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Zune HD Gets Live Messenger

Posted by: Jonathan M, 05:30 AEDT, Mon October 4, 2010

With a much needed app update to the Zune HD, Live Messenger is now available giving users the ability to stay current on the most popular social networking sites ... More

Zune HD

Zune HD Hacked

Posted by: Jonathan M, 12:38 AEST, Sat April 17, 2010

Microsoft's new Zune HD has been hacked to allow developers to take full advantage of the hardware specs without being restricted by the XNA platform ... More

Zune HD

Zune HD Gets Firmware Update

Posted by: Jonathan M, 11:58 AEST, Tue April 6, 2010

Microsoft launches version 4.5 firmware update for the Zune HD that adds Smart DJ to the touchscreen as well as the ability to use the on board Wi-Fi to ... More

News Icon 64GB Zune HD

posted by: Jonathan M, 04:44 AEDT, Thu April 1, 2010

Microsoft has officially announced the arrival of the new 64GB Zune HD that will be available on April 12th for just under $350

News Icon New Link Added to Zune Website

posted by: Jonathan M, 07:12 AEDT, Tue March 30, 2010

A hyperlink with the words "Zune HD 64" has popped up on the official website hinting at larger capacity Zune is in the works

News Icon Proof of a Zune Phone?

posted by: Jonathan M, 12:26 AEDT, Wed January 27, 2010

The latest confirmation was uncovered in the most recent Zune software update inside a .ini file which hints at a phone with a

News Icon Microsoft to Change Current Point System

posted by: Jonathan M, 14:07 AEDT, Fri January 22, 2010

Microsoft is looking into changing the way the MS point system displays its prices by actually including the equivalent

News Icon Free 3D Games for Zune HD

posted by: Jonathan M, 12:54 AEDT, Thu November 12, 2009

Microsoft has released firmware version 4.3 for the Zune HD 4.3 bringing a host of new features and 3D support

News Icon The Zune HD is Now Available

posted by: Jonathan M, 10:34 AEST, Wed September 16, 2009

Microsoft officially launched the new Zune HD today and announced upcoming plans for a huge library of apps, games, and HD

News Icon Zune HD Pricing Leaked

posted by: Jonathan M, 07:35 AEST, Wed August 12, 2009

Leaked screen shots from Best Buy show pricing and capacities for the new Zune HD which is suppose to be released in the middle of September

News Icon Microsoft to Launch Music Streaming Service

posted by: Jonathan M, 11:51 AEST, Tue July 14, 2009

Microsoft is gearing up to launch a music streaming service similar to Spotify by the end of this month

News Icon Download All You Want

posted by: Jonathan M, 13:00 AEST, Tue June 16, 2009

Virgin Media & Universal have teamed up to bring you a new "unlimited download" music service that aims to

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