video for Samsung NV24HD clips
  • BugFix: no video for Sony DSC-T500 clips
  • Better keyframe detection for H.264 clips
  • BugFix: access violation on Pentax S50 clips
  • BugFix: access violation on Nikon Coolpix P500 clips
  • BugFix: 'novideo' fix for mp4's from AVerMedia PC tuner
  • BugFix: audio desync on Panasonic Lumix TZ-7 clips
Version 2.81
  • Release Date: Feb 26, 2009
  • It is possible to specify target bitrate for XviD encoder
  • Better motion estimation parameters for XviD encoder
  • XviD encoder uses all available CPUs
  • Canon TX-10 audio fix
  • Nikon Coolpix S560 exception fix (header parsing issue)
  • Display unexpected errors, which can occur in the encoding thread
  • BugFix: Crash when encoding videos with high quality in some cases (HD video)
  • BugFix: Memory leaks, which caused crash due to out of memory, when encoding large batch of videos
  • BugFix: "Access violation" or "Invalid floating point operation" errors during batch conversion in some cases
  • BugFix: Memory corruption, which can lead to crash
  • BugFix: Incorrect parameters for encoding with B-frames
  • BugFix: Incorrect bitrate display when converting in "Many to Many" mode
  • BugFix: Remember last used video format setting in expert mode
  • BugFix: Proper centering of main window on multimonitor configurations
Version 2.79
  • Release Date: Nov 4, 2008
  • BugFix: Nikon L10 - video was 2 times faster (zero video chunks)
  • BugFix: Casio EX-S880 h264 clips support
  • BugFix: Casio Z-1200 audio support
  • BugFix: Kodak Z-760 audio support
  • BugFix: partial support for >2GB files (reads only below 2 Gb)
  • Samsung VP-MX10A support added (FourCC issue)
  • TimeLine mode seems to be stable - removed beta notification
  • TimeLine is now saved to .asx (standard WMP playlist)
Version 2.71
  • Release Date: Jun 7, 2007
Version 2.50
  • Release Date: Dec 16, 2006
  • Internal video preview for MJPEG and MPEG-4 ASP (using xvidcore.dll)
  • MPEG-4 ASP coding feature (xvidcore.dll) - for MJPEG -> MPEG4 ASP conversion,including configurable XviD options and pre-defined profiles (Beta yet)
  • New TimeLine mode for basic video editing (Beta yet)
  • 3 Program modes - Beginner, Advanced and Expert (in Beginner mode, only basic options are available)
  • Updated user manual
  • BugFix: Canon S70 AVI files
  • BugFix: better audio track detection for Nero mp4 files
  • BugFix: u-Law stereo support for Kodak MOV files
  • BugFix: - set manually - mode for target file/dir
Version 2.37
  • Release Date: Sep 6, 2006
  • BugFix: uLaw Stereo support for Kodak Z612
  • BugFix: MP3 High quality error for sample rates 16000 and 32000 Hz
  • AVI: MS ADPCM (x0002) support added (also supports IMA ADPCM - x0011)
  • BugFix: Audio de-sync with ADPCM AVI's (Casio cameras)
  • Some bugfixes in AVI header parser
  • BugFix: 'Prompt to overwrite target file' - now works correctly
  • BugFixes for for 'split by avi size limit' and additional split rules
  • BugFix: hangs with AAC sound and 'Source audio' option

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