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DeUHD: New 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Ripping Tool Surfaces

Posted by: , 12:20 AEDT, Fri October 6, 2017

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First commercial Ultra HD Blu-ray ripper made available, capable of ripping more than 30 discs so far
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A new Windows application has emerged that claims it can rip 4K Ultra HD (UHD) Blu-ray discs.

UHD Blu-ray discs are protected by AACS 2.0 copy protection, which has so far remain uncracked. But the emergence of this new tool, called DeUHD, might indicate that the advanced copy protection scheme isn't as impenetrable as it seems.

The availability of such a tool at this time may not be completely surprising, since work behind the scenes and the fact that several UHD titles had been ripped recently seems to indicate a flaw in AACS 2.0 might have been found.

But DeUHD is the first effort to provide a consumer level tool that takes advantage of this possible exploit, although users will need specific hardware (for example, a compatible UHD drive such as the LG WH16NS60 and Buffalo BRUHD-PU3) and the tool only works with selected UHD discs (including the recently released 'Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2', and the first UHD rip that was uploaded online by pirates recently, 'Smurfs: The Lost Village') - new supported discs have been added several times a months, according to the software's official website. So far, more than 30 discs are supported.

The ripped discs is copied to the user's hard drive, in decrypted form, either as a folder of files or as a single ISO file.

Also, the tool does not come cheap at €199 for a lifetime license. A free trial version is available that limits ripping to the first 10 minutes of a supported discs.

[via MyCETorrentFreak]


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