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Actor Karl Pilkington Pirates Own Show

Posted by: , 15:12 AEDT, Sun November 24, 2019

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British Comedian sharing illegal links to his own show to fans
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Image/Photo Credit: Sky

British comedian, actor Karl Pilkington has shared a link to an episode of his own show. The only problem? It was a pirated upload!

Karl Pilkington, best known as the titular "character" in 'An Idiot Abroad' shared an episode of his latest show 'Sick of It' when someone complained that the show wasn't available in his country.

Instead of pointing to a place where the show can be purchased or streamed, Pilkington instead simply linked to a Vimeo video that contained the season 1 episode 2 of the show. With the video titled "Sick.Of.It.S01E02.HDTV.x264.PLUTONiUM", it was clear that the upload came from a pirated source.

Not content with doing it once, Pilkington and even a co-writer on the show has been linking to the same upload every time someone asks where the show can be seen.

The upload has been viewed 11,000+ times since it was uploaded a year ago, and this number has no doubt increased a fair bit thanks to the show's star.

Sky, who owns the show, has so far not taken any action against the upload, or against Pilkington for linking to it.

Australians who want to watch the show can do so on the streaming platform Stan.

[via TorrentFreak]


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