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Version 20.0.87
  • Release Date: Mar 26, 2015
  • 20.0.87 (3/24/2015)

    1. Changed: Updated Italian translation file (thanks Matteo).
    2. Changed: It is now possible to edit postal code on Television properties page, without having to re-run Setup wizard.
    3. NEW: Double-clicking a recording rule brings up the 'Configure Recording' page.
    4. Fixed: The Television view in Standard View didn't scale properly with a high size setting or a high DPI display.
    5. Fixed: The size of the playback display Action Window would be too short on a high DPI display.
    6. Fixed: Editing a Smart List with a date range would not properly set the unit field in the UI.
    7. Changed: The sizing of Theater View doesn't follow the size set in Standard View manually (but still follows the internal sizing for high DPI).
    8. Fixed: MC would crash in Television Setup if Remote Control feature was disabled.
    9. Changed: MC will not allow Set-top box type tuner profile setup to proceed if Remote Control feature is disabled.
    10. Fixed: On screen instructions wouldn't show reliably.
    11. Fixed: On screen instructions didn't scale properly for a high DPI display or a large size setting.
    12. Fixed: The ideal size of the Add Library View dialog didn't scale for high DPI properly.
    13. NEW: Right-click menu (Add to Favorites, Remove from Favorites, and Hide) on Standard Television view Channels list.
    14. NEW: Right-click menu on the Standard Television view's program list. The menu items depend on the filter type.
    15. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.15.
    16. Fixed: Combobox drop buttons could be much too wide on a high DPI display.
    17. Fixed: Sliders would not draw the handle the right size on high DPI displays.

    20.0.86 (3/20/2015)

    1. Fixed: MOV/MP4 files could have the wrong information in the Compression field.
    2. Changed: Guide button on MCE remote control will also work if the Guide in Theater view is part of a custom group named "Television".
    3. Fixed: JTV recordings with uncompressed audio or video would not play.
    4. Fixed: JTV rcordings with JRiver Video Codec would not play.
    5. Fixed: An 'e' in a string would get interpreted as the power of the number so that sorting S01E03 type inputs would be wacky.
    6. Changed: The "Spinning up drive..." message only shows if it's taking longer than 1.5 seconds instead of 0.1 seconds.
    7. Fixed: Television EPG auto loading did not work in the last few builds.

    20.0.85 (3/19/2015)

    1. Fixed: Taskbar player control buttons wouldn't get created in a variety of circumstances.
    2. Changed: Adjusted logging related to TV.
    3. Fixed: The checkboxes on the 'Import these file types' list (and probably other places) didn't scale with the UI properly for big size settings or high DPI.
    4. Fixed: The program would show 'designed to work optimally with a smaller font size' warning when setting the font size to a mild size with a high DPI display.
    5. Fixed: Multichannel DSD wrapped by DoPE was overflowing the buffer resulting in noise or crashes.
    6. NEW: Users can now choose which detail settings ("Do not record Reruns", "Require exact name match", etc.) to be bothered about when scheduling to record TV shows in Theater View.
    7. Fixed: Some Theater View items (such as "Video", "Gadgets", "Exit") were not translated.
    8. Changed: MCE remote control "Guide" button switches MC to Theater view Guide if "Guide" is either in its default location (in Video group) or as a root item (parallel to Video).
    9. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo).
    10. Fixed: The width of many dialogs would get double scaled so would be way too wide on a high DPI display.

Version 20.0.84
  • Release Date: Mar 18, 2015
  • 20.0.84 (3/16/2015)

    1. Changed: Theater View sizes with the high DPI / high scale factor setting.
    2. Fixed: Font scaling wasn't working properly on some monitors.
    3. NEW: Added MCWS/v1/Playback/AudioPath to get the audio path information during playback.
    4. Changed: Lots more dialogs honor the size setting of the program.
    5. Fixed: Taskbar right-click buttons weren't working.

    20.0.83 (3/13/2015)

    1. Fixed: The 'Add Expression' dialog wouldn't resize nicely for high DPI or high scale factors.
    2. Changed: Worked on the sizing of DSP Studio when the size factor is high or the monitor is high DPI.
    3. NEW: Option "In Over-the-air EPG scan (ATSC only), save programs for channels with empty XMLTV IDs only". This is useful for people who want to use Over-the-air EPG scan only for certain designated channels.
    4. Fixed: Customizing a grouping details view could reset the accompanying grouping view, and vice versa.
    5. Fixed: Checbox images in a list didn't scale for Retina / High DPI / large scale factor properly.
    6. Fixed: If you created a Smartlist for Last Played is empty and edited it a few times, it would turn wacky.
    7. Fixed: The smartlist editing dialog would not be wide enough on high DPI displays (or retina or with a big scale factor).

    20.0.82 (3/12/2015)

    1. Changed: The search on the experimental Tag window searches both the value and the field (before it only searched the field).
    2. Changed: If an image has two rotation tags in the EXIF header, the first value is used instead of the second value (that way we work the same as Windows Explorer).
    3. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo!).
    4. Fixed: JRiver Video Encoder and JRiver Video Decoder filters could not be loaded (had problem with registering with Windows).
    5. Fixed: The experimental tag window wouldn't reload visible fields when the view switched.
    6. Fixed: Podcasting could download duplicate tracks (only maybe fixed, so testing appreciated).
    7. Changed: Added an MCC to toggle the OSD on and off (MCC_SET_OSD_ENABLED = 30025).
    8. Fixed: Some WebCam devices and some other video capture devices that do not have hardware compression did not work in Television.
    9. NEW: Added MCWS/v1/Library/Import to import a folder.
    10. Fixed: Some w64 files did not import/play.
    11. NEW: ID3 tags from w64 files are properly imported.
    12. Fixed: Playing FLAC+CUE files could result in some tracks being skipped in the recent builds.
    13. NEW: Added View > Load / Save View to save and load a set of tabs and splits (experimental -- may not remain).
    14. NEW: The experimental Tag Action Window has an 'All Fields' type that can be added.
    15. Changed: Added 250% and 300% to the size menu.
    16. Changed: The DPI of the display is accounted for so you shouldn't have to pick a big size value if you're running a high DPI display.
    17. Fixed: Some analog tuners/capture devces were not properly released after running Television Setup wizard.
    18. Fixed: Television setup wizard did not work for Camera type profile (camera-type channel creation would not complete).
    19. Changed: Made TheMovieDB image lookups in Theater View ignore the phrase in parenthesis at the end of the title (so Alien (Theatrical Version) will just look at Alien).
    20. Fixed: MC could crash during file import in rare circumstances.
    21. Changed: EPG loading tool "Load Program Guide..." will allow EPG loading methods that are not associated with any tuner profiles to be used. This allows the tool to be useful with EPG loading methods set up prior to the introduction of tuner profiles.
    22. Changed: Added an "Add" button on "Loading Program Guide..." tool, to add a loading method that is independent of any tuner profile.
    23. Changed: Removed "Scan for channels..." link on Television property page as it is no longer needed.
    24. Changed: Added a "Delete" button on "Load Program Guide..." tool, to delete a loading method that is independent of any tuner profiles. The button is disabled if the selected method is associated with any tuner profile.
    25. Fixed: In "Load Program Guide", the TV Channel to XMLTV ID mapping list was not updated after "Auto Match" button was clicked.
    26. Fixed: When the TV channel to XMLTV ID mapping window was displayed, the auto match routine was not automatically executed (without user clicking the button) in the last several builds.
    27. Changed: When Auto Match was automatically executed (i.e. without user clicking the button), MC leaves existing IDs alone even if they do not match the IDs in current EPG data set.
    28. Fixed: CD ripping would sometimes fall out of secure mode.

    20.0.81 (3/5/2015)

    1. NEW: A new MCC (10064) that switches TV to previously played channel. For local playback only (at least for now).
    2. Changed: Live TV button on MCE remote control (or MCC 30002, 0) loads last played TV channel in the current zone, instead of loading last played channel on the first available tuner device type.
    3. NEW: The experimental tag window has a 'Visible Fields' type that'll show the visible fields from the current view.
    4. Changed: Changed the way EPG profiles are listed on "Load Program Guide" dialog window.
    5. Changed: Internal changes to HLS Video Streaming to Gizmo (should not influence playback, testing appreciated).
    6. Changed: Added a "Delete" button on the Television property page, to delete unwanted tuner profiles.
    7. Fixed: Opening Visualization Studio presets could cause some values to be read incorrectly.
    8. Fixed: Visualization could show REMAINING_TIME in a broken format.
    9. Changed: A/V sync is maintained more aggressively at the start of video playback.

    20.0.80 (3/3/2015)

    1. Changed: Revamped "Load program guide..." tool on television property page.
    2. Changed: Updated Italian translation file (thanks Matteo).
    3. Fixed: Seeking a Linked Zone over Gizmo would cause MC to hang.
    4. Fixed: The player evaluating "Playlist Remaining Time" could hang (only maybe fixed, testing appreciated).
    5. NEW: Link Timing -- Linked zones can optionally be set to a playback rate so that a zone that plays slower or faster can be corrected (the 'Adjust Link Timing' dialog allows entering a rate). Thread
    6. Fixed: Very short convolution filters would not load properly at all times.
Version 20.0.79
  • Release Date: Feb 27, 2015
  • 20.0.79 (2/26/2015)

    1. NEW: Television tool "Manage Channels" has a "Rescan" button to allow rescan for new channels in a selected tuner type profile.
    2. Fixed: Video Streams in MOV/MP4 files were not reliably detected for more exotic video codecs (ie. DNxHD), resulting in MC treating the file as a audio file.
    3. NEW: Select is an available command for videos and TV shows in Theater View.
    4. Fixed: Library views could crash.
Version 20.0.74
  • Release Date: Feb 24, 2015
  • 20.0.74 (2/19/2015)

    1. Changed: Additional date metadata tags are read from AVI files.
    2. NEW: Added Options > Tree & View > Advanced > Enable OSD to allow turning off the OSD.
    3. Changed: Added a popup message box when HDHomeRun tuner is selected to scan for television channels in Television Setup wizard, that one should setup firewall to allow Media Center network access through the firewall.
    4. Changed: Added additional instruction message in Television Setup wizard, when the device list for CableCARD tuners is empty, that one should setup firewall and turn on "Use Media Network to share this library and enable DLNA" option.
    5. Fixed: TheMovieDB image lookup was not working anymore.
    6. Fixed: A CUE parsing issue where the last track would not work because the playback range was parsing incorrectly if the CUE file spanned multiple tracks.
    7. Fixed: Rotten Tomatoes wasn't downloading cover art.
Version 20.0.73
  • Release Date: Feb 19, 2015
  • 20.0.73 (2/17/2015)

    1. Fixed: If one (re-)ran television Setup wizard from the Television property page, some settings set on the wizard were not transferred to the property page.
    2. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.64 (Hardware Acceleration improvements, bugfixes).
    3. Changed: The intelligent number handling in the string sorter understands commas in numbers now.
    4. Fixed: Starting video playback could hang.
    5. Changed: Minor edits to the included webpages.

    20.0.72 (2/17/2015)

    1. Fixed: Hauppauge WinTV PVR 350 (and maybe 250 too) analog television tuner did not work.
    2. Fixed: Reading a SACD ISO with empty data packets could cause a crash.
    3. Changed: Made the SACD ISO parser a little more forgiving.
    4. NEW: Added a 'Total Tracks' field to the library. Currently updated from MP3 files, MP4 files, FLAC files, and during CD ripping.
    5. NEW: Added a 'Total Discs' field to the library, which is updated from MP3, MP4, and FLAC files.
    6. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks Bytestar).

    20.0.71 (2/16/2015)

    1. Changed: Added "Auto Group this channel" right-click menu on Manage Channels tool, to automatically find matching channels to group with.
    2. Changed: Added "Auto Group" button on Manage Channels tool, to automatically group all channels.
    3. NEW: Double-click on the headers of a grouped list control fires a double-click on the entire grouping, which normally starts playback (but depends on the setting).
    4. Fixed: Television Setup wizard complained about not having remote device even though the user was not setting up Set-top Box profiles.
    5. NEW: Added an IR Device Activation page on Televsion Setup wizard, so one can make sure IR devices are activated before trying to set up an STB profile.
    6. Changed: When a television channels is designated "hidden", it is automatically removed from its group (if previously grouped).
    7. NEW: On Manage Channels tool, the "Channel" column header carries a sorting code, to indicate current sorting mode of channels in the list. "Channel (Custom)" - custom sorting; "Channel (12-3 ABC)" - sorted by full channel name; "Channel (ABC)" - sorted by channel name without number in front; etc.
    8. NEW: Added one more television channel sorting mode: Favorite, which puts favorite channels above regular channels.
    9. NEW: Support for playing HTTP Live Streaming streams (both video/audio and audio-only).
    10. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo!).
    11. Fixed: On some systems, audio CD burning was failing while writing the lead-in. This was much more prone to happen if the CD-Text option was disabled.
Version 20.0.70
  • Release Date: Feb 15, 2015
  • 20.0.70 (2/12/2015)

    1. Changed: Group Channels tool is merged into the Manage Channels tool and removed from Television property page.
    2. Changed: In the Manage Channels tool, right clicking menu offers "Group Channels" and "Ungroup channels" that perform simple grouping or ungrouping of selected channels. The "Group Channels" button offers the old grouping tool that allows more elaborate grouping operation.
    3. Changed: Removed "Set up IR Emitter STB channels" tool from Television property pages as it is no longer needed.
    4. NEW: The launcher (MC20.exe) takes a /MinMax command to toggle the minimized / maximized state of the program.
    5. NEW: Added a /StartMax command to the launcher to start the program maximized (and show and maximize if it's already running).
    5. Changed: Simplified Group Channels tool.
    6. Changed: Added a "Change default channel type order for grouping" right-click menu item on Manage Channels tool for television channel grouping.
    7. Fixed: CD ripping was always using secure mode regardless of user setting.
    8. Fixed: Prior to any CD play or rip activity, the options dialog did not always show the installed CD drives.
    9. Fixed: If CD ripping was started from the list header button, the initial ripping action window would still show after ripping was complete.

    20.0.69 (2/11/2015)

    1. Fixed: Starting playback with the play button from a grouped list control with nothing selected wasn't working.
    2. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo!).
    3. Changed: Made SRC only use the high precision mode for audio playback (because it was causing timing issues for video playback).
    4. NEW: Made a toolbar button 'Toggle Tree' that toggles the visibility of the main tree.
    5. Fixed: YouTube searching would be slow because we were unintentionally loading the dimensions of all the images.
    6. Changed: Moved the buttons on Manage Channels dialog window to the right side to make more room for channels list.
    7. Changed: More reshuffling of Television property page (still on-going).

Version 20.0.68
  • Release Date: Feb 11, 2015
  • 20.0.68 (2/10/2015)

    1. Fixed: Catching of YouTube links with the IE engine was not working. Now it might play in the browser at the same time, so stop that manually if you do something else.
    2. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
    3. NEW: Added an option in Theater View -> Behavior to disable the Left-Edge jump to the top roller in Grid views.
    4. Fixed: Transitioning from an image to a video in a playlist was not working properly.
    5. Changed: On Manage Channels dialog window, a checkbox in the "Favorite" or "Hidden" column will toggle only if one clicks on or very near the checkbox, to prevent accidental toggling.
    6. Fixed: The additional audio delay from the resampler changes in 20.0.67 was not being compensated properly.

    20.0.67 (2/6/2015)

    1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.13.
    2. Fixed: [Playlist Remaining Time] wasn't zone specific properly.
    3. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo!).
    4. NEW: The image editor can save PNG files (just use a PNG extension on the save filename).
    5. Changed: Made tagging in Theater View optional in Options > Theater View > Behavior.
    6. Fixed: The previous / next buttons on a mixed list of images and videos would stall at the images.
    7. NEW: Audio input selection during television setup for Set-top Box or Capture-only channels.
    8. Changed: Switched the resampler to high precision mode (testing appreciated).
    9. Changed: The Tag Action Window no longer shows a full page when editing a list style field but instead uses an inplace edit.
Version 20.0.66
  • Release Date: Feb 5, 2015
  • 20.0.66 (2/4/2015)

    1. Fixed: Doing a play on a grouped artist, etc. tile would expand the files in a fixed way instead of using the sorting of the bottom list.
    2. Changed: The WDM driver is only installed on Vista and newer (was probably causing an install issue on XP).
    3. Fixed: There was quite a long delay at the start of audio CD burning and the main thread could get stalled for a while.
    4. Changed: The string sorter doesn't interpret a dash as a negative sign unless it's right after a space or it's the first character in the line (should fix mystery sort issues with dash delimited data).
    5. Fixed: MC could not play ALAC files with very high sample rate.

    20.0.65 (2/3/2015)

    1. Fixed: Number sorting was broken in 20.0.64.
    2. Fixed: The capture device field of a capture-only television channel was erroneously cleared after it was viewed in Manage Channels tool.
    3. Fixed: The capture-only television channel could not be edited or added manually in the Manage Channels tool.
    4. Fixed: When moving selected channels up or down, on the Manage Channels tool, the selected channels might not stay visible after clicking the Move up/down button, because the list refreshed scrolled to the top.
    5. NEW: The TV channels list on Manage Channels tool has two additional columns - "Favorite" and "Hidden". One can select multiple channels and use the right-click menu to mass-change these attributes.
    6. Changed: The buttons "Favorite","Not Favorite", "Hide", and "Unhide" on Manage Channels tool are removed.
    7. Fixed: On Manage Channels tool the channel details of Capture-only channels were not completely shown.
    8. Fixed: MC incorrectly favored STB channel among a group of channels, even though the STB channel was not on top of the group.
    9. Fixed: License authorization wouldn't take a license code.
    10. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks Matteo!).
    11. Fixed: When setting up DVB-S (or DVB-C) tuners, MC displayed checkbox text "The tuner is capable of tuning to DVB-T2" instead of "DVB-S2" or "DVB-C2".
    12. Fixed: MC could crash when loading DSP presets on track change while the DSP Studio window was open.
    13. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Boháč!).
    14. Fixed: Some M4A files wouldn't decode (we're now checking for an 'mdat' header as well as an 'ftyp' header to denote mp4).

    20.0.64 (1/29/2015)

    1. Fixed: A mixed playlist of images and videos will transition to the next video from the image when flicking.
    2. Changed: "Antenna" and "Cable" televsion channel types are renamed "Analog Antenna" and "Analog Cable".
    3. Fixed: Some explanation text on "Capture Hardware" page of the television Setup wizard could be truncated.
    4. Fixed: Television recording manager accessed disk drives every minute if a user had not configured television recording yet.
    5. Fixed: Possible crash when switching sample rates with convolution (only maybe fixed, so please report).
    6. Fixed: YouTube video playback was not working.
    7. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo!).
    8. Changed: The automation call ProcessWebService(...) returns the response instead of just 0 or 1.
    9. NEW: Added a new television channel type "Capture only" that can be setup using the Setup wizard.
    10. Fixed: "Capture only" and "Camera" type channel setup using the television Setup wizard did not work.
    11. Changed: The string sorter handles negative numbers in the special number handling code.
    12. NEW: Added MCWS/v1/Files/Current to get the currently selected files.
    13. Changed: DSP Studio shows a warning when a Q value greater than one is entered into a shelf filter (and switches back to 1).
    14. Changed: On Television properties page, the Devices list is moved to Advanced section, and a new Tuner Profiles list is added in its place.
    15. NEW: The text visualization component uses expressions instead of only simple defines.
    16. Fixed: The search suggestion box no longer hides when hitting enter to evaluate the search now (remember that Shift+Enter selects the first suggestion).
    17. Fixed: When reconfiguring/editing an existing television tuner profile, the guide provider info was not filled in correctly in the wizard.
Version 20.0.63
  • Release Date: Jan 27, 2015
  • 20.0.63 (1/26/2015)

    1. Changed: Switched [Playlist Time Remaining] to [Playlist Remaining Time] for the playing display area.
    2. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo!).
    3. Changed: Added a "Reconfigure" button on television Setup wizard. Also added more instruction text.
    4. Fixed: In the new Television Setup wizard, de-selecting a tuner from a particular profile did not take effect.
    5. Fixed: Floppy drives were seeking continuously.
Version 20.0.61
  • Release Date: Jan 23, 2015
  • 20.0.61 (1/22/2015)

    1. Fixed: In registration info dialog, license was sometimes displayed as a "master" type license when it was a Windows only or Mac only type license.

    20.0.60 (1/22/2015)

    1. Fixed: Both buttons on Options > Remote Control linked to the same thing.
Version 20.0.59
  • Release Date: Jan 22, 2015
  • 20.0.59 (1/21/2015)

    1. Changed: The JRiver WDM Driver can be turned off in General -> Features.
    2. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
    3. Changed: Added a 3dB cut to the Headphones effect so that increases from cross-feed won't lead to clipping.
Version 20.0.58
  • Release Date: Jan 21, 2015
  • 20.0.58 (1/20/2015)

    1. Changed: MC will ignore "WM/MediaOriginalBroadcastDateTime" or "WM/OriginalReleaseTime" tags that have values of "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z" or "0" when importing wtv / dvr-ms files.
    2. Changed: MC will import "WM/WMRVEncodeTime" tag into "Date Recorded" field in wtv / dvr-ms files.
    3. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun!).
    4. NEW: Added a right-click 'Controls' section to Playing Now with Play, Pause, Stop, Next, Previous in it.
    5. Changed: Switched 'Spinning up hard drive' to 'Spinning up drive' since it could have been a DVD drive, etc.
    6. Changed: Switched Google account stuff from HTTP to HTTPS for syncing notes (please report any issues).
    7. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo!).
    8. Changed: Updated Korean translation (thanks Junghwan!).
    9. Changed: Audio only mode remembers features that were disabled originally so turning it off won't restore a previously disabled feature.
    10. Changed: Updated Thai translation (thanks Nitinun!).
Version 20.0.55
  • Release Date: Jan 14, 2015
  • 20.0.55 (1/13/2015)

    1. Fixed: Using [Channels] and [Sample Rate] in the player display area didn't work for videos.
    2. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
    3. Fixed: Skin Manager was an available toolbar button even though the skin manager has been retired.
    4. NEW: MC will import many tags in wtv / dvr-ms (Microsoft Windows Media Center TV recordings) files.
    5. Changed: Television has been moved to the root of the tree.
    6. NEW: Added an option 'Audio Only Mode' in the View menu.
    7. Fixed: Television channel scanning did not work in some locations in recent builds.
    8. Fixed: Changing country selection in television options did not take effect in recent builds.

Version 20.0.54
  • Release Date: Jan 10, 2015
  • 20.0.54 (1/9/2015)

    1. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo!).
    2. Fixed: DLNA: DSD files > 1X when used with the DoPE switch were getting the sample rate wrong so the file duration would be short (1/2, 1/4, etc).
    3. Fixed: Chromium engine was not working properly on 20.0.53.

    20.0.53 (1/8/2015)

    1. NEW: Theater View artist backdrops load from the entire list of artists for a track instead of only the first artist.
    2. Fixed: DLNA, missing xml namespace for the peak level and replay gain jriver specific fields. Caused trouble with other DLNA devices and controllers seeing our DLNA devices(ie BubbleUPnP).
    3. Changed: The jriver namespace fields from jr: to jriver: to match the previous use of presenting the access key. A side effect of this is that all builds in use must be greater than 20.0.52 to use the volume leveling feature(this is only useful on a MC renderer from a MC server NOT doing conversion).
    4. Changed: The spacebar isn't translated as play / pause when a list control has the focus.
    5. Changed: Updated to the latest version of the Chromium engine for webpages.
Version 20.0.52
  • Release Date: Jan 7, 2015
  • 20.0.52 (1/6/2015)

    1. Changed: Updated Korean translation (thanks Junghwan Oh!).
    2. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks LLannis!).
    3. Fixed: The example text on the license restore dialog was not translatable.
    4. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
    5. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun!).
    6. Fixed: A couple of menu items in DLNA Controller Options were not translated.
    7. Changed: Marked a few more strings as translatable.
    8. Fixed: Using the Space key in a Web Browser control will no longer pause playback.
    9. Fixed: Possible problems with video views specific to build 51.
Version 20.0.51
  • Release Date: Jan 6, 2015
  • 20.0.51 (1/5/2015)

    1. Fixed: Add Library > Browse would open the folder dialog in a non-modal way so that a second browse dialog could be opened (or worse).
    2. Fixed: Updated the bundled Black on Black and Pearl Bailey skins to the latest version to resolve an incompatibility with recent skinning changes.
    3. Fixed: DLNA: MC could crash when a DLNA view with multiple WMA files was requested (since 20.0.49).
    4. Changed: Slightly improved rendering performance in Theater View list flows on Intel GPUs.
    5. Changed: The Release Year is taken into account when acquiring Theater View background artwork for movies.
    6. Changed: During import, the matching entry from TheMovieDB is selected based on the release year, if available.
    7. NEW: Added the web service function MCWS/v1/Podcast/Delete to delete a Podcast by name.
    8. Changed: The service registers its filename with quotes around it ( fixes a possible exploit ).
    9. Changed: Removed the option for fullscreen exclusive mode in Theater View.
    10. Fixed: The image width and height fields didn't fill properly if the cover art was an external file.
    11. NEW: Added MCWS/v1/File/Delete to remove a file from the library.
    12. NEW: Added MCWS/v1/Configuration/ErrorFreeMode to set the program into error free mode.
    13. NEW: Made writing the tool name and version optional in Options > Audio > Advanced (it's strongly recommended that you leave this enabled).
Version 20.0.50
  • Release Date: Dec 19, 2014
  • 20.0.50 (12/17/2014)

    1. Changed: The Swap(...) expression has special handling for strings that end with Jr., Sr., I, II, III, IV, V.
    2. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
    3. Changed: Cover Art > Add From File opens at the location of the file instead of at the last folder used (but only if the folder contains at least one image).
    4. Fixed: MC did not scan for program map table when playing clear QAM television channels, causing problems recording in .TS format.
    5. Changed: For ATSC and QAM television channels, MC will try alternative ways to find audio and video packet IDs in case the usual method fails.
    6. Changed: The space bar shortcut for play/pause is not translated in Theater View so that the search in some views works.
    7. Changed: WebGizmo views say WebGizmo instead of Gizmo.
    8. Fixed: DLNA: The new delete dynamic libraries functions was slow (generating too many M-SEARCHes).
    9. Changed: Action Windows that are editing a playlist have a 'Click to view playlist' button at the bottom (the title text is also a clickable link).
    10. Fixed: Importing CUE files would not reliably import the first track.
    11. Changed: Empty playlists that have the name "New Playlist" or "New Smartlist" are purged when the program loads.
    12. Fixed: The Image Width and Image Height fields were marked as hidden so that they wouldn't show up in a Smartlist.
    13. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
Version 20.0.49
  • Release Date: Dec 17, 2014
  • 20.0.49 (12/16/2014)

    1. Changed: Red October HQ uses madVR v0.87.11.
    2. Changed: Made it optional to increase the volume of DSD to PCM by +6 dB (Options > Audio > Advanced > Configure input plug-in > DSD input plug-in) (note that you need to reanalyze for volume level if you make this change).
    3. Changed: Added a bunch more stock Smartlists (create using Tree > Playlists > Right-click > Add Stock Smartlists).
    4. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
    5. Changed: Another attempt at fixing the problem of MC not being able to use some multiple identical TV devices (tuners or capture devices). Please test.
    6. Changed: A few more strings are translatable that weren't before.
    7. Fixed: 8x DSD output wasn't working (testing appreciated).
    8. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
    9. Changed: Removed Options > Startup > Set volume because each zone has its own startup volume.
    10. NEW: Added an Unswap(...) expression function that takes Last name, First name and flips them to First name Last name.
    11. NEW: Added a Swap(...) expression that takes First name Last name and swaps to Last name, First name.
    12. NEW: Added an image height and image width field that gets filled when thumbnailing.
    13. Changed: Spacebar always fires play / pause instead of only when full screen is focused (experimental change -- may not remain).
    14. NEW: DLNA: Pushing audio files in "original format" from a JRiver server to a JRiver renderer will send along the R128 Peak and Volume leveling values. This allows the renderer to do the volume leveling (if the option is enabled in DSP studio).
    15. Fixed: Media Center could crash when searching through WebGizmo or MCWS.

Version 20.0.48
  • Release Date: Dec 12, 2014
  • 20.0.48 (12/11/2014)

    1. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
    2. Changed: The current group for an expression like GroupCount(...) is the entire set of files in the current list.
    3. NEW: Added 8x DSD as an output encoding.
    4. Fixed: Possible crash when doing DSD encoding.
    5. Changed: Added 24 bit LPCM file handling. Lack of it was preventing DLNA rendering of this file type.
    6. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
    7. Fixed: Text phrases in "Slow Motion Playback" context menu were not translatable.
    8. Changed: Updated FLAC encoder and decoder to FLAC 1.3.1.
    9. Fixed: Searching in WebGizmo for something with only one result would yield no results.
    10. Fixed: In some cases (when the top of the channel group was changed) reordering a television channel group would break the channel group.
    11. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks Casio!).
Version 20.0.47
  • Release Date: Dec 9, 2014
  • 20.0.47 (12/8/2014)

    1. Changed: Improved the responsiveness of audio sync correction when starting video playback.
    2. Changed: Bumped an internal version counter for internal reasons.

    20.0.46 (12/5/2014)

    1. Fixed: DLNA bug in the ALL zones deletion function.

    20.0.45 (12/4/2014)

    1. Changed: Hidden zones are no longer shown in the 'Overview' view.
    2. Changed: The option to move sidecar files looks to see if the record it finds is in the removed database and then moves the file if it is.
    3. NEW: DLNA rendering (dynamic) zones can be deleted (one or all) by right-clicking on "Playing Now".
    4. Changed: Normal right-Click zone deletion (Local Zones) doesn't include dynamic zones (they couldn't be deleted there anyway).
    5. NEW: "Playing From" adds the ability to [b/]delete dynamic servers (Library and DLNA)[/b] via right click menu and menu buttons.
    6. Fixed: Closing the program with a dialog open by right-clicking the tray icon could lead to a crash.
    7. Fixed: Using the Display View OSD to select a Blu-ray title will properly save the selection for subsequent playback.
    8. Changed: Running a program from Theater View starts the batch file to run hidden.
    9. Fixed: Slow-motion TV playback on some sytems when playing a television show that was currently being recorded.
    10. NEW: DLNA: Dynamic entries refresh option added to the Right-Click Playing Now menu (triggers a DLNA M-SEARCH).

Version 20.0.44
  • Release Date: Dec 2, 2014
  • 20.0.44 (12/1/2014)

    1. Fixed: Importing audio files with a CUE side-car would mistakenly import duplicate files.
    2. Changed: Importing CUE files will automatically migrate library entries to the new format.
    3. Changed: The new CUE format is only used when required, for example on large audio files which are split into multiple tracks with the CUE, but not on files which are already split.
    4. Fixed: The WDM driver was appearing as a choice for WASAPI and Direct Sound.
    5. Changed: Improved device detection logic.
    6. Changed: The wave feeder will try to allocate memory after doing a compact a second time if it fails the first.
    7. Changed: Updated Thai translation (thanks Nitinun!).
    8. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks Luca!).
    9. Changed: Updated Russian translation (thanks Vladimir Eremenko!).

    20.0.43 (11/25/2014)

    1. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks Bytestar).
    2. Changed: The WDM driver allows multi-channel audio again by mimicking an HDMI audio device.
    3. Fixed: The TV Set-top box channel IR emitter setup wizard could crash if a user switched to a non-English language.
    4. Fixed: Clearing "Now playing" from a remote will not pop up a confirmation box now.

    20.0.42 (11/21/2014)

    1. Fixed: DLNA: MC as renderer, when receiving a SetNextAVtransportURI, MC was allowing the playlist to grow beyond 2 items which is incorrect. This caused playlist sync issues.
    2. Fixed: DLNA: MC as controller, fix bug in event send when changing playlist position 1.
    3. Fixed: DLNA: MC as controller timing issue, make sure the first track is playing (for at least 5 seconds) before doing the SetNextAVTransportURI function.
    4. Fixed: DLNA: MC as controller, when playlist position current +1 changes send a new SetNextAVTransportURI to devices that support it.
    5. Fixed: The change from 20.0.31 (Back out library server hiding when the library is empty introduced in 19.0.71) missed the library server visibility (it was showing the DLNA servers).
    6. Fixed: MC did not release CableCARD tuners (such as HDHomeRun Prime) correctly when it finished using them.
    7. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun)
Version 20.0.40
  • Release Date: Nov 20, 2014
  • 20.0.40 (11/19/2014)

    1. Fixed: Right-clicking the column header of the Analyze Audio dialog would bring MC back to the foreground and show the menu there.
    2. Fixed: Removed CUE files would get reimported by auto import.
    3. Fixed: The list drawing in the Fill Properties From Filename tool wasn't right.
    4. Fixed: The option 'Move all files in folder' didn't load and save with a preset properly.
    5. Fixed: A typo on the clear playing now dialog.
    6. Changed: When clicking "Priority" column header of "Recording Rules" list, the list is sorted by priority value, instead of priority string value.
    7. Changed: Updated all translation files from the source code (so the latest strings are included).

Version 20.0.39
  • Release Date: Nov 18, 2014
  • 20.0.39 (11/17/2014)

    1. Changed: The logging dialog has a button to view the current log.
    2. Fixed: Some untranslatable text in various areas.
    3. NEW: The search box keeps a list of recent searches and shows them when the menu is shown.
    4. Changed: The variable MC.Version no longer has a .0 at the end.
    5. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
    6. NEW: Added Connect to Remote Library to the library menu.  It shows the add library dialog to add the library and load it.
    7. NEW: Added the option 'Move all files in folder (including non-imported files)' to the Rename, Move, & Copy Files dialog.  This moves sidecars, folder.jpg, etc.
    8. Changed: Removed Netflix support since their public API closed down on 11/14/2014.
    9. Changed: Added a 'New / Improved This Version' link to the help menu.
    10. NEW: 'Watched Videos' is a default smartlist.
    11. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks Luciano).
    12. NEW: Added MCWS Library/List and Library/Load to list and load libraries.
    13. Changed: Made the text labels in the Action Window a little wider.

    20.0.38 (11/13/2014)

    1. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
    2. Fixed: A few items in "Share to web" Action Windows were not translatable.
    3. Fixed: The text drawing in a list does a better job of text truncation (previously it would break on full words instead of showing part of a word).
    4. NEW: Added a couple keyboard shortcuts: F6: Rename, Move, & Copy Files; F12: Fill Properties From Filename.
    5. Changed: Added a confirmation box to the Clear Playing Now command.
    6. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
    7. NEW: A toolbar button 'Toggle Tooltips' can be added to the toolbar.
    8. Changed: Analyzer DSP uses the color of each line for the text of the volume level.
    9. Fixed: The labels in the Tag Action Window would all be full width and not leave enough room for the edit value.
    10. Changed: (Internal change) Updated country code list for television.
    11. Changed: If user has not selected a country for television playback, MC will use Windows systems default.
    12. Changed: Added zones to the tray icon menu.
    13. Changed: Made the mute command the top command in the volume menu.
    14. Changed: The article $ doesn't require a space after it to be ignored for sorting.
Version 20.0.37
  • Release Date: Nov 13, 2014
  • 20.0.37 (11/12/2014)

    1. Changed: Added the movie categories Movies and TV Shows to YouTube in Theater View.
    2. Changed: Another try at driver building.

    20.0.36 (11/12/2014)

    1. Changed: Added the movie categories Education, Gaming, News, and Sports to YouTube in Theater View.
    2. Fixed: Possible fix for visualization crashes (feedback needed).

Version 20.0.35
  • Release Date: Nov 12, 2014
  • 20.0.35 (11/11/2014)

    1. Fixed: Possible fix for visualization crashes (feedback needed).

    20.0.34 (11/11/2014)

    1. Changed: Updated Thai translation (thanks Nitinun).
    2. Changed: Bitdepth and samplerate are reported in the tooltip.
    3. Fixed: After removing a file from the playlist in the Action Window, the columns would snap to the wrong size.
    4. Fixed: MC could crash when unloading television tuners.
    5. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
    6. Changed: Tag Action Window text labels could be too small when running with a large size setting.
    7. Changed: Changed how MC handles low disk space condition in television recording.
    8. Fixed: The settings of some DSP plugins (eg. Effects) did not load properly when a DSP preset was automatically loaded during playback.
    9. Changed: Added 'Clear Playing Now' to the right-click menu of the Playing Now list.
    10. Changed: The WDM output device is called "JRiver Media Center 20" instead of the generic "Speakers".
Version 20.0.33
  • Release Date: Nov 6, 2014
  • 20.0.33 (11/5/2014)

    1. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks Bytestar).
    2. NEW: Composer is a linkable column.
    3. Changed: The search box is wider when there's a lot of available width.
    4. Fixed: The 6dB/Oct high/low pass filters correctly attenuate by 3dB at the specified frequency.

    20.0.32 (11/4/2014)

    1. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
    2. NEW: Added "Finish" and "Cancel" buttons for setup/configuration of television recording/subscription in Theater View.
    3. Fixed: Embedded browser was showing a web engine error message while it was simply loading a web page.
    4. Changed: Default music path template on handheld devices changed from [Artist]/[Album] to [Album Artist (auto)]/[Album].
    5. NEW: Added Options > Libraries & Folders > Run import on empty libraries.
    6. Fixed: WDM Driver signing.

    20.0.31 (10/31/2014)

    1. Fixed: AIFF files that have a tag that's one byte longer than the metadata will still import (previously we would fail to read the tags).
    2. Fixed: CUE file parsing updated to better handle link filenames.
    3. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks YanJun Sun!).
    4. NEW: Added a FileLookup(...) expression that takes a filename and returns a database key.
    5. Changed: Back out library server hiding when the library is empty introduced in 19.0.71.
    6. Fixed: DLNA, when pushing tracks to a renderer, when the playlist changes the next item to play, resend the SetNextAVTransportURI (for devices that support it) to keep the playlist in sync with the device.
    7. Changed: Changed how "All channels" attribute is stored when subscribing to a television show, so that users can still revert back to a particular channel by using Configure Subscription in Theater View (not an issue in Standard View).
    8. Fixed: DLNA, if DSP was enabled, the servers were all using the same DSP settings. Now they are set per server.
Version 20.0.30
  • Release Date: Oct 30, 2014
  • 20.0.30 (10/29/2014)

    1. Changed: Work to try to get driver signing right.

    20.0.29 (10/29/2014)

    1. Changed: Rearranged layout and changed instruction text on STB IR emitter setup wizard.
    2. Changed: The installer can be run with /NoDriver to skip the driver install.
    3. Fixed: Rotten Tomato movie lookup wasn't working.
    4. NEW: Added MCWS/v1/Library/GetStats to get stats about the loaded library.
    5. Changed: The installer does no longer install the WDM Driver in a portable install.
    6. Changed: Adding files to Playing Now won't trigger a ZoneSwitch rule to stop playback in the other zones.
    7. Changed: When setting up subscriprion to a television show in Theater View, MC will ask whether to record the show on selected channel only or on all channels (if the global option is to allow setting details in Theater View).
    8. Changed: Modified DirectShow graph-building for "WinTV 885 Video Capture" device in an attempt to fix the analog cable television problem with "Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1250 PCIe" card.
    9. Changed: Updated code signing certificates for both the driver and the install.

    20.0.28 (10/27/2014)

    1. Fixed: On television tuner configuration dialog, "The tuner is capable of tuning to DVB-T2 (or S2, or C2)" checkbox was always unchecked even though the user had checked it previously.
    2. NEW: Scrollbars enlarge on mouse over (optional in Options > Tree & View > List > Enlarge scrollbars on mouse over).
    3. Fixed: A checkbox edit field couldn't be edited in the Tag Action Window.
    4. Changed: Rearranged STB IR emitter setup wizard so it scales better with larger font sizes.
    5. Changed: The search suggestion box lists up to 10 suggestions instead of 5.
    6. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
    7. NEW: STB IR emitter setup has a testing mode.
    8. Changed: Renewed code signing certificate
Version 20.0.27
  • Release Date: Oct 22, 2014
  • 20.0.27 (10/20/2014)

    1. Fixed: DSD with the sample rate 11,289,600 Hz would not open.
    2. NEW: Added an option "Delay between blasts" on IR emitter setup for STB channels.
    3. NEW: Added an option "Repeat count" on IR emitter setup for STB channels when the IR device is USB-UIRT.
    4. NEW: Added an option "Blast Enter Key after the numbers" on IR emitter setup.
    5. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
    6. Changed: On an M4A, reading data past the end of the file will be a soft error that continues instead of a hard error (will make some M4A files import and play that didn't before).
    7. Changed: The device info dump string is copied to the clipboard.
    8. Changed: Updated the copyright date on the splash screen.
    9. NEW: Library fields can be configured to have the edit type "Check" and then a checkbox will show for the field.
    10. Changed: The WDM driver enters silence mode after 10 seconds of silence instead of 5 seconds.
    11. NEW: Added dsp studio to DLNA server audio advanced options. REQUIRES the output format to be set to "Specified Output Format".
Version 20.0.26
  • Release Date: Oct 18, 2014
  • 20.0.26 (10/17/2014)

    1. Changed: Television STB IR emitter learning wizard uses one wizard page instead of ten pages.
    2. Changed: Added Cover Art > Get Artist Images for back.
    3. Changed: Set-top box IR code learning wizard's instruction text is now different for different IR emitter systems (MCE vs. USB-UIRT).
    4. Changed: When running IR emiiter code learning wizard, the learned IR code is displayed.
    5. Changed: The Category dialog scales nicely for larger fonts.
    6. Changed: Media Center won't appear as a device in Media Center Audio options.

Version 20.0.25
  • Release Date: Oct 16, 2014
  • 20.0.25 (10/14/2014)

    1. Fixed: Another try at a build for 64-bit trouble.

    20.0.24 (10/14/2014)

    1. Fixed: The WDM driver was not signed on 64-bit platforms.

    20.0.23 (10/14/2014)

    1. Changed: The new tab button shows for 10 tabs instead of 6.
    2. Fixed: Certain M4B Audio Books were previously detected as videos instead of audio files.
    3. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
    4. Changed: Television recording file names will be formatted using program name, series name, season number, episode number etc. if available.
    5. Changed: Changed data format for USB-UIRT IR emitter code for learning and blasting.
    6. Changed: USB-UIRT will have three emitter ports for configuration and the device will blast from specified individual emitter (note the build-in emitter inside is on port 3).
    7. NEW: Added MCC_PLAYBACK_ENGINE_SET_SUBTITLE_TIMING (28037) to adjust the timing of subtitles.
    8. Fixed: The Bitrate for IFO DVD structures is computed properly.
    9. NEW: Added JRiver Media Center as a WDM driver that can play audio from any source or program (just set MC as the default device and play in the other program).
Version 20.0.22
  • Release Date: Oct 10, 2014
  • 20.0.22 (10/7/2014)

    1. Fixed: MCWS/v1/Playback/Zones returns a count after hidden zones instead of before (makes hidden zones work with Gizmo again).
    2. Fixed: A typo in television EPG wizard.
    3. Fixed: When scanning for television STB channels, automatic filling of the "Channel Number" field (if turned on) did not work correctly. It copied the entire channel string instead of just the numeric portion.
    4. Changed: When a field has a newline in it, enter on it in Theater View will expand it instead of doing a search on it.
    5. Changed: The slow motion menu items restore a disabled VideoClock when restoring to 1x.
    6. Fixed: Drives were importing incorrectly on a Portable Install.
Version 20.0.21
  • Release Date: Oct 7, 2014
  • 20.0.21 (10/6/2014)

    1. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks Matteo!).
    2. Fixed: When switching television channel on a client machine, the tuner on the server might not be properly stopped, or the time-shifting buffer on the server might be erroneously saved.
    3. NEW: MC will load Season and Episode numbers from XMLTV file, if it contains data with system "xmltv_ns" or "common".
    4. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
    5. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.63 (support for TrueHD discs with Atmos data, performance improvements, bugfixes) (thanks nevcairiel)
    6. Fixed: The Effects DSP did not properly load its settings when loading DSP Presets.
    7. Changed: Reverted DSP interface change so that older plugins will work again (using SetInformation(...) instead of a new function).

Version 20.0.20
  • Release Date: Oct 2, 2014
  • 20.0.20 (9/30/2014)

    1. Changed: More tweaks to video clock synchronization logic (to hopefully fix slow motion playback of TV recordings).

    20.0.19 (9/30/2014)

    1. Fixed: Setting the date on an image would always clear the IPTC and XMP tags instead of writing the new date.
    2. \NEW: Added DSP/Loudness function to MCWS to get and set the loudness value.
    3. Fixed: Handle Leak in settings and video functionality.
    4. Fixed: The open/close arrows and the text would overlap in the experimental Tag Action Window.
    5. Fixed: Minor correction when loading multiple track CUE files.
    6. NEW: Added a "Slow Motion Playback" submenu when watching videos.
    7. Fixed: Switching a view between "Chart" and other modes could cause the chart to not be removed or crash.
    8. Changed: Tweak to video clock synchronization logic (to hopefully fix slow motion playback of TV recordings).

    20.0.18 (9/26/2014)

    1. NEW: Added the expression function URLify to URL-ify a string.
    2. Changed: DLNA: Added definitions to the sinkProtocolInfo to be able to present that we render high resolution MP4 files with AAC and AC3 audio.
    3. Fixed: Setting Month to undefined will carry through and clear the month off of the date (previously it would say January).
    4. Changed: When dealing with television subscriptions that specifies "All channels", a preliminary filtering is done so there will not be too many instances of the same show being recorded simultaneously.
    5. Changed: When loading television EPG data in the background, MC will wait longer for external XMLTV EPG programs to complete loading data.
    6. Changed: Added television subscription time mode selection ("One per day", "One per week", "All showings" etc.) in Theater View (previously MC defaulted to "one per day").
    7. Changed: Updated Japanese translation files (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
    8. Changed: Updated Slovak translation file (thanks Peter Lukac).
    9. Fixed: Some CableCARD television channels with multiple audio streams were not handled correctly.
    10. NEW: Added the ability to specify refresh interval (number of hours) for background television EPG update, allowing multiple updates per day. The options are 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 24 hours.
    11. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks Bytestar).
    12. Changed: Change 9 of previous build is modified as follows: If user has specified a time to automatically refresh television programming guide, MC will refresh the guide on or after the specified time, or 20 minutes after any previous runs, whichever is later. The 20 minutes wait is needed because some background loading can take as much as 20 minutes to complete.
Version 20.0.17
  • Release Date: Sep 20, 2014
  • 20.0.17 (9/19/2014)

    1. Changed: The web browser throws away "Downloading picture data" status messages instead of showing them.
    2. NEW: Added Delete Folder to Explorer Theater View views.
    3. Fixed: Deleting a file from Playing Now (physical delete) wouldn't start playback of the next file.
    4. Changed: Failures are reported when doing Update Library (from tags).
    5. Changed: Updated Russian translation (thanks Vladimir Eremenko).
    6. Changed: Revisited Duration/Bitrate and FPS calculations from 20.0.16.
    7. NEW: Multiple EPG profiles can be executed during automatic background updates of EPG data.
    8. Fixed: Secure CD rip mode was not getting enabled.
    9. Changed: If user has specified a time to automatically refresh television programming guide, MC will refresh the guide on or after the specified time, or as soon as possible thereafter, without regard to whether the user has run EPG wizard recently.
    10. Changed: Added television subscription recording option to search "All channels" for a given program, instead of just on specified channels.
    11. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
    12. Changed: Television EPG wizard pages are re-organized so that automatic daily reload option is presented before the actual loading of data, and one can choose to skip loading data (only to configure auto loading options).
    13. Fixed: Double-clicking at the end of the line in a chart would crash.
    14. Changed: The Tag Action Window 'Show Tags In Current View' works a little better (you might need to customize visible fields once for the change to take effect).
Version 20.0.16
  • Release Date: Sep 18, 2014
  • 20.0.16 (9/15/2014)

    1. NEW: Import/Analysis of video files uses the new JRiver Video Engine for consistency across platforms.
    2. Changed: The codec names used for the "Compression" field in video files are more consistent.
    3. Changed: Options > General > Popup transparency mode also disables transparency for menus and tooltips if selected.
    4. Fixed: CD burning was failing with error "Can't start the write.".
    5. Fixed: Volume protection would override the startup volume setting. Now startup volume has precedence.

    20.0.15 (9/12/2014)

    1. NEW: Added ability to configure certain recording properties in Theater View, of previously scheduled television recordings/subscriptions.
    2. Fixed: An obscure bug when customizing television subscription in Standard View.
    3. Changed: When scrolling (to a channel) in Theater View Guide grid using keys on remote control or keyboard, the key presses are overlaid on screen briefly.
    4. Fixed: DSP presets wouldn't load equalizer settings reliably.
    5. Changed: Separated the mk3d and mkv file types so special handling can be given to the 3d type.
    5. Fixed: Multiple television devices identification problem. Sorry, users of STB channels and auxiliary input channels must delete the channels and rescan.
    6. Changed: When encountering problems downloading TV data during STB channel scan, MC will silently repeat the procedure a few times before informing user with a popup window.
    7. Changed: The number of threads used for SACD DST decompression can be configured in the DSD/SACD input plugin.
    8. Fixed: The WebRemote page wouldn't look right when visiting through the device presentation URL.
    9. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
    10. Fixed: Tag Action Window "Show Tags in Current View" didn't work properly with category views.
    11. NEW: Added a Load / Save menu to the search box.
    12. Fixed: DLNA: In windows, the SSDP responder wouldn't recover from a sleep so we stop and restart it now.
Version 20.0.14
  • Release Date: Sep 11, 2014
  • 20.0.14 (9/9/2014)

    1. NEW: Added "Add (artist)" to the playback commands so a full artist can be added to Playing Now.
    2. Changed: MCWS/v1/DSP/SetTempo takes a Relative parameter to set the tempo relative to the current tempo.
    3. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks Morand).
    4. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Tsuchiya Kazuo).
    5. Changed: Improved the Verge news reading capability.
    6. Fixed: MC could crash when set to 100% cover art scaling, and playing media without cover art.
    7. Fixed: Playing optical discs was broken in 20.0.13 in some situations.
    8. Fixed: Having a DSP set for a file would cause it to fail to convert.
Version 20.0.13
  • Release Date: Sep 9, 2014
  • 20.0.13 (9/5/2014)

    1. Fixed: MCWS/v1/Playback/Zones wasn't honoring the hidden variable correctly.
    2. Fixed: MCWS/v1/DSP/SetTempo returned a failure code even though it was working.
    3. Fixed: For some television/video capture devices pressing Stop button immediately after pressing Pause button (or double-clicking Play/Pause button to Stop) would result in a crash.
    4. Fixed: Hidden zones weren't hidden from the Zones toolbar button or from Theater View.
    5. Fixed: MC could crash when using ZoneSwitch rules and switching library.

Version 20.0.12
  • Release Date: Sep 4, 2014
  • 20.0.12 (9/3/2014)

    1. NEW: ATSC television channels can be specified directly using a remote control or NumPad on keyboard, using '*' key on either remote control or NumPad, or '.' (decimal) key on NumPad, as separator betweem major and minor channels (e.g. "5.1" or "5*1"). 
    2. Changed: When deleting from Playing Now, the next file will play instead of the last if the current track is deleted.
    3. NEW: Added television subscription recording option "Search all fields for name". This allows a name/title in Description field be matched, in addition to Name and Series fields.
    4. Fixed: Television recording cleanup mode was not set when subscribing to a show in Theater View.
    5. Changed: Updated the Indonesian translation (thanks elda).
    6. Fixed: Default tags were not applied when subscribing to a television show in Theater View.
    7. Fixed: Seeking in audio files with resampling active could result in a wrong position or skipping to the next file.
    8. Fixed: Scrolling to a television channel in Theater View Guide with number buttons on remote control or keyboard did not work if the Guide was in customized location.
    9. Fixed: The small live TV window in Theater View Guide did not show up if the Guide was in customized location.
    10. Changed: BPM analysis of Analyze Audio won't overwrite an existing BPM value.
    11. Changed: MCWS/v1/Playback/Zones hides hidden zones (unless you specify hidden=1 on the URL).
    12. Fixed: Enabling volume when bitstreaming didn't always work.
    13. Fixed: Media Center could crash when accessing the Drives & Devices list.

    20.0.11 (8/27/2014)

    1. NEW: Added DSP/SetTempo to the MCWS web service.
    2. Changed: Hidden zones won't be a stop when toggling zones.
    3. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
    4. Fixed: Loading equalizer settings from a DSP preset wouldn't work reliably.
    5. Changed: The screensaver will be disabled whenever the display is detached (instead of only when it's in fullscreen mode).
    6. Changed: The order of playlists shown in the Add to Playlist Theater View menu is more logical.
    7. Fixed: The find artist command in Theater View would have problems with list fields.
    8. Changed: Updated Portuguese language file (thanks João Mariz).
    9. Fixed: Handheld volume adjustment would stick at 1% instead of the entered value.
    10. Changed: Cover art scaling is locked on when the display is in the small Action Window.
    11. Changed: Track links are evaluated with Play Doctor playback.
    12. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun!).
    13. NEW: Enter on any field in Theater View will show files that match that search (instead of toggling the expanded state).
    14. Changed: Updated the FFmpeg version used for transcoding.
    15. NEW: Added M3U8 as a playlist format for a handheld.
    16. NEW: In Theater View television Guide, pressing number keys on remote control or keyboard allows users to scroll to desired channels.

Version 20.0.10
  • Release Date: Aug 28, 2014
  • 20.0.10 (8/20/2014)

    1. Changed: Television program search in Theater view is faster for search strings entered on keyboard.
    2. NEW: View your YouTube subscription feed in Theater View.
    3. Changed: Track links are preserved through a shuffle.
    4. Changed: 3d blu-rays are categorized differently (use Update Library (from tags)) so that it's possible to configure external playback on the type bdmv3d.
    5. NEW: Added a volume command 'Enable volume when bitstreaming' to force the volume slider to stay active even if it's bitstreaming.
    6. NEW: Added a feature 'iPod Support' to Options > General > Features to allow disabling iPod support.

    20.0.9 (8/18/2014)

    1. NEW: Added a 'Find Artist' menu selection in Theater View for files to show a full list of all files by the artist.
    2. Changed: Playback/PlayByFilename accepts a location.
    3. NEW: Added Play > Add (after current artist) to the play commands.
    4. NEW: Added 'Upper case all words (preserve existing capitalization)' as a mode for Clean File Properties.
    5. NEW: Added ListEqual(...) expression function to compare two lists (regardless of ordering).
    6. Fixed: "Clear Program Guide" option in television Load Program Guide wizard did not clear guide data on (newly) hidden channels.
    7. Fixed: Movie rip would overwrite already existing movie with the same name without asking first.

    20.0.8 (8/15/2014)

    1. NEW: Description is shown in the tooltip if it's not empty.
    2. NEW: Added Play > Add (album) to add full albums to Playing Now.
    3. Changed: When memory playback is enabled, the bitrate will display the average bitrate of the file instead of no bitrate.
    4. NEW: Added the option to switch images on mouse wheel (control plus the mouse wheel will do the other one).
    5. NEW: Added a startup volume option for each zone.
    6. NEW: Added 'Shuffle Selection' to playlist and Playing Now right-click menus.
    7. NEW: Added the ability to show and hide zones (right-click the zone in the tree).
    8. Changed: Updated Portuguese translation file (thanks João Mariz).

    20.0.7 (8/13/2014)

    1. Changed: Updated Portuguese language file (thanks Francisco Faísca).
    2. Fixed: Cross fade could not play in certain cases.
    3. Fixed: The mouse cursor would change to sizing arrows when the cursor was over the close button.
    4. Changed: Screen grab is enabled when using Red October HQ because madVR now supports screen grabs.
    5. NEW: Added Play > Add (after current album) to play files after the current album ends.
    6. Changed: When ', ", or l' is set as an article, a space won't have to be after it like other articles.
    7. Changed: Right-click on the stop player button gives a menu with stop and stop after current file.
    8. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks Bytestar).
    9. Changed: The Theater View add to playlist picker uses the full path of a playlist instead of just the name.
    10. Fixed: MCWS Browse/Children could return double escaped names.
    11. NEW: A "preferred tuner" can be assigned to each television channel. MC will use the assigned tuner if it is available.
    12. Changed: Reverted the real-time DSD ouput change from 19.0.152, which resulted in various playback problems.
    13. Fixed: Audio playback could crash in some cases, or drop up to 5 seconds of audio on track switch.
    14. Fixed: Output Format wasn't loading / saving with DSP Presets.
    15. NEW: Added the expression IsDriveMissing to test a drive for existence.

    20.0.6 (8/11/2014)

    1. Changed: The Get Movie & TV Info dialog starts with the search box selected and focused.
    2. Fixed: When playing a different sample rate there could be problems.
    3. Changed: MCWS files functions have a NoUI paramater to put the player in an error free mode.
    4. Changed: DSP Studio > Room Correction uses metric symbols when running in a non-English language.
    5. Fixed: Network filenames could be incorrect in the Explorer view of the program.
    6. Changed: English vs Metric can be selected in the language menu.
    7. Fixed: If a track was in Playing Now twice, removing the second while the first was playing would restart playback.
    8. Changed: Selected values are at the top of the drop list in the Smartlist editor.
    9. Fixed: MCWS Browse/Children could return invalid XML.
    10. Changed: Updated the Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
    11. NEW: Added MCWS DSP/SetEqualizer to set equalizer bands.
    12. Fixed: MP3 files that were less than 8192 bytes wouldn't import (now the limit is 1024 bytes).
    13. NEW: Theater View has an option for whether file deletion is offered.
    14. NEW: DSP presets can be loaded per file by setting the DSP field (the list is from Load/Save on DSP Studio).
    15. Fixed: Seeking in WMV videos over Gizmo or MC clients using transcoding did not work.

    20.0.5 (8/4/2014)

    1. NEW: Added 'Date First Rated' field.
    2. Changed: Removed the Hulu choice from Theater View.
    3. Fixed: Stopping image playback while audio was playing could crash.
    4. Fixed: Check For Updates was not working.
    5. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
    6. Fixed: Track changes could be early when the audio format changed.
    7. NEW: Added a Load/Save button to DSP Studio.

    20.0.4 (8/1/2014)

    1. Changed: When running MC in client mode, television channel ordering info is obtained from the server so channel ordering will be consistent on all clients.
    2. Changed: When grouping by date recorded, the maximum value will be used instead of an average value.
    3. Changed: MC sets Bit Depth and Sample Rate for SACD files on import.
    4. Fixed: Reporter "Audio Analyzed" always reported 100%.
    5. Changed: Audio Analysis of files with only silence will mark the files as "No Audio" instead of trying to boost the volume by an extreme value.
    6. NEW: Files can be added to a playlist from Theater View (pick the Add to Playlist menu choice).
    7. NEW: Added Cover Art Scale to the Display View menu with an option to show the cover at 100%.
    8. Changed: When STB or Camera type television channels are edited/added, the capture device list will contain only analog devices (previously it also contained CableCARD devices).

    20.0.3 (7/28/2014)

    1. Fixed: Upgrade pricing works.

    20.0.2 (7/28/2014)

    1. Fixed: The save dialog would not be honored correctly when doing a Library Backup.
    2. Fixed: Switching from DSD real-time resampling of PCM to DSD bitstreaming could result in noise.
    3. Fixed: Category browsing was not working properly.
    4. NEW: Added MCWS/v1/Playback/PlayByFilename to play files by filename.
    5. NEW: Updated Portuguese translation file (thanks JMz).
    6. Fixed: Updated the splash screen for v20.
    7. Changed: A version 20 license is required.

    20.0.1 (7/25/2014)

    1. Fixed: Sorting of number fields respects the global setting for sorting empty values last.
    2. NEW: Added the ability to link tracks together so they always play together. (Library Tools > Link Tracks)
    3. Fixed: In rare cases going into a level in a library view could result in the wrong display text.
    4. Fixed: When more recordings were scheduled than the number of available tuners, scheduled television recordings could be handled incorrectly, resulting in numerous short recordings of different television programs.
    5. Fixed: "Live TV" button on remote control did not work correctly (always displayed error message "The TV channel 0 was not found").
    6. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
Version 19.0.163
  • Release Date: Aug 14, 2014
  • 19.0.163 (8/13/2014)

    1. Fixed: MCWS Browse/Children could return double escaped names.
    2. Changed: Reverted the real-time DSD ouput change from 19.0.152, which resulted in various playback problems.
    3. Fixed: Audio playback could crash in some cases, or drop up to 5 seconds of audio on track switch.

Version 19.0.162
  • Release Date: Aug 12, 2014
  • 19.0.162 (8/11/2014)

    1. Fixed: MCWS Browse/Children could return invalid XML.
    2. Fixed: Reporter "Audio Analyzed" always reported 100%.
    3. Fixed: Seeking in WMV videos over Gizmo or MC clients using transcoding did not work.
    4. Fixed: Cross fade could not play in certain cases.
    5. Fixed: MC could hang briefly at track switches.
Version 19.0.161
  • Release Date: Aug 7, 2014
  • 19.0.161 (8/6/2014)

    1. Fixed: DLNA SinkProtolInfo syntax error for some image types
    2. Fixed: If a track was in Playing Now twice, removing the second while the first was playing would restart playback.
    3. Fixed: When playing a different sample rate there could be problems.

Version 19.0.160
  • Release Date: Aug 5, 2014
  • 19.0.160 (8/4/2014)

    1. Fixed: Track changes could be early when the audio format changed.

    19.0.159 (8/4/2014)

    1. Fixed: Stopping image playback while audio was playing could crash.
Version 19.0.158
  • Release Date: Jul 29, 2014
  • 19.0.158 (7/28/2014)

    1. Fixed: Category browsing was not working properly.

    19.0.157 (7/25/2014)

    1. Fixed: Sorting of number fields respects the global setting for sorting empty values last.
    2. Fixed: In rare cases going into a level in a library view could result in the wrong display text.
    3. Fixed: When more recordings were scheduled than the number of available tuners, scheduled television recordings could be handled incorrectly, resulting in numerous short recordings of different television programs.
    4. Fixed: "Live TV" button on remote control did not work correctly (always displayed error message "The TV channel 0 was not found").
    5. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun!).
Version 19.0.156
  • Release Date: Jul 25, 2014
  • 19.0.156 (7/23/2014)

    1. NEW: Video only television channel (such as security camera) can be played in time-shifting mode.
    2. NEW: Replacing slashes in expressions is optional in Rename, Move, & Copy Files.
    3. Fixed: Cross-fades could play incorrectly between varying sample rates.
    4. Fixed: After removing a file from the library of a smartlist, it could switch to showing the entire library.
    5. Fixed: Seeking did not work for jtv recordings of audio only television programs.

Version 19.0.155
  • Release Date: Jul 22, 2014
  • 19.0.155 (7/21/2014)

    1. NEW: Added 1x DSD output encoding using ASIO.
    2. Fixed: Converting a DSD file to a normal PCM file could fail.
    3. Fixed: There could be problems switching sample rates.
    4. Changed: Improved the resilience of MPO image parsing.
    5. Fixed: An empty date (or empty other field) could sort in an indeterminate manner.
Version 19.0.154
  • Release Date: Jul 19, 2014
  • 19.0.154 (7/18/2014)

    1. Fixed: MC would not correctly parse some DVD's with an unusual authoring scheme. The result was that we did audio analysis on the wrong title (like one of the very short menu titles).
    2. Fixed: When editing an existing OpenCable television channel, the existing channel number was not automatically filled in.
    3. Fixed: When creating a new STB channel, or editing an existing STB channel, MC did not offer IR device and port selection boxes.
    4. Fixed: Field names with a dash in them cause problems when selecting them in a Smartlist for the sort criteria.
    5. Fixed: Some expressions would evaluate incorrectly in the last build.
    6. Changed: Increased Netflix API timeout length to 10 minutes as some API calls take longer than they should.
    7. Fixed: When editing or creating a DVB television channel, "Is DVB2" checkbox was not offered.

    19.0.153 (7/16/2014)

    1. Fixed: Removing a zone didn't stop playback in the zone.
    2. Fixed: Preview mode was not working properly.
    3. Fixed: Expressions could be stale in certain cases.
    4. Changed: MC handles system power events slightly differently.
    5. Changed: DLNA will send subtitle resources with the option checked even if DLNAExtra is disabled.
    6. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun!).
    7. NEW: Added MCWS/v1/Playback/UpdatePlayStats to update the play stats for a file.
    8. Fixed: The player could inherit the sample rate of the last file for the next file.
Version 19.0.152
  • Release Date: Jul 15, 2014
  • 19.0.152 (7/14/2014)

    1. Changed: When playing with real-time DSD output, a sample rate change of the input won't reset the output DAC.
    2. Changed: DLNA sample time when not controlling a zone backed off to 2 seconds.
    3. NEW: DLNA will play to stream only devices (i.e. Raumfeld Speakers).
    4. NEW: DLNA subscribing to Rendering Control events structure added.
    5. Changed: DLNA device alive call using GetTransportSettings (which is required by the spec).
    6. Fixed: Double-click on the lamp shade for party mode password circumvention wasn't working. Note that Control and Shift must be held during the double-click.

    19.0.151 (7/11/2014)

    1. Fixed: Get Movie & TV Info was getting a low resolution image from Rotten Tomatoes.
    2. Faster: Browser components cache their expression so using a big expression in a pane is faster.
    3. Fixed: Skinned scrollbars and possibly other resources would not shrink properly when drawing.
    4. NEW: Audio-only television channels (DVB) can now be played in time-shifting mode.
    5. Fixed: Format conversion could fail.

    19.0.150 (7/9/2014)

    1. Fixed: When scheduling television recordings in Theater View, default recording settings "Cleanup mode" and "Auto Tagging" were not applied.
    2. Changed: Added ability to edit "Cleanup Mode" when scheduling television recordings in Theater View.
    3. Changed: Added 'Date Recorded' as a sorting preset for Category views.
    4. Fixed: Really big expressions (many paragraphs) could cause a crash.
    5. Changed: JRiver servers respond with a X-JRiver-Access-Key field stating the access key (so devices could auto-connect).
    6. Fixed: Content that was 352,800 Hz would not play properly in the "No change" sample rate mode.
    7. NEW: Added '4xDSD in native format' to the real-time DSD encoding choices.
Version 19.0.149
  • Release Date: Jul 4, 2014
  • 19.0.149 (7/2/2014)

    1. Fixed: After deleting files from a Smartlist, the list would not always update properly.
    2. NEW: Added a "Save settings as defaults" button on television recording wizard, to save certain settings, including auto tagging, to be applied in subsequent recordings when they are scheduled.
    3. Fixed: The previous build (148) was not showing files on handheld devices.
    4. Fixed: MCWS/v1/DSP/Set changes didn't take effect until a dialog was shown (now changes take effect right away).
    5. Changed: MCWS/v1/DSP/Set takes a zone parameter.
    6. Fixed: The minimize button in the player could draw stretched in Mini View mode.
    7. Fixed: Send To > Gallery > Flickr was not working.

    19.0.148 (6/30/2014)

    1. Fixed: Skinning supports over-sized radio buttons.
    2. Fixed: Skinning supports over-sized search clear buttons.
    3. Fixed: Some files in TS (transport stream) format would not play on LS clients.
    4. Changed: The text drawing engine will allow a newline after an underscore character _, so that text that uses underscores will flow more naturally in a list.
    5. Changed: Added an example to MCWS/v1/DSP/Set to show users how to use it.
    6. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks Regis!).
    7. Changed: For Mac/Linux compatibility, the handheld plugin now uses a custom interface rather than using MC's automation interface.
    8. Fixed: The visualization plugin could crash in recent builds.
    9. Fixed: Changing television zooming to preset sizes ("Fit Window", "100%", "200%") using context menu options did not re-center the video.

Version 19.0.147
  • Release Date: Jun 28, 2014
  • 19.0.147 (6/27/2014)

    1. Changed: Skinning supports over-sized checkbox controls.
    2. Fixed: The size of the thumbnail size slider would be one pixel different between the top and bottom lists.
    3. NEW: Rewrote the Theater View > Shoutcast implementation using an official API key.
    4. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks Regis!).
    5. Changed: AVerMedia HD Capture video capture device will use Red October Standard/HQ/Custom selection of video renderer, instead of Windows default renderer.
    6. Changed: Red October Standard/HQ/Custom selection of video renderer will be used with Video capture devices with hardware compression in non-timeshifting mode (it has already been done previously for timeshifting mode).
    7. NEW: Added MCWS/v1/DSP/Set function for turning a DSP on or off.
Version 19.0.146
  • Release Date: Jun 27, 2014
  • 19.0.146 (6/25/2014)

    1. Changed: Improved WPL exporting.
    2. Changed: When all tracks from an album have multiple artists but all the tracks have the same list the first artist will be used for Album Artist (auto) instead of (Multiple Artists).
    3. Fixed: Television recording option text "Keep recording after the program ends (use negative value to stop early) by:" was too long to fit in window if larger font was used.
    4. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).

    19.0.145 (6/23/2014)

    1. Changed: Season is enabled for audio.
    2. Changed: Added support for MPGV files.
    3. Changed: Tracks with multiple artists will use (Multiple Artists) for Album Artist Auto.
    4. Changed: On edit television channel list window, added a "Save Channel Order" button.  Channel ordering will not automatically be saved if a user only clicks the channel header.  If the user uses Move Up/Down to change ordering, a confirmation dialog will be displayed upon leaving such mode.
    5. Changed: When removing the playing file from Playing Now the next file will start playing.
    6. Changed: The field "Involved People" maps to the ID3v2 tag IPLS.
    7. Fixed: Seeking in Gizmo was not working in 19.0.144.

    19.0.144 (6/20/2014)

    1. Changed: Sample rate conversion can specify different values for 352,800 and 384,000 input sample rates.
    2. Changed: MCWS/v1/File/CreateParticle returns created keys as a Keys parameter.
    3. Fixed: DVD Title Playback offers all audio streams, instead of only one.
    4. Faster: Converting audio to 64-bit for internal processing is up to 50% faster.
    5. Fixed: Parsing of some JSON formatted web results was incorrect, especially arrays of data.  Could affect results from Youtube, Facebook, TheMovieDB, Rotten Tomatoes and others.
    6. Changed: Reworded "Start recording early by:" to remind users that they can use negative values to delay starting of recording a television show.
    7. Changed: Merged DVBC frequency tables Switzerland.cablecom.xml and Switzerland.UPC Cablecom.xml
    8. Changed: DLNA sends alive messages when it resumes from standby.
Version 19.0.143
  • Release Date: Jun 19, 2014
  • 19.0.143 (6/18/2014)

    1. NEW: Added MCWS/v1/File/CreateParticle to create particles from a file.
    2. NEW: Gizmo honors playback range when playing a video.
    3. Fixed: Graph-building problem with Hauppauge Colossus.
    4. Fixed: In certain cases while ripping multiple discs, a newly inserted audio CD would not be seen by Media Center.
Version 19.0.142
  • Release Date: Jun 19, 2014
  • 19.0.142 (6/16/2014)

    1. Optimized: MC uses significantly less CPU power when using CableCARD tuners (HDHomerun Prime, Ceton InfiniTV etc.).
    2. Fixed: Skinning didn't support an oversized SplitViewTab::Close button.
    3. Changed: Updated Switzerland cablecom DVBC frequency table, thanks rudolffischer!
    4. Fixed: Blu-ray discs with extremely long clips could not be imported in all cases.
    5. Fixed: Theater view list lineup thumbnails no longer have pixelated edges.
Version 19.0.141
  • Release Date: Jun 14, 2014
  • 19.0.141 (6/13/2014)

    1. NEW: Media Center can be run with a -NoImport command line switch to disable importing.
    2. Fixed: When Chromium was the web engine, double-click and right-click on Track Info pages didn't work.
    3. NEW: Added MCC 28036 to set the audio / video lip sync correction (the parameter is an amount of shift to apply to the current settings).
    4. Fixed: Ripping or playing mixed mode (data/audio) CD's was broken.

    19.0.140 (6/13/2014)

    1. NEW: Gizmo honors playback ranges.
    2. Fixed: Thumbnails for files with a playback range would cap and show the same thumbnail for all videos.
    3. Fixed: In-place editing would stop tab navigation at a drop-list edit field.
    4. Changed: MC estimates the size of television recordings in jtv format better, especially when multiple recordings are in the same folder.
    5. Fixed: When sample rate is changed, full screen playback is maintained (previously it would exit full screen).
    6. Fixed: Theaterview Youtube now works when logged in.
    7. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.62 (performance improvements and bug fixes).
    8. Fixed: Switching between two audio streams with different sample rates could cause playback to become silent.
    9. Fixed: jtv recording might not be playable if recording was started some time after the program had been watch live in time-shifting mode.
    10. Fixed: Creating time-based particles on top of a DVD Title particle preserves the DVD Title mapping.
Version 19.0.138
  • Release Date: Jun 12, 2014
  • 19.0.138 (6/5/2014)

    1. Fixed: Video capture or STB television recordings using Hauppauge HDPVR/Colossus/HDPVR2 would always have FPS value of 25.
    2. Fixed: Theater View television guide grid didn't show programs at present time or in the near future if many channels do not have associated guide data.
    3. NEW: Added media sub types Sports, Workout, and Concert (Concert will also use center focused mixing).
    4. Fixed: Jump on play set to Theater View Playing Now would stall if Mini view was in use.
    5. Fixed: The thumbnails in the Theater View List Lineup View did not properly display category images (like Series and Season for TV Shows).
    6. Fixed: The duration of VobSubs in MKV files was not properly honored.
    7. Fixed: When bitstreaming, the gapped fade between tracks mode will get treated like gapless (because it's not possible to do a gapped fade when bitstreaming).
    8. Changed: Sidecar subtitles will have a higher priority if the name of the sidecar exactly matches the name of the file.
    9. Fixed: Emailing an image as the original size would result in a 1x1 px image.

Version 19.0.137
  • Release Date: Jun 5, 2014
  • 19.0.137 (6/2/2014)

    1. Fixed: Syncing the library could result in a playlist smartlist being reversed.
    2. Fixed: Attaching a Twitter account now works again as well as updating twitter status.
    3. Changed: Updated Korean language file (thanks Junghwan).
    4. Changed: Czech language translation updated (thanks Johnny B).
    5. Fixed: Time-shifting did not work in build 19.0.136 for Hauppauge HD PVR family devices if the audio format is different from what was assumed initially.
    6. Fixed: mp4/m4a files containing malformed copyright atom (that does not conform to ISO standard) could not be imported.
    7. Changed: Removed obsolete play radio station.
    8. Changed: Updated Slovak language (thanks Peter Lukac).
    9. Fixed: In-place editing the month would not accept January.
    10. Fixed: MC would prevent system from going to sleep after failed (due to tuner failure for example) attempt at recording a television show.
    11. Fixed: MC could crash when using MCWS to request the files in a tree that no longer exists (because the files were removed or tags changed recently).
Version 19.0.136
  • Release Date: May 24, 2014
  • 19.0.136 (5/22/2014)

    1. Fixed: When DSD files were transcoded to PCM over DLNA with sample rate set to "same as source", they were ending up with an unplayable sample rate of 2822400. Now the sample rate is capped at 176400 on these transcodes.
    2. Changed: Relaxed some error handling so that some malformed m4a/ALAC files can still be played in MC.
    3. Faster: Uploading Cover Art and background images to the graphics card in Theater View is more efficient on Intel GPUs.
    4. NEW: Added a time display to the main roller in the default Theater View skins in all views.
    5. Changed: Internal change in television playback. Please report anything odd, especially with set-top-box devices.
    6. Changed: Eliminated unnecessary graph-building and tearing down when recording or running time-shifting on analog television tuner/capture devices.
    7. Fixed: Slideshows for Image Playback were broken in 19.0.135 and skipping images.
    8. Changed: The average frame rate calculation for Theater View rendering is more accurate.
    9. Fixed: Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Game Edition Plus did not work in MC.
    10. Fixed: Time-shifting and recording in jtv format did not work for Hauppauge HDPVR/Colossus/HDPVR2 video capture devices (if the device audio format was AAC).
Version 19.0.135
  • Release Date: May 20, 2014
  • 19.0.135 (5/16/2014)

    1. Fixed: The Rating Stars in the Standard View Playback Status were cut off when using 125% Size or greater.
    2. Fixed: Starting to record a television program on a set-top-box device while watching the program live did not work (would show erroneous channel changing pop-up confirmation).
    3. Fixed: Recording a television program while watching it live would result in two recordings (one might be very short).
    4. Fixed: Watching a television program that was currently being recorded off a Set-top-box would result in erroneous channel-changing pop-up confirmation box.
    5. Changed: Improved the loading of full resolution images in Theater View Cover views to reduce the visible sharpening effect when the thumbnail is replaced by the full resolution image.
    6. Changed: Changed the way the timings for Theater View animations are calculated, which should lead to smoother animations while the GPU is busy.
    7. Changed: The resolution of the cover textures in Theater View Cover Flow/List is automatically determined based on the screen resolution, instead of a hardcoded value.
    8. Fixed: HTTP Live Streaming did not properly deliver a playlist on the first call to the Library Server since 19.0.133.

Version 19.0.134
  • Release Date: May 16, 2014
  • 19.0.134 (5/13/2014)

    1. Fixed: MP3 transcodes over media networking were reporting a content length 4096 bytes less than actual. No real data was lost because of null padding at the end, but this might confuse a fussy renderer.
    2. Fixed: When multiple STB channels were grouped into a single set of channels, if one device was in use, the other device might not work correctly.
    3. Fixed: Installing plugins and connecting to a Library Server would fail if the User Profile Path included Unicode characters.
    4. Fixed: Using "Auto Size All Columns" did not save the column width, causing the layout to reset on next load.
    5. Fixed: Streaming MP3 to ChromeCast could cause playback to get stuck at the end of the file.
    6. Fixed: Blu-ray/PGS subtitles could be shown too late, instead of at their appropriate display time.
    7. Changed: Updated Korean language file (thanks Junghwan).

    19.0.133 (5/8/2014)

    1. Changed: Updated Slovak language file (thanks Peter Lukac).
    2. Fixed: MC could crash at the end of television channel scanning in some circumstances.
    3. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
    4. Fixed: HTTP Keep-Alive support wasn't working properly in all cases.
    5. Fixed: The last segment in HTTP Live Streaming could get stuck in some players due to an invalid timestamp.
    6. Changed: Red October HQ uses madVR version 0.87.10.
    7. Fixed: Progress reporting for video conversions was not reliable.
    8. Fixed: The Prepare parameter of the MCWS File/GetFile function did not work.

    19.0.132 (4/30/2014)

    1. NEW: Added television subscription options "Do not record programs that have been recorded in the past" and "Do not record reruns" to television options (Tools > Options > Television > Recording). The choices will be automatically applied to every subscription recording unless the user overrides them.
    2. Changed: Increased the threshold of the pseudo-surround detection to reduce the risk of false positives.
    3. NEW: Added an option to disable pseudo-surround detection in Output Format DSP.
    4. Changed: There are now 5 television recording priorities (previously only 3).
    5. NEW: Added television recording option "Allow setting some details when scheduling recording in Theater View".
    6. NEW: Detail List Views in Standard View show Series/Season artwork as the grouping thumbnail instead of an episode thumbnail.
    7. Changed: Changing the Year/Month/Day fields will cause the Date field to be written to file tags.
    8. Changed: List Edit windows allow using right-click on their background to bring up a context menu, in addition to right-clicking existing entries.
    9. NEW: Support for exporting playlists in the Windows Media Player Playlist format (WPL Playlist).
    10. Changed: Updated New Zealand DVB-T frequency table (thanks J-a-k-e).
Version 19.0.131
  • Release Date: Apr 29, 2014
  • 19.0.131 (4/25/2014)

    1. Changed: Updated satellite tuning parameter file for 28.2°E satellite (Astra 2F) to include the new transponder position for ITV HD in the United Kingdom.
    2. Changed: Improved error resilience of SACD DST parsing.
    3. Fixed: The Installer did not properly install TV related functionality in the last couple builds.
    4. Fixed: The new MCWS function Television/GetRecordingSchedule did not return intended information.

    19.0.130 (4/23/2014)

    1. Changed: When the user switches from Display View to Theater view to browse TV guide grid, the currently playing show will remain in a small window even if the user selects a different program in the grid.
    2. Changed: Minor corrections in Chinese language files.
    3. Changed: Updated Japanese language file (thanks Tsuchiya Kazuo).
    4. SDK: Added MCWS/v1/Television/GetRecordingSchedule, to return a list of scheduled television recordings for the next specified number of hours.
    5. Fixed: ReplayGain tags were not properly written to MP3 files during audio conversion.
    6. Fixed: WASAPI notifications were not properly unregistered, which may have caused playback failure with some audio devices.
    7. Fixed: SHOUTcast in Theater View was broken since early 2014 due to the service changing.
    8. Changed: Removed categories from the Theater View YouTube plugin which all showed the same content.

    19.0.129 (4/17/2014)

    1. Fixed: WTV files always showed "unknown codec" in the Compression field.
    2. Fixed: Some WTV/DVR-MS files did not play audio on some systems since 19.0.123.
    3. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.61.2-1.
    4. Fixed: Scanning for TV channels could cause MC to crash if remote control feature was off.
    5. SDK: The MCWS web service responses set a CORS "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" header.
    6. Fixed: Reading ID3v2 text tags with NULL padding could cause a semicolon to be added to the tag.

    19.0.128 (4/12/2014)

    1. Fixed: Loading images from Google for Theater View Media Slideshow was broken as of beginning of April, due to a change in Google's website.
    2. Changed: Added more logging to TV channel scan wizard.
    3. Fixed: When playing live TV on clients using tuners on a server, the Playing Now OSD did not show channel and program info.
    4. Fixed: Certain WMV files did not reliably pass audio analysis.
    5. Changed: MC's behavior when the 'i' button on remote control is pressed in Display View is now uniform across all playback types.  The OSD will cycle through "Position" (if available), "Playing Now" (or "Programs"), and "Description" (if any - for live TV the description of currently playing program, for other files the Description tag field).  Pressing 'i' while "Description" is showing turns off OSD.
Version 19.0.127
  • Release Date: Apr 11, 2014
  • 19.0.127 (4/9/2014)
    1. Fixed: Improved handling of files with format changes during audio analysis.
    2. Fixed: Video files without an audio track are handled more gracefully by the audio analysis.
    3. NEW: Added new AudioAnalysisState() expression to determine the state of audio analysis of the library files.
    4. Fixed: Television recording (Record Current Hour, Record Current Two hours, etc.) did not work for auxiliary input channels on video capture devices such as Hauppauge HDPVR.
    5. Fixed: Theater View could crash in a rare case when displaying themed background images.
    6. Fixed: Reading of the Ratings tag from WMA files did not work.
    7. Changed: Updated Japanese language file (thanks Tsuchiya Kazuo).
    8. Changed: Updated Slovak language file (thanks Peter Lukac).
    9. Fixed: The Tag Action Window always showed "audio not analyzed" in the Format field for audio files, even if analyzed.
    10. Changed: Added more logging in television channel scan wizard.
    11. NEW: The "Edit Channels List" tool in television configuration allows manual ordering of channels (with "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons). Channel sorting is automatically saved and applied in all TV channel lists as default sorting, including the Guide in Theater view.
    12. Fixed: TV channels that are non-top group members could appear in the list of channels on "Edit Channels List" window multiple times.
    13. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.61.2.
  • 19.0.126 (4/7/2014)
    1. Fixed: JRSS downmix to mono erroneously adjusted the gain of the LFE in 19.0.125.
    2. Fixed: Retrieving Cover Art over MCWS could crash under some special circumstances.
    3. Changed: Red October HQ uses madVR version 0.87.9.
    4. Fixed: Using the Windows key to get back to the desktop from Theater View did not work since 19.0.123.
    5. Fixed: Wrong wizard page would appear during digital television channel (ATSC, DVB, and QAM) scanning if mc2xml option had been used in previous EPG scans.
Version 19.0.125
  • Release Date: Apr 5, 2014
  • Fixed: When user presses Left or Right arrow in television guide in Theater view, super long (24 hours for example) programs could not be selected (and the selection would stay at the adjacent program on the same row).
  • Fixed: JRSS downmixing could result in audio clipping due to the Peak Levels change in 19.0.122, which has been reverted.
  • Fixed: JRSS did not use energy neutral downmixing for the LFE channel.
  • Fixed: MC did not properly fallback to thumbnails if the full resolution artwork was not found (in Theater View et al.).
  • Fixed: When recording consecutive television shows on the same channel, the second recording might not be completed as the system might go to sleep.
  • Changed: JRSS pseudo surround detection (2 channel in multi-channel container) supports detecting 2 channel in 7.1 container as well.
  • Fixed: WASAPI exclusive mode was not working with 5.1 audio on some audio devices which expect the old 5.1 channel arrangement.
  • Changed: Updated Korean language file (thanks Junghwan).
  • SDK: Added MCWS/v1/Configuration/Audio/ListDevices, SetDevice, GetDevice commands to control the active output device.
  • Fixed: COM interface leak when handling certain analog video capture devices with hardware-encoding (Colossus, HDPVR, etc.).
  • Fixed: Multiple Hauppauge Colossus video capture devices could not run simultaneously.
  • Changed: Added DVB-T frequency table for Taiwan.
Version 19.0.124
  • Release Date: Mar 28, 2014
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 19.0.121
  • Release Date: Mar 12, 2014
  • 19.0.121 (3/8/2014)
    1. Fixed: Audio Streams using LPCM or E-AC3 were showing "unknown codec" in the Compression field.
    2. Fixed: Video files without audio mistakenly had a "audio: unknown codec" in the Compression field.
    3. Fixed: The "Subtitles" page in the OSD was shown even when no subtitles are available.
    4. Fixed: Handling a corrupt FLAC file could cause import, analysis and playback to hang.
    5. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.61.1.
    6. Fixed: Playback of NTSC DVDs and DVD rips was not smooth on some systems.
    7. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
    8. Fixed: Converting 2xDSD to 1xDSD caused the audio to become distorted.
    9. NEW: MC's TV supports multiple Set Top Boxes (STB). Instructions
Version 19.0.120
  • Release Date: Mar 7, 2014
  • 19.0.120 (3/4/2014)
    1. Fixed: Importing a playlist would clear the "Image File" field for files with embedded cover art.
    2. Fixed: Some television recordings recorded on the same channel consecutively in jtv format would not have correct duration and starting position when played on client computers.
    3. Fixed: Some television recordings recorded on the same channel consecutively in jtv format would take an extremely long time to start on client computers.
    4. Changed: R128 volume leveling will use the average album gain instead of the gain of the loudest track for a more consistent volume level (with an additional peak clipping check).
    5. Changed: Updated Japanese language file (thanks Tsuchiya Kazuo).
    6. Fixed: Importing .mts files in a AVCHD folder structure did not work.
    7. Changed: Auto-Import "Fix broken links" is smarter when tracking renamed and moved files.
    8. Fixed: The Import dialog could hang on close on systems with a lot of drives and media locations.
    9. Fixed: The Convert Format tool was not working with SACD audio files.
    10. Changed: Updated Slovak language file (thanks Peter Lukac).
    11. Fixed: 4 Channel Quadraphonic output over WASAPI was not working on some audio devices.
    12. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.61 (a lot of fixes for DXVA2 hardware acceleration).
    13. Changed: Hardware accelerated decoding on Intel iGPU's uses DXVA2 decoding instead of the QuickSync decoder when possible.
    14. Changed: DTS-HD audio tracks are identified as DTS-HD in the Compression field.
  • 19.0.119 (2/26/2014)
    1. Changed: The MimeType for MK3D files should be "video/x-matroska-3d".
    2. Fixed: If we missed an event from a DLNA device we would never do a real status call to figure out the play state.
    3. Fixed: In rare cases, the display settings changer allowed changing to a mode which is not supported by the monitor.
    4. Fixed: Importing a playlist which updated tags on existing files cleared the thumbnails of the modified files.
    5. Fixed: The MCWS/v1/Browse/Image function always returns a high-resolution image, if requested.
    6. Fixed: Playing from a Library Server with video conversion active could cause the video to get stuck at end of file.
    7. Fixed: Playing a new track while paused will no longer trigger a fade, which caused the old file to be played briefly again.
    8. Fixed: URL parsing did not properly handle the case of multiple escape sequences in a row (ie. %25%20).
    9. Changed: In addition to "movie" and "movies", keywords "film", "films", as well as their corresponding translated versions are used to determine whether a television program is a movie.
    10. Changed: Both "Quality" and "Strength" are included in OSD display of "Signal" for television playback.
Version 19.0.118
  • Release Date: Feb 21, 2014
  • 19.0.118 (2/18/2014)
    1. Changed: In television signal OSD, "Strength" is renamed to "Quality" because that is what it actually is.
    2. Fixed: Theater View Skins with a video background could cause Theater View to hang or crash.
    3. Changed: Added the "mk3d" file association for MKV files with 3D content.
    4. Fixed: Video conversion and streaming of WMV files was not working properly.
    5. Changed: Updated Japanese language file (thanks Tsuchiya Kazuo).
    6. Changed: Updated Slovak language file (thanks Peter Lukac).
    7. Fixed: Converting a compound audio file (WAV/ISO + CUE) with "Replace original file" set would delete the original file after the first track finished, and fail converting all other tracks.
    8. Fixed: Using a "|" character in an expression in the "Customize Display" dialog in Standard View caused the expression to be cut-off.
    9. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
    10. Fixed: MC would not wake up to do television recordings if the computer was put to sleep through Theater view's "System Sleep, Shutdown, & More..." menu.
    11. Changed: Added a frequency entry in the satellite frequency table for 28.2° East satellite, and modified a few existing entries.
    12. Changed: Hardware Accelerated Decoding for TV should now behave similar to file playback.
Version 19.0.117
  • Release Date: Feb 17, 2014
  • 19.0.117 (2/14/2014)
    1. Fixed: The Display Settings changer didn't properly set 24 or 60 Hz resolutions on Windows 8 or 8.1, always resulting in 23 or 59 Hz instead.
    2. Changed: The Custom Display Settings changer configuration lists the available modes in a hierarchical fashion instead of a long list, for easier access.
    3. Fixed: In television Guide in Theater view, moving down the guide grid from the last row would wrap over to the second row instead of the first row.
    4. Fixed: Punctuation or Numbers could draw in the wrong position in Right-to-Left scripts like Hebrew or Arabic.
    5. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
    6. Changed: When scheduling television recordings, the conflict warning message will include name, channel, and start time of the conflicting programs.
    7. Fixed: Interface Plug-ins were broken in 19.0.116 and could cause MC to crash.
Version 19.0.116
  • Release Date: Feb 14, 2014
  • 19.0.116 (2/12/2014)
    1. NEW: MC supports importing videos with XBMC metadata contained in .nfo files.
    2. Changed: Video playback option "Enable Automatic Display Settings changing" is changed to a drop list of three selectable modes: Off, On, and Custom. Custom corresponds to the old "checkbox checked" mode, On is a new automatic mode.
    3. Changed: Added a "sorting mode" combo box on television channel-to-xmltv match window, to make it easier to do manual match.
    4. Changed: Disabled DXVA2 Native Hardware Acceleration in Red October HQ due to stability issues (affects mostly AMD users).
    5. Changed: Media subtype of television recordings will be set to "Movie" or "TV Show" according to the info available in guide data.
    6. Fixed: The MCWS/v1/File/SetInfo function did not properly handle double quotes in string values when using the List=CSV mode.
    7. Changed: Pressing the "i" button on an MC remote control while a television channel is showing will cause the OSD to cycle through three modes: position bar, current/next program title, and program description (provided that the OSD menu is not showing at the time).
  • 19.0.115 (2/6/2014)
    1. Changed: Revised how DirectShow handles Stop/Play to increase stability when skipping to the next file.
    2. Changed: The Subtitles -> Browse... option is always available, not only when subtitles are already present.
    3. Changed: DLNA Mimetypes for dff,dsf,sacd for compatibility with Oppo (and others hopefully).
    4. Fixed: SACD ISOs were always detected with external changes and their metadata re-imported during auto-import, overwriting any changes in the library.
    5. NEW: Added support for Hauppauge HD PVR 2 for video capture.
Version 19.0.114
  • Release Date: Feb 5, 2014
  • 19.0.114 (2/3/2014)
    1. Fixed: HLS segments could incorrectly start on a non-key frame, causing playback breakups on some devices.
    2. Fixed: Seeking in a HLS stream could result in playing from a wrong position.
    3. NEW: Added new TVInfo() expressions IsTVChannel and ChannelProgramNow.
  • 19.0.113 (1/31/2014)
    1. NEW: Support for streaming video to Gizmo using HTTP Live Streaming.
    2. Changed: GoPro Cineform decoder added to Custom video mode whitelist.
    3. Fixed: Scanning for STB television channels did not work because the analog device channels list was not properly populated.
    4. Fixed: When recording ATSC television shows in TS format data for multiple channels in the same transport could be erroneously saved, resulting in multiple videos in the same file, which sometimes could confuse video players.
Version 19.0.111
  • Release Date: Jan 31, 2014
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 19.0.104
  • Release Date: Jan 14, 2014
  • 19.0.104 (1/9/2014)
    1. Changed: "Favorite Channels" and "Hidden Channels" attributes can be set on "Edit Channel List..." window, where you can select multiple television channels and then click buttons to set them all at once.
    2. Changed: "Delete All Channels" button on "Edit Channel List..." window is removed as it is not needed.
    3. NEW: Customize text alignment for columns in Standard View file lists by right-clicking on the column header.
    4. Changed: The "Mark as (not) Played" library tools are only shown when they are useful (ie. Mark as Played only on files not played before, and vice versa).
    5. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
    6. Fixed: "Hidden channels" and "Favorite channels" drop lists were not updated after scanning television channels, or after running "Group channels" tool.
    7. Changed: Updated the FFmpeg version used for transcoding.
    8. NEW: Option to populate "Channel Number" field when scanning for television channels, if such number can be found or constructed.
    9. Changed: MC will not treat different audio streams on the same DVB service as separate channels when scanning for channels, and will ignore any service without a name (instead of using "(null)" as name).
    10. NEW: On scanning for DVB television channels, MC will add a "DVB-T2/S2/C2" flag to indicate that a channel is or is not a T2/S2/C2 channel. On tuner device configuration, a checkbox is added to indicate whether a tuner is capable of tuning to T2/S2/C2 channels.
    11. Changed: Standard television view will list guide data for 24 hours per page, instead of 18 hours.
    12. Fixed: Television channel scanning wizard did not show all option controls for scanning STB channels because the wizard window was too small.
    13. Changed: Minor changes on "Edit Channel List" dialog window.
Version 19.0.103
  • Release Date: Jan 8, 2014
  • 19.0.103 (1/6/2014)
    1. Changed: In television options, "Edit Channel List" window includes non-anchor group members in the channel list, so they can be edited.
    2. Changed: TV Series in the "Get Cover Art" dialog are sorted by Series and Season.
    3. Changed: Expression columns with DataType=[Number] are drawn right aligned.
    4. Changed: Only stock decimal fields render with a fixed number of decimal places.
    5. NEW: "Mark as Played" and "Mark as not Played" library tools to quickly set or clear the played status of a file.
    6. Fixed: Cover Art download could crash in some cases (ie. after a CD Rip).
    7. Fixed: Subscription recording of consecutively aired television show episodes would end up in one big recording instead of separate recordings.
    8. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
Version 19.0.102
  • Release Date: Jan 4, 2014
  • 19.0.102 (1/2/2014)
    1. NEW: TV season cover art is downloaded from
    2. Fixed: Handle leak in network functionality.
    3. Changed: Numeric database fields are drawn right-aligned in Standard View.
    4. Changed: Decimal database fields always show a fixed number of decimal places.
    5. Fixed: Suggested choices in the dropdown when editing a decimal field are properly grouped, and don't show duplicate entries anymore.
    6. Fixed: Downloaded Performer Store subscription tracks would sporadically show a licensing error (103).
  • 19.0.101 (12/23/2013)
    1. Changed: Added some error checking in television channel grouping GUI (for example a channel that is already in a group will not be allowed to be grouped in a new group).
    2. Skinning: Action Window in skin can customize the margin below the header using ActionWindow\Template\BelowHeaderMargin (also tightened up Action Window spacing for default Noire skin).
    3. Fixed: When building or editing a playlist in the Action Window, the duration column could be obscured a little if a vertical scrollbar was visible.
Version 19.0.100
  • Release Date: Dec 30, 2013
  • 19.0.100 (12/20/2013)
    1. Changed: Search suggestions show album artist, but only when the results differ from the artist alone (the same treatment is also applied to composer and publisher).
    2. Fixed: Hauppauge Colossus video capture device did not work correctly in some cases.
    3. Changed: When auto-configuring audio output, 176.4kHz will be used instead of 96kHz for DSD content when the DAC supports it.
  • 19.0.99 (12/19/2013)
    1. Changed: When importing a SACD, the file size for each track will show the size of the individual track inside the ISO instead of the size of the entire ISO.
    2. Fixed: Doing 'Update Library (from tags)' was not working properly for CUE or SACD tracks.
    3. Fixed: DVB subtitles on certain TV channels could still render with incorrect size and position.
    4. Fixed: Facebook photo upload wasn't working.
  • 19.0.98 (12/18/2013)
    1. Changed: Czech language translation updated (thanks Johnny B).
    2. Changed: Deleting an item in Theater View no longer resets the selection back to the beginning of the list.
    3. Changed: Picking System Info from the Help menu shows Reporter (which contains all the same information and more as the old system information report).
    4. Fixed: Deleting a file from the library could cause a crash in Media Network.
    5. Changed: Media Network no longer attempts to serve protected files (WMA, WMV, etc.) since they lead to problems with many renderers, Gizmo, etc.
  • 19.0.97
    1. Testing build not released to the public.
Version 19.0.96
  • Release Date: Dec 19, 2013
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 19.0.91
  • Release Date: Dec 12, 2013
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 19.0.87
  • Release Date: Dec 6, 2013
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 19.0.82
  • Release Date: Nov 27, 2013
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 19.0.74
  • Release Date: Nov 13, 2013
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 19.0.67
  • Release Date: Nov 4, 2013
  • 19.0.67 (10/31/2013)
    1. NEW: Zones and users are exposed on the top roller in Theater View views (only shown if you have multiple zones or multiple user accounts).
    2. Changed: The Info button on an MCE remote will show Theater View Playing Now when in Theater View (and continue to show the OSD when in Display View).
    3. Changed: Switched F11 and Shift+F11 so that F11 is equivalent to the green button on an MCE remote (and shift F11 will loop including Standard View).
    4. Fixed: File path category grouping was not working properly in some cases.
Version 19.0.66
  • Release Date: Nov 1, 2013
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 19.0.60
  • Release Date: Oct 24, 2013
  • 19.0.60 (10/22/2013)
    1. Fixed: Playing DSD content on Gizmo was not working nicely.
    2. Fixed: High resolution minimize, maximize, and close buttons were not working properly with some windows.
    3. Fixed: Possible deadlock in the server core when seeking Gizmo video.
  • 19.0.59 (10/21/2013)
    1. Fixed: Rainmeter was not working with the native CD Art Display support (remember to edit the Rainmeter player name to 'CAD').
    2. Fixed: If loading a DLNA device's service failed (maybe because the device was turned off), the device could enter a permanent error state and not work properly even once it was turned back on.
    3. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
    4. Fixed: During drawing of the program, image data used for debugging could be put on the clipboard.
    5. Fixed: MC saved incorrect country code for television, causing problems such as defaulting tuners to wrong type.
    6. SDK: When rendering a skin item at a scale less than the skin item's native scale, any fixed sized borders will be shrunk accordingly.
    7. SDK: Scrollbar skinning supports glyph overlays so that the arrow aspect ratio can always be correct regarless of scaling.
    8. Changed: Updated Noire skin with high resolution resources (still a work in progress).
    9. Changed: Reduced the amount of logging and computation in JR Bitrate Monitor filter.
Version 19.0.58
  • Release Date: Oct 20, 2013
  • 19.0.58 (10/18/2013)
    1. NEW: Added native CD Art Display support (thanks to poiru for his previous work here).
    2. Fixed: Some MCC notification messages had their index shifted in the last few builds, causing possible problems with third-party plugins.
    3. Changed: Encoder configuration dialogs work better with size settings other than 100%.
    4. Changed: Library views (Playing Now > Playing From) work better with size settings other than 100%.
  • 19.0.57 (10/17/2013)
    1. Fixed: When converting audio to WAV format, the RIFF chunk size could be set wrong by 8 bytes.
    2. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
    3. Changed: The skinning engine uses high quality supersampling to shrink skin images so that high resolution enabled skins look better.
    4. Fixed: Seeking of video was not working with Gizmo in the last two builds.
    5. Changed: MC will fix incorrectly written root chunk size of WAV and AIFF files during tag writing.
    6. Changed: Revised image drawing to only require SSE2 for acceleration instead of SSSE3.
    7. Fixed: YouTube music video playback was not working.
Version 19.0.56
  • Release Date: Oct 15, 2013
  • 19.0.56 (10/10/2013)
    1. Fixed: In Theater View, when a dialog was shown, moving the mouse outside the dialog could shift the focus away and lead to problems.
    2. Fixed: In some cases, the Genre value would not be retrieved for an episode when doing a TheTVDB lookup.
    3. Changed: MP4 files are loaded and tested for media type before they are analyzed so audio files will not need to be sent to video engine.
    4. Fixed: MP4 input plugin registration did not register 3GA file type correctly.
  • 19.0.55 (10/9/2013)
    1. Fixed: Sound Check values were not being written to the iPod's database during upload.
    2. Faster: Improvements to the DLNA server to make it perform better under high load.
    3. Faster: Speed enhancements to core XML code (used in many places in the program).
    4. Fixed: Fixed a typo on the MP3 input plugin configuration dialog.
    5. Changed: When using output encoding (AC3, DSD, DoP) the output plugin will no longer be restarted between tracks when the input sample rate changes.
    6. Fixed: Double-click from an image preview view could crash.
    7. Changed: VOB subtitle durations are better honored.
Version 19.0.54
  • Release Date: Oct 10, 2013
  • 19.0.54 (10/8/2013)
    1. Fixed: AC3 playback was not working in build 53.
    2. Fixed: With left-click lasso enabled, scrolling a list could start a lasso.
    3. SDK: MCWS/v1/File/SetInfo supports setting multiple fields / values per call by CSV encoding a list for Field and Value parameters and also setting a parameter List=CSV.
    4. Fixed: Yahoo! news in Theater View could show extra noise around the story text.
  • 19.0.53 (10/7/2013)
    1. Fixed: Handling of 32-bit integer input files was not working in the last few builds.
    2. Fixed: Font kerning in edit controls could be incorrect in build 51.
    3. Fixed: The skin effects dialog would allow itself to be closed while the color picker was opening, leading to a possible crash.
    4. Fixed: Added support for MP4 files that used a custom genre atom in their tag, but stored a standard genre by putting a number in parenthesis.
    5. Fixed: Double-click on the pause button while playing was not stopping.
    6. Fixed: When playing on an LS client a television channel that happens to be recording in transport stream (.ts) format on the server, the recording could be interrupted when the client stops playing.
    7. Fixed: When playing on an LS client a television recording in transport stream (.ts) format, the length of playback was limited to the length of recording at the moment the playback started, even though the recording was on going on the server.
    8. Changed: When playing on an LS client a television recording in transport stream format, if the server is still recording the file, playback switches to a jtv file so the playback length can grow with the recording.
  • 19.0.52
    1. Internal testing build not released to the public.
Version 19.0.51
  • Release Date: Oct 6, 2013
  • 19.0.51 (10/4/2013)
    1. Changed: Updated the Indonesian translation (Thanks elda).
    2. Fixed: Double-click in live television video window (using EVR) did not work.
    3. Fixed: 2x DSD playback was not working on the TEAC UD-501.
    4. Fixed: Fonts that used left or right overhangs could draw with the overhang portion cropped.
    5. Fixed: The new Size option was not scaling fonts properly if you had never customized the font in Options > Tree & View.
    6. Fixed: The white-list for allowing system volume to work while bitstreaming was not working with some Resonessence Labs hardware.
    7. Fixed: Automatic library backups and check for updates would not be started when the command line was not empty (so launching at boot with /MediaServer, etc. could disable this functionality).
    8. Changed: Added the ability to use the token [User] in the playerbar to display the name of the current user.
    9. Fixed: Customization to the playerbar would not always take effect right away.
    10. NEW: Added 'Set levels from decibel meter' button to Room Correction to make it easier to calibrate levels.
Version 19.0.50
  • Release Date: Oct 4, 2013
  • 19.0.50 (10/2/2013)
    1. NEW: Added View > Size option to resize Standard View (only works well with some skins; Noire recommended).
    2. Changed: Memory playback automatically disengages when using Audio Calibration for Tools > Advanced Tools (since audio calibration clips will play forever until stopped).
    3. Changed: Audio Calibration clips always use gapless track transitions (instead of possibly gapping or fading based on user options).
    4. SDK: Skin items can specify a Scale attribute so that high resolution images can be used (ie. Scale="2.0" for a double resolution image).
    5. Fixed: When watching an on-going television recording in transport stream (.ts) format, not all of the already recorded portion was shown, if the portion was longer than the pre-set time-shifting window.
    6. Fixed: ATI HDTVWonder tuner would not record in transport stream format.
    7. Changed: DSD encoding targets a slightly more conservative volume level (by about 1.6dB) so that it works better with Sabre-based DACs (and possibly others).
    8. Fixed: Clicking 'Exit' in Theater View with the mouse would not show the dialog with the last couple builds.
Version 19.0.49
  • Release Date: Oct 2, 2013
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 19.0.45
  • Release Date: Sep 26, 2013
  • 19.0.45 (9/24/2013)
    1. Fixed: mp4/m4a files would not play on LS clients if user chooses "Automatic" or "JRiver audio engine (using input plug-in)" for Playback Type.
    2. Changed: Video playback no longer forces the 'Clip protection' overflow handling mode but instead allows flat-lining overflows if so desired.
    3. Fixed: Some click handling problems from build 44.
    4. Fixed: When MP3 decoding encountered bad frames, audio analysis could slow way down instead of quickly working through the errors.
  • 19.0.44 (9/24/2013)
    1. Fixed: Shell extensions were causing problems in build 43.
    2. Internal: More work on mouse click and double-click handling to fix some issues with trackpads (please report any issues).
Version 19.0.43
  • Release Date: Sep 25, 2013
  • 19.0.43 (9/23/2013)
    1. Fixed: A couple click / mouse issues due to the internal click handling changes.
    2. Changed: Analyze Audio allows analyzing up to 8 files at a time instead of 4.
    3. Fixed: Memory playback could engage when analyzing audio or converting and impact the memory usage and performance of the operation.
    4. Faster: Improved thread parallelism when analyzing audio (and to a lesser extent regular playback).
    5. SDK: The HTML engine supports .Rating and .RatingStars variables on any file object (can be used by WebGizmo, etc.).
    6. Fixed: If a video file issued a finished event before ever starting, it could cause the audio analyzer to hang on the file.
    7. Fixed: Thai text (and possibly others) could draw with incorrect character spacing.
    8. Fixed: ASIO Line-in playback was not working properly.
    9. Fixed: A corrupt MP3 file could cause a crash when decoding in rare cases.
    10. Changed: Edit control scrollbars are indented one pixel so that they're inside the edit border with most skins.
    11. Fixed: The Trunc(...) math expression function could show incorrect results in some cases.
  • 19.0.42 (9/19/2013)
    1. Fixed: Theater View could crash in rare cases.
    2. Changed: The installer checks for SSE2 and shows an error if it's not found instead of refusing to run (we have no way to test this, so confirmation would be appreciated).
    3. Changed: Revised the check for operating system support for AVX CPU instructions to hopefully fix an issue on XP running in Parallels (testing appreciated).
    4. Fixed: When a client request a television channel that the server is already running (either recording or serving other clients), a black rectangle is drawn on the upper lefter corner of the server.
Version 19.0.41
  • Release Date: Sep 20, 2013
  • 19.0.41 (9/18/2013)
    1. Changed: Added support for SSA/ASS subtitle custom margins in the styles block.
    2. NEW: Convert Format allows optionally specifying an audio output bitdepth.
    3. Fixed: A corrupted APE file could cause decoding to stall in rare cases.
    4. Fixed: Television tuner specific configuration dialog was not displayed.
    5. Fixed: MadVR fell out of exclusive mode on OSD with TV playback.
  • 19.0.40 (9/17/2013)
    1. Changed: A processor that supports SSE2 is now required (added in 2001 to Intel, 2003 to AMD).
    2. NEW: Added a 6 dB/octave mode for high and low pass filters in Parametric Equalizer.
    3. Changed: The import summary is presented as an Action Window and only shows a popup and switches to 'Recently Imported' if a user clicks 'Details' on the summary.
    4. Fixed: The new JRTelevision Dll did not work.
    5. Internal: Revised left mouse click handling so that single, double, and triple clicks are generated by JRiver's framework instead of the operating system (should be internal change, but please report any mouse related issues).
    6. Fixed: The installer could incorrectly want to reboot when it couldn't install the shell extensions.
  • 19.0.39 (9/16/2013)
    1. Fixed: Some handheld devices would not appear in the last few builds (due to the internal COM changes).
    2. Faster: When loading Theater View backdrops from multiple sources, all sources are loaded at once instead of loading one at a time.
    3. SDK: MCWS/v1/File/GetFile allows specifying a custom mime type for the response (to deal with carriers or ISPs that may block or throttle MP3 data).
    4. Faster: Netflix queue is downloaded 2 to 3 times faster due to using parallel threading. Cancel works better.
    5. Fixed: A few rare MP3 files could get slow to play or analyze.
    6. Fixed: The brightness / contrast skin effect could overflow and look bad when using SSE acceleration.
    7. Fixed: The removed FTP upload tool could incorrectly appear in the send to menu ( removed when MFC was removed: ).
    8. Changed: The JRiver ASIO driver allows the host to configure the driver buffer size instead of keying off Options > Audio > Live playback latency (this way programs that query for the buffer size of all ASIO drivers on startup won't cause MC to start).
    9. Changed: Socket buffer size to 32k.
    10. Changed: Allow re-use of the base socket listener for library server (non-windows versions).
    11. Changed: Adaptive Volume in 'Peak Level Normalize' mode would not use a fixed gain in some cases where it should have.
    12. Internal: Switched television engine from an MFC COM control (MJTVControl.dll) to a regular DLL (JRTelevision.dll).
Version 19.0.38
  • Release Date: Sep 12, 2013
  • 19.0.38 (9/10/2013)
    1. Fixed: The installer would always register the 64-bit shell extensions, leading to cases where shell extensions could show in Explorer when the option was off in MC (manually turn on, OK out of options, then turn off, and OK out of options to fix).
    2. Fixed: The custom library backup path validation could unnecessarily create the default folder.
    3. Changed: Rewrote several core MMX image manipulation routines in SSE (most around 2x faster and now work cross platform).
    4. Fixed: The visual mouse over state for an edit control would not always be honored properly.
    5. Changed: Adaptive Volume in 'Peak Level Normalize' mode normalizes on a per-track basis when Volume Leveling is off and on a per-playlist basis when Volume Leveling is on.
    6. Fixed: WPD camera acquisition could fail in the last few builds due to the internal COM changes.
    7. Changed: MC has a white list of device names that support system volume while bitstreaming, and no longer disables the system volume slider when playing to these devices (if you have a device like this, please provide details).
    8. Fixed: Audio device names with pipes or backslashes in them could cause problems in Options > Audio.
    9. Changed: Added experimental support for ASIO DSD output to devices that do not specify a DSD buffer format like Teac, maybe others (feedback appreciated).
    10. Fixed: If auto-import got canceled while analyzing audio, it would record it as an error and not try again for a year.
    11. Fixed: Column auto-sizing was not working in some areas.
    12. Fixed: The projection aspect ratio was inconsistent when switching between some 3d visualizations.
Version 19.0.37
  • Release Date: Sep 7, 2013
  • 19.0.37 (9/5/2013)
    1. Fixed: Playback of some YouTube music videos was failing.
    2. Changed: The CSV text copied to the clipboard when copying from a list uses tab instead of comma as the delimiter.
    3. Fixed: Playing YouTube videos, MC would not resume playback after entering buffering state.
    4. Changed: Switched convolution based image effects (sharpen, emboss, etc.) to use SSE instead of MMX (should be internal change, but please report any issues).
    5. Changed: MC will now read and write replay gain (Volume Level) tags in Windows Media files.
    6. Fixed: Loopback was not working in the last couple builds due to internal COM changes.
Version 19.0.36
  • Release Date: Sep 6, 2013
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 19.0.32
  • Release Date: Aug 30, 2013
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 18.0.212
  • Release Date: Aug 6, 2013
  • 18.0.212 (8/5/2013)
    1. Fixed: Exiting Theater View while the 'News' view was loading could crash in some cases.
    2. Fixed: JTV video conversion lip-sync problem.
    3. Fixed: The option to start playback of the current playlist would not work when MC was configured to start when Windows loaded.
    4. Changed: Red October uses LAV filters version 0.58.2 (thanks nevcairiel).
    5. Changed: Removed 3d text visualization (it's no longer possible to create a 3d mesh from text using the D3DX helper).
    6. Fixed: A few 3d visualizations were not working properly on Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Version 18.0.211
  • Release Date: Jul 26, 2013
  • 18.0.211 (7/24/2013)
    1. Fixed: While playing a currently recording television show in transport stream format MC would play the ts file instead of going to the tuner that was doing the recording.
    2. Fixed: MC could hang upon stopping when playing a video over the network (Library server, or YouTube etc.).
    3. Fixed: Direct Sound playback would not work with devices that didn't support 24-bit audio.
    4. Fixed: Video width and height fields could be filled incorrectly.
    5. Fixed: When converting from jtv television recordings, the converted files would have an incorrect aspect ratio. Make sure you correct width and height problem first (see 4. above) before retrying conversion.
  • 18.0.210 (7/19/2013)
    1. Changed: Red October uses LAV filters version 0.58.1.
    2. Changed: Red October HQ uses madVR version 0.86.9.
    3. Fixed: "jpeg" is now an allowable format for cover art.
    4. Fixed: MCWS/v1/Zones/Unlink was not working properly.
Version 18.0.209
  • Release Date: Jul 13, 2013
  • 18.0.209 (7/11/2013)
    1. Fixed: Server computer would not go to sleep after serving live television to clients.
    2. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
    3. Fixed: Message box message "This feature is only available to subscribers." was not translated.
    4. Fixed: MC could crash when stopping playing a CableCARD tuner, especially in Red October HQ.
    5. Fixed: When the mouse left a list, the mouse-over selection state could stay visible in certain cases.
    6. Fixed: Right-click menu and some other popup windows was prematurely destroyed when CableCARD television tuner devices were involved.
    7. Fixed: DLNA bug where SetNextAVTransportURI gets called at least once even when disabled.
    8. Fixed: DLNA polling interval bug, reduce chatter.
    9. Changed: DLNA handle bug from some renderers which mis-spell NOT_IMPLEMENTED!
    10. Fixed: A few possible cases where background threads that showed user interface could hang or cause a focus shift.
    11. Changed: Added additional logging to the search suggestion system to help debug performance issues on some machines.
  • 18.0.208 (7/5/2013)
    1. Fixed: Convolution was not working in build 207.
    2. Changed: Dutch language translation updated (thanks bennyd).
  • 18.0.207 (7/3/2013)
    1. Fixed: Typing in the Options search box could temporarily shift focus, causing the first letter to get replaced by the second letter.
    2. Fixed: Downloading files larger than 2GB could fail.
    3. Changed: Tuned how the time remaining is reported in the Action Window during downloads (to work better with large downloads and to be more concise).
    4. Changed: Media Center will prevent the system from going to sleep while doing a handheld transfer.
    5. Fixed: Album and artist fields in "Podcast tag and file renaming rules" now work as expected.
    6. Fixed: Ogg Vorbis now fills its compression field with "Ogg Vorbis".
    7. Fixed: When converting some FLAC files to ogg, it will no longer tag as "ogv"
    8. Fixed: In Performer Store, following purchase of an album, the list of available assets for that album could be incorrect and the price for a track could be listed the same as the album price.
Version 18.0.206
  • Release Date: Jun 29, 2013
  • 18.0.206 (6/27/2013)
    1. Fixed: HDHomeRun PRIME CableCARD tuners did not work.
    2. Fixed: Image editing could lead to a crash on shutdown.
    3. Changed: Converted audio files will no longer have the audio analysis values (Replay Gain, etc.) copied from the source file (the encoding could have changed the correct values).
    4. Fixed: Moving the mouse while the sort all / inside groups menu was showing would incorrectly simulate a column header drag.
    5. Fixed: 3d objects in Theater View were not drawing properly on some XP machines.
    6. Changed: Dutch language translation updated (thanks bennyd).
    7. Fixed: The quick find toolbar in a list (F3) didn't look nice with the Black on Black skin.
    8. Fixed: The 'Help' button in Options could go to the wrong page in some cases.
    9. Fixed: The 12th Car Radio button was not working.
Version 18.0.205
  • Release Date: Jun 27, 2013
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 18.0.201
  • Release Date: Jun 20, 2013
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 18.0.195
  • Release Date: Jun 6, 2013
  • 18.0.195 (6/4/2013)
    1. Fixed: If an iPod failed to initialize, it could cause a hang when trying to display the error message.
    2. Fixed: The option to run Theater View in exclusive mode was not working in build 194 on Windows 7 and Windows 8 (this mode is not recommended for normal use).
    3. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
    4. Changed: A portable install will no longer warn and fail to run when taken between different operating systems.
    5. Changed: When switching tracks that require a hardware stop / start like on a sample rate change, the startup silence option will be honored (silence will be maximum of between track gap and startup silence gap).
    6. Changed: Updated to madVR v0.86 (thanks madshi).
    7. Changed: Subtitles account for the madVR presentation latency by using the new IMadVRInfo interface.
    8. Fixed: Theater View's focus / cursor could move unexpectedly in some cases.
    9. Fixed: Temp files created for .wvc files are now renamed to their final name when done when encoding Wavpack.
    10. Fixed: Empty temp files are no longer created when encoding lossless Wavpack.
    11. Changed: Wavpack files now display compression information.
    12. Changed: When acting as a DLNA renderer, Media Center will use "error free" mode so that playback errors won't cause message boxes to display (since the controller is normally in a different place).
Version 18.0.194
  • Release Date: Jun 6, 2013
  • 18.0.194 (6/3/2013)
    1. Fixed: Podcasting could cause the user interface to be sluggish in some cases when first starting the program.
    2. Changed: Switched Direct Sound output to always use 24-bit integer instead of 32-bit floating point (because it appears some devices don't work nicely with 32-bit floating point).
    3. Fixed: MC could hang or crash when changing television channels on the fly.
    4. Changed: Revised the presentation system used by Theater View on Windows 7 and Windows 8 to be more efficient (also fixes a Windows 8 dead-lock with regards to child windows intersecting with windowed 3d windows).
    5. Changed: Red October uses LAV filters version 0.57 (thanks nevcairiel).
    6. Changed: Fullscreen modes are not always-on-top (please report any focus or z-ordering issues).
    7. Fixed: With some monitor configurations, the mouse wheel would not work properly in Theater View.
    8. Fixed: The folder browse dialog was not always working properly when typing a path into the edit at the top of the dialog.
Version 18.0.193
  • Release Date: Jun 2, 2013
  • 18.0.193 (5/31/2013)
    1. Changed: Theater View, Display View, and Cover View are now always-on-top windows so that system dialogs are less likely to appear and/or steal the focus in these modes.
    2. Fixed: FLAC reference code would crash when encoding when an estimated total size was provided to the encoder, the 'verify' option was enabled, and encoding duration exceeded the estimated duration.
    3. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
    4. Fixed: Stopping or switching tracks during Library Server client playback could lead to a crash.
    5. Fixed: WASAPI with event style disabled could buffer shortfall unnecessarily in the last few builds (normally sounds like ticks).
    6. Fixed: If the selected output plugin could not be found, the program could switch to ASIO instead of the default Direct Sound.
    7. Fixed: When connecting to a library that required a password, the program could dead-lock in some cases.
    8. Fixed: Entering a 'Q' value of over 1.0 for a shelf filter with Parametric Equalizer would cause crackling during output.
  • 18.0.192 (5/29/2013)
    1. Changed: When overwriting a Car Radio preset, the preset will default to using the same name.
    2. Fixed: DVD menu mouse selection was not always working properly with madVR (used by Red October HQ).
    3. Changed: Right-clicking an image during playback will offer the option to edit the image (will return to Standard View).
    4. Fixed: When editing an image from a non library or playlist view (like Playing Now), the image editor would show as a slightly broken popup instead of a nicely integrated tool.
    5. Faster: The image editor and image preview uses the shared image playback cache to help performance.
    6. Fixed: Pushing enter in an image editor toolbox control could cause unexpected results.
Version 18.0.191
  • Release Date: May 30, 2013
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 18.0.189
  • Release Date: May 22, 2013
  • 18.0.189 (5/20/2013)
    1. Changed: Updated Polish translation (thanks Janusz Grzybek).
    2. Changed: madVR in full screen exclusive mode could prevent Theater View from showing properly.
    3. Fixed: When zooming into an item in a Theater View flow list, the animation could appear jerky in some cases.
    4. Fixed: Instructions shown over Theater View could flicker.
    5. Fixed: Child wizard dialogs, like used in Options > Remote Control, weren't supporting the OK and Cancel buttons properly in some cases.
    6. Changed: Radio buttons will use multiple lines for their text when necessary instead of truncating the text (helps with large font sizes).
    7. Fixed: Video conversion could use file path settings from the audio converter.
    8. Changed: Updated the French language translation (thanks rlebrette).
    9. Fixed: If a connection to a Library Server was sporadic, it could lead to cases where a link to external cover art could be lost.
    10. Fixed: Mono ALAC files were not being parsed or played correctly.
    11. Fixed: DLNA slideshow push. The transition from first to second image in a playlist of images was not happening on the timer properly. This change may also make it more likely to work on devices that were having trouble with the slideshow mode.
Version 18.0.188
  • Release Date: May 19, 2013
  • 18.0.188 (5/17/2013)
    1. Fixed: In some cases, 5.1 input was not working with the FLAC encoder.
    2. Fixed: When using 'Gapped' playback mode, the gap would not be honored when switching hardware output formats (normally sample rate).
    3. Fixed: The playback position could be incorrect when using a gapped playback mode.
    4. Fixed: In some cases, the player bar could draw incorrectly (only applies to the last few builds).
    5. Changed: The borders in Display View / Cover View will not hide while a right-click menu is showing.
    6. Fixed: Video to audio conversion was not working properly with DVD.
    7. Fixed: Some video conversions were not working properly in build 187.
Version 18.0.187
  • Release Date: May 18, 2013
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 18.0.184
  • Release Date: May 16, 2013
  • 18.0.184 (5/14/2013)
    1. Fixed: AC3 encoding of output was not working nicely with video playback.
    2. Changed: Audio Path will better show when a padded bitdepth (like 24-bit inside a 32-bit container) is in use.
    3. Fixed: Bitstreaming of audio during video playback was not working in some cases.
Version 18.0.183
  • Release Date: May 15, 2013
  • 18.0.183 (5/13/2013)
    1. Fixed: Audio Path was not correctly reporting the output bitdepth in some cases due to the new audio bitdepth system.
    2. Changed: Removed WaveOut output plugin (it was a legacy mode only needed on (very) old versions of Windows that are no longer supported).
    3. Changed: Merged 'WASAPI - Event Style' and 'WASAPI' into a single output plugin. If you required 'WASAPI', you may need to reconfigure your audio output settings.
    4. Changed: ASIO supports encoding the output as AC3 using DSP Studio > Output Format (requires downstream AC3 decoder or you will hear white noise).
    5. Fixed: When scanning for Set Top Box channels, cable channels 3 and 4 were not presented as possible channels on which the set top box fed signal to capture device.
  • 18.0.182 (5/10/2013)
    1. Fixed: ASIO playback of PCM was not working in build 181.
  • 18.0.181 (5/10/2013)
    1. NEW: Revised audio bitdepth system. Details and discussion
    2. Fixed: The playerbar in Display View would not reliably reappear after hiding unless the display was clicked.
    3. Fixed: Some m4a and alac files would not import or play because of a mismatched sample count in the mp4 STTS header. We now ignore this error since it shouldn't impact playback performance.
    4. NEW: DLNA image slideshow when pushing an image playlist to a renderer. Follows slideshow logic that MC uses including the image duration in Options->Images->Slide Show Duration.
Version 18.0.180
  • Release Date: May 10, 2013
  • 18.0.180 (5/8/2013)
    1. Fixed: Theater View remote focus could shift incorrectly when using the on screen keyboard.
    2. Changed: Switched YouTube's view order in Theater View so that 'Search' is on the left so it's a single arrow away instead of at the end of the roller.
    3. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
    4. Changed: Updated Polish translation (thanks Janusz Grzybek).
    5. Changed: Czech language translation updated (thanks Johnny B).
    6. Fixed: Digital television channel scanning was broken in the last few builds.
    7. Changed: The font picker dialog in Media Center now filters out fonts that support vertical text placement (like vertically aligned Japanese characters) since MC doesn't support drawing those.
    8. Changed: Made some tweaks in CableCARD television support.
  • 18.0.179 (5/7/2013)
    1. Fixed: Some animated areas of the program like 2D visualizations were not redrawing properly in build 178.
    2. Fixed: The mouse controls could become unavailable with certain types of displays in Display View with build 178.
    3. Fixed: Using the popup expression editor from an in-place expression editor in options could lead to a crash.
    4. Fixed: When deleting an image from the library, the tooltip for the image could obscure the delete confirmation dialog.
    5. Changed: 3GA files are treated like AAC / MP4 audio files, so they can import, play, and tag.
    6. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (tranditional and simplified) (thanks kelijun).
    7. Fixed: If a large Photoshop image failed to load, it could cause a crash.
    8. Faster: Decoding a PSD image saved as RGB (8-bit or 16-bit color) is much faster.
Version 18.0.178
  • Release Date: May 8, 2013
  • Fixed: MC would crash recording television in TS format in the last couple of builds.
  • Changed: Updated Korean language file (thanks to Junghwnan).
  • Changed: Revised the window transparency system used by the player bar in Display View to help performance and fix a bug where it could get stuck redrawing and not hide.
Version 18.0.177
  • Release Date: May 3, 2013
  • 18.0.177 (5/1/2013)
    1. NEW: Added Theater View support for SHOUTcast (add using Options > Theater View > Add...) (it's recommended that you reset file info templates for the best experience using Options > Theater View > Customize file info panel... > Manage... > Reset All Templates To Default).
    2. Fixed: Focus could shift unexpectedly to the list when navigating some rollers in Theater View with build 176.
    3. Changed: Added a new stock field 'Popularity' (string that supports flexible values; web radio uses it to put something like '3123 listeners' in).
    4. Fixed: The Theater View file info template option to 'Hide when empty' was not working for some fields like number of plays that showed 'never played' when empty.
    5. Changed: Theater View's Playing Now shows artist backdrops when playing web radio stations that contain ICY metadata.
    6. Fixed: PNG images that used 1-bit or 4-bit palettes were not loading properly.
    7. Fixed: Launching a video from Explorer when MC was not running could crash.
    8. NEW: Added a Polish translation (thanks to Janusz Grzybek)
    9. Changed: Updated all language files to have the latest strings from the source code.
    10. Fixed: Netflix movies were getting cut off on the right side.
    11. Fixed: VCD video would not play.
  • 18.0.176 (4/29/2013)
    1. Changed: When there's a 3d drawing error, the error text will not appear for a little while so that coming out of madVR exclusive, which could require a reload of a 3d device, will look cleaner.
    2. Changed: If Theater View fails to load and reloads, it will stop trying to reload after 3 reloads in 30 seconds (to avoid looping forever if something isn't working).
    3. Changed: Red October will use DXVA Copy Back with nVidia hardware when possible instead of CUVID when using madVR ( ).
    4. Fixed: When returning to Theater View, sometimes the input focus could be unexpectedly shifted from the list to the roller.
    5. Fixed: Digital television could crash on stopping.
    6. Fixed: Ceton (and other CableCARD) television tuners did not have color controls.
    7. Fixed: CD Labeler was crashing.
Version 18.0.175
  • Release Date: Apr 30, 2013
  • 18.0.175 (4/26/2013)
    1. NEW: ASIO output supports DSD bitstreaming using DoP.
    2. Fixed: Some videos during conversion would not detect the end of stream properly, so could stop a few seconds early.
    3. Changed: Removed the safety valve in the video converter that would stop a conversion if it stalled for too long (Red October should make it unnecessary, and it's possible the valve triggered in cases where it shouldn't).
    4. Changed: When multiple optical media disks are present, Theater View now shows the first one available rather than none.
    5. Fixed: Queued files for a data disc burn could not be seen because "Show files in subfolders" button was not available.
    6. NEW: Media network, add album art for xbox 360 videos.
    7. Changed: Media network, fix xbox 360 conversion crashes.
    8. Fixed: Crash could occur when clicking the "Rip Tracks" button in the CD header view.
    9. Changed: When ripping audio from multiple drives, the 'Details' button in the Action Window jumps to the first drive instead of showing an overview view for all drives (which didn't have the same functionality so could be a little confusing).
Version 18.0.174
  • Release Date: Apr 27, 2013
  • 18.0.174 (4/25/2013)
    1. Fixed: The progress shown for an individual video file during conversion was not displaying correctly.
    2. Fixed: Image playback from Library Server was not working in the last few builds.
    3. Fixed: If the computer slowed down too much during concurrent video conversions, it could stop a conversion early.
    4. Fixed: Encoding to ALAC could crash in some cases.
    5. Fixed: On the Import wizard, clicking cancel when it recommended not using an empty auto-import folder list would leave the wizard in a strange state.
    6. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
  • 18.0.173 (4/24/2013)
    1. Fixed: Pressing Pause button while television was playing in non-time-shifting mode put television in partially paused state (audio continued to play while video was paused).
    2. Fixed: CUE files that contained URLs in comments could lead to a crash.
    3. Changed: When saving a JPEG with a high quality (90 or higher quality, which is used for cover art saving), no chrominance subsampling will be used.
    4. Fixed: Horizontal scrolling in the Playing Now > Overview view was not working nicely.
    5. Fixed: Long M4A files (over 10 hours) could show as 'Live' or with the wrong or empty duration in the library.
    6. Changed: MC no longer overrules custom video renderer selection when playing wtv/dvr-ms files.
    7. Changed: Flicking images from side to side with the mouse will no longer show the playerbar.
    8. Fixed: Starting a playlist of images + music playing could show a "failed to load image" for the first couple images.
  • 18.0.172 (4/22/2013)
    1. Fixed: The launcher didn't have the full program name embedded in it, so file associations could show they were associated with "Media" instead of "JRiver Media Center 18".
    2. Fixed: If a DLNA device requested metadata for a file that's no longer in the library (or never was in the library), it could crash.
    3. Changed: When converting a video file, aggregates with names like 'Index.bdmv' and 'Video_TS.vob' will use the name field for building the new filename instead of preserving the existing filename.
    4. Changed: Video conversion could stop early if the encoder paused for a while; now it waits much longer before deciding something went wrong.
Version 18.0.171
  • Release Date: Apr 21, 2013
  • 18.0.171 (4/19/2013)
    1. Fixed: A call to JRWorker.exe to import a file (used for video) could fail when the video was referenced in a playlist.
    2. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
    3. Changed: Playing an image from a mixed media type list will play only the images.
    4. Changed: Handheld sync displays more accurate progress and time estimates in cases where the upload, conversion, or download is running much slower than the other concurrent stages.
    5. Changed: Updated traditional Chinese language file (by directly converting from the simplified Chinese file).
    6. Fixed: Hulu playback was not working.
    7. Fixed: In some cases, the row of times at the top of the Theater View television guide could stop updating as you scrolled right.
    8. Fixed: When switching to a television channel of a different tuner type (for example ATSC to cable), the confirmation popup window (if the user has configured to show it) might be shown twice.
    9. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
    10. Faster: Improved performance of dragging the thumbnail size slider.
    11. Changed: Red October uses LAV filters version 0.56.2 (thanks to nevcairiel).
    12. Fixed: MC could crash if user tried to stop a television playback immediately after starting to play a channel.
    13. Changed: Television engine ignores Stop request if it has not finished starting to play a channel.
    14. Changed: If the program is configured to use a cover art folder that is not available or writable, the default cover art folder will be used for that run of the program (the same validation runs when setting a folder and won't allow you to set a non-writable folder).
    15. Changed: If the program is configured to save art next to files, it will nicely handle cases when sidecar artwork is not writable on the file system (by falling back to the cover art folder).
    16. Changed: DLNA: Allow playlist manipulation in conjunction with setNextAVTransportURI.
Version 18.0.170
  • Release Date: Apr 18, 2013
  • 18.0.170 (4/16/2013)
    1. SDK: Added ZoneID, ZoneName, and LinkedZones to MCWS/v1/Playback/Info response.
    2. Changed: Pushing 'Enter' on a secondary roller in Theater View that switches views will shift the focus to the list.
    3. Changed: Red October uses LAV filters version 0.56.1.
    4. Changed: Red October HQ uses madVR version 0.86.1.
    5. NEW: A saved Play Doctor Playchart allows setting the number of output files to 100, 250, 500, or 1000 (previously it was locked at 100).
    6. Changed: When a JPEG has no tags, no IPTC tag will be written instead of an empty IPTC tag.
    7. Fixed: When a CUE file pointed to a missing WAV file, it would lead to problems.
    8. Fixed: MC passed some incorrect parameters to some OpenCable television devices.
Version 18.0.169
  • Release Date: Apr 17, 2013
  • 18.0.169 (4/15/2013)
    1. Fixed: Ceton InfiniTV (and other OpenCable devices) did not work in client-server situation (i.e. client could not play a cable channel with tuner only available on server).
    2. NEW: When enabling Media Network, a wizard is shown that steps through starting the server, getting an Access Key, and selecting the best server for your renderer.
    3. Changed: Consolidated the list of DLNA server presets and added a preset for Audiophile DACs.
    4. Fixed: SSDP discovery (used by DLNA) was not working in some cases in builds 167 and 168.
    5. Changed: DLNA options to be more descriptive of what's actually going on.
  • 18.0.168 (4/12/2013)
    1. Fixed: Scheduled television recording could crash in build 18.0.167 in some situations.
    2. Changed: Changed DLNA DoPE option name to "Bitstream DSD (requires DoPE compliant renderer)".
    3. Fixed: When increasing the size of image-based subtitles using the 'Size' setting, a subtitle could get too large to fit on the video and get truncated (now the subtitle will not be sized beyond the point of filling the video).
    4. Changed: The AAC encoder for video conversion to get better quality audio.
    5. Changed: Text subtitles use a slightly smaller default size (size is customizable in Options > Video).
    6. Changed: SSA subtitles honor the font size specified in the SSA style block more exactly.
    7. Changed: When text is both outlined and drop shadowed, it will look better.
    8. Fixed: SSDP servers were not working properly in 18.0.167.
    9. Changed: Added '10 channels' as a possible output mode in DSP Studio > Output Format.
    10. Fixed: Stopping video playback that was using a third-party COM-based playback engine could cause problems.
    11. NEW: Holding down the Shift key while double-clicking an audio track will start Play Doctor playback with that track (equivalent to right-click > More Play Options > Play (with Play Doctor)).
    12. Changed: Tuned some Theater View margins and sizing so that the information below the television guide is exactly large enough for a title and two lines of description.
    13. Changed: When picking a program in the future or past from the television guide in Theater View, the option to 'Watch Channel Live' will be available (the option is simply called 'Watch' if the program will be on within 15 minutes).
    14. Fixed: A few command line launcher commands were not working properly.
    15. Fixed: Removing and then adding columns while the column right click menu was open could put the new columns in the wrong spot.
    16. Fixed: Windows 7 taskbar button playback controls would sometimes not show up.
  • 18.0.167 (4/10/2013)
    1. Changed: Removed 'Level' tool from DSP Studio > Room Correction. Please use the newer Audio Tools > Advanced Tools > Audio Calibration... > Volume calibration to perform calibration.
    2. Changed: The 'Tone' tool in DSP Studio > Room Correction uses instrument grade -20dB narrow band pink noise instead of full spectrum pink noise.
    3. NEW: Theater View television guide has a 'To Be Recorded' view (requires resetting Theater View views in Options > Theater View > Reset!...).
    4. Changed: Added a 'Record' item that shows more detailed status about recording to the Theater View TV Guide file info template (requires a reset of File Info templates in Options > Theater View > Customize file info panel... > Manage > Reset All Templates To Default).
    5. Fixed: Ceton InfiniTV (and other OpenCable devices) did not work in non-time-shifting mode.
    6. Changed: The clock in Theater View's Obsidian skins shows in any library view filled with TV guide entries, instead of only showing at a view with a literal name Video\Guide.
Version 18.0.166
  • Release Date: Apr 11, 2013
  • 18.0.166 (4/9/2013)
    1. Fixed: M4A / ALAC tagging reading and writing could be problematic if the 'Play files from memory' option was enabled.
    2. NEW: DLNA server, add advanced option that allows the server to passthrough DoPE compliant files.
    3. Changed: Removed a couple of obsolete DLNA server advanced options.
    4. Changed: Added a clock to the top right of Guide views in Theater View (requires using Obsidian skin and the default Video\Guide placement for the guide).
    5. Fixed: Crash on starting to play a television channel in the last few builds, if it was the first time ever a TV channel was played in MC18 on a computer.
    6. Fixed: When entering into some types of Theater View views, the internal path could become unexpectedly shortened, causing skin items that key off path to work sporadically.
    7. Changed: When a Theater View file info template specifies "no image", space will no longer be left above the text block.
    8. Changed: Theater View television guide files no longer show thumbnails (since there never are thumbnails for individual programs at the guide level, they just showed as blanks).
    9. Changed: Added expression functions TVInfo(Record) and TVInfo(RecordMark) to make displaying if a guide program will be recorded easier (used by Theater View guide).
    10. NEW: Theater View TV Guide uses a normal, user-customizable file info template and caption instead of using hard-coded values (requires a reset of File Info templates in Options > Theater View > Customize file info panel... > Manage > Reset All Templates To Default).
    11. NEW: Theater View shows a red record mark next to any TV guide programs that will record.
    12. Fixed: Burning of SACD ISO tracks to a regular audio CD was not working.
    13. Fixed: DLNA servers that had their Friendly name changed were not being found under their new name if they had been loaded before.
  • 18.0.165 (4/8/2013)
    1. [b]NEW: Experimenting with supporting CableCARD devices "Hauppauge OpenCable Receiver" and "HDHomeRun Prime Tuner"[/b].
    2. Changed: The user setting for number of conversions to run at one time was not being honored when converting videos.
    3. Changed: Updated Korean language file (thanks to Junghwnan).
    4. Fixed: If a video converter failed to start, it could crash when closing.
    5. Fixed: In some cases, a failed video conversion could show 'Complete' instead of 'Failed' in the status column.
    6. Fixed: Converting multiple videos at one time could fail with certain target video formats.
    7. Fixed: Tooltip windows were creating a taskbar button.
    8. Fixed: Double-click on a different image in Playing Now while images were playing was not working properly.
    9. Fixed: The current file info window could be stuck with "Waiting" message upon changing television channel in some cases.
    10. [b]Changed: Improved image playback system[/b] so that it does smarter cache management and only prebuffers the previous / next image after the current image finishes loading.
Version 18.0.164
  • Release Date: Apr 7, 2013
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 18.0.158
  • Release Date: Mar 28, 2013
  • 18.0.158
    1. Fixed: Have the renderer return correct data for trackURI's when the same instance of MC is the server and renderer.
  • 18.0.157
    1. Fixed: Tracks on audio CD's were reported with the wrong duration.
    2. Changed: DLNA model number to conform to MC version.
  • 18.0.156 (3/25/2013)
    1. Fixed: Ceton InfiniTV 4 tuners were not playing HD channels smoothly.
    2. Fixed: A player bar tooltip could show unexpectedly in Display View.
Version 18.0.155
  • Release Date: Mar 26, 2013
  • NEW: Simplified the license restore system (doesn't require browser, more forgiving about Registration Code formatting, automatically fills from clipboard, etc.).
  • Fixed: Pasting text with leading newlines into an edit control that isn't multiline will work better.
  • Changed: A low-pass or high-pass filter set above the Nyquist frequency will act as a pass-through (previously it could run and output out-of-range values, triggering Protect Mode).
  • Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
  • Fixed: Disc Labeler was not working.
  • Fixed: Memory playback was using more resources than necessary.
  • Changed: Flick gestures from a touchscreen change images during image playback.
Version 18.0.154
  • Release Date: Mar 22, 2013
  • 18.0.154 (3/20/2013)
    1. Fixed: Some analog television devices (with hardware encoder) could fail./li>
    2. Fixed: CD burners were not getting recognized in builds 152,153./li>
    3. Fixed: An auto-show menu could fire even if a different program had the focus if the mouse moved over the show region./li>
    4. Changed: Switching volume modes clears the mute state of the new volume mode./li>
    5. Fixed: Data icons were not displaying properly./li>
    6. Changed: The default for concurrent handheld conversions adapts based on the CPU instead of being locked at two (configurable in Options > Handheld)./li>
    7. Fixed: Auto-sizing of the status columns for handheld, rip, burn, etc. would not use enough width./li>
    8. Changed: It's possible to toggle the 'Always on top' setting for Mini View from the View menu while in Mini View./li>
    9. Changed: Mini View uses the slimmer 'Display View' artwork when possible (use right-click to get to menu)./li>
    10. Fixed: Truncation tooltips prevented regular tooltips from appearing./li>
    11. Fixed: When importing a FLAC with embedded CUE file, the last track could have the wrong duration./li>
Version 18.0.153
  • Release Date: Mar 20, 2013
  • 18.0.153 (3/18/2013)
    1. Changed: FLAC tag values are no longer null terminated (could cause problems with Asian characters on Linux MPD devices).
    2. Fixed: YouTube was not working in some cases (hopefully fixed, but please report if you are still experiencing problems).
    3. Changed: Improved the categories shown in Theater View > YouTube.
    4. Changed: Manually adjusting the volume while the volume is muted will unmute the volume.
    5. NEW: The command line allows making MCWS web service calls: MC18.exe "/MCWS/v1/Playback/Pause?State=-1" (does not require Media Network to be running or a server to be listening).
    6. SDK: Added MCWS/v1/Playback/LinkZones and MCWS/v1/Playback/UnlinkZone.
    7. SDK: Added MCC_LINK_ZONE (10060) and MCC_UNLINK_ZONE (10061).
    8. SDK: Added MCWS/v1/Playback/PlayDoctor to allow a simple entry to starting Play Doctor playback using a seed.
  • 18.0.152 (3/18/2013)
    1. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
    2. Changed: A couple of small tweaks to audio encoding for video conversion.
    3. Fixed: On some systems with multiple optical drives, CD ripping would not work because MC would see the drives as duplicates.
  • 18.0.150 (3/14/2013)
    1. NEW: Ceton television devices can be disabled or enabled individually so users can avoid conflicts when using them on different machines.
    2. Faster: Improved performance of Media Network device discovery (more reliable detection, fewer resources needed).
    3. Fixed: HD television channels played poorly on Ceton devices that were installed as network devices.
    4. Fixed: A few bugs relating to CD ripping with multiple drives.
Version 18.0.149
  • Release Date: Mar 15, 2013
  • 18.0.149 (3/13/2013)
    1. Fixed: The program did not properly handle relative paths that started with a backslash (which means starting on the current drive).
    2. Faster: The core 24-bit PCM to 64-bit (internal format) conversion is about 4x faster.
    3. Fixed: The sorting of orders of television devices on TV Options window did not work for Ceton tuners.
  • 18.0.148 (3/12/2013)
    1. Fixed: Televion playback could fail in build 146 for certain digital television devices.
    2. SDK: Any MCWS file function can save the files to a playlist (ie. MCWS/v1/Playback/Playlist?Action=Save&SaveMode=Playlist&SaveName=My%20Group\My%20Playlist).
    3. SDK: Added MCWS/v1/Playlist/Delete to allow playlist deleting (requires an authenticated connection) (ie. MCWS/v1/Playlist/Delete?PlaylistType=Path&Playlist=My%20Group\My%20Playlist).
    4. Fixed: The Action Window would not reload colors properly when switching skins until restarting the program (again).
  • 18.0.147 (3/11/2013)
    1. Faster: Improved performance while ripping movies.
    2. Fixed: The Action Window would not reload colors properly when switching skins until restarting the program.
    3. Fixed: Fill Properties From Filename could incorrectly apply a value from the previous file in certain cases.
    4. Fixed: When a DLL showed user interface, it could lead to a crash (like the WASAPI - Event Style configuration dialog, etc.).
    5. Fixed: Global hotkeys were not working.
    6. Fixed: Remote buttons could not work in some cases.
Version 18.0.146
  • Release Date: Mar 10, 2013
  • 18.0.146 (3/8/2013)
    1. Fixed: Possible user interface crashes in build 145.
    2. Fixed: Race condition that could cause Play Doctor usage in linked zones to create playlists that were different in different zones.
    3. Fixed: Clicking tab text did not work in build 145.
    4. NEW: Ceton InfiniTV 4 CableCARD television device support. It is still unfinished. For example, live channel switching does not work. You have to Stop one channel before starting another.
    5. Fixed: Scan for television channels did not work in the last few builds.
    6. Fixed: Configure button on Television Options window did not work.
    7. Changed: Digital television devices running in non-time-shifting mode also use Red October settings (previously Red October settings were used only in time-shifting mode).
    8. Fixed: Options > Audio > Configure input plug-in... was not working.
    9. Fixed: The image printing wizard was crashing on close.
    10. Fixed: The image preview view state was not being preserved properly during back / forward navigation.
  • 18.0.145 (3/7/2013)
    1. Fixed: Seeking while bitstreaming DSD could crash.
    2. Fixed: Opening the Tag Action Window could incorrectly zoom into the field under the mouse.
    3. Fixed: Manually switching tracks was not updating the playing file as quickly as expected for the last few builds.
    4. Fixed: The Action Window navigation list was not using the proper background color with some skins.
    5. Fixed: When linking a zone to another zone that was already playing, not all playback settings would by synchronized to the playing zone so they might change tracks at different points.
    6. Fixed: Linked zones could account for drift in a slightly incorrect way across track transitions, causing an unnecessary resync (sounds like a pause and resume).
Version 18.0.144
  • Release Date: Mar 8, 2013
  • NEW: DLNA audio conversion when using Convert Always, added more sample rates to convert to.
  • Fixed: Skins that used glass were not working nicely with webpage and other views that needed to disable glass.
  • Fixed: Some WMV video files would not play (Red October now handles Windows Media screen and voice codecs automatically).
  • Fixed: Showing a right-click menu could leave the focus in an undefined state.
  • Fixed: Drag-n-drop could leave the mouse "captured" by the source window so some mouse actions wouldn't work properly.
Version 18.0.143
  • Release Date: Mar 3, 2013
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 18.0.136
  • Release Date: Feb 21, 2013
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 18.0.129
  • Release Date: Feb 7, 2013
  • Fixed: Television recordings were not imported in the last few builds.
  • Fixed: Television channel scanning did not work in the last few builds.
  • Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
  • Fixed: A Windows "drive not found" box could appear in some cases.
  • Fixed: A library view that only showed a single file would lead to unexpected navigation results in Theater View.
Version 18.0.128
  • Release Date: Feb 3, 2013
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 18.0.126
  • Release Date: Feb 1, 2013
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 18.0.122
  • Release Date: Jan 27, 2013
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 18.0.120
  • Release Date: Jan 24, 2013
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 18.0.112
  • Release Date: Jan 12, 2013
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 18.0.106
  • Release Date: Jan 4, 2013
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 18.0.104
  • Release Date: Jan 1, 2013
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 18.0.100
  • Release Date: Dec 21, 2012
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 18.0.78
  • Release Date: Nov 27, 2012
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 17.0.189
  • Release Date: Nov 6, 2012
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 17.0.186
  • Release Date: Sep 22, 2012
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 17.0.182
  • Release Date: Jul 21, 2012
  • Fixed: Adding cover art to Flac files could cause a crash.
  • Fixed: Using FormatDate(...) in the player bar could cause problems.
  • Fixed: When starting an image slideshow out of Theater View, the caption would not appear for the first image.
  • Fixed: WebGizmo playback was not working in some cases.
  • Fixed: Seeking could cause a sidecar subtitle to appear twice if the subtitle was set to show for the entire video.
  • Fixed: In some cases, the first subtitle in a video would not appear.
  • Fixed: Burning an audio CD from WMA format files was not working.
  • Fixed: Netflix search was not working.
  • Changed: Updated LAV filters to 0.51.2. Several bug fixes and enhancements since .50.5.
Version 17.0.180
  • Release Date: Jul 10, 2012
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 17.0.147
  • Release Date: May 13, 2012
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 17.0.22
  • Release Date: Apr 10, 2012
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 17.0.99 Beta
  • Release Date: Mar 8, 2012
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 17.0.82 Beta
  • Release Date: Feb 7, 2012
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 17.0.68 Beta
  • Release Date: Jan 19, 2012
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 17.0.59 Beta
  • Release Date: Dec 22, 2011
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 17.0.46 Beta
  • Release Date: Dec 6, 2011
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 17.0.38 Beta
  • Release Date: Nov 20, 2011
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 17.0.33 Beta
  • Release Date: Nov 19, 2011
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 17.0.31 Beta
  • Release Date: Nov 9, 2011
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 17.0.27 Beta
  • Release Date: Nov 4, 2011
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 16.0.176
  • Release Date: Sep 20, 2011
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 16.0.168
  • Release Date: Sep 2, 2011
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 16.0.149
  • Release Date: Aug 13, 2011
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 16.0.128
  • Release Date: Jul 15, 2011
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 16.0.121
  • Release Date: Jun 29, 2011
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 16.0.115
  • Release Date: Jun 22, 2011
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 16.0.111
  • Release Date: Jun 16, 2011
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 16.0.105
  • Release Date: Jun 8, 2011
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 16.0.86
  • Release Date: May 20, 2011
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 16.0.81
  • Release Date: May 6, 2011
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 16.0.75
  • Release Date: Apr 28, 2011
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 15.0.174
  • Release Date: Feb 9, 2011
  • 15.0.174:
    • Changed: When acquiring images from a camera, the file system dates of the acquired files are set to exactly match the dates of the files on the camera.
    • Changed: Obsidian Touchscreen (or other skins derived from Base 3.xml) will use left-alignment of rollers inside views.
    • Fixed: When switching playback engines (like from a natively supported audio file like an MP3 to a Quicktime file like an M4P) could block waiting for the first file to finish.
    • Changed: Refined how some Quicktime file types are routed to different playback engines.
    • Fixed: A typo on the Output Format DSP page.
    • Fixed: Scheduling recordings and doing file deletes from a library server client would not always sync back to the server.
  • 15.0.173:
    • Fixed: If thumbnails were not built for files, Action Window > Tag > Image could incorrectly report .
    • Fixed: Pausing playback on DLNA to the J. River Id didn't work.
Version 15.0.172
  • Release Date: Jan 6, 2011
  • Fixed: "DVD Menu" item on OSD menu was shown without any text or graphics during DVD playback.
  • Fixed: Build 171 did not contain a digital signature.
Version 15.0.171
  • Release Date: Dec 24, 2010
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 15.0.163
  • Release Date: Dec 10, 2010
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 15.0.159
  • Release Date: Nov 30, 2010
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 15.0.142
  • Release Date: Nov 2, 2010
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 15.0.95
  • Release Date: Aug 17, 2010
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 15.0.80
  • Release Date: Jul 31, 2010
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 15.0.70
  • Release Date: Jul 8, 2010
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 15.0.58
  • Release Date: Jun 15, 2010
  • Changed: JRSS improvements to matrixing algorithms used for rear channel creation. (applies to 2.0 -> 7.1 and 5.1 -> 7.1 conversion)
  • Changed: The 'hardware style previous' button mode will use a 10 second cutoff when controlling a DLNA device unlike the 1.5 second cutoff during regular playback.
  • Changed: The 'Play / Pause' command for WebRemote plays the current file instead of visible files if playback is stopped.
  • Fixed: WebRemote commands like 'Play' could get cached by the browser and stop working.
  • Fixed: Using WebRemote with an Android, links could fail to work properly after navigating back due to AJAX caching.
  • Optimized: Improved cache-ability of WebRemote / WebPlay webpages, helping browsing performance.
  • Fixed: In rare cases, a core string function could read one character too far and cause a crash.
  • Fixed: When syncing content from Library Server to a handheld, extra unneeded numbers could end up in the final filename that were used during download time.
Version 15.0.57
  • Release Date: Jun 12, 2010
  • Optimized: Search engine uses more sophisticated logic for deciding the order to evaluate pieces of a database query, providing substantial speed improvements in some cases.
  • Optimized: Database search engine can better discard duplicate search terms, helping performance in applicable cases. (stacking of similar searches is common in nested views, etc.)
  • Changed: Numerous Gizmo improvements: loads images in background thread, adds ability to enter a library server access key to get to library, etc.
  • Changed: Gizmo should be installed from the Android Market (it's free).Search for "Gizmo" in Market on your phone.
  • Fixed: WebPlay was not showing Play / Shuffle buttons for playlists.
  • Fixed: Mouse wheeling on a horizontal scrollbar could scroll diagonally.
  • Fixed: The player window buttons could highlight on mouse over, even when the mouse was actually over a window on top of the player.
  • Changed: Increased maximum boost / gain available in DSP Studio > Volume Leveling to 18 dB from 12 dB.
  • Fixed: The in-place edit available choices for fields with a fixed list of acceptable values was not working properly.
  • Changed: Reworked how link bar at top right of view is loaded so that it is pulled from disk less often.
  • Changed: Link bar allows creating link rules like '[Genre]=[Rock]' and the available links nicely update as different files are selected.
  • Optimized: Improved performance of link bar system, so that evaluating what links should be shown is much faster.
  • Optimized: Revised view header update system works to provide better view performance.
  • Fixed: The 'Previous' button did not seek to the beginning of the current track when controlling a DLNA device.
  • Optimized: Improved performance of seeking when controlling DLNA devices.
  • Changed: The /MCWS/v1/Alive function does not require password authorization to make checking for running servers possible from MC, Gizmo, etc. without requiring a password prompt.
  • Changed: Added additional handling to prevent DLNA control from skipping two (or more) files when pressing 'Next'.
Version 15.0.56
  • Release Date: Jun 11, 2010
  • Please refer to this forum post for a full list of changes
Version 15.0.46
  • Release Date: May 21, 2010
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 15.0.35
  • Release Date: May 5, 2010
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 14.0.161
  • Release Date: Apr 6, 2010
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 14.0.155
  • Release Date: Mar 10, 2010
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 14.0.151
  • Release Date: Feb 26, 2010
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 14.0.147
  • Release Date: Feb 24, 2010
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 14.0.140
  • Release Date: Feb 9, 2010
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 14.0.130
  • Release Date: Jan 21, 2010
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 14.0.96
  • Release Date: Nov 12, 2009
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 14.0.79
  • Release Date: Oct 6, 2009
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 14.0.71
  • Release Date: Sep 23, 2009
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 14.0.50
  • Release Date: Aug 15, 2009
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 14.0.46
  • Release Date: Aug 7, 2009
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 14.0.45 Beta
  • Release Date: Aug 4, 2009
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 13.0.172
  • Release Date: Jul 22, 2009
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 13.0.171
  • Release Date: Jun 2, 2009
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 13.0.152
  • Release Date: Apr 17, 2009
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 13.0.132
  • Release Date: Mar 6, 2009
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 13.0.119
  • Release Date: Feb 10, 2009
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 13.0.115
  • Release Date: Feb 5, 2009
  • 13.0.115 (01/30/2009):
    • Optimized: Several optimizations that help performance of library and views (example: loading complicated library view with 450,000 album library went from 756 seconds to 19 seconds for about a 40x speedup)
    • Fixed: In Television view, recently recorded programs using the jtv file type were not properly being shown / treated like a recorded show.
    • NEW: Added an "Add Channel" button on "Edit Channel List" window for users to manually add a television channel.
    • NEW: Television channel details are shown on "Edit Channel List" window.
    • Fixed: When drilling into a library thumbnail and then pressing back, the scroll position / selection would not be restored.
    • Changed: Semi-colon is no longer considered an invalid character for use in filenames. (could lead to strange behavior when creating files next to a file that had a semi-colon in the path)
    • Fixed: Playback of DVD files (ifo, vob) would fail if "J. River video engine (using DirectShow)" was selected as Playback Method.
    • Fixed: ATSC digital TV over-the-air EPG scanning could fail if no digital channel data was found in the registry.
    • Changed: DCRaw.exe to version 8.90.
    • Changed: Removed the success message box shown after manually loading television program guide information from XMLTV.
  • 13.0.114 (01/28/2009):
    • Changed: The file info panel in Theater View shows a no art image when there is no art for a file.
    • Changed: Grouping in lists will draw a no art image for the group when there is no art for the files in the group.
    • Fixed: Using an overscan setting in Theater View could lead to drawing artifacts.
    • Fixed: Doing Update Library (from tags) could switch named imported DVDs to the name "VIDEO_TS".
    • Fixed: Importing a ripped DVD would not properly fill the name using the naming scheme provided in Options > File Location.
    • NEW: Added new configuration interface for Theater View views -- allows adding, renaming, and removing library roots; allows full control over included files; etc.
    • Changed: Theater View list style is stored per view-scheme in library views instead of being the same for _all_ views in that media type.
    • Fixed: Showing a custom webpage in Theater View could cause a crash.
    • Changed: Tuned the list of words that will not get capitalized when using "Title Case" in the tag cleaner tool.
    • Changed: Some television playback internal changes.
    • Changed: Television recording via Right-click menu -> TV Recording is removed.
    • Changed: Revised the stock Theater View views (will require views to be reconfigured).
Version 13.0.113
  • Release Date: Jan 28, 2009
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 13.0.78 Beta
  • Release Date: Nov 27, 2008
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.534
  • Release Date: Sep 24, 2008
  • Fixed: The cache building thread didn't clean up nicely if there was nothing to do.
  • Changed: Finnish and French DVB-T frequency tables are included in the DVB-T frequency file.
  • Fixed: Media Center could fail to detect an iPod in some cases.
Version 12.0.533
  • Release Date: Sep 5, 2008
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.529
  • Release Date: Aug 6, 2008
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.497
  • Release Date: May 16, 2008
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.495
  • Release Date: May 10, 2008
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.493
  • Release Date: May 8, 2008
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.487
  • Release Date: Apr 26, 2008
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.473
  • Release Date: Apr 11, 2008
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.450
  • Release Date: Mar 3, 2008
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.403
  • Release Date: Dec 28, 2007
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.399
  • Release Date: Dec 21, 2007
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.380
  • Release Date: Dec 5, 2007
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.363
  • Release Date: Nov 6, 2007
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.329
  • Release Date: Sep 19, 2007
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.318
  • Release Date: Sep 6, 2007
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.301
  • Release Date: Aug 8, 2007
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.294
  • Release Date: Jul 31, 2007
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.279
  • Release Date: Jul 12, 2007
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.267
  • Release Date: Jun 26, 2007
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.251
  • Release Date: Jun 8, 2007
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.240
  • Release Date: May 30, 2007
  • Changed: The shortcut for paste "Listening To" into another program is Ctrl+Shift+F12. (instead of Ctrl+Alt+F12)
  • NEW: Shortcuts in Resource.xml can be specified "global" so that they are translated even if MC is minimized or not the current application.
  • Changed: Revised new playback command system for DVD, video, TV, etc. (please report any keyboard shortcuts that don't work as expected)
Version 12.0.333
  • Release Date: May 18, 2007
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.226
  • Release Date: May 10, 2007
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.222
  • Release Date: May 2, 2007
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.198
  • Release Date: Mar 27, 2007
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.185
  • Release Date: Mar 4, 2007
  • Please refer to this forum thread for a full list of changes
Version 12.0.179
  • Release Date: Feb 25, 2007
  • Fixed: Downloader views wouldn't work nicely with the forward / back commands.
  • Fixed: The names of some Google videos would show escape characters. (like ')
  • Fixed: MC instaler did not properly detect Windows Media Format installation failures.
  • Changed: Create Web gallery replaced in topmost right click menu with create mygal gallery.
  • NEW: Create MyGal Gallery action window.(Not complete.No progress AW.)It is invoked by the right click menu in item 4.
  • Changed: More tweaks in DVB-T audio tuning.
  • NEW: Added experimental Theater View option to integrate playing video into the background. (Options > Theater View > Advanced)
Version 12.0.164
  • Release Date: Feb 9, 2007
  • Fixed: WMA importer would only read synchronized lyrics instead of reading both standard or synchronized lyrics. (use Library Tools > Update Library (from tags) to fix)
  • Fixed: Files with large album art could cause the iRiver Clix to hang during upload.
  • Fixed: Files with large album art would not show art on the Zen Vision M.
  • NEW: Added Ctrl+5 as a keyboard shortcut to toggle detaching and reattaching the display.
  • Changed: Allow EXIF time to be read if the EXIF and IPTC dates match (IPTC date tag does not include time).
  • Fixed: Clicking videos inside Video > Google Video didn't show the "Download", "Play", etc. options.
  • NEW: Added a function PadNumber(...) to allow forcing numbers to a certain number of digits. (for example, when renaming, use PadNumber([Track #], 3) to get 001, 002, 003, etc.)
  • NEW: Added the ability to delete albums to the MyGal dialog.
  • Fixed: Scheduled stream recordings did not play SHOUTCast playlists (media type missing).
  • NEW: Choices dialog box for SHOUTcast has option for recording stream.
Version 12.0.157
  • Release Date: Jan 31, 2007
  • Fixed: Large handheld transfers could hang, especially with a fast machine.
  • Fixed: ASIO playback could stall on the last track of a playlist.
  • Fixed: Space now works in the typey typey part of the tag edit control.
  • NEW: Added DVB-T frequency table for Ireland (thanks to Tangodude for providing the info).
  • NEW: New Track Info visualizations.
  • Changed: Removed a handful Track Info visualizations.
  • Fixed: When playing a folder of images from Explorer while audio was playing, the images wouldn't start in slideshow mode. (use spacebar or right-click to toggle slideshow)
  • Fixed: Comboboxes could fail to skin properly in some cases.
  • Fixed: Skinning in the "File > Open" dialog could show disabled buttons in some cases.
  • Fixed: "File Type" could become "Pane Type" in library browser views.
  • Changed: The "Add" button in the view scheme editing dialog doesn't show a menu anymore. (redundant since the add dialog has expression on it)
  • Fixed: Detached display is now "Always on Top" by default. (right-click display and pick "Display Settings..." to change)
  • Fixed: Volume names of DVD discs which weren't in MC's database were showing up as "Unnamed disc".
  • Fixed: When editing dates, an invalid date could show in the list of possible auto-complete choices.
  • Changed: Skin Manager shows an image for "Slim" mini skin.
  • NEW: The "on screen display" (info text at the bottom of playback display) is now a skinnable item instead of always being white on grey.
Version 12.0.154
  • Release Date: Jan 26, 2007
  • NEW: Added the ability to acquire images from the clipboard. (useful for taking screenshots or getting images from other programs) (Action Window > Camera)
  • Changed: Increased the JPEG quality for "Normal" when acquiring from the clipboard or scanner.
  • Fixed: Creating a web gallery with images not imported to the main database would not work properly.
  • Changed: Decreased the size of the optional stop button in the Noire skin.
  • Fixed: Webpages with script errors could show a popup dialog. (TV Guide, Yahoo TV, etc.)
  • Changed: Revised the layout of the view scheme component dialog so that it fits nicely on small displays.
  • Fixed: Resetting view schemes in some library views could cause a crash.
  • NEW: When clearing a library, only one dialog is shown instead of two yes / no popups. (dialog includes both questions)
  • Fixed: Toggling the "Advanced" button in the Import Folder dialog could leave the folder combobox in a partially drawn state.
  • Fixed: When editing panes in place, it was possible to have a pane draw with a missing scrollbar.
  • Changed: Initialization of analog TV device is delayed until actual play request, to avoid problems with digital TV devices that have a bogus analog tuner.
  • NEW: A "Wait Longer" checkbox on Scan Channels dialog window for digital TV. Hopefully this will solve the missing channels problem.
  • Fixed: Assorted Web Gallery bugs.
Version 12.0.151
  • Release Date: Jan 23, 2007
  • Fixed: After uploading to some WM5 devices, the file size would be reported as 0, causing several issues.
  • Fixed: The duration field for a WMA file could incorrectly be blank. (Library Tools > Update Library (from tags) to fix)
  • Changed: APE and MP3 report their duration with more accuracy for storage in the database. (internal change, but please report any strangeness)
  • Fixed: Trying to set a numeric database field to a value longer than 12 characters would not work.
  • Fixed: Playlists were not working properly on Windows Mobile 5 devices.
  • Fixed: With WMDM devices, the Data / Year could appear blank after reconnecting the device.
  • Changed: WMDM devices that don't support meta-data will need a one-time resync with this version.
  • Changed: Up, down, space and return work in the tag list control.
  • NEW: MyGal now features lost password retrieval. 10. Change: DVB-T channel changing remaps audio PID on demultiplexor, to try to show ac3 audio.
Version 12.0.139 Beta
  • Release Date: Jan 8, 2007

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