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Anti Software Piracy Group Caught Abusing Copyright License

Posted by: , 15:07 AEDT, Tue November 8, 2016

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BSA's website failed to follow licensing terms for its jQuery use
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Image/Photo Credit: nigelpepper @ Flickr, CC

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has been caught failing to observe the correct copyright practices on its website, according to a report from TorrentFreak.

In a campaign in which the BSA is asking people to dob in their own employers for using unlicensed software, the page in which people can submit their reports appears to be using code that fails to adhere to the code's licensing conditions.

The page uses custom builds of the JavaScript libraries jQuery and jQuery Mobile. While the jQuery license allows for modified use of the code freely, one still has to follow the provisions set out in the license, and one of the easiest to follow is to include the original license text. This is what the BSA's site failed to do.

While this may have been a simple oversight by the site's developers, or the text was removed to optimize page loading speed, but this is also the kind of mistake that the BSA, ironically, might go after businesses for.

The BSA's informant campaign currently gives up to a $20,000 personal reward for notifying the anti-piracy group of suspected software piracy. It's unknown if reporting the BSA's own errors would net informants any monetary reward.

[via TorrentFreak]


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