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Twitter's Periscope Rife with Piracy, Warns HBO

Posted by: , 14:43 AEST, Mon April 20, 2015

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HBO on the warpath over Periscope piracy, while also sending warning letters to those found to have downloaded the leaked Game of Thrones episodes
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Image/Photo Credit: Periscope

Twitter's new live streaming app has come under criticism from HBO, who says users are using it to pirate new episodes of Game of Thrones.

Twitter's Periscope was only launched recently, an app that allows users to live stream whatever is being captured on their phone or tablet. Twitter's original vision was for people to live stream important events and funny and interesting happenings, but enterprising users, however, have found a new use for it - piracy!

Users live streamed the season premier of HBO's Game of Thrones, adding to the list a new way to pirate the hit show, and a new type of headache for HBO's legal department.

HBO was critical of Twitter's new service, saying that there should be better tools made available to content holders to request the take-down of content.

"We are aware of Periscope and have sent takedown notices," an HBO spokeswoman said in a statement. "In general, we feel developers should have tools which proactively prevent mass copyright infringement from occurring on their apps and not be solely reliant upon notifications."

In related news, it has also been revealed that HBO has been seeking subscriber information for those identified to have downloaded the leaked episodes of Game of Thrones. HBO, via its anti-piracy partner IP-Echelon, will then send warnings letters to those identified warning them of their actions, although no immediate legal action is being sought at this time.


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