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MPAA Security Guidelines Calls for Background Checks, Random Searches

Posted by: , 16:26 AEST, Tue September 1, 2015

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MPAA's security guidelines are very comprehensive, maybe even slightly paranoid
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MPAA partners, particular those tasked with handling digital data, are bound by security guidelines that bans certain types of clothing, calls for random searches and include detailed background checks into all employees and contractors.

Amazon, one of the partners, has published a web page detailing the MPAA's comprehensive security best practices guidelines, and it reveals how security obsessed the MPAA is when it comes to protecting their digital data.

The guidelines, most of which Amazon have implemented, include detailed background checks on all employees and third party contractors. It also forces employees to sign annual non-disclosure agreements.

Naturally, digital recording devices are banned from entering Amazon premises, and there are intrusive guidelines to ensure these devices are not sneaked in or out of the premises. These include random personal searches, pat downs, emptying of pockets and scanning with metal detectors, all in an effort to stop content thieves and leakers. Even food containers bought into the facility must be transparent, as to allow security guards to visually inspect them for suspected devices.

Even the worker's dress code is closely scrutinized by the MPAA, with a complete ban on baggy clothing, or clothing that can otherwise be used to conceal content carrying devices.

The security guards in charge of handling these procedures themselves are also subject to "active" monitoring.

And it goes without saying that employees with computer and Internet access are subject to further restrictions, which include comprehensive logging of all activities.

But despite these precautions, pre-release content from MPAA studios do still get leaked with great frequency, including almost all Oscar nominated moviesback at the start of the year.


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