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Version 3.99.5
  • Release Date: Feb 29, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • autotools: Fix compilation on alpha using proper ifdef guards. Thanks to Andres Mejia.
  • Small correction of the documentation.
  • Workaround for cygwin build problem. Tracker item [ 3480692 ] mingw-w64 compilation error
  • Fix for a problem when LAME is compiled with fast floating point math. It could result in bitrate bloat with silent input data.
  • Bug fix for tracker item [ 3486753 ] Artifacts at the beginning of decoded file
Version 3.99.4
  • Release Date: Jan 28, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Fix for tracker item [ 3475581 ] lame crashes at .w64 input file
  • Addressing things brought to attention by tracker item [ 3463197 ] 3.99.x problem WFED and PCST frames
  • WFED and PCST frames can now be added, to tag podcasts iTunes recognizes
  • USER frames are now supported
  • COMM frames can now have a description, when passed via --tv "COMM=description=full text"
  • possible divide-by-zero exception should be fixed
  • adding malformed user-defined-frames could result in abnormal program termination, fixed
Version 3.99.3
  • Release Date: Nov 29, 2011
  • Download(s):
  • Fix for tracker item [ 3441349 ] --tg does not handle genre number when adding unicode tag
Version 3.99.2 Version 3.99.1
  • Release Date: Nov 7, 2011
  • Download(s):
  • Fixes for several issues with ID3v2 unicode tags, using Big-Endian text encodings. Because of several other software (like Windows Media Player), LAME writes Little-Endian unicode tags only. Thanks to Taihei Monma, for reporting these issues. Tracker items: [ 3431203, 3431222, 3431241 ]
Version 3.99 (20111101) Version 3.99 (20111018) Version 3.99 Version 3.99.b1
  • Release Date: Oct 5, 2011
  • Includes Robert Hegemann's new file input routines. Speed 'fixed' for AMD CPUs. Please note that this compile is NOT for archival, it is for test purposes only. This is an beta build and the encoded results may be variable in quality.
Version 3.98.4
  • Release Date: Mar 24, 2010
  • Download(s):
  • Joseph Flynn
    • Improvements for LAME DirectShow filter:
      • Added support for the DirectShow IAMStreamConfig Interface to the LAME encoder filter output pin.
      • Modified the DirectShow filter registration section so that the LAME Encoder filter is correctly registered in the Audio Compressors filter category. This will allow third-party encoding applications using the DirectShow System Device Enumerator Interface to correctly detect the LAME encoder when querying the Audio Compressors filter group.
      • Modified the filter registration information so that the MP3 audio subtype is correctly reported as being supported on the encoder output pin. This will allow third-party encoding applications using the DirectShow IFilterMapper2 Interface to recognize that the LAME encoder supports MP3 output.
      • Altered the Filter Merit Value that was being used when the filter was registered so that it is now using the standard DirectShow compressor filter merit value of MERIT_DO_NOT_USE (0x200000). Previously, the filter was being registered using a value of MERIT_SW_COMPRESSOR (0x100000), which was at a lower priority (i.e. worse priority) than MERIT_DO_NOT_USE. This prevented the LAME Encoder filter from being selected for use by some third-party encoding applications.
      • Added code to calculate the frame length of the audio frames used for the nBlockSize element of the WAVEFORMATEX output structure. Previously this value was simply hard-coded to 1.
  • Robert Hegemann
    • Fix for Bugtracker item [ 2973877 ] A problem regarding the new drain code
Version 3.98.3
  • Release Date: Mar 10, 2010
  • Download(s):
  • Rogério Brito:
    • Update the debian packaging for the new release.
  • Robert Hegemann
    • The ignore-tag-errors switch had no effect when embedding album art, fixed.
    • Library API change: lame_decode functions are now obsolete but still present, please use hip_decode instead. The reason for this change is: lame_decode functions use a single global variable within the library to store decoder setup, hip_decode functions don't. The encoder now uses hip_decode internally and it is now possible to use clipdetect feature while reencoding mp3 to mp3.
    • Workaround for FFMPEG bug, which uses to call lame_encode_flush more than once in a loop.
    • Windows: program icon and version info added (when building with VC9)
    • Fix for Bugtracker item [ 2688413 ] lib name problem in Microsoft Visual Studio 6
    • Fix for Bugtracker items [ 2051870, 2423650, 2928684 ] several small documentation issues
    • Fix for Bugtracker item [ 2723518 ] resampling in 3.98 and 3.99alpha
    • Fix for Bugtracker item [ 2891879 ] Because of Windows API change, there was a problem with the prority switch.
    • Fix for Bugtracker item [ 2893101 ] Access Violation in BladeMP3EncDLL if UNICODE was defined.
    • Fix for Bugtracker item [ 2887359 ] Wrong length in ID3v2 tag when num_samples isn't set
    • Fix for Bugtracker item [ 2872590 ] LameTAG: "Music length" missmatch in LAME 3.98
    • Fix for Bugtracker item [ 2824296 ] wrong enc_padding value in LAME 3.99a and 3.98.3 (from CVS)
    • Revisiting the FhG decoder problem (FhG V1.5 build 50, ships with MS Windows): enabling the new-drain-code seems to solve that issue better, than restricting the buffer size (see below: 3.98 beta 1, May 16 2007).
    • Patch submitted by Bernhard Doebler, tracker item [ 2807676 ] Error when building Lame with NASM support
    • Patch submitted by Mancuso Raffaele, tracker item [ 2406420 ] compile lame_enc.dll under cygwin
Version 3.99.a1
  • Release Date: May 19, 2009
  • Download(s):
  • Please note that this compile is NOT for archival, it is for test purposes only. This is an alpha build and the encoded results may be variable in quality. Includes a fix for ffmpeg. Bundle compiled with Intel Compiler 10.1.
Version 3.98.2
  • Release Date: Sep 25, 2008
  • Download(s):
  • Rogério Brito:
    • o More fixes for the abx tool for Unix systems:
    • + Plugged a memory leak.
    • + Fixed an endianness problem: users of big-endian machines can now do abx tests.
    • o Fixed history's HTML doctype
    • o Fixed history so that it finally validates at W3's validator
    • o Fixed compilation of frontend mp3rtp.c. Thanks to Kris Karas. Bugtracker item [ 2015432 ] mp3rtp missing uint16_t in lame 3.98
  • Robert Hegemann:
    • o Fix for Bugtracker item [ 2031704 ] --id3v1-only didnt work in 3.98-final
    • o Fix for Bugtracker item [ 2022035 ] encoder_padding value and resampling
    • o Fix for Bugtracker item [ 2029282 ] Frequency filtering API broken in 3.98
    • o Fix for Bugtracker item [ 2039648 ] potential memory leak in parse_args() function in parse.c
    • o Fix for some tagging issues:
    • + Made search for ID3v1 genres more sloppy, abbrevations may match more often as some simple typos. Examples:
    • # --tg "Alt. Rock" matches genre "Alternate Rock"
    • # --tg "acapela" matches genre "A Cappella"
    • + New switch --pad-id3v2-size "n": adds ID3v2 tag with n padding bytes.
Version 3.98
  • Release Date: Jul 5, 2008
  • Anton Sergunov:
    • Frontend DirectShow: enabling LAME dshow filter to connect to "File Writer Filter".
  • Rogério Brito:
    • Updates to the Debian Packaging
    • Fixes to the abx tool for Unix systems (so that more people can evaluate LAME's compression against the original files)
  • Alexander Leidinger:
    • explicitely link the math lib to the lame lib
    • add switch to disable the use of the compaq optimized math lib
Version 3.98 Beta 6
  • Release Date: Mar 18, 2008
  • Feature request [ 1811483 ] WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE support (PCM)
  • Fix for some rare scalefactor selection issue the newer vbr code had at low compression levels
  • Fix for Bugtracker item[ 1813496 ] AIFF parsing bug
  • Latest changes to the new VBR code:
    • it now has its own psy model, a derivation from NSPSY.
    • some more tuning has been done for this new psy model. Many thanks to Horst Albrecht and Myles Thaiss.
    • the "out-of-bits" strategy is reworked
  • It was possible, that the "interchannel masking effects feature" was used by the dual-channel-mode for bi-lingual encodings too. It was meant to work on stereo L/R channels only.
Version 3.98 Beta 5
  • Release Date: Aug 14, 2007
  • Fix for Bugtracker item [1590693] ID3v2 tag not writing
  • Fix for Bugtracker item [1636267] ID3v2 tags overwritten
  • Fix for Bugtracker item [1719593] Track numbers > 255 not allowed even with --id3v2-only
  • Fix for Bugtracker item [1742623] fail(lame --mp3input -m m -b 128 --resample 8 *.mp3 **.mp3)
  • Fix for Bugtracker item [ 1445175 ] Input being stdin fails in Windows on WAV files
  • Fixing some memory leak in the 'lame_enc.dll'
  • Fix for Bugtracker items [1160757, 1160741] --little-endian / --big-endian not working
  • Fix for Bugtracker item [1746336] Incorrect Bitrate with ABR und --resample, LAME 3.98b4

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