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Facebook the Latest Battleground for Music Anti-Piracy Action

Posted by: , 15:20 AEDT, Fri November 4, 2016

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Facebook groups targeted in latest anti-piracy blitz
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Image/Photo Credit: C_osett @ Flickr, CC

Prolific Dutch anti-piracy agency BREIN has a new target in its sights - Facebook. 

The agency has targeted at least nine Facebook groups that have been accused of illegally sharing music, and Facebook has been responsive, closing down the nine groups with immediate effect.

Replacing Internet forums that used to house discussions involving the sharing of pirated music, social networks such as Facebook have become thriving places where music sharing occurs.

Realizing the new dangers, BREIN appears to be targeting Facebook groups, most of them quite visible publicly, that have been engaged in illegal music sharing, even if most of the infringement occurs in the form of link sharing.

"Links to infringing files hosted on cloud services were indexed on the pages. Knowingly posting links to infringing files is itself a violation," says BREIN.

Not just content with closing down the Facebook groups, BREIN are also investigating whether the owners of these Facebook groups are also involved in the uploading of copyright material, and if so, this could lead to more legal actions in the foreseeable future.

"The posters of the infringing links are also often the illegal uploader of unauthorized files [on cyberlocker sites] ... Illegally offering free links and files causes damage to authors, rights holders and legal online services. They should realize that this can be expensive," warned BREIN.

[via TorrentFreak]


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