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Icelandic Pirate Party Given Chance to Form Government

Posted by: , 15:06 AEDT, Mon December 5, 2016

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The Pirate Party could form government in Iceland this week
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Image/Photo Credit: The Pirate Party

Despite coming third in the recent Icelandic elections, the Pirate Party now has a chance to build a coalition and govern the country.

Iceland president Guðni Th. Jóhannesson reached out to the party after the two parties that received more votes than the Pirate Party failed in their negotiation efforts to build a working majority. 

This task, based on a new proclamation and edict handed down by the president, now falls to the Pirate Party. If they can do the unlikely and successfully negotiate with other parties to build a coalition, the Pirate Party would then be in the unexpected position of governing the country of Iceland.

The Pirate Party managed to receive 14% of the vote in recent elections, winning 10 seats in the 63 seat Icelandic parliament.

The party's success follows in the wake of recent successes, in Europe and around the world, by anti-establishment parties and candidates. Economic woes caused by the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 and the failure by governments to address the cause of the problem, to go after the moneyed elite responsible for the crisis, and failing to provide assistance to those most affected, have led to a wave of anti-establishment feelings. 

Iceland's Prime Minister was also caught up in the Panama Papers scandal, which the public perceived as a further sign of how the moneyed elite brazenly skirt the law at the expense of the general public led to widespread protests and helped to cement the Pirate Party's popularity in the country.

The party's leader, Pirate captain Birgitta Jónsdóttir released a statement saying that the party is looking forward to negotiations this week.

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