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Lack of Content, Familiarity, and Pricing Concerns Impede 4K TV Adoption

Posted by: , 21:08 AEDT, Tue December 8, 2015

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Consumers still unfamiliar with the advantages of 4K, according to new data
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Image/Photo Credit: Samsung

New data released by Parks Associates shows that wider 4K TV adoption faces many issues, including pricing, content and unfamiliarity with the technology in general.

While the study showed that around 8% of US broadband households are looking to purchase a 4K TV, a staggering 42% said they simply weren't aware of or weren't familiar with 4K.

Consumers are also concerned about the higher pricing associated with Ultra HD TV sets, and many do not value the increased picture quality as worthy of the premium pricing, especially given the scarcity of 4K content.

"More consumers value other attributes, including smart TV capability, built-in Wi-Fi, and high-resolution audio, over 4K picture quality - 56% of U.S. broadband households planning to buy a flat panel in the next 12 months consider smart capabilities to be important, versus 39% who value 4K picture quality," said Barbara Kraus, Director, Research, Parks Associates.

The study also revealed that Samsung is currently leading the 4K TV market. 28% of all 4K TVs purchased in the last 12 month were Samsungs, followed by LG and Sony.


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