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Time Warner Not Happy with SVOD Streaming

Posted by: , 18:05 AEDT, Sat November 7, 2015

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Time Warner boss wants less Warner/HBO content on SVOD platforms, because it's not very profitable
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Time Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes has expressed a desire to delay releasing content to SVOD platforms such as Netflix, or even forgoing them completely.

Bewkes says that SVOD monetization simply isn't good enough compared to pay-TV and other platforms, especially considering most SVOD platforms provide content in ad-free form.

"It’s pretty clear that SVOD offers less monetization support in general for the quality an diversity of programing that we’ve all gotten used to seeing on the dial," says Bewkes.

Major Time Warner properties include Warner Bros. and HBO, with the latter having recently launched their own SVOD platform in the form of HBO Now.

But despite this move, and Time Warner's recent link-ups with major SVOD players Netflix (streaming the first season of the TV show "Gotham") and Amazon (which has access to HBO's catalog titles), Bewkes says the company may reconsider any future commitments to SVOD. 

"We are evaluating whether to retain our rights for a longer period of time, and forgo or delay certain content licensing," Bewkes said. "This would effectively push the SVOD window for content on our networks to a multi-year period, more consistent with traditional syndication."

This could prove to be bad news for the likes of Netflix and Hulu, who have relied on content providers like Time Warner to furnish their vast catalog of movies and TV shows. It may also be bad news for consumers, faced with a further fragmented SVOD landscape.


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