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New 'Cam' Method Sees Unreleased 'Power' Episodes Leaked, along with Leaker's Face

Posted by: , 16:24 AEST, Sat August 12, 2017

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Innovative way to upload screener, involving two iPhones (one cracked), a sore arm, and a talkative leaker
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A new way to pirate has apparently been invented by the same person who could now face legal trouble because he accidentally recorded his face into the leaked video.

Unreleased episodes of the hit STARZ show, 'Power', has been leaked online due to a breach of STARZ's Media Room portal. The screener episodes are now available to stream or download online, but how they came to be is both unique and farcical.

The leaked episodes are cammed copies, that is copies filmed with a camera. What's unique though is that unlike most cam copies, the source isn't a movie screen, but an iPhone. And not just any iPhone, but one with an cracked screen.

The recording device is also a smartphone of some kind, and the use of a broken iPhone for the playback device suggests that these were the only phones that the leaker had access to at the time.

Propped up against a large water bottle, the playback iPhone (with the broken screen) was recorded by the leaker who was holding up the recording phone throughout the playback of episodes - something that became a point of complaint for the leaker (the verbal complaints about sore arms having been recorded into the video).

The leaker also made no effort to hide the source of the screener episodes, proudly explaining how he got access to these unaired episodes.

"This is like the special, this is only for the people that work at STARZ that watch this shit. My man sent me the whole log-in shit. I had to pay that n****r though," said the man who recorded the video.

The log-in is a reference to STARZ's Media Room portal which houses unreleased content for media use. The portal has since been taken down, possibly while STARZ investigates the breach.

More worrying for the man was the fact that, either accidentally or intentionally, he recorded his own face into the uploaded videos, making it a relatively easy process to identify the man in question. STARZ has already promised to take legal action against all involved in the leak.

You couldn't make it up!

[via TorrentFreak]


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