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Title: Syncronizing and merging subtitles into an AVI file
Ease of use: Not Rated Author: Robin Viewed: 293133 times
A guide that lets you know how to create permanent subtitles in AVI files using Subcreator and VirtualDub

Updated: January 3, 2005
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Title: Archive: PowerDVD Reviews
Ease of use: Beginners Author: DVDGuy Viewed: 238069 times
Archives of our comprehensive reviews of various versions of Cyberlink PowerDVD, one of the world's most popular DVD player software

Updated: May 10, 2011
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Title: DVD Conversion Guide
Ease of use: Not Rated Author: Digital Digest Viewed: 225945 times
A guide that covers background information and links about converting your DVD movies to other formats, such as VCD, SVCD, MiniDVD and DivX

Updated: February 14, 2001
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Title: AVI to VCD conversion guide
Ease of use: Not Rated Author: Jim Mangafas Viewed: 60281 times
A guide on how to convert your AVI/DivX movies to MPEG-1/VCD

Updated: April 8, 2002
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Title: Test of the DivX players
Ease of use: Not Rated Author: Bruce Heller Viewed: 42786 times
A roundup review/comparison of all the current DivX players

Updated: September 22, 2000
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