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This is the version history page for DAEMON Tools Pro, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 4.40.0312
  • Release Date: Jan 21, 2011
  • What's new:
    • SPTD 1.76.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Issue with detecting an external USB HDD with virtual CD-ROM drives;
    • Incorrect detection reading speed of some new devices;
    • Image Editor unstability on Asian Windows localizations;
    • Impossibility to mount large-sized B6T images;
    • Corruption of DT Pro Gadget if Internet Explorer 9 is installed;
    • Switching to Sleep Mode while disc burning;
    • Minor bugs.
Version 4.10.0215
  • Release Date: Jun 29, 2007

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