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Version 0.53
  • Release Date: Sep 2, 2012
  • Download(s):
  • Fixed write speed detection issue.
  • Fixed bug where maximum write speed would be used instead of the selected one when burning DVDs.
  • Fixed bug in creation of UDF and ISO9660 file systems containing many files and folders.
  • Relaxed ISO9660 duplicate file naming algorithm.
  • Added support for non-standard character sets in ISO9660 file systems.
  • Various minor GUI changes.
  • The space meter will now automatically adjust if a blank DVD is inserted.
Version 0.52
  • Release Date: Mar 6, 2011
  • Download(s):
  • Fixed bug preventing reading and encoding audio tracks.
  • Fixed DVD-Video file sorting bug, preventing fully compatible DVD-Video DVDs from being created.
  • Added sane error message when failing to create DVD-Video file system.
  • Devices with drive letters A or B are now detected properly.
  • Fixed shortcut icons on Windows 7 64-bit.
  • Added support for reading discs (creating disc image) to a network location.
Version 0.51
  • Release Date: Aug 15, 2010
  • Download(s):
  • Fixed bug causing desktop icons to disappear on Windows 7.
  • Fixed bug causing InfraRecorder to crash when opening the burn dialog on systems with no recorder(s) present.
  • Added support for burning files from UNC paths.
  • Various other bug fixes.
  • Increased maximum FIFO buffer size from 128 MiB to 800 MiB.
  • Added context menu to explorer tree view.
  • InfraRecorder will now flash on the task bar when an operation has completed.
  • Added French translation of help file, thanks to Olivier Higelin!
Version 0.50
  • Release Date: Aug 17, 2009
  • Download(s):
  • Relaxed default project ISO9660 settings.
  • Made progress dialogs resizable for easier reading.
  • Added wait cursors to time consuming operations.
  • Fixed bug causing failed operations to sometimes be reporeted as successful.
  • Fixed bug causing an error when verifying discs containing single character file or directory names.
  • Updated cdrtools to version 2.01.01a61.
  • Added support for displaying BluRay and HD-DVD capabilities.
  • Displayed OK button problem should now be gone.
  • Greatly improved device detection speed, devices are now always probed at startup.
  • Fixed a bug preventing boot images from being removed from projects.
  • Updated InfraRecorder projects not to store file size information that potentially could cause write errors.
  • Added safety net preventing non-recoverable read errors to affect integrity of other files during recording operation.
  • Updated InfraRecorder to lock files on hard drive during file system creation in order to avoid inconsistency errors.
  • Added support for importing data from file lists like M3U.
  • Added command line options for selecting default project and media type.
  • Fixed a bug causing projects opened by association not to be loaded if welcome screen was enabled.
  • Added support for using Ctrl+A in the track secion to select all tracks.
  • The drive letter is now displayed with the name of all CD/DVD devices.
  • Renamed disc fixation to disc closing.
  • Fixed bugs related to drive letter detection.
Version 0.46.2
  • Release Date: Dec 17, 2008
  • Fixed a bug causing the disc file system creation process to hang on some systems (for real this time).
  • Fixed a bug causing a custom temporary directory not to be used.
  • Fixed a start-up maximization bug.
Version 0.46.1
  • Release Date: Nov 11, 2008
  • A minor update fixing the problem with InfraRecorder freezing before burning a disc or creating a disc image. If you do not have these problems there is no reason to update.
Version 0.46
  • Release Date: Nov 6, 2008
  • Minor bugfixes and updates.
  • Added support for recording multiple copies.
  • Added a welcome screen to the InfraRecorder main application and removed the express application.
  • Solved a bug causing the OK button not to be enabled after erasing or formatting a disc.
  • Moved all source code to GPL version 3.
  • Removed cdrtools binaries in favor of cdrkit binaries.
  • Improved device detection routines, there should not be any more problems with wrongly detected drive letters.
  • Included an Indonesian translation, thanks to Andhika Padmawan! * Included a Chuvash translation, thanks to Vladimir Kozhevnikov! * Fixed a bug causing the express application and shell extension not to be translated. * Updated the portable version of InfraRecorder to store its log files in the program directory instead of in the the application data folder.
Version 0.45
  • Release Date: Apr 26, 2008
  • Updated cdrtools to version 2.01.01a38.
  • Fixed a bug making InfraRecorder crash when trying to move a folder to itself.
  • Fixed a bug causing the wrong folder to be opened when double-clicking in the project list view when a project contained folders with identical names.
  • Fixed a bug causing the focus not to be returned to the OK button in the progress dialog after performing an operation.
  • Fixed icon rendering error on Windows XP and newer where display depth is lower than 32-bits.
  • Changed the option to verify the device configuration at start up to be enabled by default.
  • Added support for associating InfraRecorder with disc images.
  • Updated the some of the dialog windows to be minimizable and visible on the task bar when launced by an external application (like irExpress).
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect file names to be used when verifying recorded discs.
  • Added functionallity to rename and remove files from imported sessions.
  • Added support for selecting which multi-session track to import.
  • When trying to record to a non-empty rewritable disc, InfraRecorder now asks if the disc should be erased.
  • When performing an operation the progress is now also displayed in the taskbar.
  • Reduced memory usage when dealing with projects.
  • Fixed a bug making it impossible to open saved projects containing no files.
  • Included a Thai translation, thanks to Prasit Kaephukhieo!
  • Improved compatibility with the ISO9660 standard.
  • Added support for creating UDF-only file systems.
  • Added support for Unicode files names in Joliet extension and UDF file system.
  • Added support for fragmented files in ISO9660 level 3. Files larger than 4 GiB can now be recorded to an ISO9660 file system.
  • Removed mkisofs and isoinfo dependencies.
  • Fixed some bugs related to importing disc sessions.
  • Added properties menu item when right-clicking on the
  • Added proper flagging of hidden files in the disc file system.
  • Changed the default write method for multi-session projects to TAO.
  • Fixed a bug causing InfraRecorder to crash when renaming project files to include slash or backslash characters.
  • Added the .img extension to the list of supported disc image extensions.
  • A few cosmetic changes.
  • Included an Arabic translation, thanks to Circoficus!
  • Included a Greek translation, thanks to ÓôáìÜôéïò Ç. ÓôáìáôÝëëïò!
Version 0.44.1
  • Release Date: Dec 3, 2007
  • Introduced alternate ways of fetching recorder write speeds. This should solve the "disabled OK button problem".
  • Added support for reloading laptop drives (drives that can not automatically load themselves) before starting the disc verification process.
  • Corrected a version display error in the log system.
Version 0.44
  • Release Date: Nov 11, 2007
  • Added a warning message when disabling disc fixation since some users believes that this will create a multi-session disc.
  • It's now possible to perform a disc copy using the same device as source and target.
  • Updated drive speed detection routines, it should now detect correct speeds depeding on the inserted media.
  • Improved the media removal/insertion auto detection routines.
  • Added support for switching through the controls of the main view using the tab key.
  • Fixed a bug causing InfraRecorder to crash on Windows 9x systems when changing folder in the explorer view.
  • Added menu items for selecting all files and inverting the file selection.
  • Fixed a bug causing negative progress to be displayed in some cases.
  • Updated InfraRecorder to correctly maximize on startup, if closed maximized.
  • Added a website button to the about window.
  • Fixed a project file rename bug.
  • Made the toolbar customizable in several ways.
  • Improved project file handling, no duplicate files or folders are allowed.
  • The program configuration is now stored in the application data folder. A new portable version of InfraRecorder has been created where data is stored in the program folder.
  • Greatly improved drag and drop functionality.
  • Included a Norwegian translation, thanks to Karol Ptasinski!
  • Updated the help file with index and search capabilities.
  • Fixed a bug causing InfraRecorder to try to verify files that where imported from previous sessions.
  • Fixed a bug causing the disc to be ejected (if requested) before starting the disc verification process.
  • Fixed a bug causing incompatibility with Windows 9x systems due to a function call to SHGetFolderPathA.
Version 0.43.1
  • Release Date: Jun 21, 2007
  • Updated the cdrtools to version 2.01.01a26.
  • Included a Finnish translation, thanks to Rami Aalto!
  • Removed the error message related to ckEffects.exe.
  • Improved the erase feature with support for more recorders.
  • Fixed a bug causing the size and position of the main window not to be remembered.
  • Fixed a bug causing the explorer view to turn white when double-clicking on a folder in the explorer list view (Windows XP only).
  • Improved the program log functionality.
  • Fixed a bug making it impossible to import sessions from certain disc types.
  • Improved the explorer view performance. Expanding anything under "My Computer" in the tree could on some systems result in a long delay because of slow queries to floppy drives.
Version 0.43
  • Release Date: May 15, 2007
  • Fixed a bug raising an exception when re-ordering audio tracks.
  • Added a smoke effect when writing to a disc (requires Windows Vista Aero to be enabled).
  • Fixed a few bugs causing wrong disc information to be shown in the disc information window.
  • Various adaptations for Windows Vista.
  • Added support for dropping files into the project tree view.
  • Completely rewritten disc erase/format code. Improved DVD±RW and DVD-RAM support.
  • Included a Catalan translation, thanks to Josep Lluís Amador Teruel!
  • Included a Galician translation, thanks to Xesús Estévez!
  • Fixed a bug causing InfraRecorder to have invalid window coordinates closed while minimized.
  • Included a Romanian translation, thanks to Nicolae Crefelean!
  • Removed the Visual C++ 8 DLL dependencies from the shell extension.
  • Included a Hungarian translation, thanks to Tibor Sárkány!
  • Included a Hebrew translation, thanks to Shemesh!
  • Included a Danish translation, thanks to Patrick Fust!
  • Fixed a bug causing all internal SCSI commands not to be executed in the x64 build of InfraRecorder.

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