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Crunchyroll Vulnerability Opens up Anime, Manga Library to Pirates

Posted by: , 16:52 AEDT, Sun February 18, 2018

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Anime, manga streaming site Crunchyroll has a flaw that allows anyone to view content without a subscription
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Image/Photo Credit: Crunchyroll

A flaw has been exposed in the popular anime and manga streaming platform Crunchyroll, allowing pirates to stream content freely from Crunchyroll's own servers.

Streaming search engine site StreamCR first discovered the vulnerability, which allowed any content from Crunchyroll to be streamed with just the use of a single registered paying account. The content is then streamed directly from Crunchyroll's own servers, which apparently has not been set up to properly authenticate usage permissions.

"This gives access to the full library in the region of our server, retrieving it as long as we’re not bound by the regular regional restriction. For this, we pick a US server as American Crunchyroll has the most library of content," a StreamCR representative told news website TorrentFreak.

StreamCR admits that the vulnerability will most likely be patched up soon, but for now, it serves as an effective "demonstration" of how "vulnerable Crunchyroll is at the moment".

[via TorrentFreak]


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