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Meet OUYE, China's Answer to the Xbox One, PS4, and OUYA

Posted by: , 16:09 AEST, Tue August 18, 2015

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Chinese game console rips off PS4, Xbox One and OUYA
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Copyright infringement in gaming is nothing new, but in China, it takes on a different meaning.

Meet OUYE, a console that combines the PS4's chassis, with the Xbox One's controller, and then tops it off by ripping off both OUYA's name and hardware design.

Submitted to China's own version of Kickstarter, the Shenzhen based company claims the Android based micro gaming console (not too dissimilar to OUYA) features a "unique" design that took the company six months to design.

If the project does get off the ground, the console will cost project backers less than USD $70 to own (that's $29 cheaper than OUYA).

The machine will run Android 4.4.2 using an eight-core A80 processor, with a 64-bit Power VR G6230 GPU. It even includes 4K support via the HDMI 1.4 connector.

China recently lifted a 13 year ban on imports of foreign game consoles, paving the way for the real PS4 and Xbox One to enter the lucrative Chinese gaming market.


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