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Paramount Commits to Dolby Vision, Atmos for 4K UHD Releases

Posted by: , 10:19 AEST, Sun July 30, 2017

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Studio joins others in embracing HDR tech from Dolby
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Image/Photo Credit: Dolby

Paramount Home Media has announced plans to introduce Ultra HD Blu-ray discs titles that have been encoded with Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos surround sound.

Paramount joins Warner Bros., Sony and Lionsgate in embracing Dolby Vision to release HDR enabled content on 4K.

Up until now, most HDR releases have used the HDR10 standard, which UHD Blu-ray that features HDR must support as part of its specs. 

Dolby Vision, however, offers several improvements over the open HDR10 standard, including greater color depth (12-bit vs HDR10's 10-bit), support for a brighter picture (1,000-4,000 nits vs always 4,000 nits) and Dolby Vision enabled TVs feature a special chip that knows the TV's own capabilities and helps these displays produce the best possible reproduction of the film compared to the original masters.

It is these qualities that Paramount cites as the reason behind their support for Dolby Vision, as well as Dolby's latest object based surround sound technology, Atmos.

"The combination of high-quality, immersive audio and dramatic visual imaging truly elevates the home viewing experience,” Buchi said a statement," said Bob Buchi, president of worldwide home media distribution at Paramount Pictures.

[via Home Media Magazine]


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